Mom's Best Friend

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: She was Aunt Lisa, his Mom's best friend; he'd known her all his life. Then came the rescue from taunters at Buster's bar, and he stayed to calm her a bit. The romance had begun. But the question was: what do they tell his Mom?

This was going to be a night out; that was Lisa's final decision. She thought that she'd been in something like hiding for long enough. Her Jack was gone and she could now do nothing about it. The one true resource that she'd had during these long and hard months was her best friend, Laura Wayne. And it was Laura's point of view that Lisa wasn't doing herself justice. Her advice was frequently: "Just get out and have a drink somewhere. It's not as if you're cruising for a man or anything. It's just what used to be part of what we did. That's all."

"I know," Lisa said, "But it feels, would feel so strange! At least that's the way that I think of it."

Lisa, that is Lisa Knight, was having this chat with her life-long friend Laura. They'd known each other since grade school and had always been pals. They went to school together and were in each other's weddings. Lisa had been there for Laura, when her husband ran off with his 'floozie'. At least that's what they called the secretary that Bob had run off with.

In her turn, Laura had been a great help -- a shoulder to cry on for Lisa, when Lisa's Jack died of a heart attack. That had been over 16 months ago, and Laura was now telling Lisa that she needed to 'live' a little more.

Lisa laughed and said: "Maybe I'll take this old battle axe out and have a drink; like the old days!"

"Yes, like the old days!" Laura said. "I have a ton of stuff to do, or I'd go out catting around with you!"

"Catting around?" a voice from the doorway said, "Who's going catting around?"

"Oh," Lisa said, "It's that gorgeous former soldier who lives here!"

Andy Wayne, fresh from work, smiled at the two women and gave his Mom a hug.

"One for me too!" Lisa said, opening her arms for him.

"My, my you feel good!" he said, hugging his Mom's best friend.

"Thank you for the compliment," Lisa said, "Means a lot coming from one of our nations' heroes."

"Hero hardly!" he said.

"So many years with special forces!" Lisa said, "Hero and both your Mom and I insist on it!"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, grinning. "Hero it is!"

(Andy had gone into the special forces directly from college and did a number of tours, coming out at 29 and going into his Uncle Ben's construction company, as one of Ben's managers. He'd been out of the service now for about six months and was in the process of looking around for a place of his own to live, though he and his Mom got along famously.)

"Okay," Andy said, "Enough of changing the subject! Who's going out catting around?"

He looked suspiciously at the two ladies and said: "You, Mom?"

Laura giggled and shook her head 'no'; she then pointed to Lisa and said: "She's deciding to get out again and live."

"It's only going out for a drink!" Lisa said.

"Well, go out and tear it up! Is what I say!" Andy said, and got a grin from Lisa.

"I'm going now," Lisa, said, "Got to try to make the battle axe look gorgeous again!"

They laughed and Andy said: "Not very hard from my point of view." Lisa grinned at him then and grabbed him for a hug.

"You're so good for my ego, lovely Andy!" she said, hugging him.

Once Lisa had left, Andy said to his Mom: "Mom, I promised Buster that I'd go round and say 'hi' to him. I'm going to do that, after I shower."

"Dinner?" Laura said.

"Uncle Ben and I grabbed something earlier," he replied and gave his Mom a kiss on the cheek and went to take his shower.


Buster had been a friend of Andy's for donkey's years. After he came out of the service, Andy went around and periodically tended bar for Buster. They also just liked to get together to talk over old times and keep up with what was happening to them. Buster had taken over his Dad's bar, once his Dad, also nicknamed Buster, had died.

When Andy entered the bar, he knew immediately that something was wrong. Buster was glowering from behind the bar at a table that was over to the side, off of the dance floor. There were three college kids there drinking and they seemed to have had a little too much.

Then Andy noticed two things at once. He saw Lisa sitting at the bar with a drink, not too far from the three college kids. But at the same time he also noticed that the kids were taunting Lisa.

"Hey, grandma!" one of them said, and all three of them giggled.

Lisa ignored them, and made a sign to Buster that it was alright. But Buster obviously didn't feel that way. Andy could tell that right away.

One of the kids had a straw cover that he'd wadded up and threw at Lisa, hitting her on the side of the cheek.

"Leave me alone!" Lisa said, not noticing that Andy had come into the bar.

"Don't think that an old broad like you wants to be left alone, honey," the largest of the three kids said. "That's probably why you're here! Are you up to the three of us? Take us all on?"

They all laughed again at what he'd said.

It was then, however, that Andy caught Buster's eye. Buster just nodded and Andy made his way over to the table.

Lisa noticed him at the same time and said: "Oh, Andy!"

But Andy only nodded to her and went past her. When he got to the table, where the three were sitting, he grabbed the largest by the scruff of the neck and simply lifted him up.

"Hey!" the big guy said.

"Shut it, until I tell you that you can talk," Andy said, "Or I break something immediately."

One of the other two started to get up to help but Andy simply pushed him on his shoulder, while still holding onto his friend by the scruff of the neck, and made him sit down. The other two didn't try to interfere again.

Andy then spun the kid around and had his arm bent up behind his back. He kept putting pressure on it slowly.

"Hurts?" Andy asked.

"Yes, damn it!" the guy said.

"Okay," Andy said then, "I have only two more moves with it and then it'll break at the shoulder! Understand?"

"Yes, yes!" the kid said urgently, tears now running down his face.

"I object, as a matter of fact, I and my friend Buster, whose establishment this happens to be, object to loud mouthed kids coming in here from the university and acting like they have shit for brains!"

Andy made a move with his hands and the kid cried out!

"One more move and I break it!" Andy said, "Probably at the shoulder! Understand?"

"Yes, yes!" the kid was now desperate and beginning to cry.

"The woman that you were insulting is a close, close friend of mine!" Andy went on, "And now tell your two pals to go to her and apologize and sound like the mean it, or I make the next move and break something here!"

"Please, Andy!" Lisa said. "Don't hurt him! He's not worth it."

Andy said in a soft voice: "Do it now!"

The kid asked his friends to apologize to Lisa. They did and then it was his turn. Andy took him to where Lisa was sitting and the kid apologized also.

"Now I think that Buster wants you to leave; and don't think of coming back in here unless you bring your manners with you!"

"Okay," the kid said.

"What?" Andy almost yelled at him.

The kid understood and switched to "Yes, sir!" immediately.

Then the three of them left.

Lisa moved right away and had her arms around Andy.

"Thank you!" she said.

"No grandmas here that I can see," Andy said, "Are there, Buster?"

"Naw," Buster said, "No grandmas here."

Andy could see that Lisa wasn't sure about what to do next, so he said to her: "Sit and have a drink with me?"

She sighed and said: "Yes, that would be nice."

They sat, and she sipped a gin and tonic, while Andy had a beer.

"Some maiden voyage for my renewed catting around!" she said ruefully.

"Lisa, love," he said, "There's one thing that I've always known about you that was true ten years ago and more and is still absolutely true today: You're gorgeous!"

She smiled at him and put her hand on his.

"That has never changed!" Andy said.

(Andy was in fact right about that. Lisa, like her pal Laura, was, at that time, 48 years old. She was about 5'6" and had gorgeous, short reddish hair with some dark in it. She had a trim figure and was more on the petite side but for her height, she had nicely formed breasts and large nipples, and an absolutely lovely heart-shaped butt. Andy had been 'in lust' with her forever.)

As they sat there, Andy asked her: "Feeling a little better?"

"Yes," she said, "Thanks to you! Some big event for me!"

"Now," he chided, "Don't let those dick heads get you down. Enjoy your night out."

Someone then put some money in the juke box and music filled the room. Andy leaned over and said: "Dance with me, Siren!"

Lisa giggled and said: "I'll have to tell your Mom that I've been making passes at her boy!"

"Not if I make passes at you first!" he said and she giggled again.

Then they were together and she fit herself into his arms for the dance. He held her fast, with one hand holding her hand, her arm outstretched, and the other hand in the middle of her back. He had a single finger of that hand, on her back, that could feel her bra strap. It pleased him to be in contact with that and he didn't try to move his hand. He was also wondering if he might move another finger, his hands were big, and feel the edge of her panties but at that point, he simply told himself to settle down.

When the dance was over, she thanked him and said: "Andy, I enjoyed that. It's more like what I had in mind, when I came out tonight, and you're such a good dancer!"

"So are you!" he said.

"Oh, it's been such a long, long time!"

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