Jolted Consequences

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Revenge isn't always as sweet as it is expected to be. This appreciated story from Winterfrog's collection is from 2008 but new here on Storiesonline.

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My name is Raymond Dahl. For many reasons I'm an average Scandinavian guy though most people would regard me as an unusually lucky guy until I became involved in serious problems. At the age of thirty-eight I had most of what people dreamed about. I was proud to have two nice daughters, a lovely wife, nice home, many friends, a good job and a new car. Even the horses had been running my way. Of course, I had never won any big jackpot but as the old saying goes, "many a little makes a mickle." I had enough to afford some extra.

The truth was that I wasn't born with any golden spoon in my mouth and had worked hard to get what I had today. To be honest, my wife Sandra played a very important part in my happiness. Without her support it would have been very difficult to get things running our way.

We met during a winter holiday trip to San Anton in Austria. I was there with three friends and during the first day's "after ski" at our hotel we found two very handsome Scandinavian girls sitting at a large table where we had sat down. Boys are boys and all three of my friends began the trophy hunting by courting the prettiest (nine of ten points) of them and left Sandra (seven of ten) to me without any competition. When one of them had succeeded in winning the trophy my two other friends found out that Sandra who probably was the best choice of them, had already laid her feelings in my basket and to everybody's surprise they lasted for the whole holiday. I said no thanks to the "trophy winner's" suggestion about exchanging girls after a few days. Back home Sandra and I continued with our relationship and after a few months I moved to her hometown where I got a plumber job and when the owner retired some years later and left for the sunny climate in Spain I bought both the business and his house, which has developed very well since then. Sandra and I married two years after we had met.

I had never had any thought about cheating Sandra and until recently I've had a very difficult time thinking that she ever did that to me though as handsome a girl as she is she must have gotten plenty of more or less serious suggestions during the years. Then I met Marie Louise, which changed everything for several people in our lives.

It happened at an information and training course for a new version of the administration program I used at my job. At class we worked in teams of two, probably because the consultant who held the course had a much easier job when the participants could solve problems without asking him for help. I had been chosen to work together with Marie Louise, who had not arrived when the course started. The consultant told me that Marie Louise had rang him and was on her way and due to her old fashioned double name I expected her to be in her sixties. That was OK with me because I had met several elderly ladies with a good sense of humor who had been very keen with computers.

Ten minutes later the youngest and prettiest girl in the whole class came in, introduced herself as Marie Louise and sat down next to me. Marie-Louise was a bright and easygoing girl so we had no problems with the new programs. We worked very well together and had plenty of time to small talk during the lessons. She told me that she was twenty-five years old and was responsible for the administration in her hometown leading ladies fashion shop. The course was a two day event and it was she who suggested us going out together for dinner at some nice restaurant. I knew a place in town where we had a good time.

Back at our hotel Marie Louise told me that she had a boyfriend, in many ways a nice guy, but they had an increasing problem in their relationship and asked me if she could talk about it with me. She had nobody in her hometown she wanted to talk about such very private problems. She said that she felt that she could trust me.

I accepted and she suggested her room instead of the hotel bar I had suggested. We went to her room and sat down at the table. After fixing the light to semi darkness she began talking about her boyfriend. He was a good and handsome guy in many ways, but their sex life was far from what it ought to be between two people of their age.

She couldn't resist sobbing when she continued her story. When she felt comfortable with it I let her talk without interrupting her. Here is my short version of her much longer story.

When they met he had been a real gentleman without any attempts to get her laid. At first she was proud of his good manners but then after two months without any attempts from him she began to be worried that something was wrong in their relationship. She decided to have a serious talk with him about his nonexistent interest for sex and didn't buy his explanation about "waiting to the wedding night" and had told him that there would not be any wedding night if they could not get sexual satisfaction in their relationship. He was a good guy but she could not think about a marriage without a good sex life. Even he understood that but he felt the pressure and why their first attempts ended in total fiasco. They tried to rent porn videos but he found them disgusting and told her that they were totally against everything he believed was the right thing to do. She had not had enough experience during her earlier short relationships and that is why they had slipped into some kind of "status quo."

She asked me how my wife and I had done when we met. I told her the truth that we had met at a hotel abroad during a holiday trip and had great sex only a few hours after we met at the hotel bar. Because it felt right for both of us, we had never regretted what we did. It was a good beginning and one of the reasons why we continued our relation back home. Of course, there were several other reasons why we had fell in love.

After a while Marie Louise suggested I show her what to do to get her boyfriend into action and we ended up in bed. She was a bit shy and switched off all the lights. I really wanted to help her, why I didn't feel like cheating on Sandra. I did my best to be some kind of a trainer and felt that she was into it. She had no objections when I took off her skirt and top and my own pants and shirt. To my surprise she took off her bra and pantyhose. She moaned of pleasure when I kissed and licked her nipples so they got hard and did the same to me but didn't stop there.

My now stone hard cock had her main interest and she began to stroke it outside my boxer shorts. Now I understood that this lesson had gone too far to be interrupted. I began to kiss my way down to her inner thighs before I felt her lifting up her bottom so I could take off her panties and lick her clit. She began wriggling and begged me to fuck her. I did and within a few minutes she had an intensive orgasm and told me to stay in her. Afterwards she explained that she didn't want pills so got an IUD at the hospital when she met her boyfriend.

After necking for some time I gave her some "lessons" in sucking my cock stone hard again before we began fucking again without pretending it to be anything else than making love.

After that we had a good sleep until next the morning when we had a good fuck again before I went back to my room for a shower, clean underwear and a shirt. When I left her room, a middle-aged woman in the next room opened her door, saw me coming out of Marie Louise's room and shouted, "Shame on you!" to me. I didn't care.

I met Marie Louise at breakfast which was a real pleasure. The course ended at noon and we sneaked up to my room for a "quickie" before we had to leave the rooms. After a lunch together we exchanged addresses and phone numbers and decided to stay in touch as friends.

To my great surprise I didn't feel any strong remorse for what I had done. I really did hope that I had been of some help for Marie Louise in her relationship. Though I hadn't mentioned anything to Marie Louise about my own problems, I had a strange feeling that there was something, though I couldn't say what kind of problem, increasing between Sandra and me since she got her promotion six months ago. When I asked her, she only told me that she had to think more about the job until she got used to the new routines after her promotion. It sounded sensible so I hadn't bothered to do anything further.

But now I had a question in my mind, what did Sandra do for pleasure during her business trips? I had asked her several times why she and her fellow worker Nelly preferred to stay overnight at the county capital only ninety km from home when they had been there at the company's main office for training or some other errands. I had told her that I could not understand why they stayed overnight when they could been home at five or six and even jokingly asked if she had a lover there, which would get her angry as a wasp. She had told me that they used to work long hours when they were there and both the company and their Union demanded them to rest before driving home. Now when I knew how easy it had been for me to do what I had done and that it must be much easier for a handsome woman as Sandra. I decided to find out the truth and do something next time she went there.

Back home everything went on as usual for a week before shit hit the fan. When I came home from my job, I found two suitcases in our hall and a furious Sandra in the kitchen. She shouted at me to take the suitcases and go to hell or wherever I preferred but she wanted me out of the house as soon as possible.

No doubt about the reason for her wrath. She shouted, "How could you do that to me and the children? I could never think that you are such a cheap whoremonger."

"Who in the hell have put such silly thoughts in your mind?"

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