Holiday Encounters With Kelly and Lorraine

by alan14

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Desc: Sex Story: The continuing adventures of our happy threesome of Dave, Kelly and Lorraine. It's Kelly's birthday soon, a cause for great celebration, so Dave decides a few days holiday are just the ticket. At the end of the week Kelly gets some bad news that will lead to a profound change their lives.

The continuing adventures of our happy threesome of Dave, Kelly and Lorraine. It's Kelly's birthday soon, a cause for great celebration, so Dave decides a few days holiday are just the ticket. At the end of the week Kelly gets some bad news that will lead to a profound change their lives.

Kelly's 16th birthday in a fortnight, I had to figure out a suitable way to celebrate. I had a few ideas, but I decided to ponder it over for a few days. Besides last night had been exhausting, my cock was still a bit sore as well.

My boss, Barry, phoned me on Monday, he was over the moon and wanted me to meet him at the Head Office in Manchester. When I got there he actually hugged me, the deal I'd sorted on Friday was the biggest ever single contract for the company. The new customer had called Barry over the weekend to confirm the details and he'd enthused about me, how we'd just clicked. The price I'd negotiated would give us guaranteed sales of £6.25m for the first year, so my instant bonus had just grown to £25k which was winging its way through payroll as we spoke.

Next Barry took me to the Mercedes dealership, it was a nightmare picking a car, it's much better to be poor sometimes, so your choice is limited to the models at the back of the lot that have a full set of wheels and not too much moss on the windows. Eventually I settled on an E350 in a deep blue colour, not my first choice but it was in stock for immediate collection, important because my Focus was on its last legs.

After we were finished at the dealership Barry to me for a meal at Sam's Chop House off Cross Street, it's probably my favourite restaurant in Manchester, the home made Corned Beef Hash is to die for.

Well that was a good day, on the drive home I decided that after working my arse off getting the deal together I deserved a few days holiday, and I knew two people who I'd like to spend some quality time with. It would take some finessing, as I couldn't just phone Kelly's parents and ask to take her away for a few days, it would probably get me arrested.

So I hatched my plan and phoned Lorraine from the car, "Hi Lorraine it's Dave"

"Oh hi Dave, it's good to hear from you so soon, need another room?"

"Ha, not yet. It's about Kelly's birthday in a fortnight, I was thinking we could go away somewhere for a few days, out to the country, get a cottage."

"Oh that sounds wonderful, do you have anywhere in mind?"

"Well you could come up here, there's some amazing places around the Lakes, or we could go to Derbyshire. You pick somewhere, arrange a booking then send me the details and I'll pay. I need you to talk to Kelly's mum, ask if it's OK for you two to go away. Does that sound OK?"

"Yeah, that's an excellent plan. We could go to Derbyshire, I used to live there for a while, it's beautiful. I'll get it sorted and call you tomorrow, OK."

--"Thanks Lorraine, send Kelly my love"

So that was the plan, we would book a cottage, see some beautiful countryside and make love all night.

The next two weeks went by in a flurry of meetings, presentations, and driving up and down the M6. The Monday of half term was the monthly meeting, so we were going to set off from the hotel Tuesday and come back Saturday, Kelly's birthday is on the Friday.

Kelly was on the reception desk when I arrived at the hotel, she looked more beautiful than ever, a little make-up on her cheeks and eyes, hair pulled back in a pony-tail. Then I got it, she was dressing like Lorraine. At least she wasn't dressing like me.

I got my old room again, I took my bag up to get a shower before we went out. As I opened my door I could hear a faint buzz, walking into the room I saw Lorraine on my bed, naked, pleasuring herself with a small vibrator whilst watching one of the porn channels. She was totally in the zone and didn't hear me come in.

I gave a little cough and Lorraine yelped.

"Did I startle you?"

"Oh sorry, you were later than expected and I got horny watching the TV waiting."

"Well don't let me stop you, I'll just freshen up a little. Kelly finishes in half an hour then we're going out for dinner, so maybe you'll be wanting to put a few clothes on."

She jumped off the bad and smacked my bum "Cheeky, I think I need a bit of a shower as well, OK if I join you?"

"Feel free, but no playing around, OK maybe a little..."

After a quick fool around in the shower we dressed and met Kelly in the car park.

"Do you like my new car?"

"Which one is it? Oh the one you're leaning on. Wow that's fancy, is it your new company car?"

"Yes it is, I picked it up last week. There's TVs in the back, and little tables, it's almost like a plane."

"They must love you at work to give you a car like this. I wish I could reward you as well."

"Oh, you both reward me very well..."

"Where we going then Dave?"

"Well it's your town girls, so you pick."

"Ok," said Lorraine, "I fancy Frankie & Benny's, how about you Kelly?"

"I love Frankie & Benny's, can I have a Mojito?"

"You can have whatever you like. Now into the car girls and point me in the right direction"

I do like Frankie & Benny's, but every restaurant is the same, you could be in an anonymous out of town shopping or leisure complex outside any town or city. The girls had a couple of Mojitos, I stuck to coke as I was driving. The girls had pizza and a sundae, I had a calzone and picked a little of both sundaes. After Frankie & Benny's we went to the cinema to watch the new Superman film Man of Steel, pretty spectacular I thought, a good reboot of the franchise. Lorraine enjoyed it, Kelly thought it was OK, she'd not seen the Christopher Reeve films.

We drove back to the hotel and after I'd parked up we popped into the pub for a quick drink, the bartender had no clue what a Mojito was, so we had rum & coke all round then back to the room.

Both girls were tired and excited about the holiday, so in a turn-up for the books, we just piled into bed and slept soundly. I awoke around 5am to a pleasurable sensation, someone was giving me a blowjob, I'd no idea who it was, the room curtains were quite thick and did their job well, so it was still dark in the room. I reached down and felt the girl's hair, it was quite thick, so it was Kelly doing the deed. She was making pleasurable noises, more than would be expected from someone giving a blowjob, she can't be enjoying it that much, although I was. Then I noticed a pair of feet by my head, Lorraine's head must be at the bottom of the bed, around where Kelly's pussy would be, ahh the both woke up horny then and decided to help me out while they were at it.

I didn't last very long and Kelly managed to swallow most of it, with Lorraine mopping up the rest. We went back to sleep without a word being said. A few hours later we were woken by the alarm on my mobile, no late check-outs on a Tuesday, and we had a long way to go.

Lorraine hadn't been able to find a suitable cottage in Derbyshire, it being half term and such late notice, so we were off to the Isle of Wight instead. I'd been there years ago and found it to be very nice, but a bit sleepy. It would make for a very relaxing holiday I think.

Our cottage was a former 15th century vicarage near Ventor on the south coast, it was a large two bedroomed bungalow that had recently been restored to very high specification. The main bedroom was the centre-piece with an emperor sized four-poster bed covered in deep red bed-linen. The kitchen was fit for a chef, with marble worktops and a range cooker. The sitting room had two large sofas, and a very large TV on the wall. The bathroom was fairly small, but well fitted out with a proper free-standing scroll-topped bath with brass lion's feet and a separate shower cubicle. Out back was a large garden with a patio set and a decent sized lawn sheltered by high hedges so that wasn't overlooked in any direction. Out the front it was only about 200 yards to the beach.

After unpacking and hugs all round I congratulated Lorraine for finding such a splendid cottage at short notice, even it did cost an arm & leg. There was a welcome basket in the kitchen with tea-bags, instant coffee, a loaf of bread, jar of marmalade and some cake. In the fridge were a bottle of milk, fresh farm butter and a bottle of champagne. We made some tea & toast then set out for the town to buy supplies.

The Isle of Wight was pretty much as I remembered it, perpetually in the 1950's, very sleepy, very genteel and a distinct lack of chain shops, which is a good thing. We did find a Spar for some shopping, and an outdoors shop for a sun hat which I always forget to bring (my reasoning being that if I pack one it will rain, so I don't pack one and it's usually sunny).

We hiked back to the cottage, put away the shopping and took a bottle of wine we'd bought out to the garden. Looking back I see this as practice for the domesticity that was to come, we clicked and worked as a team, not getting in each-others way.

Lorraine cast off all her clothes and lay out on the grass, Kelly followed suit and they applied sun-tan lotion to each other. I'm not good in full sun, so I stuck to shorts & t-shirt in the shade, watching on appreciatively to the show. The girls turned regularly to get an even all-over tan.

"Hey Lorraine, how about finding somewhere with a pool next time"

The tanning lotion bottle she threw just missed my head

"Good arm there, you ever played rounders?"

"I was captain at school, I've got very strong arms, should be pulling pints on a bar really"

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