Southern Belles
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2013 by Peter Duncan

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Brady Damron's plane is cancelled he is forced to spend a weekend in Starkville Mississippi and meets a sorority girl Darlie Simpson and takes her to a lodge at a local resort. He learns that Darlie has quite a history with her father and begins a weekend of raucous sex. Later Wilma Dillard joins them for a midnight romp.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Sex Toys  

Having just spent the week working with Craftwood, a kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Arkana, a small community in northern Mississippi, Brady Damron arrived at the Columbus airport and was told that his flight had been cancelled. Columbus was just a regional airport. There would be no flights out until Monday.

Ordinarily he would have driven back to Arcana and stayed at the Lake Oktapotomi Resort, his home away from home when he was at Craftwood. But he didn't want to make the forty-five minute drive. He would check into the Comfort Suites in Starkville for the night and make the drive to Arcana, where he would spend Saturday and Sunday.

When he got to the Comfort Suites they told him that because of the big game they, as well as every other hotel in the Starkville area, were completely booked. Frustrated, he drove the short distance to the Bully. It was a popular collegiate bar and restaurant, where he would have a couple of beers and a barbecue dinner.

When he got there it was jammed. The Bully is named for the Bulldog mascot of Mississippi State University. It was a favorite haunt for fraternities and sororities as well as student athletes. Because Brady had been a regular customer over the years, and had brought a lot of customers, the manager fit him into a table for two that had just opened up. As he sat down he saw four sorority girls having beers at the table just across from his.

He ordered a pitcher and was peeling a plate of boiled shrimp when he heard a chorus of loud laughter coming from the table with the four girls. Looking over he saw that each of the four were looking at him as they laughed. Looking closer he saw that the girl sitting directly opposite had stifled her laugh and was blushing.

As she looked at Brady through downcast eyes she mouthed the words, "I'm sorry." He figured that she said something naughty about him, and became embarrassed when he looked over at her. Brady had more than one of these embarrassing things happen in his life and was old enough to overlook it. He nodded back to her and mouthed, "No problem, you're forgiven," while thinking, Jesus, you're a doll.

She blushed again, gave him a demure smile and mouthed, "Thank you."

He just finished peeling all the shrimp that was on the plate and was mixing chili sauce with horseradish when he heard the scraping of chairs across the way. Except for the girl with whom he had been lip synching, the rest were getting up. While the rest of the girls were laughing and shaking their heads she sat resolutely. They seemed to be making fun of her as they walked away.

A couple of fraternity guys walked up to the girl (she was a real knockout). She wasn't a beauty queen but a demure, soft looking southern belle. The guys started to sit down at her table when she shook her head, nodded in Brady's direction and said something to them. Both guys looked at Brady, laughed and looked back at the girl. One of them said, "You've got to be kidding Darlie." The two young men walked away, looking at Brady with annoyed smirks.

She was alone again.

He sat alone amid a buzzing, boisterous crowd of college students that were getting hyped for the big game tomorrow. Suddenly he realized that she was standing next to his table. She was dressed in college preppie attire, a white blouse under a red cardigan sweater, a flaring knee length black pleated skirt and saddle shoes with white anklet socks.

Brady was fifty. He couldn't figure out what was on her mind. She was twenty-one or so, a fetchingly attractive girl with long dark hair, blue eyes, and the kind of pouting lips that begged to be kissed. She asked, "Do you mind if I sit down?"

Like many mature men Brady often fantasized being with a girl young enough to be his daughter. He never really expected it would happen though. Aware that she was wearing the same kind of sorority pin as the girls she had been sitting with he figured she wasn't doing some kind of pledge assignment.

Puzzled, he stood up, moved around behind the chair on the other side of the table and pulled it out. "I'd be pleased to have you sit with me," he said. "I'm just a little puzzled as to why you would want to. You have the pick all these young college guys." There was no question that she was flirting with him. What the hell is going on here?

Sitting down she said, "None of these boys would have bothered to pull out my chair for me." With a giggle she coyly put her hand over her mouth. "They might pull it out from under me. But not the way you have." Like a proper young lady she folded her hands in her lap and said, "When I first noticed you I was hoping you would be such a gentleman." The way she said it was so southern: Chair sounded like chay-a, gentleman sounded like gentlemayan. To Brady it almost seemed like he was being addressed by a girl from Gone With the Wind.

Reaching across the table she extended her hand and said, "My name is Darlie, Darlie Culbertson."

He took her hand in his. It was soft yet firm. "I'm Brady Damron, Darlie," he replied. "I'm pleased to meet you." She smiled a fresh-toothed grin and batted her eyes. She was gorgeous.

Clearing his throat he asked, "May I ask, Darlie Culbertson, what interests you in sitting with a man who is old enough to be your father?"

In her captivating southern drawl she said, "I deeply love my fatha, suh. He is a true suthn gentlemayan." She flashed a confident smile. "Though you are a Yankee, Mr. Damron, you carry yoaself like gentlemayan. I'm pahtial to gentlemayen, I hope you don't mahnd."

Realty told Brady that any kind of involvement with a woman of this age was out of the question. Hell, she's barely even a woman. It's not that he hadn't screwed around in his life. I've done it many times. But I've always been more comfortable with older, more mature women, Tess McBride, for example, the receptionist at Craftwood in Arkana.

Tess was a woman just shy of fifty. She knew all about the pleasures of her body, and what it had to offer. She had the patience to wait for and enjoy each sensual spot explored by a man familiar with the process of opening sensual locks. She had come to Brady's cottage once during the last week.

Then there was Wilma Dillard, Assistant to the President of Craftwood Kitchen Cabinets. And what an unusual woman she was. She and Brady spent much of Tuesday night together. But this young woman across from him? I doubt she has such patience. She would probably want just fast and easy thrills ... if she's not pulling my chain.

Just as he was about to excuse himself and exhort the young studs in the Bully to, "go to it boys," he thought what the hell and said, "You'll probably be going back to your sorority house, Darlie Culbertson, and be getting ready for the big game tomorrow."

It was a graceful way to test the waters. He had no realistic hope that anything would come of it. With Tess's husband back from hauling lumber downstate, Brady had resigned himself to spending the weekend alone with his five-fingered friend.

Wilma? She'll be working her night job at the reception desk of the Oktapotomi. He laughed and thought, who would even believe me if I told them what the Assistant to the President of Craftwood is doing that for? He shook his head. Some funny stuff sure goes on here.

With a trifling smile Darlie absently toyed with a lock of her hair and said, "To tell you the truth Mr. Damron I'm not as wild about football as most of the students at State ... I'm rather enjoying the pleasure of your company." Gently clasping her hands she placed them on top of the table and added, "That is, if you don't mind spending a little more time with an inexperienced sorority girl like me."

The way this girl was coming on to him convinced Brady that he was being set up by some kind of college girl prank. Nonetheless his heightened pulse was smoothing out the wrinkles of his limp dick. And who do you think you're kidding Brady Damron?

Chuckling Damron said, "My plane developed engine trouble Darlie Culbertson and I'm stuck in Mississippi until Monday morning."

Thinking hard about saying what was on his mind he wondered what kind of hook the girl was trying to set. "I don't expect what you're talking about is spending that much time with this older man."

Having called her bluff he expected to see a change in her bearing, an indication that he misread her meaning. He looked around the restaurant to see if her sorority sisters were lurking. There was no trace of them. The way she looked so deeply into his eyes it was as if she was looking getting ready to scold him for thinking something outrageous. But she merely said, "Tsk, tsk, Mr. Damron."

Embarrassed, Brady tried not to act like he had stepped on his dick. His ears were on fire. By the way she was looking at him he knew that he was blushing. The cat was already out of the bag. "I..."

She reached across the table and touched his lips with her index finger and said, "I'm such a terrible flirt Mr. Damron. May I call you Brady?" He nodded.

"I know I'm a tease Mr., I mean Brady. But these boys are hitting on me all the time. They ask me things like 'Do you want to fuck Darlie?' Excuse my language. Or they'll say, 'how about giving me a little head?'" Her cheeks tinged bright pink.

"You must think that Darlie Culbertson is terrible to say these things." She squeezed his hand and said, "You just made a suggestion ... a sophisticated suggestion. I feel compelled to say to you, Mr. Brady Damron, the mature way you are approaching me appeals to my sense of romayance very much."

Brady was amazed at how cool she was.

She went on. "I told you I prefer the company of an older man Brady, a man just like you." Turning his hand over, she traced his lifeline with her middle finger.

Damn that's suggestive.

"I told you how much I adore my Daddy, Brady. And you do remind me so much of him. What could be better than spending a little more time with a man like you?" The signals were unmistakable, though the mention of her "daddy" made somewhat uncomfortable.

Clearing his throat Brady said, "All of the rooms in town are sold out for the game Darlie. But I know there is a cottage that is available at the Oktapotomi in Arkana. I've been staying there all week." It was a forty minute drive from Starkville.

Darlie giggled. "I've spent many a weekend there with my church youth group. I love Oktapotomi." She cocked her head and asked, "And you say you have a cottage?"

"I've been staying in one of the cottages all the week. I know it's still vacant."

Squeezing his hand Darlie grinned and said, "A cottage by the lake will be just the perfect spot for us to," she cleared her throat, "bettah get to know one anothah." With a glorious smile she winked.

Though it was the last week in September the weather in Northern Mississippi that year was incredibly warm and balmy. Brady was driving a rented Chrysler Sebring convertible. They drove with the top down. Darlie's hair was blowing in the breeze.

He scanned the car radio through country music, soft rock, gospel and oldies. In deference to her youth he settled on a more modern rock station. She reached the radio, turned it back to an oldies station and left it. "Daddy likes the oldies stations Brady. And being an old fashioned girl ah enjoy it too."

He was getting a picture of what might have gone on in the Culbertson family Though quite taboo, Brady found that it was a turning him on. "Are you close to your mother, as well Darlie?" he asked.

"Mama died when I was ten years old Brady. Daddy never remarried." When she looked over at him he detected a telling smirk. "I guess we are probably closer than most daddies and daughters." She held her index finger to her lips and said with a wicked grin, "Shh, don't tell mah sorority sistas."

What the hell, he thought; it's none of my business. He was surprised though at how the way she was telling him these secrets aroused him so.

"I bet when you were my age Brady you didn't have these bothersome seatbelts to pin you to the seat."

"Nope," he answered. "But you can't deny how much safer driving in a car is because of them." He heard the click of her seatbelt and felt the seat move as Darlie scooted close beside him.

"Well," she said, "what fun is life if we can't take a risk from time to time?"

She snuggled up to him and rested her hand in his lap. As he put his arm over her shoulders he knew that he could be busted if a trooper pulled up behind him. But Brady Damron didn't want to spoil the mood. It was only a couple more miles before Darlie had unbuttoned two buttons on his shirt and had her hand inside, caressing the bare flesh of his chest and stomach.

"I'm glad you're not wearing a t-shirt Mr. Brady Damron. I love the feel of a man's skin, particularly the skin of one who takes such good care of himself."

He wondered how many men she had been involved with. Were they all older? How often had she felt her father's skin this way ... other ways? Brady didn't wonder how it was affecting him though. Stiff as a board he heard the blood that was filling his penis pulse on his eardrums.

Undoing all the buttons Darlie opened his shirt, pecking his naked skin with her soft lips. After circling his tingling areolas with her tongue she looked up and asked, "Do you mind being with such a forward little girl Brady?"

Barely able to answer her in a steady voice he said, "Actually Darlie, I love it," wondering where this forward girl was going from here, and why she referred to herself as "little."

Forcing her flattened hand inside the waist of his pants she murmured, "I just love being so naughty." He sucked his belly in to give her more room.

Working his belt buckle loose she whispered, "I think this is a little too tight, don't you Brady?"

She unbuttoned his pants and zipped him down. As she wrapped her fingers around his erection Brady clamped the cheeks of his butt and gritted his teeth as Darlie cooed, "Ooh Brady, you have such an impressive, um, handful." She giggled. He laughed, exploding a nervous ha-ha-ha in relief from holding his breath for so long.

"Mm," she sighed as she held his cock against her cheek. She scrunched it like a cat rolling in catnip. Looking down Brady saw the reflection of the moon in the tiny pool of precum that had smeared her cheek. Jerking his eyes back to the highway he jiggled the wheel to bring the car back to the middle of the dark, narrow Mississippi road.

The combination of lustful thoughts, soft music and balmy southern ambiance cast its spell on Brady Damron. The pulse in both ears matched the throbbing of his cock. Turning up the volume on the radio he felt a longing in the pit of my stomach as he wondered; could I have had an incestuous relationship with my own daughter?

"It's pretty" She said.

"What?" he asked

"I think your penis is beautiful Brady Damron."

She was holding it erect, pointing it straight upward—although she didn't need to. He winced as I felt the stream of cool air from her pursed lips blowing on his shiny, purplish head. Having never heard his cock referred to as beautiful before he was captivated by what she said. Breaking the reverie she giggled, "tee-he, Brady Damron's peckah is calling for more of Ms. Culbertson's attention."

The head lights blazed on each white dash in the middle of the road which seemed to be counting the miles to Lake Oktapotomi. Concentrating very hard to get there safely Damron's body was awash with the anticipation of what was next to come.

As her head moved downward Darlie's hair rustled deliciously on Brady's exposed chest and stomach. When he felt the moues of her soft lips kissing the tip of his head, a long sibilance escaped his lips. The soft pecking of the girl's lips against the skin of his cock nearly made him explode. Widening his eyes to make sure that he paid attention to the narrow, dark road Brady's Adams apple bobbed in his neck as he swallowed, anticipating her next move. The feeling was unexplainable.

As he felt the tip or her warm tongue smearing her saliva over the taught, shiny surface of his hardened pecker-head, a series of mini-shocks coursed through his body. When her tongue unfolded into the groove on the bottom of his glans Brady's toes made a foot-fist and nearly cramped. She licked the rim of his helmet then drew a line down the center, pausing at his seeping slit.

Try as he might Damron couldn't stop the oozing substance that found its way to the tip of his throbbing erection. His grip on the wheel became white knuckled. He wanted to close his eyes but dared not. HIs excitement got ahead of him and he gasped, "Darlie, I'm ... I'm afraid I can't hold back!"

She handled the situation as calmly as if she were a surgeon at a trauma center. Casually she slid her lips, like soft O-rings, over Brady's tapered head. Though he knew he wouldn't gush inside her mouth without warning, he was having a difficult time concentrating on the road. It was such relief when he saw the sign Lake Oktapotomi two miles ahead. He gasped as Darlie's soft lips slid further down his shaft and his achingly sensitive head touched the warm, wetness of her soft palate.

Mercifully, the light was green. Slowing to make the right turn Damron did his best for the next mile and a half to hold his foot steady on the accelerator. She pressed her finger hard against the underside of is cock to hold back his surge. How many times had she done this to her daddy he thought.

He could see the dim lights of the Oktapotomi, not a motel by road standards, more like a country Inn, set off the road on the edge of a lake. Turning in, the car tires crunched over the gravel parking lot and stopped. The lights of the car were shining on the lake. He whispered, "I don't want to come in your mouth Darlie, at least not yet. And I need to go in and register." Her lips slid up his shaft and came off his organ with a gentle "pop."

Smiling Darlie said, "I love havin your organ (it sounded like awgun) in my mouth Brady."

The crisis had passed though. Looking into her blue eyes Brady saw his reflection caused by the soft amber lights in the parking lot. They kissed. Her lips, like all women who had ever just sucked a hard cock, were incredibly soft. The warm breath from her nostrils washed the side of his face. Her lips parted slightly, taking his with them. She licked the inner surface of his cheek; the tip of her tongue went around and over Brady's.

He found a youthful kind of delight about fondling with clothes on that excited his imagination. Whenever he pushed the hem of a skirt up a woman's smooth, bare legs and when he thought of where his hand was going, it caused a filling and tightening of his maleness that being naked wouldn't always accomplish as quickly. With Darlie, as their lips and tongues gave and took pleasure, it seemed as if his senses couldn't be any more involved.

Saliva leaked out of their lips and sagged down the sides of their chins. When he touched the panel of Darlie's silk panties he how soaked it was with her sex. Shocking sensations shot to his genitals. The excitement of being with a woman so young and eager overwhelmed him. He had to cramp the cheeks of his ass tightly to keep from coming in his pants.

The contours of Darlie's body were magic to him. Where he was accustomed to women who were soft and sometimes a bit overweight, she was lithe and muscular. Extending his middle finger he felt the combined puffiness of her large lips and saw in his mind the soft crack waiting to be explored. HIs finger pressed the fabric between her soft lips, immediately touching the node of her unusually large clitoris.

Bucking forward in the seat she closed her thighs on his hand, tightly holding it in place. Brady pushed and circled, feeling the luscious liquid wicking through the mesh of her panties. As he pushed his hand against her clit she met him. He circled ... she gyrated. As she broke the seal of their kissing lips, tiny strings of saliva stretched and snapped. Through their tightly compressed lips a muffled "mmmmmph," told of her rising passion.

Needing to be on her naked wetness he pulled the bunched and damp panel aside, put his finger inside her lusciously wet groove and slid back up to the growing excitement of her clitoris. As he touched its tip and wiggled she broke the kiss and let out a thrilled "oohh." Her thighs opened and closed, almost clapping as they touched. Her hips bucked and gyrated as his finger skated around and round the swollen bump.

Brady glowed with the exhilaration of knowing that he was exciting her, working his finger with a passionate purpose. She gyrated in wild circles, bucking forward when she feared that his finger would leave the engorged surface. Each buck produced an "uh, uh, uh", her neck resting on the seat back, her head wagging from left to right as her body writhed in ecstasy. Then, in one action, her legs smothered Brady's hand and she gasped "Mmmmmmmahhhhhhhh! Aaahhhhh! Ohhhh!" He could feel the spasms high up in her legs and in her vaginal lips, once, twice, three times. There was a slight pause then two quick jerks. Then there was total relaxation.

Resting her head on Brady's shoulder she purred, "Oh Daddy that was good."

Jesus, did she call me Daddy? He was so proud that he made her feel good, and knew that once they got into the cottage and closed the door the evening was going to be the most magical night he had had in a very long time.

He finally got around to registering. Wilma Dillard was working the desk. "Evenin Brady," she said. "Miss your plane?"

He told her what had happened and that he would be staying for the next couple of days.

"It's gonna be a slow weekend Brady. My clients are all busy somewhere else. Maybe it's the MSU/Bama game. I haven't been this slow in months. "Do you think you might be able to work me in? It'll always a freebie for you, ya know? I like you, enough to kiss you on the lips. (she winked)."

"I'm with someone Wilma."

"Yes, I was peekin out the front window and saw you wrestling with what looks like a young girl. Are ya trying out college girls now?"

"I met her at the Bully and she all but attacked me. You've gotta wonder what a young girls sees in an old guy like me."

She smiled and said, "Might be the same reason I give you freebies. Women think you're pretty hot Mr. Brady Damron."

"To tell you the truth Wilma, had I known you would be working tonight I would probably have shined her on and hoped that I could spend some real adult sex time with you."

"Don't bullshit me Mr. Damron. Men in their fifties can't resist young pussy."

"Well Wilma. I had better get back to my guest. Maybe she will be one of those kinds of girls who like threesomes and you can join us."

"Ya mean like with Tess and me?" (Tess was the receptionist at Craftwood). "It can get pretty lonely here around midnight. If you and your teenaged girlfriend want company I wouldn't mind joining in. Maybe I could teach her a few tricks." She winked. But she knew he was just teasing.

"Interesting offer Wilma. But she's young and new." He laughed and so did she. "Maybe I'll get back to you on that. You working tomorrow night too?" Nodding, she smirked.

As Brady opened the door to the cottage he reached in and turned on the overhead light then stepped back and let Darlie go in first.

"See?" she said, " ... something else the boys back at MSU would never have done."

When he followed her in she turned and made herself available, the way most women do when walking into a hotel room with a man. They kissed, quickly becoming passionate, ending up on the floor, fucking with their clothes on, her thong giving his shaft a slight dose pantie burn.

Plunging inside her like a rapist he rode her for only a short time. Unlike being raped though, as her saddle shoes thrust for the ceiling with each slam, Darlie invoked the name of God and urged Brady on with "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" It was the preliminary amount of time they needed to test the waters, so to speak.

With a quick pang of concern he came inside her pussy. But as they lay on the floor he let the sexual ambience push the thought to the back of his mind. It seemed that Darlie wasn't as willing though as she murmured, "I hope I don't get pregnant." This brought a load of recrimination on Brady's part. It really bothered him.

In silence as he snuggled close and let the temporary physical satisfaction wash over them Darlie broke the quiet with, "I'm on the pill. Tee-he-he"

"Jesus Darlie," he said in relief, "you had me going there."

"I know he-he. It's kinda fun isn't it?"

Brady didn't know what her father might have done with her, or what she was accustomed to. But as got up on his knees and walked between hers he said, "Mind if we get your panties off Darlie?"

As she lifted her bottom off the floor he worked her thong off and down her legs. Then, lying on his chest he wiggled up to her, working her legs over his shoulders and covering her wet, cummy pussy with his lips.

"Yes!" she wheezed. "I love it when a man licks my pussy with his cum in it ... and all over it, mmm."

Brady figured that he would give her the treat that he pleased every woman he had ever been with. Pressing his lips tightly on her wet and slippery labia he wiggled his tongue inside then, like blowing up a party balloon, he filled her insides with air. Filling his lungs through his nostrils he kept increasing the pressure in her vaginal pocket.

"My God Brady," she gasped, "what are you doing to me?" Like other women she was concerned that he might be doing some kind of damage. "Stop, Stop!!"

She was already as full of air as he could get her. Wedging his shoulders under the backs of her thighs he increased the angle of her legs and, with his lips still tight against her pussy, he sucked out as hard as he could. The pressure inside her vagina, along with his sucking, made her walls collapse. With a sodden whoosh nearly all of Brady's sperm erupted into his mouth.

Feeling like her womb would blast out her body Darlie screamed, "My God, Oh my God!!" When she realized its pleasure she yielded to the ecstasy. It wasn't as if she did it voluntarily, but her body writhed and wriggled like a snake that had been captured. Her uncontrolled gasps, yelps and squeals were like those of an overly excited little girl.

As her orgasm subsided Darlie raised her head and looked at Brady. Realizing that he still had the load of jizz in his mouth she said, "Jesus Brady," and entreated, "Share it with me, please?"

Their lips met (hers soft and eager, his passionate and lustful). As he oozed the warm, white sperm from his mouth into hers she moaned and sighed through her nose. Pushing it back into his, he shared, traded it back into hers. After playing with it for a bit she swallowed, licked her lips and said with an engaging smile, "Daddy loves to do that to me."

When Darlie suggested earlier that there was something going on between her and her father, Brady found it strange yet, at the same time, exciting. When she told him, "Daddy loves me to do that," referring to feeding his daughter his cum from his mouth it gave him pause. Like so many males in this kind of situation he felt like a cocksucker by proxy. At the same time, he had done it so many times with so many other women that he knew she was thrilled, particularly the sucking her pussy tight part. "Sounds like you and your daddy do some kinky things."

"Mm hmm," she murmured, "since as far back as I can remember."

Thinking about Wilma at the reception desk who asked if we would like company he asked, "Have you ever done it with any of your father's friends?"

She responded, "You would think I was just some kind of slut Brady if I said yes." She stressed the importance of her statement by glaring him as if what he had asked her was a grave insult. Her frown turned to a smile and she giggled then said, "But you're a gentleman who might understand that southern girls always obey their fathers." It was the second time she made a joke when he was trying to be serious.

"So? What does that mean Darlie?"

"Well, sometimes Daddy shares me with his friends." She smiled at him demurely, as if he should have expected no less. "Why did you ask me that?"

Amazed at his good fortune he chuckled and replied, "Threesomes with two women Darlie are a turn on, but I've only done it a couple of times."

Observing her amused expression he said, "I had the most interesting conversation with the reception desk lady. She seemed to think that, a liberated college girl might like to play with another woman and said, 'If you need company it gets pretty quiet around here after midnight.'"

With a squirrely grin she said, "Not all of Daddy's friends are men Brady." Both became shrouded in silence until she said, "Midnight huh? That'll give us plenty of time to get, um, comfortable with one another." She gave Brady a long open-mouthed kiss then asked, "Is she cute?"

From the time Darlie sat down at his table at the Bully he had been amazed at how forward she had been ... how she had totally ignored the college men who had flirted with her. To his knowledge he had never been with a woman, older or younger, who was seemed as outwardly sexual as this young coed. "Does that mean you have something going with one of your sorority sisters?"

"No Brady. Oh no. As far as they are concerned I am mystery to them. They know I like older men. But I'm not the only Kappa like that." She gave him a quirky pout and said, "This is the South after all. But the rest of the girls just don't understand. In a way they're jealous of me; and my other two sorority sisters. But they're so their bent on trapping college boys into asking to marry them."

"What about your marriage plans Darlie?"

"I have plans Brady. Not for a man as old as you though ... to marry I mean."

Grinning she said, "Playing, well that's quite another thing." She thought for a second. "Midnight will come soon Brady. We had better get started. Will you please take your little girl to bed?

He helped her off the floor, pulled her tight against him and kissed her. She opened her mouth for his tongue and he slipped it to her mouth. The musky taste of his semen still lingered. She pushed her tummy hard against him and he lifted her skirt, caressing her smooth, toned ass, while she stroked him back to an over-stiff erection.

Unbuttoning the back of Darlie's black pleated skirt he unzipped it and dropped it to the floor. With her panties already off he slipped his rigid cock between her legs, and cupped the cheeks of her ass. When he slid his erect member between her legs she closed them, forcing his phallus into her wet groove like a frankfurter in a hotdog bun. She wiggled and cooed, "This so fucking cool Brady."

Leaning back from the waist he finished unbuttoning her blouse. She worked on his shirt until both were open. They peeled off each other's shirts. "Nice hairy chest," she murmured."

Brady complimented her petite 34b breasts before reaching around and unhooking her bra. She worked on his buckle and button, rolling his pants over his hips and dropping them to the floor.

Stepping out Brady ogled Darlie's youthful, nubile body as he stripped his boxers. "You're beautiful Darlie."

With a coy, knowing smile she replied, "That's what Daddy always says. But is it really true Brady? Am I really pretty?"

"You're gorgeous Darlie," he responded.

Taking her hand he coaxed the vain, insecure coed back to the bed. "Sit down sweetie."

After kicking off his loafers and stripping his socks with his toes he kneeled, took hold of her ankles and raised her legs, draping them over his shoulders.

He planted his mouth on her pussy then traced her wet, musky groove with his tongue. She sighed, "Oh Daddy, you know how much your little girl loves you to eat her out."

He got a thrill when this sweet southern girl called him "Daddy," and wondered if she might have made a Freudian slip, calling him Daddy instead of Brady. But as he raised and lowered her legs, sliding his tongue from her clit through her groove, she kept saying "Daddy, Daddy, yes, yes, oh yes!"

There was no question that this southern belle wasn't well attended sexually at home. She was accustomed to multiple orgasms as well—even expecting them. While he was eating her pussy Darlie exploded in six of them. But her most euphoric one happened when his finger was buried in her ass, digging at the girl's g-spot through her anal wall, while he was flutteing her clit with his tongue.

Having ejaculated when Darlie sucked Brady's cock earlier it took the edge off and gave him tremendous staying power. They fucked in every position.

Each time Darlie got off with great passion. She seemed insatiable. It caused him to wonder whether her father had encouraged her when she was younger, or if indeed she was the one of those youngsters who pursued her father. One way or another, this was a young woman who truly needed sex, and lots of it.

Finally, Brady did her doggie, pinching her nipples as he plowed her pussy. His balls were hurting so bad that he had to let go, coming with a copious load that had been building up for so long.

His dick was deflating as they were still fucking. She cooed, "Oh Daddy you do it so good. Will you do little Darlie a favor?"

"What baby?" he gasped.

"Pull out quick so I can hear how sloppy it sounds. I want it to sound nasty."

Jerking his wet, wormy penis out of Darlie's cum-filled cunt it was followed by a wet, slurpy pussy fart. She giggled, "tee, he, he," falling flat on the mattress and cooing, "Ah just luv that nasty soundin noise."

They snuggled for about fifteen minutes until Darlie looked at the clock and said, "It's eleven o'clock Daddy. Don't you think we should give ... uh, what's her name a call?"

"Wilma..." Suddenly, the playfulness seemed to leave her and she grew quiet.

But she picked it up when she said, "Yes suh, give ole Wilma a call. Should we take a showa first?"

He dialed the office. "Yayus," Wilma said with a musical sounding question mark at the end of her greeting.

"Been busy?" Brady asked.

"It's been like I have been watching paint dry on a wall Brady. I've been thinking about you two, hoping you would call." She chuckled and said, "I've already gotten myself off three times. But it's not like it would be with you, and what's your little girl's name?"

"Darlie," he said. Darlie grinned.

Wilma said, "I see." There was a strange silence on the other end.

"We're going to take a shower Wilma and clean off some of our..."

She interrupted, "Wish you wouldn't clean that off. Regardless I'll be over in a half hour, just dry off. No need to get dressed." She laughed. "Maybe both of you could undress me when I come over."

He had been in bed with Wilma three times during his previous stays. One Sunday morning she woke up and, after an early morning fuck, invited him to go to church with her. It was strange the way Wilma Dillard operated: serious business woman by day, devout fundamentalist on Sundays, successful escort or hooker by night, and exciting, kinky lover to her friends when she chose to be. Then there was that time with she and Tess, another demure, religious Craftwood employee, when making love was anything but demure...

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