The Doctor, the Cop and the Nightmares

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A rescue from a sexual assault, a shooting injury, a lovely lady doctor and a former Army Ranger, who is a Policeman with the K-9 Corps and his faithful dog, Harry S Truman. It's a strange mixture for this romance.



Running at the end of her day, whenever they ended, that is, was a treat that Pauline O'Mally tried to give herself regularly. She had a favorite park that she invariably used. She was always careful and always tried to be aware of her surroundings, that is, always except today.

Her day in the ER -- Pauline was, in fact, Dr Pauline O'Mally, called 'Paulie' by her friends, living out her dream as an ER doctor at a local university medical center -- had been a hectic one and she was going over some of the various cases in her mind.

To run Pauline usually wore straight legged running pants, not too loose and not too tight. She wasn't into those kind of really butt clingy fashions that everyone seemed to be wearing these days. She certainly wasn't a prude but at 39 she didn't see the point. Paulie was, however, petite but lovely. Her best feature was her wonderfully rounded and shapely butt. She wasn't about to be displaying it, during her runs. She wasn't out looking for a man or anything like that. Except for her Uncle Mike, who with her Aunt Irene had brought her up from childhood, once her parents had died in an accident, there had been no men in her life at all. Her 'love', if she were to term it that way, was her work at the ER, and she was a good doctor. That much she knew.

They came from nowhere; or so it seemed. There were three of them and suddenly Pauline was in the middle of the nightmare that sometimes inhabits the back of people's minds.

The three of them seemed to thunder out of the brush and she was grabbed. What happened in the next five minutes or so was a whirlwind of her futile resistance and their absolute glee at having come across a lone woman in the park in the twilight.

They gave her no chance to get her balance. She was simply tossed from one person to another. In a flashing moment, she realized that one of them had a knife, and whenever she went his way, he cut her clothes, a bit more every time. By the time the fateful five minutes were spent, Paulie had no tee shirt on any more and her bra was hanging by one shoulder strap. Her pants were tattered and she had slits, carefully made there, in her panties.

What was it? Five minutes? Eight minutes? Life time?

It didn't seem that her shouts were doing her any good. They began to make random comments about her breasts and her butt, as they tossed her around.


Jack Webber was out with Harry S Truman. Harry S, which is what Jack invariably called the big German Shepherd, had been Jack's bosom friend and companion in war zones and in peace time. Jack was the sergeant in charge of the police k-9 squad and Harry S was the squad's pride and joy.

They liked this park for their early evening walks. It had been a laid back day, when there was only one call for them. Jack certainly didn't mind. At the age of 34, he no longer was so eager for all the excitement that he'd known in Afghanistan and Iraq and in his early days on the force. They'd gone out that day, after Jack was off work, and before they went home. Jack was still in his uniform.

Paulie's cries changed that. As soon as Jack heard her, he silenced Harry S and they moved in the direction of the noise.

That's when Jack and Harry S broke in on Paulie's current nightmare. Jack sized up the situation quickly and went charging into the clearing. He did several things at once. He gave Harry S a command and pointed at one of the three, the largest, and in a nano-second Harry S had the kid on the ground with the kid's genitals in his mouth. The kid was screeching for all that he was worth.

Harry S' charge also gave Jack the brief time he needed to get to the other two. With a forearm smash, Jack hit one of them, the nearest, in the throat. The kid fell, clutching his throat and having difficulty breathing.

Then Jack grabbed Paulie, who was stunned by the sudden charge that Jack and Harry S had made, and pushed her behind him.

"Stay behind me," he said urgently. She obeyed instantly.

By then the third mug had recovered and decided to try his knife. It was fairly large but he wasn't as skilled as Jack. He made a lunge and Jack parried the lunge and, using main strength, hauled the kid's arm up and around. It ended with the knife buried in the kid's stomach. The kid's eyes were wide with disbelief at what had happened and how fast.

Jack then did something that he learned to do as an Army Ranger and had done in battle zones but never did as a policeman. He grabbed the wrist holding the knife and pushed it sharply down. It had the effect of forcing the knife, still lodged in the kid's insides, downward, cutting its path. The kid got slack jawed and let the knife go. Jack twisted it and pulled it upwards, cutting its path the other way.

The kid went to the ground and didn't make a move. Jack knew he was done. He looked over the other two and one still was being dealt with by Harry S. The second could hardly breathe.

Jack called Harry S off and the big dog let go of the kid's genitals and stood guarding him and growling. The kid was crying and howling from the pain.

Jack knew that they were secure. He turned to Paulie then, who simply threw herself at him. He held her, as she cried and shook. While holding her, he hauled his blue work shirt off and gave it to her to put on. Her clothes were totally ruined.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" she mumbled into his shoulder.

He held her out from his chest for a moment and said: "Aren't you Dr O'Mally from the University ER?"

"Yes!" she said, "And almost a victim, if it weren't for you and your wonderful companion."

Jack grinned and said: "That's Harry S Truman!"

"What?" she said.

"My hero, kind of," Jack said, "Both the dog and the president!"

"Excuse me, Doctor," he said, "I have to call this in."

"It's Paulie!" she said.

"Yes," he said with a smile, "Paulie."

Jack made the call and they sent an ambulance to take the three mugs into the hospital. Paulie, it was decided, could ride in a police car to the hospital. She knew that she was basically fine but agreed to go so that she could be looked over.

Jack went into the station to make his report and, when that was done, he and Harry S went to the hospital. He wanted to check on the three mugs.

When he got there, he discovered that one of them, the knife wielder, was dead. The one with the throat injury had been in surgery for his throat and was given a tracheotomy. The one who had Harry S to deal with required stitches and surgery, resulting in the removal of his ruined testicles and most of his penis.

Once he'd checked on them, he went looking for Dr O'Mally. He found her sitting with another woman, also a doctor.

"Um," he said, "Excuse me!"

"There he is!" Paulie said. "And I have your shirt still."

She kind of launched herself at him and was hugging him and thanking him again.

He was blushing by that point.

"And where is Harry S Truman?" she wanted to know.

"Who?" the other doctor interjected.

"His wonderful furry companion," Paulie said.

That made Jack grin: "He's in the car. We've just logged out, Harry S and I, and I wanted to come here first to see how things were."

"And the three assailants?" the other doctor asked.

"This is my friend, Amanda Clark, Dr Amanda Clark," Paulie said. She shook hands with Jack.

"Um, the three," Jack said: "One is dead; the one with the knife; one has a tracheotomy, and the third had to have surgery for the injuries that Harry S caused."

"Good!" Amanda said, her face showing her anger. "I hope that he can't use his equipment for life!"

"'Fraid he won't," Jack said, "What he's got left."

"I have your shirt, Sergeant Webber," Paulie said. She smiled and went on: "Remember that for a while I was wearing your shirt and your badge."

Amanda went and fetched his shirt for him.

He smiled at her, and said: "Thank you."

Then he put the shirt on and said softly: "Gee, it smells nice now!"

Paulie O'Mally giggled at that.

"Well," Jack said, "I have to go. The paper work at the station is done but I have Harry S in the car."

"OH, give him a treat for me!" Paulie said.

Jack grinned and said: "I will! Are you okay?"

"Yes," she said, "Thanks to you, I am! You and your wonderful dog!"

"Good, then I'll be going," Jack said.

She held out her arms to him for one more hug, before he left her.

When he got to the car, he told Harry S all about her and the hugs and those kinds of things.

"She wasn't wearing a wedding ring, pal!" he said. "How about that?"

Harry S barked, and Jack said: "I agree, Mr President, she's gorgeous!"

Amanda went home with Paulie and stayed with her. They both, Paulie and Amanda, decided that Amanda would stay there for the next few days. It helped Paulie over the rough part of dealing with the situation.

On the way to Paulie's the two of them were giggling about how handsome Jack Webber was.

"Oh, Jack," Amanda said, "I thought you meant Harry S!"

They went into a spate of giggles then.

"Oh, it feels so good to be able to laugh!" Paulie said.

"Yes, honey," Amanda said, "But we have to have 'the' talk about when you run and those kinds of things."

"Yes, I know," Paulie answered, "I know how difficult it's going to be to get back out there."

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