Mary's First Time

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Workplace, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Mary is ready to start working and she answers an ad for employment. Soon she is caught up in a web of erotic and perverted actions that never seemed possible to her before. She wants to be successful in the business world and is ready to do almost anything to rise to the top.

Mary Costello shook her head impatiently from side to side. Her fiery red hair bounced saucily in the nicely brushed and petulant pony-tail sticking out behind her head like the mane of a spirited filly. Ever since she had graduated from Saint Agnes Academy for Girls Mary was filled a sense of dread about what the future held in store for her.

The summer had been a total bust.

The endless days of walking the boardwalk and the beaches of Long Island and Brooklyn left her with a nice deep tan and sculptured rump of some impressiveness but she failed to meet a single male who measured up to her minimum requirements for breaking her "albatross around the neck" cherry and her virginal slit was still aching to be lubricated and put into action at long last.

Here she was.

She had crossed the threshold of magical age of 18 and still did not own a car and in truth didn't even know how to drive. She was totally reliant on the scraps thrown her way by devious girlfriends or, heavens forbid, become indebted to sly horny boys who wanted only one thing in return for transportation. It looked like she would be doomed to public conveyances, excluding taxis, for quite some time forcing her to allow her fresh young body to be manhandled by faceless hands in the crowd.

The train from the beach was crowded with a horde of workers getting off from their dreary jobs in the downtown area. All she had on was the terry cloth robe over her bikini and a pair of high heels to step on the toes of any guy who felt he just had to get his hand filled with a piece of her ass. That was kind of senseless because the train got over-packed with riders when a local train got the doors stuck just in front of them. Now her train was jam packed with sweating bodies and a number of hard cocks that seemed to congregate around her nicely tanned nubile body like flies on honey. The vibration of the subway car made the not-totally innocent cocks rubbing on her skin feel like she was being massaged by invisible hands of complete strangers. Her pussy kicked into high gear and by the time they reached her stop, she was leaking big time from her virgin slit desperate for an opportunity to be placed into service.

She ran up the stairs waving perfunctorily to the startled neighbors and headed immediately to her bedroom. Her parents were both still at work and would not be home until dinnertime. Mary shrugged off the white terry cloth robe and put her favorite pillow in the center of the bed. Her constant companion, Mister big, the long black dildo with the molded knob and the ribbed shaft was waiting for her in the bottom drawer. She spread out the full two page ad for the "Chippendales" on the carpet and looked down at it from the edge of the mattress. Her pussy mound was poised ready on top of the pillow and she slowly eased the long black rod into her pucker hole from behind and let the little rabbit part slide just inside the back of her vagina. Now she felt truly filled and began a frantic dance of lust whilst looking at the bare chests and the tight little buns of the almost naked men on the floor. If only one of them could come to her this very instant and fill her pussy with a nice hard cock to make her feel nice and happy deep inside.

The orgasm snuck up on Mary and she was right in it before she could stop. She could hear the front door opening and the voice of her Mother calling out from the end of the long hallway.

"Oh, God! Will this orgasm never end?" was her thought as she clenched her ass cheeks tightly together around the buried rod. Quickly, she flicked her nipples hoping the added touch would complete her juicy emissions onto the towel covering the pillow. She managed to hide the dildo and straighten the bedspread before her mother entered the room. With a rising sense of guilt, she saw her mother look down at the New York Times spread out on the floor with the almost naked bodies of the male performers looking up at her. Mary could tell from the faint smile on her face that she probably knew exactly what she was doing and would probably not mention it for fear of causing an uproar.

There was absolutely no chance in God's green acres that she would be able to attend college in the fall because her two older brothers were already taking up costly space in college before her. She didn't think it all that fair since she was positive they both were interested only in screwing the college girls who would spread their legs at the first opportunity. If there was one thing Mary was certain of; it was the fact her working parents fully expected her to be gainfully employed as soon as this last day of summer ended. The hints were all there for her to assimilate and gnaw upon.

No free rides for Mary Costello.

The Sunday newspaper had all kinds of jobs listed that seemed either beneath her consideration or too technical for her to even understand what the employer was looking for. Her grades in Saint Agnes were not the best. She was a "B" student and she knew that she would never be good enough to get an "A" because she didn't like to play the two-faced role of the diplomat and kiss up to the nuns like the rest of the "A" students. The fact that she had scored higher on the SAT test than any of the "A" graded girls didn't make a bit of difference. She even had one teacher accuse her of cheating on the test to get such a high score. Even though she was upset at the fact she would not be going to college anytime soon, she had to laugh at that because it was the same nun who told her she would never be able to learn a foreign language and she had mastered Spanish so well that she could now read and write in Spanish and even carry on telephone conversations with little difficulty.

Mary had a good knowledge of computers and the little tricks one needed to know to get them to open up their hidden secrets to her. She didn't consider that made her a dreaded "hacker" but it was awfully close.

She saw an interesting job opening that was titled simply "Administrative Help Wanted". That could mean anything from some dreary filing in the basement to getting coffee for the real players in the conference rooms. Mary cut it out with her Nana's scissors which were quite sharp and suited to the task.

The office building was right on 42nd Street not very far from the United Nations complex. At least it was in a nice area and not buried in the dirt and grime of the West Side. She was directed to a central processing area on the first floor where her resume and forms were scanned and sorted. There were a number of applicants for the jobs. It looked like almost two score of job seekers filled the makeshift area. She noticed right away that the prospective workers were almost all female with only four of the forty souls being male. They almost all looked like recent graduates but there was no way of telling without talking and she was reluctant to interact with a possible competitor for the same job.

A woman with perfect hair and shoes addressed them from a raised platform. She was dressed in a severely cut business suit and looked like one of the lawyers at the place where her mom worked as a paralegal. Her mom had never finished law school because she had gotten pregnant with her older brother before the last year. It was only recently that she had returned to work because her father's restaurant was suffering from the downsizing economy in the city.

"Listen up, ladies and gentlemen. I am only going to say this once so pay attention. The only requirement we have here for these positions are that you have graduated High School and have absolutely no police record of any sort."

Some of the girls snickered at that, but the woman did not seem to appreciate the humor.

Mary discovered that there were a total of 15 jobs which meant her chances were pretty good statistically with the number of applicants. Of course, she really had no experience to list on her application but she had no bad marks either.

Before they even queued for the interviews, Mary saw that two of the males and about a dozen of the young girls had quietly left the room. So now, it was down to 15 out of 28 which gave her better than a 50-50 chance of getting a job. At this point, she was so driven to get the job that she really didn't even care what the job was just as long as she got a coffee break, and time to eat her lunch.

She was almost at the end of the line for interviewing. There were four different stations and that meant each interviewer only had to do seven applicants. There was only one person behind her in her line and she was not sure if that was good or bad.

When she got to the table for the interview, Mary saw her interviewer was a young woman not much older than she and that she seemed fairly well bored with the whole affair. They went through the hoops of the standard questions to weed out the losers and Mary was startled when two men entered the room behind her.

Even the interviewer seemed a little flustered.

"Mister Standish, Mister Miles, how nice to have you present. Our screening operation will be finished in less than an hour. This is Miss Costello and I am almost finished with her."

The taller man picked up her application from the top of the desk and looked it over.

"Mary, why do you want to work for Genetics, Inc.?"

Mary looked up at the handsome older man and tried to think fast. He was probably just looking for some silly answer like "Because it is a good company" or "I am interested in the benefit program" or some such garbage. She decided to tell the truth and said,

"I don't have enough money to go to college and I have to earn some money to help out with the household expenses."

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