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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A loving wife story about a real man who takes good care of horny creeps. Though this classic Winterfrog story is edited by "Techsan" one of the best editors of that time, please don't expect any intentions about correct "Oxford English".

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My name is Tommy Janson and I'm regarded as an average Scandinavian man. Earlier in this year in my early forties, I saw myself to be a man without any personal problems, living in a happy marriage when the events, which got me to write this story, began to happen. At least in my own opinion, I couldn't by any reason be regarded as some kind of wimp though I began to realize that my wife ruled an increasing part of our lives.

Much of it was my own fault because I had, much too often, chosen "the easy way" and giving in to her when we had different opinions in something what I regarded as a less important matter. The problem was that I had noted that those different opinions had appeared more often and it was high time begin to dig in the heels and stop it before they became too common.

Sandra, my 39 year old very pretty wife, used a simple tactic. Fair sex was available at my request and good cooking when things went in her way and quite the opposite when I had objections and didn't change my mind in her favor.

However, the main reason for me to choose the "easy way" had usually been that I was too busy to care about all those daily matters.

I was working as engineer at the local branch of a nationwide construction company in a Scandinavian county capital and we were usually very busy at my job. During the summers I spent some time at the Golf Club, which Sandra didn't like very much. The last year I even spent much time at the Rider Club's stable where our thirteen-year-old daughter Lina had her horse, which she had gotten from Sandra's parents. Sandra was afraid of horses so she demanded that I go there and help Lina taking care of the horse.

In the beginning I didn't like it all but now Marie-Anne, a good looking and easygoing mother to one of the other young girls in the club with a horse in a box next to Lina's, had turned my visits there to a great pleasure. When Marie-Anne noted that my knowledge of horses was limited to knowing the difference between rear and front end of the animal, she took her time showing me what to do and how to do it. In return I used to help her with all heavy jobs because her husband pretended to be allergic of horses and refused to come to the stable. We had a very good time together but only as friends, not any affair in sight so far.

I can't deny that my heart went a bit faster when one day she said to me while laughing to some good new "under the belt" joke I had told her, "I would seduce you within seconds if we were singles."

Obviously she noted some signs of hope in my face because she immediately continued by telling me that for the time being she was very pissed at her husband and asked me, "Are you the same nice guy at home as you seem to be here?"

I suggested her try me if we became single and she promised to do that.

Both Sandra and I made good money, so we could afford to have a pleasant life. Thanks to the good bank connections at my job, I had invested in a house in a nice area, where we had many good friends in the neighborhood.

Many of our friends envied me because they only saw the "sunny side" of Sandra, who was the perfect hostess when we had a dinner or a party for our friends.

Sandra and I met at a line to the check-in desk at the nearest airport during a holiday trip to the Spanish island Mallorca. Both she and I went there with friends and our parties met in that line and thereafter a few times at party spots at the island where I got her cell phone number, called her, invited her to dinner for two at a nice restaurant and afterwards got a quickie against a palm tree in a park. That was the beginning of our love story, which continued even when we were back from the island.

She was hot and tight and I didn't care very much that she only sucked my cock when she had gotten boozed at some party. Neither did I care that she wasn't much for trying new positions. Both of us were usually more than satisfied after our hot actions in her preferred missionary position.

Though Sandra's snobbish friends had accepted being fucked by all kind of cocks during the holiday in Spain, they didn't accept me as Sandra's boyfriend back home. In Spain they had no hesitations about fucking with my friends, even those of them with simple backgrounds and some of Sandra' friends even hired local gigolos for extra excitement. But back home many of them made no secret of their opinion that what happened on a Mediterranean island ought to stay there forever.

Some of them regarded me as trash due to my "Y" first name" and my background of been grown up in an infamous area of our city. Such simple matters as the area wasn't bad when I grew up there and my nice job and present way of living didn't mean anything to some of them. To my great pleasure Sandra never agreed with any of her snobbish upper class friends in that matter. Though Sandra probably was a trophy for me, I didn't ever see her in that way. For me she was only a lovely girl who happened to have more wealthy parents than me.

After a few months she had problems with the pills and her doctor suggested that she skip them for a while. However, fucking like rabbits and forgetting now and then to have condoms at home could only lead to one thing. Her unexpected pregnancy a few months later caused us to quickly marry as both of us wanted to do that before we had the child. To my relief her parents had no objections.

Sandra was her parent's only child and they gave her an expensive summerhouse situated at a very picturesque lake outside our hometown as private property for a wedding gift. As Sandra would get the summerhouse some day anyway, it was a clever step of her parents to give it to her and get rid of all maintenance problems, which fell on my shoulders. Of course they could still use it as much as they wanted, even when Sandra owned it.

I had owned our house in town before we married and kept that as my private property for compensation for her summerhouse. We shared everything else and there was never any talk about "my house" or "your house".

I really liked Sandra's parents. They had owned and run a successful furniture factory, then sold it for a good price and bought a nice house at Marbella in southern Spain when her father turned 60. I enjoyed our visits there, but Sandra didn't like the hot climate at all and I understood that we would have some problems if she inherited that house.

Sandra worked at one of the leading insurance company's district office where she had been recently promoted to some kind of vice department boss for special projects at the district. To my disappointment I slowly began to find out that it had a negative effect on our marriage. She wasn't the same Sandra as before and when I asked her about whether she had any problems, she only said that she had so many new things to learn at her job, which was the only reason why she was much more tired than before. But she promised everything would be better as soon as she had got a bit more skilled in that job.

Of course, even our sex life began to suffer with her new behavior though I didn't see any visible signs of an affair: no overtime, no new sexy dressing and no "wrong number" calls when I took the phone. The only sign was that she had gotten totally angry when I had joked about her possible affair after a lousy Saturday night sex.

She never mentioned much about her job at home but had been bragging during the last two weeks that she was working with a very important contract. Though she said she trusted me 100%, she had not told me any further details about her project. Of course, I knew a lot of what was going on in our city and had my guess about it but as it wasn't of any main interest for me, I never pushed her in that matter.

Then the shit hit the fan one Tuesday evening when Sandra came home from her job. She had a strange look at her face and I understood at once that something had happened to her and asked, "What's the matter with you? Have you been fired?"

"Of course not! Quite the opposite, indeed. We've almost closed our big project with a successful deal."

I knew her so well that I had immediately saw that something was bothering her. She was far from in a jolly mood for celebrating a successful deal. I said, "Please don't try to make a fool of me. I can tell that there's something that bothers you."

"Yes, you're in some way right because I've got one more important project to think about and it is linked to the first project."

"Yes, such things happen so what is the problem?"

"The second project is out of town and needs some traveling and probably even staying overnight now and then. The first trip will be on Friday this week, if you don't mind."

I got a strange feeling about "a buried dog" in her attempts to tell me the good news about a successful deal before she mentioned her main problem, the strange Friday night business, which would make any sane man suspicious. She sounded far from happy about telling me that silly matter so I asked, "Where to?"

Sandra told me the name of a small town on the coast, only 45 kilometers from us, connected to us with a good road, which had me almost falling out of my chair in surprise. Now I began to suspect that she had become involved in some damn crap. However I still pretended not to know anything further than she had told me and asked, "Stay over night there when it doesn't take more than a half hour to get home?"

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