Odd Couplings: a Love Story

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Margie was finally free of her jerk, controlling husband, Jason, thanks to Hal Marchen, her late Daddy's best friend and her lawyer. Now it was time to live and Margie went into a frenzy of 'freedom' events that got her into a bit of trouble. But the cops, especially one cop, was there to rescue her and the rest, as they say, was history.


She went shopping. It was therapeutic! That much she realized. Always, when there was a tangle in her life, she went grocery shopping, selecting from the aisles at the store things that only pleased her, catered to her fancies. That's what she did. She knew full well that she was finally rid of Jason. Hal Marchen had seen to that. He'd been her lawyer through all of the difficult times, since her Daddy's death. He'd set up the agreements and also was the company's chief counsel. Hal never let her down. He certainly didn't in this case.

But she didn't want to let her mind wander just then. She wanted to absorb the loveliness of shopping at her favorite grocery store with only herself in mind. There was no need to cater to Jason's peculiar whims and fancies or his special dietary needs. Not anymore. That part was over. This shopping trip was for her. She selected fruit that only she liked, and she positively was silently gleeful at the meat counter. She told herself that there was no longer any need to be a vegan and subsist on the terrible food that that kind of diet allowed. Jason was history and their diet was history with him.

It was all a good experience. It put her in a good frame of mind. She walked out of the store with her grocery cart. She looked at it almost as if it were a lover for her. The grocery cart was filled with things that fairly called out her name, Margie Wilson. (She had decided to take her Daddy's name again, and leave Jason Worth to have his own name back. She didn't want it, any more than she wanted him.)

She'd been his thing for so long, giving over control to him: control of the business, control of the house, control of the finances, control of her, control of her diet, all of it. She felt that all disappear in a puff of smoke, in a puff of Hal Marchen's smoke!

She was wheeling the cart and grinning. She thought that she'd put off until later a reprise of the scene at Hal's office. It was all too sweet to hurry through those kind of thoughts. She pushed it back and went back to looking at her groceries.

She knew that anyone suspecting what was going through her mind would think her crazy right then. "But," she reasoned, "They haven't been Jason Worth's wife for these many years, his creation, his pawn."

Of course, she kicked herself but she always reasoned that she was doing it, being the way she'd been, for 'them', until she realized, with Hal Marchen's gentle prodding, that there was no 'them'.

She shook her head then, and spoke to herself severely: "You're not going to wallow now. You've just been grocery shopping, shopping for yourself and no one else. Just enjoy this and later have a glass of wine -- she giggled knowing that Jason wouldn't have approved of that idea at all, and, still giggling, she glanced into the shopping cart and saw the bottles of Riesling -- and think of it then, all of it. Replay it then, not now. She kind of shook her head and relit the flame of her good mood, pushing her cart out of the grocery store.

Her thoughts were interrupted then. It was a thin, wiry black teenager standing there.

"Hey, lady," the kid said. "Can I help you with your groceries?"

It struck her as a great idea. She pushed away all of Jason's normally glib talk about never trusting anyone. She smiled at him and pushing the cart to the side said:

"That would be lovely, young man."

He grinned at the 'young man' phrase.

"Let me get these!" he said, scooping the bags out of the grocery cart and carrying them away for her.

He was a few steps ahead of her and she looked at him with fascination. He was wearing a pair of half jeans, half shorts that were belted at his mid thighs. He walked a little spraddle legged so as to not let his pants fall down. She barely suppressed a giggle.

He was showing, above the shorts and below his tee shirt, a rich amount of plaid material, which she took to be his underwear. It was all amazing to her. She'd never took the time to look closely at this mode of dress before. She was now.

She caught up with him then. "It's back here," she said, pointing to the back of the lot. "I like to get some exercise!" she explained, not even sure why she was bothering to explain. "Helps keep me fit!" she went on.

"Heck," he said, "Momma's already foxy! Might not need that exercise stuff!"

She giggled at what he said. She was certainly enjoying this, and realized that she was getting almost hypnotized by staring at the junction between his underwear and his low slung pants.

A voice in her head, usually Jason's chiding voice, spoke to her and warned her not to get any 'stupid' ideas now.

But she barked back at the voice: "You're not welcome any more! Not at all"

That made her feel good and tumbling the word 'foxy' over in her mind, the word that he'd used, made her feel even better.

She was wearing, for that shopping foray, a pair of tan slacks. They were favorites but Jason had never let her wear them -- that is the former Jason! --. He thought they were too tight and too revealing. But right then she was happy that they were tight and revealing.

"Foxy!" she said to herself. "Nice word."

She also realized then that she was sorry that she hadn't worn any of her short, pleated skirts.

"Then I could show him foxy!" she thought but a crazy thought raced across her mind and she just let it sit there and grow.

When they got to the car, she still had the crazy thought in her mind, and, without a whim, or without the usual thought about Jason and what he'd want, acted on it.

She opened the hatch of the SUV and took the grocery bags from him. She bent way over at the waist to put the grocery bag into the back. In the process, she was sure that she was showing him the clear outline of her panties, since the tan material of the slacks were thin. It made her feel good! It made her feel daring.

When she turned to get the other grocery bag, he smiled and said: "Foxy!" She returned his grin, feeling good. Grocery shopping and now this! It was being a great day for her.

She turned to thank him and decided to give him some money for his help. Then her craziness took over.

She looked ever so quickly around and there was no one in sight. They were at the back of the car, backed into a parking spot at the back of the lot near a high wall.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Shawn!" he said.

Then she did it. Margie Wilson gave in to her crazy side.

Smiling at him, she said: "Shawn, I've always wanted to do this!"

Without hesitating then, she grabbed his low rider pants by the waist and simply pulled on them. They went to his ankles with no trouble at all.

"Say what?" he said, surprised. But she went on quickly.

She grabbed the plaid boxers next and pulled them down also. There she was, Margie Wilson --renewed person with a renewed name and a new lease on life --and she was looking at the semi erect cock of this black teen.

"Bigger than Jason's, when he's already stiff!" she said.

"Like that, Momma?" Shawn asked.

"Oh, yes," she said. "I'd like it in my mouth! May I? Please?"

"Momma, white Momma with the foxy ass and panties for showing, wants this cock in her mouth?" he said softly.

"Oh, yes," she said, "That's what I want. Want your cock in my white mouth!"

He chuckled: "You're the real deal, Momma!"

"Margie!" she said.

"Margie the cock sucker!" he almost taunted as she reached out and held his erection in her hand. It was magnificent, and she told him so!

Then she was doing it. Margie Wilson! She! She'd gone to the grocery store as a kind of first move of independence and now she was giving a blow job in the back of the lot. She was joyful! She was ecstatic! She was alive! She was giving this black teen a blow job!

He had his hand on her head lightly, and she put her hands around him and grabbed onto his ass cheeks, holding on, as she moved her head downward, taking more and more of his length into her throat. She kept moving her head with every plunge and the effect was to gradually jerk him off with her mouth.

She was far out tickled with herself that she finally, after working on it and being patient, was kissing his pubic hair. She pulled her mouth up and off of him and then plunged her head, sharply and forcefully back down onto the full length of his erection. He stiffened; his back bowed a bit and he growled:

"Fuckin' wonderful mouth on this foxy bitch! Fuckin' cock sucking woman!"

He unloaded in her mouth and she worked, amazing herself, a she was able to take it all in and swallow it.

The though raced across her mind how much Jason didn't like oral sex.

"Well take that, Jason," she said, "Margie Wilson has always liked sucking cock and now she's back and is doing it right here."

She looked up at his smiling face, as she cleaned him with her mouth and then she got up off her knees. It pleased her that he helped her up. She carefully pulled up his plaid boxers, and then his pants. She belted them securely around his thighs, as he watched and grinned at her.

She opened her wallet then.

"Don't need to pay me, pretty lady!" he said.

"It's a thank you for carrying my groceries!" she said and he nodded, as she gave him a ten dollar bill. He took it and thanked her.

"May I?" she asked, as she pushed her face toward his. "I know where my mouth has been!"

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