Cousins at Christmas

by Cotton Nightie

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, Incest, Cousins, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: My cousin came to stay with Mom and me over Christmas break. I was in my first year at community college, but still hadn't found anyone I was comfortable enough with to trust with my first time. I thought we were just playing around, but I didn't realize I was playing with fire.

I never really knew my cousin. His family was on the west coast and he couldn't afford a trip home over Christmas, so he stayed with Mom and I during his college break. We'd met a couple of times over the years, but he was older and I was mostly just running around screaming and giggling with all the other little girls at family events. That was all years ago.

I was a little shy when he arrived, but he was kind and funny. Mom made a nice dinner that first night and we all sat around the living room catching up on family gossip. After I went to bed I thought about him sleeping on the couch, just on the other side of the wall and had a hard time falling asleep.

My school hadn't started Christmas break yet, so I was out of the house before he woke up. He was sitting reading something on his tablet when I came home. Mom was working crazy retail hours because of Christmas, so I turned on the TV and we hung out for a while. When dinner time came around, he just ordered some pizza for us and we played Mario Kart on the Wii.

We talked a little, but it was nice to just hang out too. I was also scared I'd say something foolish and ruin the mood, so I just enjoyed the silences. He seemed content with the quiet as well; it felt comfortable and warm.

I got up to change into my PJs and he went back to reading his book. I brought my homework out and we sat on the couch sharing a blanket over our legs. It was hard to concentrate. I kept looking up over my binder at him. Smooth skin, dark hair, nice features. The blanket started getting a bit warm and got even warmer when we would accidentally brush against each others legs. I was worried I was too stubbly from the last time I shaved.

As I finished the last few problems, I decided to give myself a pedicure. I reached for my nail bag on the table behind the couch and started filing and buffing my toenails. I caught him glancing at me a couple of times and realized my nightie was riding a little high, so I pulled it down and continued to work on my cuticles.

His toes were poking out from under the blanket, so on an impulse I grabbed his foot and twisted it around to my lap. He grinned at me a adjusted his position to make it easier for me to work, so I started trimming his toenails. He had nice feet, not too hairy, with the kind of squared off nails you get from using a cheap set of clippers. I cut and filed until they were shaped well, buffed them until the gleamed. He made a contented sigh.

At this point, his heel was between my thighs so I rolled over slightly to capture his foot and changed channels on the TV. He smiled at me, glanced at the TV and went back to his book. I stopped on one of the animated Christmas specials and watched for a while, trying to figure out how I could get his foot closer to my crotch. I settled for inelegantly scooting down and pulling the blanket up to my shoulders. When I stopped the bottom of his foot was resting against my panties with his toes next to my belly button.

I felt naughty, scared and excited. He didn't appear to notice or care, so I settled in to watch the show and enjoy the sensation of pressure against my mons. Eventually he shifted his position, which caused his foot to move slightly, but he didn't pull it away completely. Despite my apparent concentration on Santa and friends, my focus was solely on what was happening under the covers.

I leaned back against the arm rest and opened my legs slightly, leaning one knee against the back of the couch. This allowed me to rock my leg slowly, which caused his heel to rub against my mons. It was heavenly while it lasted. Mom came home eventually, and we both stretched while sitting up straight. We all ate a late snack, chatted for a while and I reluctantly went to bed.

As I lay there I was astonished at my own boldness. I would never have done these kinds of things with any of the guys I knew. I found myself imagining his strong hands touching me as my fingers slid under the edge of my panties. I rubbed until I felt my release coming, then held my breath as I came, hoping no one would hear me writhing on my sheets. My hair was damp by the time I stopped and my panties were wet all the way through.

The next day was the same routine, but I did tell some of my friends about my cousin while at school. I came home excited, but was disappointed to find him gone. I plopped on the couch and started in on my homework. After a while I heard him come in with groceries. He smiled at me and we chatted for a bit as he put things away. He pulled out a pot and a frying pan and started making dinner for us. I came in to help clean and chop, but mostly to be close to him.

Mom was home early that night and was happy with our initiative. While she changed, I set the table and we all ate a nice meal of pasta, veggies and chicken. After eating we sat in the living room for a while, him on his tablet, me on my phone and Mom watching TV. I secretly took pictures of him and saved them for later. He was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts, but he was yummy.

Mom eventually went to bed and I yawned as well, but I had no intention of going to sleep. After Mom was gone, I got up and changed into my pajamas, this time a silky satin top and loose satin pants. When I got back to the living room he was sitting with the blanket over his legs watching some video on his tablet.

I plopped down on the couch and he grinned at me with a cute half smile. Then he reached down to his backpack and pulled out a small vial, opened it and began to rub his hands quickly back and forth. A light scent of sandalwood filled the room and he took one of my feet in his warm hands. I pulled the blanket up over my other leg and slid down to be closer to him.

He smoothed the warm oil over my feet and began to firmly work out the ball, arch and heel. I felt like I was turning into a puddle of goo. I shut my eyes and let him do whatever he wanted. He started with one foot, moved up to my calf and worked out knots of tension I didn't even know I had.

When he finished with one foot, I rolled over on my stomach, keeping the blanket over my waist. He worked the other foot over and finally put down both feet to focus on the calves, working them together at the same time. His hands were warm from the friction and his strong fingers left a tingling ache. While he was concentrating on my calves, my right hand, which was underneath me, slowly moved to the waistband of my PJs. I carefully slipped my fingers into my panties and drew lazy circles in my wetness.

He was working his way past my knees, pushing my loose pajama legs up out of the way. When he reached my thighs, he stopped to get more oil and I bit my lip to keep from moaning when he started again. No one had ever touched me like this before and the tempo of my fingers increased involuntarily. I hoped he didn't see what I was doing, but at this point I was past caring. I had to bite into the couch pillow to remain quiet at the last.

He continued to rub long strokes from my thighs to my toes for some time while I carefully pulled my hand out of my pajama bottoms. I was so utterly spent that I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew was that he was carrying me to my bed. I curled up in his arms and put my cheek on his chest. He kissed my forehead after he put me in bed, covering me with my blanket. My last memory was the hallway light going out as he went back to the couch.

I awoke startled. I had a moment of disorientation, then remembered what happened the night before. I touched my forehead where he kissed me. What the hell was I doing?

I resolved to stop before I lost control of myself and did something I'd regret. I went to school, focused on my work, ignored my friends, forcing stray thoughts away. I would not give in. I arranged to go Christmas shopping with some friends to avoid being alone with him. I ate dinner at the mall and bought a few small items for gifts. I stopped by to see Mom where she worked and waited until she got off so we could go home together.

We arrived home to the lovely aroma of a pot roast. The house had been cleaned and dinner was on the table. There were flowers in a vase on the table and a pie cooling on the buffet. I felt bad that I left him to do all this by himself while I was out shopping and avoiding him.

Dinner was amazing. The conversation pleasant and amusing. There seemed to be no indication of tension, sexual or otherwise. The apple pie was delicious. Afterwards, we returned to the living room and played Wii bowling. Mom yawned. I yawned. We all went to bed ... damn. Why was I so mad?

The next day I found out why I was mad when my monthly visitor made its appearance. I took ibuprofen, dragged my butt through the day, staggered home and arrived grumpy and crampy. I took a shower because I always feel icky, put a diaper sized pad in my granny panties and put on a flannel nightie at 4 in the afternoon.

He asked if I was okay and, despite my embarrassment, I told him. He nodded, but made no other comment. Mom was working late again, but I didn't have to worry about anything happening, so I just played with my phone and watched TV. The cramps got worse and I was moving uncomfortably when he asked if he could do anything to help. I laughed. He said he knew something that might help if I would let him touch my stomach. I felt a little butterfly in there at the thought, but I felt so uncomfortable, so icky, that I'd agree to almost anything to get some relief.

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