Thicker Than Blood

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Rough, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, BBW, Big Breasts, 2nd POV, Violent, Workplace, .

Desc: Sex Story: I fell in love with a fat girl

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They say all kinds of things in this world. For almost every situation there's an old saying that fits it. Sometimes though, you get into a battle between two of those old sayings and you have to try to figure out which one is the wisest. In my case, it was that exactly. Old people always told me that blood is stronger than anything. But they also told me that love will conquer all. So what happens when love goes up against blood?

Growing up, I was a part of an average mid-western family. There was, of course, my mom and dad. They were, of course, still together and loved each other very deeply. There were no indications that either ever cheated on the other. I guess they either had no imagination, or they just loved each other so God damned much that they just never did.

Okay, maybe that isn't the right way to put it. I guess a better way to say it is that they were each other's best friend and partners from the second they got together. And there was simply no one that either one of them wanted to be with more.

I guess I got that from them, but we'll get to that later in the story. Besides, this story isn't about them, it's about me and my life. If the story had been about them, it would be pretty fucking boring. And it would be over. Here's my parents life story ... well the quick version anyway. Jim met Brenda. They fell in love. They got married and had three children, all girls. They stayed together forever and died. The end. See what I mean. That's a fucking fairy tale.

My story is a little bit more out there. As I've mentioned, Jim and Brenda had three daughters. And this story is about sisters. The bond between sisters can be very strong. But it can also be very tumultuous.

In my case, the relationship between my sister and I was fucked up from the beginning. I, of course, can't take credit for the way that shit turned out. It was Jim and Brenda who fucked everything up. It's the same all over, everywhere. I'm about to school you to the facts of life people. The fact is that life hates fairy tales. So whenever there's a fairy tale going on, like Jim and Brenda in our case, they act like black holes in the universe. Everything may be perfect for the two star crossed lovers, but everything around them goes to shit as it's sucked into their orbit.

Jim and Brenda's three daughters aka me and my sisters didn't inherit the fairy tale. The three of us are as different as can be. We all each have our own varying degrees of problems. My sister, Melinda, is the oldest of us. She is, of course, Jim and Brenda's pride and joy. She, as the first born, is perfect in the eyes of her parents. Mindy, as she's called, can do no wrong, is heaped upon with every possible accolade from our parents and is instantly forgiven any mistakes she makes.

My sister, Belinda, is of course, the baby. Lindy, as she's affectionately known, is spoiled because she's the youngest and last child they will ever have. She is a bundle of joy and love no matter how fucked up she is.

That brings us to me. I'm Cynthia aka Cindy. And as the middle child, I don't exist. I was constantly forgotten by my parents and the rest of the family as well. My triumphs were ignored or down-played. My mistakes were magnified or used as an example for how superior my sisters were. I was constantly referred to as "The other one."

Throughout our lives, Mindy has struggled with a weight problem. Okay, I'm sugar coating it. Mindy is fat. To be brutally honest, my parents caused it. They loved her too much. Every time Mindy opened her cute little mouth, they filled it with cake. By the time we hit our teens, Mindy weighed more than the average adult woman. By the time we were adults, Mindy weighed more than the average adult male athlete who stood a foot taller than she did.

Lindy had at an early age noticed all of the attention and special treatment that Mindy got so she went the other way. She struggled with a host of problems that ranged from anorexia and bulimia, to all kinds of drugs. Since there was nothing wrong with me, again I was forgotten.

Whatever happened to Mindy affected everyone in the house. I honestly don't think my parents had a plan for parenting. They just made decisions as they came up, based on what had occurred with Mindy and that became the rule.

When Mindy turned eighteen, she'd never had a date. Seriously, what high school boy wants to date a nearly three hundred pound girl? So my dad paid one of the interns at his job to take Mindy to her prom. If it was good enough for Mindy, it became the rule. As a result, I wasn't allowed to date until I turned eighteen as well. I'd been asked from the time I was fifteen on, but wasn't allowed. Of course, Lindy, didn't date either. She just disappeared for days at a time on drug binges, but she never actually dated.

"Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters. I'd do anything for either one of them and have often given up things for their happiness. But this story mainly concerns Mindy and me, and the one time that I not only wouldn't give up something to make her happy, I actually took something that she had.

The three of us have always had a strong family resemblance. Our parents were attractive people and I guess on paper the three of us should be as well. We all have the same sparking blue eyes. We all have the same blond hair. But, of course, that's where the similarities end. Mindy, of course, is big. She isn't like a giant blob of fat. She still has an hourglass figure, it's just that the hourglass is about to explode and you can't actually tell the time because the whole thing is just completely filled with sand.

Lindy, on the other hand, even when she turned eighteen had the body of a fourteen year old boy. All of the drugs and anorexia during her early teens had stifled her development. Doctors told us that if she got off of drugs and changed her lifestyle, she might be able to gain some of the weight and development that she'd lost but it was never to be. Shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Lindy fried her brain with some exotic cocktail of drugs and had to be institutionalized. We visit her regularly, but she will never emotionally go beyond the mental state of a fourteen year old girl.

I have the problem of being pretty. I let my hair grow long and straight like our mother's. I'm 5 foot six and weigh one hundred and eighteen pounds. I have nice breasts, and a nice butt and a very tight trim tummy. I was a cheerleader and home coming queen. Of course, none of that mattered to my parents.

I, like my sister Mindy, had my first date at my senior prom. His name was Carlton Whitfield and he was the running back for our football team. He and I had passed smoldering glances back and forth all school year, just waiting for our chance to be together.

Of course, our first date was great for me. It was afterwards that my life all got fucked up. Let's face it. It was my first date. I knew all about sex and kissing and I felt those teen-aged hormones, I just had no experience. Besides, nice girls like me simply didn't put out and especially not on the first frigging date.

I was sure that Carlton was going to be the one for me. I pictured it as being just like our parents a generation before us. Carlton brought me back home immediately after the prom. He'd asked me to go to a party with him afterwards, but I'd declined. I had envisioned something completely different. I saw the two of us sitting on our porch swing and after a little bit of talking, I'd be ready for my first kiss.

It didn't exactly happen that way. I remember leaving Carlton on the porch while I went inside to get us both a glass of lemonade. Our parents were out so I felt at ease. I couldn't have been gone for more than five minutes before I came back and got my heart broken.

I still remember standing there in the doorway with two glasses of lemonade as my fat assed sister, made out with my date and told him lies about me.

They were kissing and she was letting him stick his tongue in her mouth.

"See what you're missing by dating my little idiot sister," crooned Mindy. "What does she have that I don't have? What do you like about her so much?"

"She's really nice," said Carlton nervously.

"So you're saying that I'm not nice?" hissed Mindy. "I'm the one who's letting you kiss me, not her."

"And she's really pretty and she's got a great body," said Carlton, becoming even more nervous. He was trying in his own shy way to stick up for me.

"What makes her body so great?" asked Mindy, standing up.

"She has nice boobs," said Carlton. "They look really g..."

"She doesn't have shit," hissed Mindy. She pulled the bottom of her shirt out of her skirt and showed him her huge boobs in her bra. "These are much bigger aren't they?"

Carlton's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. He nodded his head so quickly I thought his neck would fall off. Then Mindy eased herself into his lap and started dry humping him on our porch swing.

"Would you like to take this further?" she asked. He nodded. His eyes were staring right at her big bra covered tits. "You can't tell anyone about this," she said. He nodded again.

"When my little sister comes back, I want you to tell her that you have to go home. Then I want you to go around to our back yard and wait for me," said Mindy. He agreed and I started crying right then. I wiped the tears away and stepped out onto the porch.

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