Diane Learns a Lesson

by dawn1958

Caution: This Erotic Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Blackmail, Mind Control, Slut Wife, Interracial, mc sex story,mc story.

Desc: Erotic Mind Control Sex Story: Diane's husband is posted overseas after he joins the army. She is frustrated and lets the separation get to her, as she seems to lose her temper all of the time. Her neighbors learn to stay away from her, but not two eighteen year old teenagers.

This is a story written about a reader's fantasy, but please don't consider it as reality. He knows it is wrong to rape someone but it still doesn't stop his dreaming about it.

Diane had a foul mouth and her temper was just as bad. Everyone in the upscale condo complex knew her and most of them tried to stay out of her way when something didn't go her way. You could always tell when Diane was in a bad mood, as her pretty face was etched with anger and hatred. It wasn't so much she hated the world, but rather she hated being left alone. Her husband was in the army and stationed in Afghanistan on an overseas mission. They had been married two years and loved each other; yet it was funny how time apart affected any love.

One fateful day when Diane was in the basement laundry room, she picked on the wrong person. "You little asshole! GET OUT! Get the hell out of here and take your little fag friend with you," she screamed. The constant harassment from certain tenants in the condo complex finally got to her and she lost control. "Nobody touches my clothes ... especially two little creeps ... perverts!"

The two teenage boys were well aware of Diane's routine and knew she spent Monday evenings doing laundry. Jeff and his closest friend, Danny, would do anything to get a look at the sexy married woman. They often pretended to create chance encounters with Diane just to get close to her and be able to ogle Diane's seductive body. Jeff and Danny watched the complex's laundry area as well as the exercise, sauna and hot tub areas like hawks and they loved secretly spying on her whenever she used any of the spots.

Diane foolishly assumed her schedule matched the teenagers' regime, as they seemed to be using the exercise equipment whenever she worked out. The teens absolutely loved catching her dressed in skimpy attire and nothing accented her seductive curves like tight Lululemon and spandex. The total absence of any panty line or undergarments did wonders for the teenagers' sexual appetite.

Both teenagers could barely contain their enthusiasm whenever watching Diane workout. Jeff ogled her luscious breasts and he noted every time her overly pronounced nipples showed. He couldn't take his eyes off her bouncing boobs, which seemed to put great stress on her stretchy outfits. Danny was a leg and hip guy and he couldn't take his eyes off her long muscular legs and shapely hips. He often fantasized about catching Diane naked and actually caressing her tantalizing thighs and perfectly well-rounded butt. He marveled at how the tight attire made her appear extremely desirable.

Because the teenagers were from the complex and she knew them, Diane wasn't offended whenever she caught them admiring her. She was used to men staring because of her ravishing sexy appearance and she actually reveled in any attention now that her husband was stationed overseas.

The teenagers had the silliest notion that Diane was attracted to them. Jeff considered her the best looking woman in the whole building and he let it affect his judgment at times. Not only was she young and radiant; Diane was seductive and dressed to show off her womanly delights and her clothes seemed to get sexier with each passing day her husband was away. No matter what she wore, Diane was alluring, especially to two eighteen-year-old teens.

Jeff glared at the infuriated woman who had just yelled at him. "But ... but ... I was only," he said, as he tried not to look at the fancy bra he had removed from the dryer. "I was just trying to help."

Diane grabbed her lacy bra out of the teen's hand and quickly shoved it into her laundry basket. She looked at the frightened teenager and felt a little bad for losing control. "I'm very capable. I don't need help with my laundry," she said. "Leave ... get out and stop staring at me."

Jeff reacted without thinking. He grabbed another garment out of the dryer and his heart stopped, as he fingered the skimpiest pair of thong panties. His eyes shifted from Diane's to the panties and back again. He was dumbfounded and timidly handed her the garment. "Sorry ... yes, sorry. I didn't mean to offend you ... just help," he whispered.

She grabbed the panties and threw them in the basket. "You heard me, asshole. Get out ... leave me alone," she yelled again. "Stop staring at me."

Jeff felt totally embarrassed. He responded in a fashion of an irate teenager who had been humiliated in front of his best friend. "I'll get you. I'll get even! You're the biggest bitch around here and you think your shit doesn't stink," he said. "You swing that pretty ass around like you're the Queen of Sheba. I'll get you ... I'll get even with you!"

The teenager quickly decided to cut his losses. Jeff motioned at Danny and then he turned around and departed the cramped laundry room area. "C'mon, lets go. We'll get even with the bitch. One way or other ... I'll fuck that gorgeous piece of ass," he whispered to his friend loud enough for Diane to hear him.

They hustled down a long hallway and out into the complex's backyard. "Holy shit, the woman is crazy. We were just trying to help and she goes nuts on us," Danny said.

"Yeah, Christ I was just helping ... I didn't know her fucking undies were in the dryer," Jeff stated. "I was just going to get her clothes out and put them in the fucking laundry basket."

"Man, I'll never forget her look when you held up that sexy bra," Danny said. "When you looked at her boobs, that's when she went off the deep-end."

"Yeah, I was imagining her wearing the fucking bra and that's when I looked at her. Did you notice her fucking nipples showing," Jeff asked?

"That was the skimpiest bra ... and see-through. Christ her tits would show and I get the biggest hardon just thinking about it," Danny replied.

"Fuck, I wanted to grab her big knockers and feel the shit out of them."

"Christ I'd give a million bucks to get close to those tits. She may be the biggest bitch in the area, but she's definitely got the sexiest body."

"Well I'll get even with that bitch if it's the last thing I do. Mark my words," Jeff declared.

"Geez, when you grabbed her panties, she really lost it. Fuck, that thong would barely cover her cunt. Can you imagine what a wife wants if she wears something that skimpy," Danny asked. "She wants to get screwed!"

"You ain't fucking kidding. That bitch wants some hard cock. You just wait," Jeff promised, as he grabbed the bulge at the front of his crotch and made a lewd gesture. "We'll get into her pants one way or other."

Diane watched the teenagers leave the building and she was instantly filled with regret. She wasn't sure what had caused the horrible eruption at two innocent teens. Defiantly, Diane shrugged her shoulders and went back to folding her clothes. 'Oh well, the little asshole shouldn't have tried to help. I didn't like the funny look on his face when he fondled my bra ... and the damn grin when he touched my other clothes, ' she whispered. 'Christ, I think the little bugger was hitting on me.'

Guys were always hitting on Diane. She wasn't stupid and knew that she was a very desirable woman, especially when she wanted to be. Lately it seemed that she dressed in an increasingly provocative fashion for a married woman with her husband far away, but she deemed the reason was because of the lack of attention from the man she loved. 'That damn little shit-head has been pestering me for months ... trying to seduce me, ' Diane thought, as she relented and felt bad for being rude to Jeff.

Deep down Diane knew the reason for her unusual actions, though it shamed her to think about how she found the attention from men quite desirable. She was a woman with extremely high sexual needs and her husband's absence left her with no relief. Seemingly every week that passed, her desires increased. At first she was able to resist any temptation, but with the passage of time her willpower gradually weakened.

One day Diane discovered the perfect remedy for her pent up emotions. She masturbated and it was such a mystical experience that she used masturbation thereafter on a daily basis to relieve the tension. Whenever she didn't finger herself, the desire built and became very evident in her attire, with shorter dresses, lower cut blouses and sexy lingerie. It even showed up by her having a seductive sway to her hips when she walked, which gave many men and especially teenage boys reason to lust after her.

Diane found her behavior mystifying and she developed a deep fear that she was losing control of her desires bubbling ever stronger within her body. She finished folding her clothes and her mind kept going back to the teenager's brazen comments when he departed. 'I bet you want to get into my pants ... but that will never happen. Gorgeous piece of ass! Well you little asshole, you can dream, but you'll never have sex with me.'

She decided to walk up to her condo rather than use the elevator. That was mainly because her mind was furiously going over the numerous times she was confronted by Jeff and Danny and she wanted time to reflect. 'Geez, every time I'm doing laundry they're here ... staring down my shirt ... staring at my butt. Every time I look at them they're ogling me, ' she reflected.

'Geez, that time in the exercise room when they kept staring at me. Gawd, I thought my boobs were showing, ' she thought and chuckled to herself. 'I hope they got a kick out of me doing jumping jacks so that my tits bounced up and down. I thought the little buggers were going to blow a gasket that day.'

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