The Introduction Into Prostitution

by Marduk

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: A chance meeting with an old friend who had been on the slide of depression, resulted in a sexual encounter that would lead her into becoming a 'Lady Companion to Men' and the gradually converting of his wife to become her partner

Graham had farewelled his wife at the airport, she was going to be away for two weeks, holidaying with an old school friend. He pulled in to a shopping strip for he wanted to post a letter and just as he sent the letter on its merry way to the bottom of the postal box, he heard his named called. He turned around. The woman was well into middle age and there was a touch of recognization but not enough to him to greet her; that hesitation bought a comment from the woman. "You don't recognize me Graham", she said. "I'm Jan Williams".

The name he did recognize after all he had known it for twenty-five years, but then that woman had been very attractive, she had been in her early thirties, in fact he had fancied her for she had a fantastic figure and she was well groomed. The woman that now was before him could have passed for someone in their late seventies, her face bore the evidence of a hard life and her clothing has the mark of an 'opportunity shop' written all over it. He had met Jan when he and his wife were members of the workers club, she was married then to a chap by the name of Hawkins; it wasn't a successful marriage and had broken up not that long after he had met her. She had remained single for a couple of years but still remained a member of the club and it was at the club that she met her future husband, a chap who was an official and one that he also knew –Barry Williams.

This chap had a history of his own for despite his name he was an African and as black as coal. He had been adopted by a British diplomatic as the child was the only survive of a typical tribal conflict. Over the years the child naturally travelled with his new parents to all the posting of the British Diplomatic Corp, eventually coming to Australia, where after his service ended as a diplomatic the father had settled and because of his diplomatic status and the ending of the 'White Australian Policy' in 1972 and the birth of multiculturalism the child, now a grown man found entrance to the 'club' where he eventually became an official was now open to all.

They were married although he hadn't attended the wedding, he and his wife were overseas at the time, but when they returned he found that Barry and Jan were still with the club and would remain so till the unexpected death of Barry some eight years later. Jan then left the club although he heard that she was still teaching, for that was her profession but gradually she disappeared off the stage and only existed in his memories filing cabinet. "Jan it has been a long time, I apologize but the last time I has association with you was at the old club, it must be around ten years now. How are you and what have you been doing, are you still teaching?" There was no doubt that she felt awkward, maybe the short history lesson bought back memories of what she had once been, an attractive well groomed woman, now she knew that the beauty that she knew many men had noticed was gone as was the fashion label clothes that she once wore, now what she had wasn't a fashion brand unless you considered the 'opportunity shop' a fashion label. Her awkward position wasn't missed and after all she had once been on his 'desirable list'.

He was a tit man and Jan was well endowed but well balanced, now they hung almost to her navel but were still massive melons of flesh, therefore he just couldn't walk off and leave her standing. "I have just got back from the airport", he said. "My wife is on a holiday up North with an old school friend. I was going to the club for a light lunch; would you care to join me?" She was stunned and very hesitant in her reply but it was an invitation that she craved, after all not many invites came her way now; her first reaction was her dress and he recognized her concern and gave her the assurance that she needed that her attire was accepted.

A bowl of hot soup and a hot buttered roll, followed by a light meat pie and a cup of coffee had her relaxed enough to again bring out the smile that had once graced her face. They chattered and the years began to roll back. "Tell me Jan what have you been doing since you left the club after your husband's decline?" She was silent for a few moments and then told him, at first hesitant but then as he show an interest the up's and down's that she had experienced. She told him that the loss of her husband had put her into deep depression, which resulted in her being hospitalized for a number of weeks. She told him of the loss of her job and finally the bank had taken back the home that she and her husband had been buying. "I have slid down the slide of despair many times Graham", she sobbed. "I'm now living in a very low market caravan and virtually taking each day as it comes".

"You didn't remarry?" he asked. She shook her head, a minute passed before she continued. "I have found no man that could replace Barry. I miss him, not only his presence but his intimacy, he made me feel a wanted woman and he could take me sexually off the planet".

That comment made him smile for he knew it was correct. One afternoon he had been asked to deliver a parcel that her husband had forgotten when he left the club. He had taken it around the back, as there was no answer to his knock at the front. He put the parcel on a table that was undercover and as he turned there was a window, with the curtain drawn, but not completely and there was Jan and her husband, totally naked and Jan was down sucking, her tits bouncing back and forth and the expression on her husband's face was utopia. Without finishing he lifted her up, almost dragging his cock out of her mouth and how Jan had accommodated it was beyond him for it was enormous. He turned her over and fucked her doggie style and her cry of pleasure was loud enough to reach him. He was so taken by the activity that he seemed glued to that window. They fucked for quite some time, in minute language perhaps fifteen at least till the thrust came that emptied the balls and Jan rose off the table, her tits bounced and swayed and he can still hear her cry of 'Ahhhhhhh!', that echoed around him. That didn't finish the activity, Jan turned and seized that enormous cock, totally covered in cum and her fluids, she immediately began to suck it, dragging it in and over her mouth and over her still wobbling tits and then laying on the table grabbed it and although not rock hard, hard enough to push it into her lubricated cunt and a very slow motion fuck began all over again.

Naturally that observation was not conveyed to Jan but as she seemed eager to continue he suggested that as he wanted to visit an antique dealer in the tourist hills she may like to accompany him. "They have some very nice eating places for afternoon teas and as it is a nice afternoon there are some nice walks, one in particular takes you to a waterfall and I would like your company", he said. Her smile reappeared and as she squeezed his fingers said in the most suggestive tone. "Graham I would really like that".

He purchased an antique firearm and then with her holding onto him began to walk towards the waterfall, despite the clear weather they were the only ones on the track. "It is lovely", she purred as she rested against him. So far he hadn't taken any liberties with her, but as she rested against him he cupped her tits and slowly began to massage them and her response was just a slight murmur. She was wearing slacks and this time as he rubbed her groin the murmur became gasps and she began to push her groin forward, but when he undid the button and pulled down the zip and entered a forest of hair and began to finger her, she erupted. Her gasps became 'Ahhhhh!' as he worked his finger further and harder into her crack and then without considering her reaction gasped. "Let's fuck". Automatically she bent over, her slacks and panties fell onto the wooden planks of the bridge, her bottom came level with his throbbing cock and as he rammed it up that hair covered cunt, her cry startled the birds in the branches. There were no other tourists, they were alone so he fucked and fucked her hard and she responded almost as though she was a whore. Finally it came with a thrust that buried his entire length; his balls burst and gush after gush filled every cavity of her cunt. He pulled out and almost immediately she turned and gripped him. "Oh! Fuck Graham I needed that. It is years since I have had a cock up me, don't let that be the last". With her wet hairy groin rubbing against his now limp cock, he replied. "If we weren't in the open I would get you to suck me till I hardened again and then I would ram it up your arse".

They had afternoon tea in a very nice tea house that he knew about and on the way back she burst into giggles. "What is so funny?" he asked. "What you said about me sucking you till you hardened again and then wanting to ram it up my bum, would you fuck me up the bum or did you only say that?"

"You have a lovely backside Jan and yes if the opportunity arose and you were willing I would definitely service your bum". She was silent for several minutes then asked. "What are we going to do now, are you going to take me home and... ?" She didn't finish for he began to stroke her thigh and she opened them for better convenience. "I was thinking of taking you out for dinner tonight and then taking you home for the night".

"And?" she asked.

He smiled before replying. "Get you to suck me till I'm as hard as a rock and then fuck the arse off you".

"I think this is going to be one enjoyable night", she said as she reached for his groin.

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