Roger and Jane

by Matt Moreau

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Initially, he's caught between a rock and a hard place; but he figures it out.

They were actually going at it in the bushes. We'd gotten to the picnic early and set up the barbecue. The rest of the employees, having arrived pretty much on time, were socializing and drinking and having a gay old time.

As third man in the company of Silver and Silver Mfg., that is Benjamin and Rodney Silver, I was the barbecue man of choice. At S&S we manufacture a plethora of household goods, mostly electrical appliances. It wasn't all me of course doing the cooking, I was a high mucky-muck in the company; so I did enlist the help of Jim Conroy, our sales manager and Mary Cousins, our HRO chief; still, again, in point of fact the barbecue pit was traditionally my very own fiefdom at these get togethers which was fine with me.

Jane, my wife of fifteen years, and I always arrived at these dos early and today was no exception. Jane was a housewife, had never worked a day of our married life together. But for our company picnics she always contributed the German potato salad and some other dishes as the mood struck her.

I could see her, Jane, now carrying on with my immediate boss, Rodney Silver over by the tree line. They were laughing up a storm. I was feeling good. Well, that is I had been. I had been until I'd gone looking for my wife who had earlier, without my noticing, gone missing.

I'd handed the barbecue helm over to Jim, and like I said, I'd gone looking for her. Carol Bisbee, the big boss' secretary—Ben Silver, Rod's older brother, was numero uno in the company—pointed me to a copse of shrubs across the park as the direction in which she had seen her heading with some others. At least she thought that that was the direction that Jane had gone.

My woman had been gone for a good forty-five minutes before I'd started hunting her down. It'd been a full hour before I'd found her, and I wished I hadn't. They—she and my boss— were in a small open space hidden behind some bushes. She was naked and lying on her clothes. His pants were pulled down around his knees, and his cock was buried deep inside her cunt.

I was stunned. I was angry. And, mostly, I was sad. I'd headed back to tend the barbecue I'd left in Jim's hands.

My stomach was roiling. Taking over from Jim, I did my best to concentrate on the nothingness of the job at hand: making really good hamburger patties.

It was about twenty minutes after my discovering them that the two adulterers showed up. Breaking away from him, she came to me.

"Hi honey, doing a good job?" she said. She was smiling to beat the band.

"Okay, I guess," I said.

"Nonsense, you make the best burgers in the county. That's why you always get to do the barbecuing," she said. I thought it sweet of her to let me know how appreciated my burgers were.

I didn't say anything or even look at her. She sensed that I had something on my mind. She asked.

"Something wrong, big guy?" she said. Now, I did look at her.

"I don't know. You tell me," I said.

"Huh?" she said.

"I guess you have to be the one to tell me if sex with me is still at least okay," I said.

She paled, but gathered herself. "Roger! Why on earth would you say something like that?"

"Well, since you feel the need to fuck my boss, I just wondered if there was anything left for me. I mean in your heart—and—your plans," I said.

"What are you talking about? Are you nuts?" she said.

"I saw you, in the bushes, a few minutes ago. He was fucking you, and you were encouraging him," I said.

"Oh my god! Oh, my god! Roger, what are you going to do?" She was looking furtively around to see if anyone was close enough to figure out what was going on; there wasn't. "It's not what you think, really," she said. I just stared at her. I didn't say anything. She wheeled around and started walking away from me. Her gait was purposeful.

I saw her go to him. He was kind of far off, over by the kids' swings giving his little boy Aaron an assist, a small push. His wife, Elise Silver had not come to the party, had one of her own to go to as he'd told me the day before./

I saw her talk animatedly to him. His head suddenly snapped around, and he looked in my direction. I held his gaze for some seconds before he turned back to her. Oddly, she stayed where she was as he came towards me. I flipped a burger I was tending just as he approached.

He looked over at Jim who was sipping a beer a few yards away. "Jim, could you take over for Roger for a couple of minutes, please." Jim came over and held out his hand for the spatula. I gave it to him.

My boss headed off toward the tree line to our right. It was clear that I was supposed to follow him. I did.

"Roger, I don't know what to say," he said. Of course I knew he was about to say a lot. Well, I assumed he was.

"I guess you caught us. Jane said you did. Whaddya gonna do?" he said.

"What can I do? Nothing," I said, answering my own question.

"Huh?" he said.

"Me divorce her? I get raped by the court. And again, if I quit my job? I'm screwed there too. I'm forty-eight, too old to start over. So, I guess there is nothing I can do," I said. "Anything else, mister Silver?"

"Uh—no—I guess not," he said. I turned and headed back to the barbecue pit.

I didn't smell divorce in the air as far as her having me served was concerned. And, I knew that Rodney, at age forty-five, wouldn't want to be looking to get a divorce from his wife, Elise Silver, since her mother; the missus Alice Barrington, the widow of Marshall Barrington of hotel fame, was the power behind the throne if there ever were such a thing. She had been the actual founder of S&S Inc. some twenty years earlier when brothers Ben and Rodney had come to her with a an idea for a new firm: a good idea as it turned out. At any rate, I knew I had time to figure things out.

I knew what I knew, and I knew that wouldn't change with me getting all upset and angry and problematical. No indeed, I intended to do nothing for the near term. I would get along with Jane, make no waves that would overtly threaten Rodney, and generally be mister good guy, mister more than reasonable guy. Hell, I still needed her. The question was, did she still need or want me?

We pulled into the driveway just as true dark settled in around us. The ride home had been mostly silent.

"I'll unload the car. Okay?" I said.

"Yes, better now than tomorrow, Sunday," she said. "Tomorrow will be just for us to hang out, unless you'd rather us do something else," she said.

"No, I have nothing on tap at the moment. But, I'll think it over," I said.

"That'll be fine," she said. She was watching me closely. So far we'd not so much as mentioned the happenings of earlier in the day.

I came in through the front door. I could hear her doing something in the kitchen. I headed for the bathroom. I needed a shower; I smelled like barbecue.

It was some little while before I joined her in the dinette where she'd decided to situate herself. She had a jug of martinis set out and was nursing one. She poured me one, dropping the olive into it, as I took my seat.

"I thought we could have a drink or two and talk," she said. "Or not."

"Whatever you want, Jane. I'm easy," I said.

She sipped her drink. I followed suit. "Rog, you okay?" she said.

"Sure. I guess so," I said. Jesus, she looked pretty at that moment—and—sexy. I wanted her even though I knew she still had his spunk inside of her.

"You're not hurt? Oh, heck, of course you're hurt. I mean seeing me—us—like that. I am very sorry for that, Rog, sincerely." I nodded. "Anything I can do—well, just ask. I mean it."

"I do have a question," I said.


"How is your doing him going to affect us?" I said. "I mean..."

"It won't affect us at all on my account, Rog. I know I made a mistake. I know you have a right to be angry. I'm surprised you haven't gotten angry already. Anyway, like I say, I won't let what I did affect us. And, I promise to make it up to you," she said.

"Okay," I said. I wanted to ask the next question in the worst way, but I was afraid of the answer. She asked and answered it herself.

"Roger, I know you are wondering if I will do it with him again. I'd like to be able to say that I wouldn't. But..."

"But, you will," I said. She looked away, and then looked back at me and nodded.

"But Rog, it will not affect our love life, nor will it interfere with any of our future plans. I promise you that. Can you understand what I'm about here?"

"I don't know. Not much I can do about it. I guess I'll just have to see.

"You say it won't affect our love life. If I were to say, I want you right now; I mean right now, what would you say?"

"Rog, I'd say yes, of course. But Rog, I haven't showered or douched. I don't think..." I stood.

"Come on," I said. "I want you now."

"Rog? Are you sure. I mean I can take a shower first..."

"No, I need you right now," I said. She rose from her chair and started toward the hall. I took hold of her arm and coaxed her back to the table. I turned her around and bent her over it.

Going to my knees, I flipped her dress up and pulled her panties down and off of her. She spread her legs wide for me. She relaxed as I stood once more, dropped my pants, and pressed my cock, all five inches of it, into her pussy. I began seesawing in and out of her. She looked back at me and smiled. I took my time. I managed to give her an orgasm just as I came myself, a very rare event for us. She started to straighten up as I backed out of her, but I held her in place. No words were spoken. She relaxed once more.

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