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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When his daughter goes for a modelling shoot, Terry got to see his pretty daughter in some very sexy underwear and got very turned on. So did she, and that led to an interesting effect.

Jill had wanted to be a model ever since she had found out the older sister of her best friend was a model.

"You should go for it," Jodie, her best friend, had told her. "You're much better looking than Sadie." Sadie was Jodie's seventeen year old sister.

Jodie knew just where to go, she had often gone with Sadie in recent months, and seen what Sadie was doing. Jill took a little persuading at first, but finally agreed, so one Saturday afternoon, the pair of them had walked about half a mile up the road to the studio where Sadie did much of her work.

They were greeted by a fifty something year old man, who instantly recognised Jodie.

"Hello lass," he said cheerfully. "What's doing?"

"Hi Josh, Jill here wants to be a model, an' I reckon she'd be better 'n Sadie."

Josh had laughed and invited them both in to a very cluttered office. Sitting them both down he had given her a brief outline of what they did, and then asked her her age.

"Fourteen," said Jill.

"Okay, well that's a little young yet, have you got your parents permission?"

She shook her head. Josh just smiled and pulled out a form. "Well, get your mum or dad to sign this, and better still get one of them to come along so we can all talk together okay?"

"I don't know whether Mum'll like me doing this," whispered Jill.

"Well, unfortunately you're under age, so you must have your mothers blessing at very least. There's no rush, bring it back whenever you want, and if you're still interested we'll arrange a test shoot. Okay?"

"Er, okay."

Having looked around the office, and seen all the beautiful pictures hanging on the wall, she suddenly became even more determined that this was what she wanted. She would be fifteen in about four weeks, maybe she could persuade her mother to let her do it for her fifteenth.

It wasn't to be. But by dint of a lot of pressure, some hard work, and very carefully watching what she ate and drank, a few days after her sixteenth birthday she had finally persuaded her mother to relent.

Finally, today, a Thursday evening in March, she was doing her test shoot. A week earlier Josh had sat her down, with her mother and best friend, and told her exactly what to bring, exactly what was going to happen, how much it was going to cost, and what she would get out of it at the end.

There were now five people in the studio. Jill herself, Josh, Jodie, and both her parents. Everything had gone fine at first, her father had waited in the car for a while listening to the football, but due to interruptions, the session was running almost half an hour late, and he had come back in to the studio, expecting to take them all home, only to find Jill was getting changed again.

Trudy, her mother, had not told her husband what their daughter was changing into, indeed it never occurred to her to do so, so when Jill came back in in a low-cut black bra and a skimpy pair of matching knickers, Terry was a bit startled and uncomfortable. Neither Jill nor Trudy batted an eyelid. Neither for that matter did Jodie, but Terry still felt uncomfortable seeing his pretty sixteen year old daughter in just her undies. By the time the fourth set of lingerie came out, this time a much sexier set in soft pink with lace and embroidered roses, Terry was starting to get a hard on, and was extremely embarrassed. He looked around the room, anywhere but at his daughter.

By now Trudy had spotted his discomfort and took hold of his hand, smiling contentedly at him. He blushed, and the combination of her mother holding her fathers hand, and him blushing, caught Jill's attention. She instantly knew what her father's 'problem' was, but was too engrossed in what she was doing to care. Indeed, the thought was suddenly exciting, and she felt her whole body start to tingle. Her nipples began to erect, and she felt a tiny tingle between her legs. She shivered violently. Josh, assuming it was simply because she was cold, finished off a quick dozen photographs and told her to go and put some jeans and a tee shirt on for the last part of the shoot. Jodie followed her out of the room, just as the 'phone went in the office. Josh dashed out to answer it, leaving Terry and Trudy alone for a moment.

Trudy had known instantly what her daughters shiver had been about, had known her daughter had suddenly got sexually excited at the thought of her father getting sexually excited, and that in turn had got Trudy truly aroused for the first time in many years.

"Don't worry about it," she said, lightly stroking her husbands crotch, feeling the hardness beneath the trousers. "Jill didn't mind. In fact she liked it. Couldn't you tell?"

Terry was even more startled by what his wife had just done and said, that he couldn't think what to say. By the time he had worked out a response, Josh had returned looking a little harassed.

"We'd better be quick with this, something's come up that I need to go and sort out."

Jill came back moments later, wearing only high heeled shoes, jeans and a denim top. It was obvious to all she was wearing no bra, But only she and Jodie knew she was wearing no knickers either. Although Jill didn't flash her boobs, Just knowing that she had nothing on under that jacket got both her and her father hot again, and this time both were fully aware of it.

Josh still didn't notice, but this time because he was distracted by his other thoughts.

Twenty minutes later, after the end of the shoot and a short chat with Josh, they were all back in the car to go home again. They dropped Jodie off first, and then drove the last mile home in silence, but all three could feel the sexual tension in the car.

By the time they had got home, Terry had a raging hard on, and both the women were creaming themselves. As they got out of the car, Trudy whispered in her daughters ear. "Go get him kiddo," she whispered.

"What," hissed Jill.

"Go get your father. I know you want him, probably not much more than he wants you right at this moment."

Jill was startled. "But I'm still a virgin," she whispered back.

Trudy grinned. "That don't matter. My father took my virginity when I asked him to." This wasn't actually true. Trudy had never done anything with her father at all, just fantasized, and it just seemed like a good thing to say to her daughter. Jill seemed to take it in the way it was intended, and grinned at her mother.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to jump Callum I think. Assuming he's in of course, and it's now nearly ten o'clock, so he'd better be."

Callum was Jill's twin brother, and just as good looking in his own way as Jill. Jill grinned conspiratorially at her mother. "Only if I can jump him after you."

Trudy nodded, smiling, and they both turned to look at Terry, who was watching them both hungrily. Trudy patted her daughters bottom, pushing her towards her father. Jill went up to her father and hugged him, pressing her belly lightly against his so that she could feel his erection. Terry was startled, and excited, then even more startled when Jill slid her arm around his waist and turned them both towards the front door. Gingerly he put one arm across her shoulders, but this wasn't quite what Jill had in mind. She took hold of her father's hand, and pulled it further over her shoulder. She hadn't changed since the last part of the shoot, so still had no bra on. Pulling open the front of her jacket, she slid her father's hand on top of one small, firm, breast.

Terry groaned as he felt his erection fighting his underwear, almost strangling his cock as it tried to straighten up.

"It's okay Dad, I've got no knickers on either." She giggled at her father's second groan.

Trudy opened the door just as Callum came out of the living room.

"What's going on," he asked, amazed at the sight of his sister's boobs, and even more amazed at the sight of his father's hand holding one of them.

"I'm about to lose my virginity," grinned Jill. "And I think you're about to lose yours as well."

Trudy grabbed her son's hand and as Jill steered her father up the stairs and towards her own room, pulled her son up behind her and followed them up stairs.

"No, all into the big bedroom," called Trudy.

Jill pushed her father onto his bed, and stood in front of him. "Undress me Daddy, then make love to me," she whispered.

As he lowered her jeans, her blonde pubes, which he guessed may have been partly shaven, came into view, and Terry gave another groan as his prick tightened even more uncomfortably in his own trousers. When her prominent pussy came into view, he couldn't help himself. He reached out and lightly stroked the labia, feeling just how sodden, and therefore how aroused she was.

Jill moaned at her father's touch. No man had ever touched her there. Her own GP was a woman, and even the gynaecologist who had examined her a month earlier was a woman.

Neither Terry nor Jill were aware that Callum was standing right next to them with Trudy kneeling on the floor in front of her son, her tongue licking the tip of his hard erection. Trudy however was totally aware of what was going on right next to her, and was determined that both her children would lose their virginities at exactly the same moment if she could possibly arrange it. Only she was now not naked, and she needed to get that way fairly quickly if her plan was to work. Standing up, she took hold of her son's hand and slid it into her crotch. "Strip me," she whispered into his ear.

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