Victory Lap

by Leigh Malheur

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Mind Control, Magic, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Mother, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, Violent, Military, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Dagnir, a human general, wasn't prepared to have his army routed by an elf maiden. He was even less prepared to find out what was under her armor. Another flash. This one has girlcocks in it.

Pressing hard against the retreating human army, none of the wood-elves saw Raia coming. With a few immense, powerful, reality-breaking swings of her heavy mace, hundreds of tightly-packed soldiers fell. The elves soon fled like scared cats across the river, ignoring General Dagnir's vain pleas for order. The killer casually removed her helmet, and giggled as she watched yet another army run away.

The dashing young elf general, still calling futilely to his troops, suddenly found himself in shadow. He knew, before he looked -- this must be Raia; she was after him. He turned and saw the killer, towering over him: seven feet tall, hulking, comprehensively armored, striking red hair cut short. Her face was freckled, open, almost adolescent; but her manic grin left no doubt about her dangerous intent.

Seeing his expression, she laughed. "You're scared, Dagnir!"

When he said nothing, she threw a punch, stopping just short of his face. His strangled shriek removed all doubt -- Dagnir was, indeed, terrified.

"You should be. You elves are known for battle magic, and think you're the masters of the arcane arts. But you know nothing of the sort of magic I've got. True, my spells have given me the power I possess on the battlefield -- power you can't hope to match, boy. But today, I'll introduce you to a different kind of power."

At that, Raia suddenly began shedding her armor. She removed her gauntlets and greaves normally, although she tossed one greave into a tree at high speed, sending a hidden elven sniper crashing to the ground, his body mangled. Losing patience with the process, she ripped the thick metal of her breastplate in half. The few elven soldiers who had dared to watch hastily scattered, although most were fatally impacted by flying bits of Raia's armor.

When she had finished, Raia was wearing only a pair of simple shoes and a white robe, a bit moist with sweat, that hugged her body tightly. Her unnaturally muscular arms and legs were mostly exposed, and while the more womanly parts of her voluptuous figure were covered by the thin cloth, Dagnir still got more than an eyeful.

It was several seconds before Dagnir noticed the clear outline of a cock under Raia's robe. The cry he had uttered when he thought he was about to die was repeated.

"I didn't expect an elf boy to be so scared of one of these," Raia teased. She grasped the shaft with one hand, coaxing it to life. "Seeing as you won't bring your wives along, and all ... I thought you'd all be familiar with each other's cocks by now, huh?"

"I love my wife!" Dagnir's shout was defiant, but oddly strained.

"Well, if you haven't tried it, why are you scared? Anyway, like I said. A spell."

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