My "Unfaithful" Wife Behaviour
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Experiences after my marriage, naughty and fun times

I wanted to add another experience from my more recent "unfaithful" wife days.

Mike has agreed I can have fun with a set number of close male friends, however on occasions he has let me be a bit naughty with random guys as well.

I recently had a night out planned with a couple of my oldest friends, Tracey and Sandra, girls I have known for years.

Tracey and I in particular have shared some wild times and have seen each other fucking and being fucked on many occasions now.

The night out was planned for a Friday night. we had tickets to go and see a male strip show, and plans to have a meal and a drink before hand.

We had agreed on our meeting place, a pub local to Tracey's house. her husband was taking the kids away to his mums for the weekend, with Tracey joining them on the Saturday. I was staying over at Tracey's house, planning a girls "sleep over" for the Friday.

I had spoken to Mike before going to the strip show, and he knew these things can get a bit wild, with some audience participation often being encouraged. He knew I would be having a little drink, which always lowers my inhibitions and that Tracey can be just as naughty as me!.I had begun to prepare him for me being unfaithful.

We had chatted about what may happen and I had already laid the foundations with him for a bit of naughtiness.I was gagging for some strange cock and he knew it!

I had decided on wearing a short, black dress for the evening, with a pair of my suspender style tights, crotchless ones. The dress being long enough to hide the fact I had on such a pair of pantyhose. I couldn't risk full suspender and stockings as my dress was way too short.I had shaved my pussy prior to the evening and was already hoping for some sexy fun.

Tracey and Sandra had followed suit, both plumping for fairly shortish dresses and tights.We all had the required high heels, make up and generally had dolled ourselves up a bit.

They both know that Mike and I have a arrangement, Tracey also knowing all the sexy details about my fun times with Frank, Bill and Ron etc.

On meeting up we had a good natter and had a lovely Italian meal at local restaurant. The waiters were very attentive, and to be honest we played along. Giggling like school girls again and enjoying the flattery and compliments.

We took a taxi to the club where the strip show was being held and flirted a bit with the taxi driver too.Showing him plenty leg as we got into the cab, making a few lewd and suggestive comments, especially about the strippers we were about to see. I could tell they were both enjoying themselves and that Tracey was in a bit of a playful mood in particular. Sandra has always been the quieter one of us, she still has had her fair share of fun times though, but is now 100% faithful to her husband.

Tracey on the other hand! Well shes had a few little flings, mainly with younger guys. She prefers her men lean, lithe and athletic.

On getting to the club we took our seats and waited for the show to start. These shows can get a bit raucous! I have been to a few now and on each occasion have been amazed at how dis-inhibited wives can be once away from their husbands. Even the most demure ones will play with, fondle and paw at the strippers cocks as they move around the room.

At most of the shows a few women also get on stage with the guys too, and perform playful acts with them. Not full sex or anything so obvious, but fun stuff. I hadn't been up on the stage with any of them before.

This was about to change though!

Once the show had started and the drinks were flowing the cheers of the other women really egged everyone on. The guys performed a strip on stage and then took it in turns to visit the various tables and walk around the room. This was a cue for lots of fondling of them, grabbing their bums and of course their nice, big cocks. The first guys was a hunky young guy with long hair, not usually my type, but just the sort Tracey likes!

Once he had finished his strip he moved into the crowd and made his way around. We could see him being fondled by a set of older women, being cheered on and encouraged by us all as they did so.

One of the older women had gotten hold of him and was wanking him off, his cock showing signs of growing as she did so!

He moved expertly around, they obviously know their limits and he quickly moved to another area. This was all going on around us when Tracey said she hoped he would come over to us.

After a few minutes he had made his way to our table.

Tracey was in like a shot! Her hands were all over him, grabbing his taught bum, rubbing his smooth, tanned, oiled chest and of course fondling his large cock.

After a few grabs and fondles he offered it to her to play with. He sat in between us and Tracey began stroking, wanking and really getting to work on his large prick. I could tell she was getting aroused. Her language had become a bit more blunt, telling him what a huge prick he had and how she would love to fuck it, and her face was flushing.

This went on for a couple of minutes and he then made to leave our area. Giving Tracey a little kiss on making to leave. On doing so he asked if we would be up for going on stage with any of the guys and Tracey and I willingly said yes!

Sandra said she couldn't, as she would be too embarrassed.

Another couple of the guys came and went off stage, again stripping, moving amongst the audience and selecting some of the other women present to go onto the stage with them.

Once on stage the routine seemed to be a bit of playing, some oil and squirted fresh cream being applied to the guys cocks and then the women would disappear behind a towel and emerge with cream on their faces etc ... obviously by having been sucking or licking the guys from behind the towel.

The next guy up was a big black chap, extremely well made. Muscles on top of muscles and oh my god his arse was so tight it was untrue! During his strip, the lad with the long hair came back to us and asked if he could tell Andy (the black lad) to pick us both to go on stage with him. We both readily agreed.

Tracey was still like a bitch on heat from her fondling of the Tarzan look a like, and I was getting more and more relaxed, and aroused as the night wore on!

Andy had finished his initial strip, revealing a simply stunning body and one hell of a big cock!

Once he had been around one side of the room, he made his way to us, Tarzan pointing us out to him.

We were then cheered as we made our way onto the stage at the front of the room ... Click clacking our high heels on the floor and showing a fair bit of leg and cleavage.

Once up there he began to chat to us to relax us. He asked our names, if were married etc, all the time parading around as we got to our knees.He then danced in front of us letting us rub our hands on his legs and chest and of course the odd hand straying onto his cock and balls too!

His chat had become more sexier to us as he took some squirty cream from a nearby chair.

On his way back to us he had grabbed a towel and we both eagerly awaited the next bit of naughtiness.

The music was playing loudly, the other women cheering us on as Andy strutted his stuff. He quickly sprayed cream over his nipples and then invited us to lick it off. Tracey eagerly licked at his left nipple, savoring the cream and giving his nipple a little flick with her tongue. I was then offered his other one and did likewise, making sure I got to suck on his nipple and roll my tongue around it as I removed the tasty cream.

"Oh that is good", he told us both. "I can see you two are game for some fun".

Tracey crudely responded, "You fucking bet we are".

He smiled and laughed as he continued to dance around us, presenting us with his really sexy bum to squeeze and fondle. Tracey gave him a playful slap on his arse as he did so, as I mock bit into his peachy bum cheeks.

Then he turned to the audience and sprayed the canned fresh cream all down the length of his long black cock.

He turned to us and rudely said, "Right girls, get your fucking lips on this and get some cream. i wont tell your husbands what bad girls you have been"

He then held the towel up and we both shuffled to the side of him and lowered our heads behind the covering towel.

Tracey began licking one side of his prick as I followed suit on the other side.

"Mmm that's nice" he told us. "keep licking it till you have licked all the cream off you dirty girls you".

We duly obliged. Each of us lapping at his cock length to remove all the tasty, fresh cream...

He the turned around to show the rest of the audience that his cock was clean, cheers rang out as we both smiled at each other, a dollop of fresh cream being evidence to our fun on both our noses!

Then things got a little more naughty. Andy again squirted cream onto his cock, this time saying to us to, "suck it off".

We didn't need telling twice.

"I will swallow the fucking lot", was Tracey's rude response.

Andy smiled at us.

"What about you?", he said to me." Are you as much a sexy bitch as your cock hungy pal here?"

"Oh don't worry I will get a mouthful of that fucking gorgeous cock too Andy", I naughtily replied.

Within seconds we were behind the towel again, positioning ourselves to the side of Andy again. Tracey was the first to take him in her mouth.This time she simply gobbled on his black cock like she was starving! She had quickly removed the cream from it and then simply began sucking him off. Taking his engorged cock into her married wifes mouth and wanking him at the same time.

Andy was now moaning and telling her how good it was and that she was a good cock sucker.She replied by smiling at him with a mouthful of his hardening cock.

I was rubbing his bum at the same time, then bent forward and began to lick his length at the same time as Tracey. Both of us eagerly lapping at his full cock length like greedy sluts.

He asked us if we wanted more and of course we said "Yes".

He then paraded around, this time showing the audience his growing cock, showing them that we had cleaned off the cream and the fact that we had obviously been sucking him off.

Once more some cream was applied and then he turned to us saying, "Right now fucking really suck it. Let me see you two suck it hard for me.", Adding that he liked our tits, legs and short dresses.

Once the towel was back up we simply sucked on his cock like a couple of street hookers! We lapped the cream off, coating our faces in it, then began to really work on his huge black member.

I was getting very wet down below as I sucked on his fiucking solid tool, I was getting so turned on I lost balance and fell backwards slightly. I tried best to cover up but was aware that Andy would have seen straight up my dress.

On steadying myself Andy remarked that he had noticed my suspender style tights as I had done so.

I lewdly told him I had no knickers on and that sucking him off had got me wet. Tracey laughed saying she was rather damp herself. We could tell he was keen for to keep having some fun with us.

Andy told us that was as far as he could go on stage but that he had really enjoyed it. we were a little disappointed, but soon perked up when he said he would seek us out for a chat and a drink later.

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