Better Off Dead

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Zeke's wife was kidnapped. Did she cheat on him with her captor?

Hi, folks. We're continuing the "wild and crazy stories," with one that while set in our time period is kind of out there, but Hey! ... It could happen. My thanks as usual to the incredible Mikothebaby for her editing even though she lost 2 computers during the writing of this story she still came through. Okay here we go. SS06

As I stepped up to the gate of the large house, I was so nervous I was vibrating. I didn't know how they'd take seeing me or even if they'd see me. But I just knew I was home. I thought that they might be surprised or maybe just curious, but really ... who knew? I actually never thought in a million years that I'd be trying to get back here again. It just didn't make any kind of sense, but I knew that this was where I belonged.

I guess by the time a woman is my age, I'm twenty-four, she should know where she belongs in life. Shit, rich city girls go off to college at eighteen years of age with their desired career path already set in their head. So if you judge me by their standards, I'm a little bit late.

On the other hand if you judge me not by career standards but in terms of life experience, I'm way ahead of them, because I was married as soon as I turned eighteen and my husband and I had our own home. Well okay, it was his home. And okay, it was a trailer. And okay, he was forty then, but it was the only life I knew.

Every girl I knew wanted the same things. We wanted to get out of our parent's houses and get married so we could be in charge and not have to put up with any of their shit. We wanted to set our own hours and make our own decisions.

Now most of us knew that technically our husbands would be in charge of us, but our husbands were men. Men were the easiest thing in the world to control, especially for a mountain girl. I guess technically, most of us were at least a generation or two removed from being mountain folk. But that changed nothing. Men could still be controlled just by giving them a little bit of pussy at the right time and shit that was something that most of us wanted to do anyway.

So I married Zeke because he was a friend of my dad's and he'd always been nice to me. I settled into being the queen of Zeke's trailer or so I thought. As soon as the honeymoon was over, I got a huge dose of reality. I turned out that life as an adult wasn't easy and Zeke was not Prince Fucking Charming.

Life as an adult it wasn't what I thought it would be like. I guess I'd always figured that you could do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. Nope, it wasn't like that. There were so many things that I had to do. There were so many expectations placed on me and we didn't even have jobs. Zeke was one of the lucky ones. He was a trailer park king because he was on disability. That meant that Zeke got paid not to work. All Zeke had to do was sit on his ass and wait for the check to come.

Zeke was a God damned genius. He was one of three brothers who worked in a warehouse. Well, they pretended to work in the warehouse. What they really did was to volunteer for the night shift. Night shift workers got what was called a shift premium. That means that they got paid more for doing the same work because it was less advantageous to work nights.

What it really meant was that they were on their own almost all night because the supervisors went home at seven p.m. after starting them on their assignments. What they really did was worked for about an hour until the foreman went home and then pulled out the beer and called it quits until about an hour before they were supposed to be done.

What ended up happening was that Zeke and his brothers were sitting on a rack in the warehouse, drinking beer and listening to the baseball game one night while waiting for the foreman to go home. That night a new Hi-Lo driver had started. While they were laughing and talking shit about how terrible he was at his job, he accidentally knocked a pallet of parts down on top of them.

The warehouse foreman had been heading in their direction when it happened so he saw the whole thing. That pallet had lots of boxes of small parts on it and the brothers were knocked onto the floor. By the time the foreman got to them Zeke showed his intelligence. His two brothers leaped right up to show that they were okay. I guess they didn't want the foreman to know that they'd been drinking beer on the job.

Zeke took that opportunity to show just how smart he was. As the foreman looked at him, he uttered those three words. The three words that like Einstein's theory of what-you-ma-call-it followed him for the rest of his God damned life. Those three words are now legend in our trailer park.

Zeke looked up at that foreman and said, "Oh, my back." The rest is history and Zeke's been getting paid ever since.

There was never anything wrong with Zeke. Zeke still hunts and fishes and wrestles with all of the other assholes in the neighborhood, but every six months he goes to a doctor and complains about the pain in his back and sides. The pain is so bad now that the doctors have Zeke on Vicodin, which he gets for free due to his disability and then sells to people in the trailer park.

One of my jobs, like every good wife's, is to make sure that Zeke never runs out of beer. So I make at least daily, if not more often, runs to the seven-eleven to keep beer in our fridge. One morning, Zeke kicked me awake and glared at me.

As my eyes opened I stared up into his angry, unshaven face wondering why he'd kicked me.

"Outta fucking beer, girl," he snapped angrily. "Seriously, why the fuck did I marry you? It's not like you have a lot ta do. How the fuck did you let us run out of beer?"

"It's not like I drink it," I uttered without thinking. For a second I thought that I'd been stuck by lightning. The pain was so sudden and so severe that I blacked out for a second. I got up holding my face and stuck my feet into my worn out flip flops. I pulled a pair of jeans on and threw a worn T-shirt over my head and walked out through the open door.

I stepped out of the trailer and down onto the cinder block that served as a step. It was already over eighty degrees outside. Inside the trailer it was shady and there was a fan blowing the hot air around so it seemed cooler. I gingerly leaped over the mud that always seemed to accumulate around the trailer during the warm weather time of the year and started off.

The seven-eleven was almost a mile away and I wanted to get back before the sun was fully up and started to fry me. As I walked through the park, headed for the road, I waved and nodded to a lot of my neighbors. Those who were relatively well off were inside of their trailers watching TV. Those who weren't well off were on their porches watching people. I felt the weight of all of their stares as I walked by.

Some of them wanted to talk, which I had no time for. I could tell that a few of the older men were angry that I'd worn jeans and a T-shirt. They loved to look at young girls in tank tops and shorts. For some of them it was the cheapest and only porn they could afford.

I guess I'm pretty in a low rent kind of way. I still have all of my teeth and they're in good shape. My hair is long and full and it's a gold color. It's neither blond nor brown. It's kind of in between the two.

At five foot two, I'm just the right height for a girl. I'm not too short or too tall. I have average sized breasts and like my grandma always said, more than a handful is wasted. I also have nice hips and a nice butt for my size. I guess everything on my body is average.

Average is good. It means not too big or too small. I'm right in the middle. Usually when something good is bigger than normal, there's a price to be paid. Susie Smith has the biggest titties in the trailer park. But she also has biggest gut and the flattest ass you've ever seen. Her ass is so flat, it's like her anus is a black hole and it swallowed up her hips and both ass cheeks.

Some of the guys in the neighborhood joke about her all the time. Zeke always talks about the time he tried to pat her on her ass and his hand slipped and didn't stop until he'd karate chopped the floor. He said there was no differentiation between her ass and her back. Other guys have said that she's physically unable to use a chair because she doesn't bend until you get to her knees.

Even her father, who's a carpenter and a good one, has said that he uses Susie's back and legs as a plumb line for lining up walls and fences.

Even with Susie's colossal titties, she's never had a steady boyfriend. Guys just come by, ogle her boobs or maybe cop a feel and tweak her nipples, then they go fishing or whatever they're going to do. So maybe, just maybe, average isn't so bad.

As I walked down the road, the closer I got to the main highway, the more traffic I saw. I had a couple of guys whistle as they drove by but my face hurt so bad that I didn't smile at anyone. I figured I'd have a hell of a shiner by the time I got back. But it was my fault for not controlling my mouth.

I guess I grew up in a place where things like that were just normal. My daddy loved my mom something awful. Unlike a lot of people around us, neither one of them ever cheated on the other. My daddy loved my mom too much to do it, and my mom was too scared. I often saw my dad, slap the cowboy shit out of my mom for stepping out of her place. And Daddy always told us that respect is sometimes all a poor man has to call his own. So, if my mom spoke out of turn or disrespected him, it was his job to show her the error of her ways.

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