Super Swimmers

by live987

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Adrian has 3 things in his life to brag about...

There are pretty much 3 things about me that I am excited enough to brag about, and up until a few years ago I didn't have any.

Two of them I can discuss, and one of them is top secret. But don't worry, I'll tell you about it later on. And in detail! So hear me out.

Certainly none of them are about my physical appearance. I mean I don't think I'm ugly, just nothing fancy. On a scale of Yasser Arafat to Brad Pitt, I guess I'm somewhere in the middle. It's what I come loaded with that gives me some bragging rights. Literally. I'll tell you more about that later too.

I guess a good way to start is by telling you the first thing I can proudly brag about.

Somehow, a few years back, I was in the right place at the right time and landed a job that would set me up very well financially. You know the story; a friend who knew another friend, that had a beer with someone else and they told so-and-so about a job.

It was for a mining company in remote Queensland. Miles away from civilisation. No fancy lifestyle. No beaches. Dodgy and limited shops. Not many girls around, so no regular sex ... but an absolute killer wage that made up for everything!

It wasn't worth spending the money up there though. I didn't want to be in the job long term anyway. I just wanted to keep saving my money long and hard. As you can imagine though, it got a bit boring...

So, a spur-of-the moment whim on a trip back home once, I decided to buy land and build a brand new dream home. Ocean views one side, panoramic views across my home town out the other side. Even though I'd be working away and unable to enjoy it yet, it was truly spectacular and something to look forward to one day.

I should tell you, it was a dangerous job. Risk central. Before I started I had to go through all sorts of medical examinations and it was strongly suggested that I deposit some sperm at a sperm bank in case I ever suffered an injury downstairs that could ruin my chances of having kids.

That part scared me, but here comes my second bragging point: It began at the sperm bank. Man, what a crazy place! The first time you walk in, it can be very awkward and daunting.

But once you get past the front desk greeting and introducing yourself to the people behind the counter, things get interesting ... Well, I thought so anyway...

Yes, it's very clinical. A bit embarrassing. The staff know why you're there and what you're about to do when you walk in the little room and lock the door. But it's a turn-on too. They have a need for my seed. My sperm. The only way to give it to them is by pleasuring myself! I am REQUIRED to have an orgasm. To cum as hard as I can! How tough us men have it...

I'll never forget my first time there. The doctors recommend abstaining from cumming for a couple of days, so the pressure was building up! Before I left home, I'd loaded up my iPhone with some porn to get me going, and I had to force myself not to drop my pants for a play right then and there! Self control was vital!

Once I got in the room and locked the door, I wasted no time opening the specimen jar they'd issued me with and prepared it for the deposit. Best I did that first, because soon I'd be in no state to get it ready as my impending pleasure approached!

Then, it was down with my pants and porn on the iPhone screen! God damn I'd been waiting for this! The token hot babe, fingering her pussy while her partner sucked on her nipples. It didn't take long for my flaccid uncut cock to double in size, become firmer, and then stand up straight, ready for action. The blonde pornstar turns around, backs on to him, and after a quick up-and- down massage of his member, the guy slowly glides it into her tight sex hole. In, out, in, out ... up, down, up, down ... my attention now turns to my fist; firmly around my own erect shaft and instinctively flicking the foreskin up and over the top of my penis, then pulled back towards me, exposing my purple bulging head each time. Pumping myself furiously. Over and over. My pace got faster as the couple on the screen did.

Soon, he pulled out of her. She leaned back on the sofa facing him and pulled her vagina open with both hands. This is my favourite way to finish a porn scene. She shows him where she wants that hot cum. Right inside her love tunnel.

As he grunted out his orgasm aimed at her pink hole, I myself reached my own point of no return.

With the jar now in my left hand, I brought my overly excited member towards it.

As I imagined my own spunk filling the open pussy of the girl on my screen, amazing pleasure throbbed its way around my whole body and I shot spurt after spurt into the jar which sent my heart rate and breathing into a massive frenzy.

So what is there to brag about here? A few days after that first deposit I received a letter from the sperm bank about my sample. The average healthy male sperm count is greater than 20 million mL, and mine was around 180 million! A second sample soon confirmed this. My swimmers had cause for celebration!

After a few years on the mine site though, there was no celebration when a serious nasty accident caused 90% of the place to be shut down and deemed unsafe. I lost my job, and the only place to go was back home. Somehow I needed a way to pay off that hugely expensive house of mine ... and there was no way I was going to sell it!

It turned out, a solution to my problem would soon cum available. Not come. I definitely mean cum.

I'll explain to you what I mean soon, but first let me tell you about Naomi.

Naomi went to my high school. But she was a fair bit older than me. Her final year of school was my first year as a junior.

Always scoring awards for this and that, Naomi was not only well-known by everyone for her academic ability, but also because every guy I knew thought she was fucking hot, to put it bluntly. Me included.

Naomi had a no bullshit, no nonsense attitude. Cool and calm, and she tells you like it is without fluffing around or sugar coating.

I remember going to our local fitness centre for sport class when I was about 15 and Naomi was working as a yoga instructor in the tightest black pants I'd ever seen. She also rocked a polo shirt with style. Never has a gym uniform looked so amazing! It was just tight enough to show off her well rounded, slightly larger than average lady lumps.

Damn, she was hot! Jet black hair that was almost always pulled back tightly into a bun or ponytail, piercing green eyes and an amazing trim figure, with a bit of extra bum on her for good measure. You could tell she took good care of herself.

Sometimes I'd laugh to myself, because it was easy to imagine a Mexican wave of erections from the boys as she'd walk into the room to take a class. She could easily get our attention in a number of ways. And she knew it.

We all knew to shut up when Naomi was in charge. She was the total package. Brains and beauty. She'd easily take control of the class, she could sell ice to eskimos, and as you'll learn later in my story, she would also go on to play the hard assed manager.

Yet despite all of Naomi being so incredibly fuckable, she appeared to always be single. Even though she oozed sex appeal, sex and smut always seemed to be the last thing on her mind.

Even when I turned 18 and started hitting the clubs on the weekend, I'd often see her luring guys in close with a combination of her almost-erotic style of moves on the dance floor and overwhelmingly sexy perfume, only to flatly reject any man who even thought he stood a chance in bed with her that night.

Not even the muscled-up studs of the town who believed they could get any girl could break past the iron-clad invisible barrier Naomi put up so well. Her single lifestyle choice was something that always had my mates and the other guys around town talking, but it was something I'd soon get to learn more about.

In the time since I'd been away at the mines, I'd heard that she'd worked her way to the top as manager of the head office for a popular hi-fi equipment company. For many years it has been regarded as the big money-maker of the town. In fact, it's where a lot of my school friends ended up working at some point.

So after a long, depressing drive down from Queensland, my tiny car filled to the brim with all of my belongings, I finally made it back into my home town sometime after midnight.

I was finally able to spend some time in my dream home, but my mind was plagued with worry. How was I going to afford the mortgage repayments now without a good job?

Still dressed in my clothes, I barely remember falling asleep on my couch.

'DING!' My iPhone's message sound woke me up, groggy from a few hours of deep, much-needed sleep. 'Ya back in town now? Come for lunch n beer at work. Eating at 1pm.' Still half asleep, I checked the time. Right on midday. Gotta hand it to Terry. He was always good with giving notice. 'I'm waking up. B there soon', I managed to text back.

I knew the way to their lunchroom when I arrived. I'd been there a few times before over the years, visiting the guys.

"Here he is"

"Right on time Aido!"

"Pull up a seat old son" the familiar voices of my best mates greeted me as I entered the room.

"Terry, Jake-o, Sid..." I replied, still feeling rather tired from the big drive into town the previous night.

I wasn't sure how long these guys had for lunch but it seemed they were on their break forever! Still, I was grateful for the company and I had nowhere else to be.

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