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Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Black Male, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Size, Public Sex, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Jenny's husband has become too much of a braggart. While drinking one night, he wagers his wife over a race with his new car. Jenny is the unwilling, reluctant prize in a rigged contest.


The names of the husband wife, and prime tormenter in this story are the same as some you may see in other stories I have posted. These are all stand-alone stories. This is not a continuation of any others with the same character names. I am just too lazy to come up with other names for every story.

Jenny was really tired of it, but it had become so much of a routine, she had long ago quit fighting it. Jenny was forty. Her husband was in his sixties. She had married him after a disastrous first marriage.

Jenny was a late bloomer. She was fairly tall as an eighth grader; very skinny; no boobs; but could run like a deer. Her face was as good as any model. She was as good as the two youngest Jenner girls, only she had reddish brown hair. She was pretty insecure in junior high, but soon began to change. She kept her slender figure, but under that clingy track jersey, her breasts began to take shape; not big, but firm, proud and perky. They were small-to-medium melons, but had spectacularly long pink nipples that budded before she was ready.

Before she was aware of it, the boys at the track meets began to notice. Before her mother realized, her light, clingy blouses were telegraphing her budding adulthood. Suddenly she was very popular. Nobody might have noticed, but when a freshman breaks the KU Relays record for the 1600meter run, lots of pictures are taken; they show up in the paper and on YouTube.

Jenny was getting much more attention than she wanted. Jenny was gullible and taken advantage of. Longing for attention, she was quick to take up with the more popular athletes. By the time she got to college, she was burned out with the disappointments, hollow promises, and misleading romances she had been a part of.

While in college, she married the promising young quarterback. Before their four years were up, he had been caught with several other girls while playing football games away from home. Jenny divorced him and had a very bitter attitude towards men.

Jenny had a good job as a school teacher. She kept to herself for the most part. She felt comfortable with her present husband, Joe, because he was quite a bit older and she wasn't really looking for romance. They started out innocently enough. One thing led to another. Finally she had a choice. He was really too old for her if she wanted children, but he was relatively wealthy. She married him thinking that she would eventually fall in love with him.

Through the years, their sex life had been manageable. By the time she was nearing forty, Joe's sex life had began to deteriorate. He would subtly ask her to do different things.

One day he brought home some clothes she was not used to wearing. Joe wanted to celebrate an exceptionally good business deal he had made, and brought her some clothes to wear to dinner. Jenny had been given some very high heel shoes, a button-front dress that was very short. It was not her style, but since so many girls are dressing that way now, she reluctantly put it on.

Joe took her out for dinner and dancing at a new Blues Club. She got lots of admiring stares and lots of requests for dances. Jenny was reluctant, but went along so as not to offend the many black men in the audience. That night and for many nights to follow, Joe was a tiger in bed. Jenny didn't care that much for sex, but appreciated the renewed attention.

That lasted for a good six months or so. Then Joe came home with another outfit. It was a very short, clingy silk dress that barely came to the bottom of her thumbs. Thinking she was going out for dinner and dancing again, she was looking forward to the night out, however reluctant she was to be dancing with more strangers.

This time, Joe took her to a "Peep Show" theatre. The first floor had seats for dining and a stage. After the dinner had started, there were a number of beautiful young women who came out and danced on the pole centered on their table. Jenny was embarrassed, but figured that Joe would be hot after the evening was over.

That lasted several months.

The next time he took her out, he took her to the same place, with the same outfit. It was the same outfit, but he had forbidden her to wear anything underneath; no bra; no panties. This time, instead of going into the restaurant, they got in an elevator and went upstairs. Joe purchased two tickets and the attendant buzzed a door to let them in.

When they went in, Jenny was a little surprised at the light. Usually, she could hardly see when she tried to get to her seat. This theatre was a little different. There were three aisles; one down the center, and one each down each side. By code, there must be an aisle so nobody must go past six other people, which means you can have one center aisle and rows with thirteen seats in each row. This theatre only had seating for about fifty. There were only about six seats in each row.

Joe went in first and sat in a seat that left Jenny in the middle seat. No sooner than they sat down, several of the men who were sitting by themselves moved. Two came to sit in seats on each side of hers in the row in front of her. One sat next to her and several came to sit in the row behind her.

It was not hard to see in the light, but it was obscure enough that it had an intimate feeling. Jenny looked around. She watched as another couple came in and sat closer to the front. The same reaction happened. Several of the remaining individual men who had not surrounded her gathered like vultures around the other couple. Like Jenny and her husband, the other couple was an older man with a middle aged wife. She had graying shoulder length hair.

Jenny was very uncomfortable with t he show, but it wasn't outrageous. It was a French film; more like a vintage porno film of an older man with a young maid. Through the course of the show, the young girl was ordered into a number of compromising positions. If this got her husband excited, so be it.

Jenny couldn't help but noticing movement between the people around the other couple. She could swear she could see one of the strangers fumbling with the other woman's clothing. Soon the woman's head disappeared. That started frenzy with the men around her. "What were they doing?" she wondered. Soon it became clear, the men were groping her and she was fondling them. She could swear one of the men disappeared out of sight in the space in front of her.

About that time, Jenny realized that several of the men were trying to get her husband's attention. He nodded his head almost imperceptibly, like a man making a bid at an auction. Jenny was gripping her husband's hand for all she was worth.

Suddenly, she felt the man to her left drop his hand in her lap. "Do you come here to meet other couples?" the man whispered in her ear as he turned to put his left hand on her thigh. Jenny was petrified. She looked at her husband, who seemed transfixed at the meaningless images on the screen.

Jenny was shivering out of control as the realization hit her that her husband surely knew what was going on. Her heart was in her throat as the hand to her left crept up her thigh, bringing her dress with it. He took her left hand and opened her clenched fist. He opened her fingers; extended her arm and closed her fingers around his shaft.

She felt her husband stroking her right hand and arm, trying to comfort and sooth her in her panic. "He knows. He has to know." Her mind screamed. Soon she felt him drop her right hand and move to her right thigh. He stroked her leg in an effort to sooth her. It was his way of letting her know she had his consent for whatever was about to happen.

Jenny was paralyzed with fear; with indignation; with humiliation. "Was this what he wanted? Was this what it was going to take to get him up? How far is this charade going to go?" she wondered as she felt another hand from behind slip down her front. Her left nipple stiffened; not in excitement, but in fear and terror.

She closed her eyes, trying to absorb what was going on. Her mind screamed a thousand different things; run, hit them, do something. She struggled with her humiliation and curiosity about her husband's diminishing sexual appetite. What was her responsibility to him? She was too numb to react. She had invested so many years with him, what was the appropriate reaction now? She wondered as she felt another hand slip down her front. The hand massaged her, and then withdrew. It started unbuttoning her front. The cold air-conditioning told her she was exposed as she felt the chill on her nipples as they were being tweaked.

Her hand that Joe had been holding was being raised by a man behind her husband. She felt it being wrapped around an exposed cock. It was hot and moist. It was so close to her face she recognized the familiar smell and heat. She was too paralyzed to react. The man closed his hand over hers and guided it back and forth. Her fingers were shaking under his. She refused to cooperate by squeezing down or moving on her own.

She felt the massive member being used to caress the side of her face as the hand to her left entered her. Jenny was starting to mew in humiliation now. It was a shuddering kind of whimpering.

She felt Joe's hand behind her right knee. She felt him raise his arm, lifting her right leg and bending it at the knee. He lifted it and pulled it to one side, exposing her to the view of the others in front, and widening access for the man to her left.

Jenny looked up at her husband, who refused to look at her. "P ... p ... p ... please, Joe. Is this what you want?"

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