Spring Break

by DarkSide

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Voyeurism, Size, Big Breasts, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Months of temptation becomes reality on St Lucia over the spring holidays.

As the new school year progressed Ron assigned the two eager for more power beavers to put together an assertive classroom management program. Jill and Kelly were given the curriculum review challenge. It quickly became evident one after school work session per week with the four of them would make little progress.

Half of Alaina's weekly free periods she met with Kelly to work on their project. Jill found herself giving up her free periods to work with Kelly and Ron Freeman conducting a comprehensive curriculum review. By the middle of October Kelly and Alaina spent the vast majority of time together due to having to create their project from scratch. At the same time Jill began spending more time after the school day with Ron Freeman working on the comprehensive curriculum review.

So much apparent trust being put in her by the new Superintendent exhilarated Jill. In addition to Jill's physical attributes, Ron was enamored with how her logical mind cut straight to the point. As the project successfully moved forward Jill was initially too naïve to comprehend the wicked intent behind Ron Freeman frequently touching her to emphasize a point in their discussions. Although it became increasingly apparent Ron's compliments were more about her than her work, Jill never once gave him any indication his attention was considered inappropriate.

Being perfectly candid, Jill had to admit she had no qualms with the intriguing black Superintendent's unsolicited attentiveness. Upon realizing how much she looked forward to their private work sessions, Jill logically examined what motivated her: Ron's intellect plus her unique ability to eliminate fallacies of reasoning equaled project success; a handsome black man's evident interest countered by a white woman's devotion to fidelity cannot equate to a romantic threat to her marriage.

Between the brief Thanksgiving school break and the three week Christmas school holiday Jill reluctantly agreed with Dr. Freeman scheduling all work sessions after school hours. Jill was wrestling with the internal battle between habitual "goody two shoes" resolve to safe-guard twenty plus years of marital sanctity and uncharacteristic extramarital temptation. During the second week of December every session seemed to end with their arms casually around each other's waist in a farewell hug. The casual hugs became their greeting the final week before Christmas break. Frontal embraces ended each work session that final week with each farewell lasting longer. Ron's massive chest pressed firmly against her 38DD boobs made her nipples spike making it increasingly difficult for Jill to keep her guard up to prevent their good-byes from getting out of hand. Jill had never had to previously deal with such a test of her morality in either her professional or personal life.

Apparently the lure of wanting what seems unattainable had been eroding Ron's plan to use the black owned Assistant Principal and swimming coach to influence seduction of the Math Department Head. The disparate content of the projects and the subtle formation of two separate work groups entrapped Dr. Freemen into by-passing Kelly when scheduling work sessions with just him and Jill. Ron had no clue he was causing a rift between Kelly and Jill.

The rift was growing for very different reasons. It would seem obvious a Superintendent should not bypass a Principal to speak directly with a Department Head. From Kelly's perspective it was much more than adhering to the chain of command.

Kelly began her tenure the prior school year. She could never imagine Jill willingly being black owned white married pussy like Alaina and herself. While she and Alaina occasionally enjoyed illicit threesomes with Ron Freeman, Kelly firmly believed Ron had no chance of seducing Jill.

Meanwhile Jill was barely aware a rift existed let alone the reason behind it. Jill initially presumed subject matter of the Superintendent's increasingly frequent project conferences without the Principal had been previously discussed with Kelly. Appraising Kelly of her progress the week after Christmas holidays finally enabled Jill to understand her boss was being bypassed.

Never having to deal with such a challenge in her professional life Jill could not fathom the reason behind Kelly's frosty demeanor toward her. With Kelly joining the staff last year Jill had spent very little time around her. Jill had no idea how to best resolve the deteriorating working relationship with her building Principal.

After Christmas break the Superintendent suspended both projects. The next year's budget preparation required his total attention. The Superintendent requested Jill review the budgetary math one week before Spring Break. Three days later she returned the budget to him at the district office at the end of the school day. Gratitude over minor math changes constituting no major alterations to the budget inspired a spontaneous embrace. Having just returned from a workout Ron was only wearing a nylon track suit without any restraint to prevent his package from swinging against Jill's pelvic front. Jill felt his cock hit her and mistook the flaccid phallus for an erection.

Not sure what to think Jill confided in her colleague and close friend Lisa. Without informing Jill the information was relayed to the union steward. This union steward was very unhappy with the district's choice for Superintendent and looking for something to pin on Dr. Freeman. Given Jill's sterling reputation the union steward hoped her filing a formal sexual harassment complaint might be the key to bringing down the Superintendent but does not get a chance to talk with her before spring break. Jill was unaware of the impending behind the scenes smear campaign. Although relieved not to be caught in the middle between Superintendent and Assistant Principal, she was frustrated over not finishing the curriculum review. There was also something else bothering her, but uncharacteristically could not and would not deal with it. Jill loved getting away during Spring Break and the more she thought about St Lucia the more her cares melted away.

During a Math Department staff meeting prior to Spring Break Alaina saw Jill's get-a-way plans and asked if she was going to St. Lucia? Jill responded, "Why yes. We have reservations at The Body Holiday at Cariblue Cove on the northwest corner of the island."

A few evenings later during a group sex, partner swap involving Kelly, her husband Marcus, Alaina and Ron Freeman Alaina shared Jill's Spring Break plans. A brief discussion including a laptop search about amenities on St Lucia inspired a variety of devious ideas of how to compromise Jill. Alaina wanted to bring the goody two shoes down off her pedestal and become Math Department Head. Kelly suspected Ron wanted Jill more than any other faculty member and began scheming how that could put her in the Principal's office.

While the other's wasted time scheming Ron made reservations at the Body Holiday. Marcus and Kelly along with Alaina and her husband Roger chose Sandals due to the cost of Body Holiday and unavailability of enough suites for all of them. All that was left to do was put a plan together.

Alaina broached the subject during their next threesome. She bluntly suggested being appointed Math Department Head next school year and beyond for helping compromise Jill's integrity. Kelly reinforced her interest in the promotion to High School Principal. Manipulating both sex partners Ron agreed to each one's indicated reward if, and only if, they successfully brought Jill into his bed while at St Lucia. A goal established with a fluid plan dependent upon seizing opportunities was agreed upon.

Jill and her husband Dan departed as soon as school closed for Spring Break. Later that night Alaina, Kelly and their husbands departed. Ron took the early morning flight the next day.

Upon arrival at Body Holiday the desk clerk was unable to find their reservations. Dan totally lost his composure and his rage did little to solicit cooperation. Jill requested to speak to the Night Manager and calmly produced their reservation confirmations downloaded from the internet. The night manager clicked away on her keyboard without comment. Five minutes later she handed Jill a print out of two reservation confirmations absent names. One included arrangements to meet the next morning's flight. Apparently someone in booking confused the two separate reservation transactions and eliminated theirs. After two calls the night manager offered a night in the best accommodations at Sandals until tomorrow morning at 11:00. Grudgingly they accepted and were transported to Sandals where they were given a royal reception.

Dan was still grumbling, exhausted and barely kept awake long enough to shower. Early in the morning he woke to find Jill out of bed. Dan joined her on the suite's beach deck. As he settled in the chaise beside her Jill put her finger to her lips signaling him to be quiet. For the next half hour Jill and Dan listened to a passionate couple freely vocalizing truly amazing sexual gratification. Apparently their sexual encounter was on the next door sun deck with only the eight foot bamboo wall separating the two couples.

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