Cruise Ship Regeneration 7

by chinookwind

Caution: This Mind Control Sci-fi Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mind Control, TransGender, Hermaphrodite, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, mc sex story,mc story,sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story.

Desc: Mind Control Sci-fi Sex Story: The Cruise Ship fulfills GenTech's Employee of the Month her wish to become a Hermaphrodite like her partner. At the same time, GenTech tests it newest addition to the Pleasure Complex.

07.01 Lisa and Jenny:

Lisa has worked for GenTech for twelve years as a supervisor in the Research Dept. She had been nominated several times to be the Employee of the Month and was finally awarded the prestigious award. She could have anything she asked for, a month at any resort in the world, her mortgage paid off, even a new house with a luxury car.

What she asked for surprised the awards committee.

Lisa wanted to become a Hermaphrodite like her 'partner' Jenny who is a natural Hermaphrodite. She had her genitalia enhanced and 'tweaked' by GenTech five years ago, just before she met Lisa. The committee decided that they wanted the best of the best to perform the transformation and arranged reservations for the Cruise Ship Regeneration with Ruth overseeing Lisa's transformation. Both were elated and both were close friends of Ruth.

Ruth met them at the check in counter and they all hugged at the reunion. As they were walking to their stateroom, Ruth told them that she had received Jenny's medical records and Lisa's transformation would be an exact match to Jenny. After they had unpacked, they went to the ship's coffee house and talked about old times. In about hour, Ruth had to leave and told Lisa to be in her office at 9:00am in the morning. Jenny would view the transformation from the viewing room.

07.02 Ruth and Lisa, Theater Preparation:

Jenny and Lisa were in Ruth's office at 9:00am. The nurse told Jenny that she would take her to the viewing room. As they were leaving, Jenny whispered something into Ruth's ear and a smile crossed her faced.

She whispered back,

"I will take care of that for you."

Ruth went to her computer and looked up Jenny's transformation records and tweaked the Gel's programming for Lisa. She then led Lisa into the room adjoining her office. Lisa recognized the Bidet but had never seen a probe in the bowl. Ruth told her that this Bidet was designed to give enemas as well as cleaning the genitals.

Ruth explained,

"Hermaphrodites have a male prostate and seminal vesicles. Your rectal sheath has to cleansed for the transformation. Once started, you cannot move so the Bidet will hold you onto the seat until it is finished."

Lisa hated enemas but knew it was necessary and reluctantly sat down on the 'U' shaped seat. She flinched but stayed still as the straps curled around her thighs and waist.

A muffled whirring sound was heard as the head of the probe aligned itself with her exposed anal opening. A startled Lisa suddenly felt a soft thickness pressing against her anal opening and instinctively tried to shift away from it but couldn't.

She felt the tip of the probe trace around the tight opening to her rectum, occasionally, nudging into the center of her anus as it positioned itself. A slick liquid oozed from the tip of the probe causing a tingling warmth to seep past her anal lips and spread inward. The tight sphincter loosened and the head of the four inch probe pushed past the stretching entrance and slipped into her rectal sheath.

The cleansing solution was released and Lisa moaned as she tried to wiggle her hips and stand up as her lower bowel were filled. For the next minute, she was forced to endure the discomfort and embarrassment of her enema. Just when she thought she could take no more, the probe withdrew from her rectum and a loud sigh of relief was heard as the liquid bowel waste was expelled out of her body. A warm flow of water bathed her anus and buttocks, followed by warm puffs of air.

Ruth helped a much relieved Lisa off of the bidet and they returned to her office. She then gave Lisa an injection that contained her enhancing hormones which would react with the Plant and a mild arousal inducer. She waited a minute or so until she saw the nervousness leave Lisa's face and a soft sigh escaped her lips as a wonderful warmth flooded her labia, clitoris and breasts.

She smiled at Lisa and whispered,

"Now you're ready."

She took Lisa by the hand and led her into the Theater.

07.03 Lisa, Plant, Introduction:

Lisa saw the large audience as Ruth led her to the front of the stage and a sense of nervousness and embarrassment filled her mind. Ruth turned her so she was facing the stage and Lisa saw a green six foot square area about ten feet in front of her. Ruth nodded at the Control booth and Lisa saw it slowly sink into the stage floor and a large Plant rose up in its place.

She stared mesmerized as all of the plants flowers and stamens begin to weave back and forth, coming close to each other then slowly drifting apart. It was if the Plant was beckoning for her to come closer to it and she smiled as she watched their intimate dance. As if in a trance, Lisa moved forward toward it. A few stems reached out and began caressing her shoulders and breasts. She sighed, stepping further into the plant's embrace.

Soft, withering stems flowed around her legs, thighs and waist. She then felt herself being turned so she was facing her audience. With the Plant supporting her body, her legs were lifted upward and bent at the knees, at the same time a thick bed of soft stems formed under her buttocks and upper thighs. She watched spellbound as she was put into a sitting position with her legs spread apart exposing her sex.

Lisa's feelings were a mix of apprehension and excitement.

A thick stem with a clear labia shaped stamen at the end of it, rose up between her spread thighs. Lisa saw it arching toward her exposed sex and held her breath. The warm lips of the Plant's labia massager touched and then formed over the folds of her labia with a gentle suckling and massaging action. She gasped at the ecstatic contact and delicious sensations rippled from her clitoris to inner lips as the suckling cilia tubes pushed between her flared folds.


She looked into the monitor and saw another stem rise up between her spread thighs. It was in the form of small round, rippling sheath with a 'mouth' like opening at the end. Lisa looked wide eyed at the stem as it neared her protruding clitoris. The oozing 'mouth' slipped over the hard, pink tip and slowly sucked its way over the rigid organ into its protective hood. Lisa screeched at the ecstatic contact and her hips jerked upward as jolts of joy shot across her sex.

"Ohhhh ... Jesussss..."

The plant slowed its actions on Lisa's swelling labia and clitoris to a low level purrs and suckles.

Two clear, transparent leaves sprouted from the stems just below her breasts. Lisa felt the light touches as the silky softness spread onto and over her firm breasts. She watched breathlessly as the leaves formed into pouches and began to sensuously massage and knead each of her breasts. Lisa sighed as wonderful sensations flowed across her chest. Within each silky pouch, two 'mouth' like depressions formed and descended onto each nipple with a delicious suckling action. The exquisite sensations caused both nipples to stiffen and tingle within the suckling 'mouths'. Her breath quickened and the sigh turned to a moan as the sensations flowed downward and merged with those radiating from her massaged labia and suckled clitoris. She began pushing and shifting her body into the Plants loving massagers and pouches.


A final thick stem rose up from the thick foliage base below her sitting position toward her spread buttocks. As the stem rose, the end formed into an 4" x 1" thick stamen, drooling with a thick clear liquid. She saw the rising stamen in the monitor and shifted her hips in a futile effort to stop its advancement. The thick probe touched the cheeks of her buttocks, spreading them further apart.

It slipped through the spread cheeks and her squirming abruptly halted when the head of the probe snuggled into her anal lips, releasing a warm, liquid that oozed onto her anal opening. The effect was immediate, the tight sphincter muscle relaxed and a euphoric warmth spread around the loosened opening and spread into her rectal sheath.

"Ohh ... Ohh ... Ohh..."

The anal probe slowed to soft purrs and flexes.

The Plant was now in place and ready to start Lisa's transformation into a Hermaphrodite. She leaned back into the Plant's soft supports as her mind basked in the delicious sensations that were flooding her body.

Ruth backed away a few feet.

07.04 Lisa, Plant, Induced Orgasm:

In a few moments, the purring lips of the Plant's labia massager renewed its wonderful massaging and kneading action. Its internal suckling 'mouths' slipped into the flared pink crease pushing the folds further apart and began sucking on the excited entrance to her vagina. The exquisite sensations melded into those from the clitoral massager and jolts of joy to exploded across her loins.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh..."

Lisa closed her dazed and aroused eyes and began moving her swollen sex back and forth onto both massagers. Her mind became saturated with the wonderful waves of joy that were cascading across her body. Soft slurping sounds could be heard as her juices mixed with the slick 'lips' of the Plant's labia massager. Her excited, clasping vaginal opening tried to draw the suckling 'lips' further into her vagina.

Lisa was jolted out of her euphoric daze when she felt a slight pulsing pressure nudge against her vaginal opening. The nudging pressure built and Lisa gasped when she felt the entrance to her vagina being gently opened. She knew the head of the Plant's stamen was at the portal to her womanhood.

Lisa felt a warm liquid oozing from the head of her Lover and a delicious warmth spread around her eager entrance as the opening was being pushed apart and the warmth spread inward. Her inner lips stretched excitedly over the pulsing head and Lisa moaned as waves of joy flooded her sex and pushed down grinding her vaginal entrance against the slowly advancing head of the stamen. She felt an exquisite pressure as her inner lips and vagina stretched to accommodate the flexing thickness of the Plant's stamen, then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the stamen twisted and turned its way inward. She squealed with joy as the pulsing nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive walls of her vaginal passage.

"Oh God ... Oh God..."

The advancing stamen began circling as though it was looking. Suddenly, she arched upward and her hips began franticly pushing her seething sex into Plant thickness. The stamen had found her 'G' spot and Lisa screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with of joy.


Her arousal vaulted and she moaned in joy as the ecstatic sensations rippled throughout her enflamed sex. As the stamen slipped inward, so did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. The suckling clitoral 'mouth' made her organ of joy feel as though it was going to explode.

The stamen now sunk deeper into Lisa's enflamed passage. It twisted and turned, pulsed and purred as it explored the spasming sheath. Soon its eight inches of warm flexing thickness filled Lisa's vagina and her mind reeled with ecstatic fullness. The stamen partially withdrew then slipped back inward, twisting, turning and flexing.


It began an ecstatic rhythm, all out, then all in, slow then fast. The Plant was now assaulting every erogenous zone in and on her body. From the encasing pouches and 'mouths' on her breasts, to the suckling clitoral sheath to the labia massager and its incredible lunging stamen.

Lisa was thrown into a sexual frenzy.

The clitoral massager now began to push Lisa toward her orgasmic trip point. Its suctioning 'lips' caused her straining organ to explode with jolts of joy. Excruciating, ecstatic sensations gripped her swollen folds and clenching vagina. All the sensations melded together and Lisa bucked and thrashed wildly into the Plant's loving embrace.

Suddenly, the stamen lunged inward and stopped. It swelled to a full three inches inside Lisa's enflamed vagina. Lisa's mind went into an ecstatic freeze when she felt her Lover begin deep jerks and flexes. She was at her orgasmic trip point and her spasming vaginal muscles could feel the thick pulses of her Lover's ejaculant surge upward within its thick stamen. Her hips ground her sex excitedly onto both massagers as the plant unleashed its forceful torrents of its ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into her enraged passage.

Lisa screeched as waves of ecstasy flooded her body. Her own orgasm was unleashed and her vagina went into deep convulsions, her clitoris exploded and Lisa's all consuming orgasm exploded across her body. Deep orgasmic spasms rolled throughout her body like a series of freight trains.


Lisa's exhausted and drained body shutdown and the Plant's stamen rested within her frothy vagina with delicious 'purrs'. As she slowly recovered, she felt the imbedded 'purring' and moaned as it induced delicious post orgasmic aftershocks. The Plant's stamen was feasting on Lisa's gushing orgasmic fluids. She closed her eyes and savored all the sensations that were flooding throughout her body.

07.05 Lisa, Plant, Breast Enhancement:

Lisa was brought out of her delightful dream-like state when she felt as though dozens of tongues and lips were sucking and suckling on her erect nipples. The pouches became slick as the growth chemicals were secreted and absorbed.

She moaned as the pouches massaged the warm liquid onto her aching mounds and tingling nipples. The new sensations rippled across her chest and flowed downward toward her aroused sex. As the pouches and 'mouths' intensified their actions she began pushing and grinding her aching breasts and excited nipples into the plant's kneading, silky pouches.


Suddenly a firmness gripped each breast and her erect nipples twitched and tingled. She looked intently at the monitor and gurgled with joy when she saw her breasts begin to expand within the Plant's clear pouches. Delicious quakes pulsed across her chest as her breasts and nipples grew in spurts.


NIPPLES: 3/8" H x 5/16" D

Lisa gasped as the new fullness and firmness gripped her chest.


NIPPLES: 3/8" H x 5/16" D

A wonderful ache filled her breasts and her bullet-like nipples felt as though

they were going to explode.


NIPPLES: 1/2" H x 3/8" D

The Plant now had Lisa's breasts and nipples at their target size and the pouches settled down to a wonderful 'purring' action. Lisa almost cried out when she saw her enhanced breasts within the clear pouches. She slumped back onto the Plant's soft supports and smiled with a sense of thankfulness.

07.06 Lisa, Plant, Clitoris to Penis:

The Plant's 'throat' that was molded over her throbbing clitoris started to ripple and undulate over the sensitive surface. She felt an expanding firmness grip the organ and a whole new set of sensations flooded her sex. The pressure and sensations increased and Lisa sensed that something was happening 'down there' but she could only think about the ripples of pleasure that were washing across her loins.

As Lisa's clitoris lengthened and thickened, the HD monitor showed her urethra opening disappearing from between her spread folds and reappearing as a small slit on the tip of her thickening clitoris. Her engorged organ of joy throbbed excitedly as it extended into the Plant's suckling 'throat'. Again her eyes flew open when she felt ecstatic rippling sensations filling her clitoris as the sheath began to squeeze and massage the expanding organ. As the incredible sensations intensified, Lisa began moaning as her hardening penis grew in short spurts and her hips jerked as the flexing tube had more and more to suck and suckle on.


ERECTION: 1.00" x 0.50"... 1.50" x 0.50"... 2.00" x 0.50"

Lisa felt a wonderful, thick firmness filling her clitoris and looked at the monitor intently.

ERECTION: 2.50" x 0.75"... 2.50" x 0.75"... 3.00" x 1.00"

Her eyes opened wide with disbelief when she saw her clitoris extending and thickening. As it grew, new sensations gripped her sex and her breath came in quick pants and gasps as the image in the monitor showed her clitoris forming into an erect penis.

ERECTION: 3.50" X 1.00"... 3.75" X 1.25"... 4.00" x 1.25"

The Plant suddenly stopped and Lisa's small erection jerked wildly with the clenching sheath. The full length of Lisa's erection would be completed by the Plant's urethra tube. Her mind was a whirlwind of ecstatic sensations as she thrust her four inch hardness into the squeezing sheath of the Plant. The Plant peeled the top of its sheath down over the tingling head until the glistening gland of Lisa's new 'manhood' stood out like a beacon for everyone to see.

07.07 Lisa, Plant, Male Prostate Growth:

The head of the stamen that was nestled against her anal lips intensified its purring and flexes. Its head began to glisten as it secreted its chemicals. Lisa felt the probe press against her already prepared entrance and slowly nudged inward.

It began secreting a bolstering aphrodisiac and a soft sigh escaped her lips and her erection continued to throb. The stamen was now about three inches inside Lisa's rectum and nestled against the lower lining of her rectal sheath near her urethra. It released its enhancement chemicals that were quickly absorbed into the lining of the sheath. Lisa tensed when she felt a firmness building as her 'male', semen producing prostate and seminal vesicles were formed. A valve formed in her urethra and ducts were created which connected her urethra to her new prostate and seminal vesicles. The prostate nerve endings were then attached to her sexual sensory system and to her Skene's gland. Stimulation of one would trigger the other. The Plant's probe flattened and flowed over the newly formed sensitive tissues of her prostate with an ecstatic massaging action. The intense sensations surged into her vaginal's sweet spot and Lisa's hips bucked wildly as she squealed with joy.


The probe suddenly stopped its exquisite massaging of Lisa's prostate. Lisa moaned in disappointment and kept thrusting her erection into the Plant's vaginal sheath and pushed down and ground her excited rectal opening onto the loving probe trying to get more of it into her body. Within a few moments, Lisa's 'male' sexual organs were complete. The probe secreted additional transforming chemicals that would react with those with those from the Plant's urethra tube. A dazed and panting Lisa slumped onto the plant's soft supports.

07.08 Lisa, Plant, Erection Expansion:

Suddenly Lisa felt a tightness grip her erection. She looked at the monitor and saw a thin clear, tube rise up from the Plant mass between her spread thighs and arch upward and then dipped downward so it was centered above the opening to her urethra. It was a 1/4 inch thick, flexible and hollow. A warm lubricant dripped onto the tingly head of her member and mixed with her slick preseminal fluids. Lisa's eyes opened wide with apprehension and tried to move her hard penis away from the dripping end of the stem's tube but her 'manhood' was held firmly by the Plant's sheath.

Slowly the tube descended into the slick urethra opening.

Lisa watched with apprehensive eyes as the tube sank slowly into her hardness. Her fears were quickly erased as the tube slithered deeper into her urethra. As it slipped downward, ecstatic ripples of joy spread into her hard penis. She threw her back and gasped as the chemical laden tube reached the base of her erection. The tube continued its journey deeper into Lisa's urethra. Soon it reached the new valve that controlled the injection of her semen into the urethra. A chemical was released that opened the valve and a tube-like stem slithered outward and made its way toward the her 'male' prostate and burrowed into the fleshy tissues. The stem released its enhancing chemicals and Lisa moaned as euphoric sensations washed across her loins.

Her semen production would be six times that of a normal male. The multiple ejaculant streams would be two to three seconds in duration and Lisa's sexual recovery or rejuvenation would be rapid, immediate if stimulation was still present. As the stem withdrew, it oozed a chemical causing the seminal ducts and connecting valve to be enlarged, permitting larger volumes of semen to be discharged into the urethra.

The urethra tube now slowly slipped back down until it reached the base of her erection. Again Lisa felt another flood of warmth, spread throughout her groin. The tube began secreting a chemical that would extend her new erection. She gasped and threw back her head as jolts of joy radiated outward from inside her hard, straining member.

She felt an incredible antsy feeling sweep the entire length of her hardness and moaned excitedly as her hips thrashed wildly trying to get more of the ecstatic feelings. Her throbbing penis now felt heavier and longer as it lengthened and thickened.


ERECTION: 4.50" x 1.50"... 5.00" x 1.50"... 5.50" x 1.75"

Lisa moaned as ecstatic sensations flooded her body and mind that she had never felt before. Her breathing quickened and came in gasps and pants.

ERECTION: 6.00" x 2.00"... 6.50" x 2.25"... 7.00" x 2.50"

Her vagina rippled and clenched in harmony with her new 'manhood' and her bucking hips slowly changed to rhythmic thrusts.

ERECTION: 7.50" x 2.75"... 8.00" x 3.00"

Lisa screeched as her erection reached its targeted size. The Plant's sheath began to match her thrusts with its own counter thrusts. She had never experienced such joy.

She saw 'it' in the close up view of the monitor. It felt like a large granite bat between her spread thighs. The Plant stopped its ecstatic squeezes and massages causing Lisa to wail with denial. She had a desperate need to sink her new erection into 'something'... 'anything'.

Lisa gasped as the tube slithered back up through her erection and slipped out of the puckering opening of her tingling gland. The Plant's rectal probe disengaged itself from her prostate and withdrew from her body. A dazed Lisa slumped back onto the Plants soft supports with her eyes locked onto the graphic close up of her magnificent 'manhood' and 36C breasts.

Jenny smiled when she saw Lisa's erection, knowing that would soon be stroking into her body. Her hand began comforting her own engorged 'manhood'.

07.09 Lisa, Plant, Vaginal Enhancement:

Lisa felt something slipping onto her lower neck and looked at the monitor. A Gel streamer, resembling a tongue, was making its way onto face and moving toward her mouth. The whispered request that Jenny had made was about to be performed. An apprehensive Lisa closed her lips as the Gel's appendage touched her mouth. As it slid back and forth, Lisa felt a minty taste seeping into mouth and her mind was filled with a need to taste more of it. She parted her lips and the Gel slipped inward and began teasing the tip of her tongue. An aphrodisiac rush filled her mind and she began kissing the Gel with rising passion. The Gel's secretions were quickly absorbed and the properties of her tongue were changed to match that of Jenny. She would be able to extend it seven inches and it width could become as wide as two inches. The Gel broke the kiss and a dazed Lisa gasped and panted wondering what had just happened.

The Plant's labia stamen that was nestled within her wet, clasping inner lips, nudged against the excited opening. Her highly aroused body ground her hips excitedly at the ecstatic contact and another hiss of joy escaped her mouth as the flexing head deliciously traced around the eager entrance to her womanhood. She felt an exquisite pressure as her inner lips and vagina stretched to accommodate the flexing head of the Plant's stamen, then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the imbedded, twisting nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls. The stamen thrust fully inward and stopped and released its enhancing chemicals. Lisa gasped as delicious antsy sensations gripped her entire vaginal sheath. The elasticity and vaginal depth was slowly changed to accommodate an 8.0" x 3.0" erection. The sexual sensitivity was expanded to take in 50% of the vaginal sheath and her illusive 'G' spot or Skene's gland was expanded.

The Plant started a methodic thrusting action, from inner lips to cervix. Full in, half in, fast, slow. It twisted and turned, it pulsed and throbbed. Lisa was delirious with ecstasy. She couldn't keep up with her counter thrusts and just lay back and let the orgasmic waves wash over her. Her erect bullet- like nipples strained into the sucking 'mouths' and her engorged 'manhood' jerked wildly as a desperate need to ejaculate consumed her mind and body. She moaned and wailed as her body was catapulted toward her first dual orgasm.

The Plant's stamen, sensing that Lisa was approaching her orgasmic trip point started deep, direct, in and out thrusts. The massaging sheath closed over her engorged gland and began feasting on her drooling precum. Her hips began grinding her enraged sex onto the magnificent penetrator that was giving her so much joy.


Suddenly the most ecstatic feelings that she had ever felt exploded across her body. She felt the Plant jettisoning its thick essence into her spasming sheath and cervix with a force of a fire hose. The exquisite fullness and bloating, saturated her mind with bright shards of joy. Her hands fisted, her toes curled, her legs shot into the air, cycling desperately towards her audience as her milking vaginal muscles clenched around the Plant's ejaculating stamen. At the same time, a new and intense pressure gripped her highly excited gland as her prostate unleashed its reservoirs of semen which surged up her erection. The liquid joy swirled around the highly excited head of her erection and then jettisoned into the waiting Plant's 'mouth'. Her ecstatic wail echoed around the Theater as her body unleashed its first dual orgasms.


Lisa's mind went into sensory overload and she slumped unconsciously onto the Plant's soft supports.

07.10 Lisa, Plant, Testing and Conditioning:

The Plant's conditioning ejaculant raced throughout Lisa's body. Her mind now completely accepted her Hermaphrodite sexuality. Bonding pheromones created a strong sense of sexual attraction to Jenny and other Hermaphrodites. One of the secreted chemicals was an ejaculation controller. The surface of her erection would be able to sense the orgasmic contractions of her partner. If they were present, her ejaculation would be permitted, if not, Lisa would be kept at her orgasmic edge until the contractions were sensed or her erection was removed.

Lisa was now a Hermaphrodite.

She slowly recovered as her body rippled with deep aftershocks. She felt the imbedded 'purring' and moaned as it induced delicious post orgasmic aftershocks.

The Plant slowly withdrew from her stretched and clenching vagina accompanied with a loud slurping sound. Lisa moaned as the thickness slipped out of her body. Torrents of orgasmic vaginal fluids and ejaculant gushed past the gaping entrance into the thirsty and waiting foliage.


The rectal probe was next followed by the breast pouches. Finally the rippling sheath released her softening penis and it slipped downward over her still slick and swollen folds. The remnants of her massive ejaculations flowed onto labia and thighs.

Ruth nodded at the Control booth and Lisa felt the Plant putting her into a standing position and withdrew from her body. The audience clapped as Ruth led Lisa to the stage's walk-in shower. As Lisa showered, Jenny left the viewing room and waited in Ruth's office for Lisa. Ruth led the two happy Hermaphrodites to one of the Theater's performance suites and rushed back to the Control booth. She and the audience watched as Jenny led Lisa into the bedroom.

07.11 Jenny, Lisa, Performance Suite:

The two Hermaphrodites stood in front of each other and Jenny's eyes feasted on the nakedness of her 'new' Lover. She came close to Lisa and wrapped her arms around her.

Jenny in almost a whisper said,

"You have made me the happiest person in the world."

Their lips touched and Lisa felt Jenny's tongue slipping between her parted lips and sighed softly as their tongues found each other and they kissed deeply and passionately. As they kissed, their arousals soared and the sighs became moans as their erections throbbed against each other.

They broke the kiss gasping and panting.

As if on cue, both stepped back and gazed at each other. Both saw each other's, firm breasts, perky nipples, curvaceous thighs, perfect labias and straining 'manhoods'.

Jenny took Lisa's hand they walked toward a mirrored wall.

07.12 Jenny, Lisa, Mirror, Deepthroat:

Lisa saw her aroused nakedness being reflected back to her and a sense of excitement filled her mind. She saw Jenny snuggling up closely behind her and felt Jenny's erection pushing tantalizingly against the cheeks of her buttocks and the stiff nipples pressing into the soft skin of her back. Jenny put her hands on Lisa's shoulders and started a slow massaging action, at the same time, she started to plant small butterfly-like kisses along Lisa's neck and shoulders. She closed her eyes and leaned back, sighing softly as the kisses and massages adorned her body.

Jenny's hands slowly worked their way around in front of Lisa toward her breasts. Her hands cupped and lifted both breasts with a gentle kneading action. Soon, her fingers slipped onto the nipples with an exquisite caressing and swirling action. All the while, Jenny's mouth continued to plant warm, wet kisses along Lisa's neck and shoulders.

Lisa's breathing was becoming quicker and deeper.

She saw her reflective body moving and twisting wherever the loving hands moved and saw the thick gland at the head of her straining erection begin to glisten with her oozing preseminal fluids.

She moaned again as the relentless hands and lips continued.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ... Jenny..."

Both of Jenny's hands started a massaging action down Lisa's body toward the apex of her thighs. Lisa's erection jerked in anticipation of Jenny's touch but Jenny's wrists just brushed against across the throbbing member as they slowly slid further downward. Her hands gently formed around Lisa's labia with a wonderful kneading action. Lisa hunched down a little and spread her thighs apart to give the hand easier access to her sex. Her dazed eyes saw the erotic position her body was in, all that mattered in her mind was the sensations that Jenny was giving her body.

In a few seconds. Jenny's fingers slipped between the flaring folds, pushing them further apart. The exploring finger tips slipped up and down the slick furrow and then began caressing the excited opening to her womanhood. Lisa gasped loudly and hips jerked her sex onto Jenny's hands and fingers. Her erection throbbed in the air.


Jenny then started backup up toward Lisa's breast area. She found the erect bullet-like nipples eagerly waiting for the return of her hands. Again, her fingers deliciously swirled around and caressed Lisa's excited nipples. Jenny repeated the massaging process over and over again. Each time her hands came closer and closer to touching Lisa's raging 'Manhood'. Jenny's kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as her fingers slipped teasingly over and onto the engorged nipples. Jenny felt Lisa's breathing become rapid and she smiled as Lisa leaned back against her and pushed her aroused sex outward toward her exploring hands.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh ... Jenny ... Please..."

Jenny stopped and moved in front of Lisa and knelt down in front of her. Lisa's hardness jerked rapidly knowing that Jenny's eyes were now fixed on her excited erection. Jenny reached out and rested her hands on the surface of Lisa's inner spread thighs and watched Lisa's straining hardness twitch and jerk. She smiled when she heard Lisa groan as her hands began to slowly massage the soft skin and move upward toward the junction of her thighs. Lisa gasped and her hips jerked when Jenny's massaging hands formed themselves over her swollen labia. The hands continued their upward trek and Jenny wrapped both hands around Lisa's magnificent 'manhood'. Lisa's hips arched outward and she gasped loudly at the ecstatic contact.


Jenny's expert hands glided up and down the thick tube of flesh with gentle squeezing actions and smiled when she saw the drooling precum oozing from the puckering opening of the thick gland. Jenny's left hand massaged its way downward toward Lisa's flared folds. Her fingers again slipped between them and caressed the clenching entrance to her womanhood. Lisa squealed and her legs and thighs quickly spread wider apart and she hunched forward driving her enflamed sex into Jenny's loving hand. Jenny's slick fingers nestled into the clasping inner lips then nudged two fingers twisting and turning into Lisa's enflamed passage.

A long moaned escape Lisa's open mouth.


Jenny raised upward on her knees and leaned forward. Slowly her open mouth descended toward the glistening head of Lisa's straining hardness. Lisa felt a warm moist breath of air bathe her tingling gland and she panted deeply with anticipation. She had done this so many times to Jenny and now she was going to find out what it felt like.

Jenny's tongue slithered toward the tip of Lisa's excited, glistening crown. An excruciating, ecstatic sensation followed the warm, wet mouth and swirling tongue as it slipped over her thick, sensitive gland. Her hands flew out to Jenny's shoulders for support as jolts of joy shot throughout her erection and clasping vagina.

She looked into the mirror and her eyes opened wide when she saw the highly exciting sight of her erection slipping into the wide open mouth. It was the most incredible sensations that she had ever felt as the excited gland became encased within a warm, moist suckling cavern and another squeal of joy escape her mouth.


An Jenny's mouth slowly descended downward, Lisa's throbbing member slipped deeper and deeper into Jenny's suctioning mouth and throat. Her mind was filled with a vortex of swirling pleasures as her 'manhood' slipped into Jenny's moist and slippery cavern. Jenny's clenching throat agonizingly inched its way onto her massive straining hardness. With a torturous twisting motion, Jenny lifted her head and Lisa's throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reach Jenny's mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action. Her tongue swirled around the pulsing head and played with the oozing opening and sucked up Lisa's precum with her curled tongue as though it was a straw. All the while, Jenny's fingers continued their stroking assault into Lisa's enflamed vagina.


Jenny plunged her milking throat back down onto Lisa's thick, hard member and then pulled back, again and again. Lisa squealed with joy and her hips now joined in with ecstatic counter thrusts. Jenny stopped and allowed Lisa to thrust into her mouth and throat ... to set her own pace and depth. Her throat never paused in its intense suckling and clenching of Lisa's erection as it burrowed deep into her milking throat.

Lisa began gurgling with incoherent sounds and Jenny skewered her loving throat back down onto Lisa's enraged organ. Lisa's hips began bucking and thrashing and her hands grasped Jenny's shoulders tightly. Again, Lisa felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as Jenny's incredible mouth and throat skewered back down onto her enflamed 'manhood'. Jenny knew that Lisa was rushing toward her orgasmic trip point. She pulled upward just enough so that two or three inches of Lisa's hardness was within her throat. She then began to clenching and flexing her throat muscles. Lisa was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. Her vagina gripped Jenny's thrusting fingers as her thick load of semen entered the base of erection and surged up her enraged hardness. The thick stream semen spewed into Jenny's eager and receptive mouth and throat.

Lisa wailed in orgasmic ecstasy as her first dual orgasms were unleashed.


Jenny feasted on Lisa's thick, gushing nectar. She increased her exquisite milking actions, knowing that she could coax another massive ejaculation from Lisa's enraged erection. Lisa's hips bucked upward as her mind and body were became submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions. Her vagina was spasming uncontrollably and her erection was again at its swollen, bursting point as another huge stream of thick semen jettisoned into Jenny's feasting mouth and throat.


Lisa's mind became saturated with the multiple waves of orgasmic ecstasy that were was exploding across her loins. She was pushed into sensory overload and she lost consciousness. As she slumped down in front of Jenny, her still spurting erection slipped from Jenny's sucking mouth. Jenny held her in her arms with her head resting on her shoulder.

Lisa slowly awoke and held Jenny tightly, moaning as the delicious aftershocks rippled across.

She whispered dearly to her,

"I never dreamed that an ejaculation could feel so incredible. I never wanted it end."

They decided to have a quick shower.

After drying each other off, Jenny took Lisa's hand and led her back into the bedroom. As they walked to the bed, she saw the gym-like mattress with its support rail that faced the mirrored wall. She would remember it.

07.13 Lisa, Jenny, Herm, The Mating:

Jenny drew Lisa in close to her and said,

"It is time for you to feel what your erection feels like when it slips into a vagina."

She sat down on the edge of the bed and lay back on it. Her feet rested on the floor with her thick flaccid penis laying over her closed thighs. Lisa smiled at her pose and knelt down in front of her bent legs and ran her hands along Jenny's upper thighs with a gentle massaging action, each time coming nearer and nearer to Jenny's penis and labia. Her thumbs swirled the soft tube of flesh back and forth and soon soft sighs accompanied the hardening of Jenny's 'manhood'. Both Lisa's hands moved onto to Jenny's stirring penis and Lisa smiled as it soared to full erection within her squeezing hands and Jenny's thighs spread wide apart.

"Ohhhh ... Lisa..."

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