The Co-eds' Thanksgiving

by Frank Jackson

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Two college roommates end up spending Thanksgiving vacation in the dorm. Not initially friends, they learn things about each other to be grateful for.

"What are you doing here?" Caroline asked her roommate.

Fiona sighed deeply and gave a shrug of resignation.

"He had to go. His momma said for him to get his ass home on the next bus." The redheaded coed dabbed her eyes with a well used tissue.

"Well, did he come over? Did you, you know, see him?" Caroline closed the dorm room door behind her.

"Yeah, right! I was all ready for him too." The bed springs squeaked under her rear as lifted her arms in demonstration. The oversized tee shirt was all she had on. "He sent me a text."


"Tell me about it," Fiona sniffed and dabbed again.

"So, now what?"

"Go home, I guess. I mean, what else is there?"

"Well, you could stay here like me."

"As I recall you have plans of your own. 'Orgy 24/7' I think is how you worded it."

"Heh, yeah. Like that was ever going to happen. It's not like I'd be caught dead with any of the guys in our class."

"Maybe, but I bet you'd hop on any hot upperclassman that came within ten feet of you."

Caroline settled on her own bed, arms bracing her from behind and eyes rolling in their sockets as if she had to think about it.

"Ah, right, aren't I?"

"Maybe. Depends."

"On what, how long his tongue is?" Both first-year college coeds laughed at that.

It was not surprising the two could almost read each other's thoughts. As strangers in a new environment, they turned to each other for support early on. Caroline may be a bit more level-headed than her roommate, but secretly intimidated by more aggressive members of the Freshman class. Fiona a good deal smarter academically, and younger than her peers. Perhaps that is why she seemed a bit flighty to Caroline. Together they seemed to balance and compliment each other.

Where Caroline avoided relationships with men - or boys as the males in college still seemed to be - Fiona grabbed at every hint of attraction shown by members of the opposite gender. This usually led to situations she now found herself in: alone, dumped by a guy who didn't even know what he wanted. Caroline learned those hard lessons in high school, and found no urgency to repeat her lapses in judgment.

That was precisely why she did not want to go home for Thanksgiving holidays. She knew too many guys still trying to get her in the sack merely to brag about it. Caroling needed no part of that. Being blonde was certainly a curse.

Caroling also knew why Fiona tried to avoid going home by arranging a wild few days alone with Bradley. He may have been a dork, but he was hot for the redhead. She supposed he really didn't know what to do once he got her.

"So, what then?" Caroline said once they finished laughing. Fiona shrugged. "So? Why don't you stay here with me?"

"I don't want to be in your way."

"That's what you told your parents anyway, isn't it? You need to study for finals and everything?"

"I guess."

"I don't want you to go home, Fiona. I know what's waiting for you there. Stay with here. It will be fun."

"I know. What are we going to do? I don't really need to study."

"What ever we want. Sleep in late. Eat out every night. Find some parties. Besides, you can help me with Ancient History."

Fiona rolled her eyes and fell back on her bed. Caroling blushed at seeing the hem of the other girl's shirt slip up along her thighs. Modesty was not a hard and fast rule in their room - or the dorm in general, it being women only. Secretly, however, Caroline envied her roommate's youthfulness, vulnerability. To see how nearly exposed the 16-year-old's pelvic mound was to her made the blonde catch her breath.

From a different angle she was sure the folds of the other coed's mons would be visible.

Not that Caroline wasn't a total bombshell. Like the color of her hair, her beauty was a curse, causing her more trouble than benefit. In face the physical differences between the two girls was minimal. Caroline stood about two inches taller than the younger girl, but both had slender figures. Neither were overly endowed up top. Caroline's hips flared only a bit more than Fiona's. From the rare glimpses she had, the redhead's pubic hair was as delicate and nearly invisible as her own.

Fiona made a half-hearted effort to pull her tee shirt down, and tilted her head back to look at her roommate.

"Are you sure? I don't want to ruin any of your plans."

"Don't worry about that. If I come up with any fine. It's not like we have to spend every minute together. We just both need a place to sleep."

The redhead flipped over and flashed her friend a bit grin. Caroline smiled too, at how the shirt slipped off Fiona's rear end. That might be the cutest thing about her, the blonde thought to herself.

"Great. It's settled. Now," Caroline said as she pushed herself off the bed, "I'm going for a shower. I need one, bad!"

"Mmm, okay." Then, as the older blonde grabbed a towel and opened the door to the hallway. "I'd join you, but I just had one."

"Tease," Caroline said, sticking her tongue out at Fiona and headed toward the common bathroom, hearing her roommate giggling behind her.

The coed took her time in the bathroom, enjoying a long pee on the commode before undressing and stepping into a shower stall. She washed her hair twice. No one else was in the bathroom, and Caroline felt at ease caressing her entire body with soap, then again rinsing. Masturbating was a pleasure she afforded herself when she could. The hectic business of school being what it was, such times didn't come as often as she wished. Normally the blonde made quick work of getting off, but being here during a vacation leave. She vowed to make up for lost orgasms this week.

That had been her plan all along. "Orgy 24/7" had nothing to do with guys. It was meant to be one long self-gratification holiday. Fiona sticking around did, indeed, put a crimp in her game. Caroline would just have to adjust. This moment was the ideal time to do just that, but an odd feeling made her stop short of getting herself off.

Prior to the brief heart-to-heart the two girls just shared, Caroling didn't think much of her roommate. A super intelligent spoiled rich kid who sometimes got in the way of things, and little deserving of her attention. In the past hour she took a fresh look at the younger girl. Perhaps they might even become friends over the next few days, in a little-sister sort of way.

Caroline toweled off and brushed her hair carefully, standing naked in front of the broken mirror. The rosy glow of her skin pleased her, and she felt quite content as she wrapped the towel around her and carried her clothes back to the room. No one else was in the corridor, so there was no need to panic when the towel fell away as she tried to open the door.

The co-ed blushed when she remembered Fiona was in the room, and covered herself up again. The other girl appeared to be asleep, however. She lay on her bed curled in a ball, breathing evenly. Caroline considered how out of place the kid seemed to be in a college dorm, so small and fragile looking. The tee shirt she wore did little to cover her bottom, and those slender legs drawn up under it appeared impossibly weak.

The younger blonde stirred when Caroline attempted to pull her shirt hem down to cover the girl's buttocks. Fiona rolled to her back, still sleeping, exposing her hairless pelvic mound. The older girl stared in spite of herself. Her head started buzzing as she studied the teen's immature looking pussy, its labial crease scarcely visible between those narrow thighs.

The tingling sensation in her own loins forced the 18-year-old to turn away. Caroline dressed in a a short denim skirt and a blue and white striped knit crop-top. She brushed out her hair, arranging it in twin pony tails, and left to catch the bus down town. Just because her roommate was still around didn't mean Caroline couldn't have her more grown-up fun.

Her plan evolved as she rode to the mall. There she would do a little window shopping before choosing which express eatery to have supper at. After that it was off to her favorite club for the evening. All the while the blonde co-ed intended to keep herself aroused as long as she could stand it. To make a game of it, she decided to make it a rule not to touch herself. Not that she wouldn't, she knew, just not until it was absolutely necessary. If she were lucky some brave guy would notice and make a play for her. While that would be the prize, having an eventual orgasm was the main objective. To get started, all she had to do was sexiest parts as nearly visible as she dared.

A crafty smile turned her lips. To that end, she could start her play right there on the bus. Slouching in the bench seat, Caroline relaxed her legs, letting them gap a bit between her knees.

By the time the bus reached the mall stop, her hands has secretly pulled the hem of her skirt up her lap so far that a curious onlooker could have seen her pussy. The light brown pubic fuzz would hardly been mistaken for white panties. She stood as other passengers did, making sure to let the fabric of her skirt fall as it may.

Without caring to notice if anyone debarking with her might have seen anything, Caroline walked toward the mall entrance as if she had purpose to be there. Nor did she try to discover whether anyone might be following her. Everyone else getting off the bus was obviously going shopping just as she pretended to. The thought that someone might be stalking her added to the excitement of her escapade. She was a young, naïve college girl, after all, and easily taken advantage of.

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