Loving Jennie Carter

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Jennie Carter, pushing 50 and unsure about it, is the Queen of the school faculty. She's clear about her opinions and states them frequently, until the new history teacher and basketball coach, Ryan Sims, argues with her one day at lunch. Then a purely chance meeting sets the two of them, though unequal in age, on a steamy romance.


Jennie Carter was the 'queen bee' at Jefferson Regional, that is Jefferson Regional Advanced, which was a rather successful experiment in high school education. It was totally college prep, and had programs that would earn a student college credits before they even left high school. Admission to Jefferson Regional, or just 'Regional', as it was most frequently called, was extremely competitive and teaching there was a goal for many in the area.

But Jennie Carter was there, and had been from the very beginning. She was the main 'star' in the history/social studies group of teachers. She had a strong personality and certainly stood out in any group that she was a member of.

But there was more to Jennie Carter. She was, at that point in her life, approaching 50 years of age; she was, of course, 47, but at that point it was normal for people to worry and declare that they were 'approaching 50', rather than being still in their 'mid 40's'. She had hair that was short and streaked with gray, a fact that simply added to her luster. She had a world winning smile, and she didn't suffer fools very easily. Everyone knew that.

History was her subject, the Civil War her specialty and she taught it with élan. She was a popular teacher. Popular with students eager to learn and get information but popular also because Jennie Carter was a babe. The older guys at Regional all had the hots for Jennie Carter.

She was 5'8" and weighed 135. She always kept that weight in the 135-140 lbs range and worked had at maintaining that range. She knew it was good for her. But ask any of those male students and many of the females and they would attest to the fact that Jennie Carter was stacked. She had a flaring butt that was just gorgeous. She knew it, of course, and tended to wear tight slacks, and really tight jeans, when she was having time off, to emphasize that. She also had a pair of 38's, that she would, at times, mention jokingly. Jennie was the real deal physically.

The big news around the teachers' room at Regional those days was that a new colleague had been hired. He was hired to work in a dual capacity, as both basketball coach and to teach some history.

Ryan Sims entered the teachers' room and was greeted by all cordially. He had been introduced to the other teachers individually but this was a first for him, seeing them, during lunch, gathered. At that time, aides were monitoring the lunch time for the students in the cafeteria.

At 30 years, Ryan was a lovely looking man. He had been a school athlete in college, track and basketball both, lettering in each of them. He was in excellent shape and carried his 205 lbs on a 6'3" frame very well indeed. The female students had a crush on him almost immediately. He was popular and outgoing, getting along well with the other teachers, and, just at that moment, was about to become a legend, because of the way he opposed Jennie, the Queen Bee's opinions. No one normally did that.

He realized, in a few moments, that he had interrupted a discussion, more actually like a lecture, by Jennie Carter. She was holding forth on her favorite topic: the importance of States' Rights as a cause, as the cause, of the Civil War.

He listened politely to what she had to say. The others, having heard it before, simply nodded and let 'the Queen Bee' have her say.

The room got suddenly silent, when Ryan, who tended to be a bit brash, said, at the end of Jennie's pronouncement:


They stared at him but he was smiling and confident.

"The reason that States' Rights were important in the era of the Civil War was simple and straight forward. States' Rights, at that point in our history, would have allowed the southern states to keep and maintain slavery. Lincoln wasn't in favor of ending slavery in the south at the time but was certainly in favor of preventing it being established in the western territories. States Rights was not the issue: slavery was. States' Rights was only the issue in so far as it served slavery.

A very lively discussion occurred then between Ryan, the new guy, the basketball coach for heaven's sake!, and Jennie Carter, the reigning faculty 'Queen Bee', and to everyone's amazement, Ryan, the basketball coach, more than held his own.

The discussion only broke up, when the lunch time was over. It ended with Ryan smiling at Jennie and Jennie nodding at him, a gesture that, for her, indicated that she respected his opinion, even if she didn't agree with it.


The two of them met a few days later, though at first neither of them realized it. It was at the local mega grocery. Jennie was buying her weekly items on a cloudy Saturday morning, when she happened to look down the soup aisle. There was a somewhat tall young man, who was wearing running shorts and a tee shirt. She stared at him, as he made his way down the aisle and bent over.

A part of her was certainly paying attention.

She liked the size of his broad, muscled shoulders, and the unmistakeable swell of his butt, as he bent to look at the lower shelf, simply made her tingle.

"Take it easy, girl!" she said to herself, "You can have play time later. Don't go frothing at the mouth at the grocery store."

Having delivered to herself that warning, she turned and went the other way, skipping a couple of aisles.

Then it was Ryan's turn. He came up an aisle and happened on a woman, who had mixed dark and gray short hair, who herself now was bending and looking at items on the bottom shelf.

As she bent over from the waist, her tee shirt had rucked up and exposed her waist but what caught Ryan's attention and made him stare, was that about an inch of pink, nylon material was showing above the waistband of her jeans. He was staring at the waistband of her panties.

(Ryan was a big fan of panties! A woman in panties was perhaps his greatest possible turn on! And he was certainly enjoying the sight of this woman's pink panties!)

He turned just as the woman straightened up and was totally surprised, when she made a little noise. He looked at her and realized that it was Jennie Carter.

"Ms Carter!" he said and actually blushed.

She smiled at him and said: "Jennie please, and it's Ryan, right?"

"Yes," he said.

She noticed his discomfiture and then she noticed some air on her back. She knew right away.

"I was just showing my panties at the waist!" she said.

He smiled and nodded.

"And you weren't turning away at all!" she accused.

He shook his head again, this time with a 'no'.

"Bad boy!" she said, grinning at him. "You have big eyes as well as mistaken ideas about the Civil War!"

That brought him around: "Big eyes, yes," he said, "Mistaken ideas, totally not, Ms Carter, er ... Jennie!" He was grinning, when he got to the end of the sentence.

"Not sure a gentleman looks," she said, grinning back at him.

"Not sure a lady shows her underwear in the grocery store," he replied.

She put her hand over her mouth and simply laughed into her hand.

"Terrible!" she said, and he nodded again, acknowledging it.

"Time for coffee?" she asked.

"Definitely!" he said.

"Not going to show you any more pink nylon!" she said, taking his arm. They decided to go for coffee and leave the shopping until later.

"Rats!" he said, grinning at her.

They went to a nearby pastry place with outside tables. They sat there and had a treat and a cup of coffee.

"I have to apologize, Jennie," he said.

"At last!" she said triumphantly with a grin.

"No, not for that!" he replied, "Not for opposing your outdated, southern ideas about the Civil War!"

She actually grinned at him at that point. "Then for what?" she asked.

"For looking like such a wreck, when I go out with a lovely lady!" he said. "That's not cool at all!"

"Ryan, Ryan," she answered, "Lovely lady, my eye! I know full well that I'm an old battle axe! They call me the Queen Bee and all that means is that everyone, up to now, is afraid to oppose my clearly stated ideas. No one has the guts for that, again, until now. But 'lovely lady'! No, I make no claim to such a title at all. I'm pretty clear about that."

"Jennie Carter," he said softly, holding his hand up to make sure that he got his say, "You are loveliness itself. Every part of you!"

She just stared at him. She realized that he was being totally honest with her and she simply didn't know what to do or say.

"I'm pretty much speechless here," she said.

He grinned at her.

"Okay, Ryan," she said, at last. "Here's what I want. It sounds vain but it's not really; I want you to support your opinion. To tell me what is the content of your opinion. That's what I want."

"Fine," he said, "I can do that!"

"I'll even give you a little time to get your presentation together," she went on.

"Fine again," he said.

She got up then and so did he.

"Thank you for the coffee," she said, "And what you've said, though I'll keep my judgement to myself until you can show that you can back up your assessment."

"Good enough!" he said and then he surprised Jennie Carter, by moving forward and hugging her. She collapsed into the hug, the statement about her loveliness still reeling through her brain. She kissed his cheek and walked away.

Ryan only stood and stared.

"Look at the ass on that woman!" he said, shaking his head and totally enjoying the sight.

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