Coffee and More

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: We're retired and my wife is in a bridge group of wives. They mentioned that they get together as couples for morning coffee and asked her if we might join. There was a lot of joining after that.

Chapter 1

Melody and I have had a happy life together, now married just over thirty-five years. We've raised two children, both girls, and they're long out of the house.

We live in a medium-sized city and I'd worked for one of the larger companies in the area that, in recent years, had undergone several downsizing periods that saw a number of our friends retire including us.

It was something I saw coming; I was not given early retirement in the first go-round but several of my long-time friends were. So, Melody and I began planning more seriously, realizing that it could come in the future. It was a smart thing for us to do, we had always put money into the company's employee investment plan and had also done some investing on our own which helped with building our overall net worth.

So, late last year when the axe did finally fall, we felt we were prepared and could live comfortably without having to continue to hold down jobs. Yes, we were retiring and it looked pretty good, especially after we were able to pay off the house mortgage.

There remained a few friends who were still working but the majority of the people I had worked with over the years that were near our age were now retired in a similar fashion.

We remained friends with many, of course; I still played golf with several and Melody had begun a bridge group even before we retired that she stayed a part of. It was this bridge group that would rather change our life.

Melody and I met in high school when her parents moved into our neighborhood and we were one another's first dates. And, we were married right after I got my degree so we've basically been together our whole lives. Yes, our sexual experience is also singular, neither of us has ever had another sexual partner. In fact, we had never even seen another person naked except for each other.

Now, maybe as you read this, you're remembering the scores of people you've had sex with and just how wonderful it's been. I can tell you that for Melody and me, our first moves toward sex, the feels, the first uncoverings, the first kissing below the neck, these were all slow but steady until we had our first sex as juniors in high school.

All I can say is, for us, it was wonderful. We were shy, that was true, especially Melody, but we progressed along to more erotic activities and we had intercourse before we did oral sex. It was Melody that I had to convince to let me give her oral sex even after she'd been giving it to me, even swallowing.

But, once that bridge was crossed, we had a wide variety of sex and each enjoyed it three or four times each week. It was also a happy event for us when the two girls were away at college so Mel and I could cavort naked around the house and have more fun.

Then came retirement and we were often were undressed around the house, me more than Melody, who was more concerned about someone finding out. For me, I really didn't care. Typical male, right?

We'd passed our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary, when a few weeks later, Melody came home after her bridge group.

"Michael, you'll never guess what we talked about at bridge today," she said, "so don't even try. It was about them all meeting for coffee a couple of times each week. Sophia, Carmen and Muriel ... with their husbands. And they've invited us."

She stood there grinning at me, her eyes wide as I told her, "Well, sure, why not. What days do they meet?"

"It varies but the real thing is what they wear."

I knew these three couples, of course, and figured that maybe they had some kind of charades thing going.

"You tell me, sweetie," I said and I stood there as she told me.

"It's a nude coffee klatsch, they don't wear anything. Can you believe it?"

"You sure they aren't just putting you on?"

"They all said it. They've asked me if we would like to be part of it?"

"They just drink coffee naked?"

"No, there's more. It's, um, a little more involved than that. They do things, too, sexual things."

"Oh, wife-swapping, trading partners? No shit, I never would have thought."

"No, not that, they do other stuff. Just not intercourse. They don't swap."

"Like what?" I asked and she told me that her friends had described in rather explicit detail how they would all strip down, then have coffee as they got used to being together like that, then the couples would line up, each husband facing his wife and each husband would spend one minute with his wife, kissing her, playing with her boobs, sucking her nipples, licking her pussy, whatever he wanted to do, then each guy would shift over one and do the next wife until all three had been given a minute by each husband. Then the wives took a turn on the men.

"They had a naked coffee then each had a minute's with of fun with the wives, then the wives did the husbands?" I asked to confirm what she was telling me.

"That's what they told me. And they wanted to see if we'd like to try it. Oh, and they sometimes go around more than one time. I still can't believe what they told me. Can you imagine how I felt as they all went on about it. They really love it, can you imagine? Our friends, doing something like this? It's like it's right out of some men's magazine."

"And they weren't putting you on? Not kidding you about it? You sure?"

"I was sure when they showed me pictures they've taken. I knew then that what they were saying was true. And they asked if we want to join in."

"I guess I might consider it, what about you?" I said figuring that Melody might just not want to do something like tis.

"I ... well, it's really ... I've never even seen another person's body but your's Michael. And I sure haven't shown any one mine but to you."

"Okay, but try to imagine seeing some other cocks beside mine. Maybe even touching them, giving them some strokes. How do you feel about something like that?"

"Yeah, sure, it get's me kind of worked-up, kind of excited, but I don't think I could ever do it."

"What about someone else playing with your boobs, feeling them, sucking them?"

"I can process it in my mind but I just don't see me getting naked with our friends, then doing that kind of stuff."

I tried to tell her that it was having sexual fun rather than intercourse but she didn't seem convinced.

The subject came up over the next few weeks several times and it was about three weeks later after she'd had bridge again and they told her again about the fun they were all having when she finally seemed to be softening her position.

"The girls talked about their naked coffee group again today, Michael. I guess the last time, they started dancing before they did the lining-up thing they do. Slow-dancing, too, so I guess it was pretty hot. They change partners and everything. I was wondering what that would feel like to dance like that. Would you want to try it?"

So, we got some nice, slow music on and stripped down and began dancing arm-in-arm. Of course, you know I had an erection and it did seem to delight Melody that it was so apparent as we moved around the bedroom. It didn't take long for our hands to be moving as much as our feet were and I looked down and asked her, "Well, is this more fun than dancing the way we usually do it?"

Her right hand was in mine while her left hand was gripping my erection as she answered, "Oh, I think there would be a lot of pregnant girls if the Junior-Senior Prom was like this."

"Now think of being led around by Bryant or Brad or Wade. Think about that for a few minutes." We danced into a second, then third number when she said softly, "I've been thinking of my friends' husbands dancing with me like this, Michael, I really have. Can I ask you something?"


"Would you take me to bed and fuck me, right now?"

I did just that and after was when Melody told me that she was ready to join in the nude coffee get-together. She called one of her friends and she told her that they were meeting Thursday morning at ten at Carmen and Wade Andrews' house and the date was set. It was Tuesday, two days away.

Chapter 2

I suppose it's time to tell you a little more about the people involved.

I'm six-one, one-eighty pounds, short-cropped brown hair with some gray around the sides, blue-eyes, nice grin, and a fairly toned body. Oh, that's just a tad over six and a half inches.

Melody is brunette with lots of blond highlights that are wavy as they fall on her shoulders, brown-eyed, pretty trim at five-five and one-twenty. They're just into C-cups for you boob fans out there. Oh, and her nipples are small and dark red with the centers almost always erect. And she shaves.

Bryant Turner is about six-even, also pretty trim, works out so I expect he's pretty solid. Nice looking guy with salt-and-pepper hair trimmed short, brown eyes. His wife, Sophia, is about five-nine, weighs maybe one-thirty with several pounds inside what I would guess are D-cups. I've seen her in a bikini and she's quite nice. Her hair is shoulder-length, blond with darker shadings as it falls to her shoulders in waves, gray-green eyes and prominent cheekbones.

Brad Black is the shortest of the four guys, about five-nine or so, wears dark-rimmed glasses, with short, mostly light gray hair. He plays a lot of tennis so he's also pretty trim and fit. Muriel plays lots of tennis as well and is around five-seven, close to her husband's height, and is trim weighing maybe one fifteen or twenty. She has wavy red hair to her shoulders and hazel eyes. Her boobs are not real big, probably A- or B-cup and she has a sprinkling of freckles.

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