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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Sometimes things really do work out for the best.

My name is not Paul, but you can call me that, anyway it's the name I use when writing about my daughter and lover, Ruth (also not her real name). We both now live in a small village just outside of the Medway towns in Kent, and have settled, since Ruth's arrival out of the blue on my doorstep, into a careful life of domestic bliss.

The reason we're careful of course is that Ruth is still only just fifteen and my daughter. Most people take a very dim view of the kind of activities we indulge in, in the privacy of our bedroom, despite the fact it was Ruth, not I who initiated intimacy. The law however is the law and so we keep up appearances almost religiously.

Not that it has stopped Ruth from telling at least one friend, Lauren, who stayed with us for a short while, nor I suspect has it fooled my Mum, though in her case she hasn't directly spoken to us about it and appears happy that at last I have a good (young) woman in my life rather than a succession of temporary 'friends with benefits' women.

Ruth herself is very happy with the situation she finds herself in. She's doing very well at school, has a lot of friends of both sexes and also keeps in touch constantly with her 'old' friends in the Newcastle area. Which is where she lived prior to being abandoned with prejudice by the man she thought was her father after the death through cancer of her Mum Ali. She misses her brother and sister terribly though and constantly looks for news of them from her Newcastle friends as she believes that whatever her ex-father thinks of her, the brother and sister are still family.

It was half-term and Ruth was helping me out in the office of my small engineering company by sorting out the books for me. Why she finds this fascinating and interesting I don't know, I find it boring and tedious but can do it. Ruth however does it with panache and no little skill in tax avoidance which has maximised the company's profits over the last eight months and looks to be heading towards giving the workforce a very nice annual bonus at the end of the tax year.

It was then that her phone went 'bing' telling her that she had a message.

"Yes!" she cried.

"Yes?" I replied.

"Lauren's passed a message onto Billy and Kitty and they want to meet me if I can get to Newcastle at the weekend," Ruth said triumphantly.

"You can't go on your own," I said.

"I know, but please Dad, please," she said intensely.

"Let me check my diary," I said.

A quick scan of the diary and my order books told me I could spare all of Friday afternoon after a business meeting with a tax auditor.

"We can travel Friday afternoon and stay till Sunday afternoon," I said. "Will that be enough?"

"Yes Dad, thank you," said a beaming Ruth.

I spent the rest of the day briefing the senior engineer at the company as well as booking Ruth and I into a twin bed hotel room within walking distance of the Millennium Bridge and the centres of Gateshead and Newcastle.

"Would have loved to make it a double Ruth, but appearances etc... , " I told her after we got home.

"At least we get to share a room," Ruth giggled. "The staff will just think you're saving money."

"That's what I hope," I replied. "Any more details from Lauren?"

"Yes, Billy and Kitty can meet me at The Sage, it's a huge performing arts place on the banks of the river," Ruth said.

"I'll be there to make sure it's just them, but will stay in the background Ruth," I replied.

"I doubt my ex-Dad would do anything other than drag them off, Dad," Ruth replied.

"Doubting is not knowing, angel," I replied.

"True," said Ruth with a sunny smile. "Thank you for caring, Dad."

"I would be lost if anything happened to you, Ruth," I replied.

"As would I if the circumstances were reversed, Dad," said Ruth as we kissed tenderly.

More kisses followed and became more and more passionate as hands wandered and caresses caused sighs of pleasure from us both.

I lifted my beautiful daughter up and carried her upstairs to our bed and laid her gently on it. I then planted more kisses upon her lips and face as I unbuttoned her blouse and slid it away from her shoulders to reveal a small uplift bra which encased Ruth's small but very sensitive breasts.

Ruth had not been idle either and swiftly undid the top button of my trousers and drew the zip down so she could fondle my now aching cock in her small hand.

I slipped her blouse off Ruth and unclasped her bra and stooped to suckle upon an already hardened nipple.

"Ooh! That's so nice," moaned Ruth.

With a free hand I also caressed her smooth skinned tummy and gradually descended downwards to undo her own trousers.

Ruth then reached across to drag my T-shirt off before running her fingertips all over my upper body as I went back to pampering her nipples.

After a short while I started to plant soft kisses down her tummy past her navel and took the opportunity to remove her pants and underwear, leaving her as nature intended and an absolutely gorgeous sight to me.

"So beautiful, you still take my breath away, my love," I sighed.

"You love me, you're biased," she giggled. "I just know I'd look better with bigger boobs."

"You're you, what's not to love?" I chuckled in return.

My tongue snaked into the valley between Ruth's nether lips and found the source of her pleasure, swirling around it and driving her to gasp out in sheer bliss from my ministrations.

"Oh that's so goooooooooooooood!" she moaned as the first of a series of small orgasms bubbled up from her depths.

I slid a finger into her tight channel and the intensity of the orgasms increased as I knew they would as Ruth simply loved being made love to.

"Take me Dad ... Please!" she gasped eventually.

I slid out of my trousers and underwear and moved up between her thighs before planting the tip of my cock at her entrance. One powerful thrust and I entered sheer heaven as again I found myself in the hottest, smoothest pussy I could ever imagine.

"Yesssss!" hissed Ruth.

I began, as I always did, with powerful slow thrusts, driving Ruth wild with the feelings they invoked within her. Yet I soon picked up the pace as my own needs gradually came to the fore and I felt the first orgasm within me bubble up in my balls. Yet still I held the pace, carefully looking for the sign I knew was to come. Ruth's gasps and moans increased in intensity and her own pelvic movements became quicker and harder in response to my own until at last she began to orgasm under me as I at last unleashed a flood of my own cum into her.

"Oh God, that just keeps getting better and better," I gasped.

"Doesn't it just," gasped Ruth in return.

We made love several more times that night before exhaustion overtook us, knowing that on the road as it were, we'd have to be quite careful.

It was Friday and I had my business meeting with the representative of the Inland Revenue. Ruth was also in attendance.

At one time the auditor they used could intimidate me quite thoroughly into paying more tax than I legally needed to. These days though, with Ruth's help, we had him thoroughly cowed and intimidated in return, as his attempts to frequently audit us had finally gotten him a reprimand from his superiors and us a massive rebate in the way of recompense.

He finally slunk off after not being able to find any reason to carry on with his scrutiny of the accounts and Ruth and I got into my Landrover to begin the long journey north.

"Dad, would you mind if Lauren meets with us at The Sage?" asked Ruth.

"Don't see why not?" I mused tentatively.

"Yes, please don't think that I don't want you there, but Lauren wants a favour," Ruth replied.

"What kind of favour?" I asked.

"She'd like you to meet her Mum and keep her occupied for a while, whilst she nips home to finally persuade Tony to see her as a woman, not his daughter," Ruth said wryly.

"Keep her occupied?" I asked.

"Um yes... , " Ruth trailed off.

"Suppose something goes wrong at The Sage?" I said.

"Oh sorry, I meant you meet Lauren and her Mum there, make sure it's OK then 'persuade' Emma to go somewhere with you ... perhaps our hotel room?" Ruth said with a wink.

"Ruth!" I muttered.

"I don't mind, neither does Lauren," Ruth giggled at my shock.

"Stop pimping me out," I chuckled, having gotten over the shock.

"You love it really," giggled Ruth. "Besides I know Emma fancies you."

"It's been four months now, why hasn't Lauren managed to 'have' Tony yet?" I asked.

"Emma got promoted, it's a day job and she leaves after Tony and is home before him, so Lauren missed out," Ruth said.

"I'm not sure at all about this," I said. "For one thing, even if Emma fancies me, she might not be amenable to being seduced. For another, there may well be consequences further down the line if she were to take said seduction as a sign of a long term relationship, buggering up Lauren's chances with Tony long term too."

"I know, but I trust your judgement, Dad," said Ruth, with total insincerity.

"Don't play that game, young lady," I said. "I'm not saying no, but I do need to think this through properly."

"Emma's nice. She'd make a nice Mum for me," said Ruth.


"Paul I love you, but in about three years' time I'll be off to Uni and I don't know what that will bring," Ruth said.

"Yes," I sighed. "I know, but was waiting for a better time than a car journey to Newcastle."

"I want children too one day and they can't be yours," Ruth added sadly.

"That too," I said.

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