Here Try This

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: My mom gives me a sixteenth birthday present that changes my life.

Chapter 1

It was a few weeks day after my sixteenth birthday when I finally made up my mind to ask my mother about something ... masturbation.

No, I knew about it; after all, I was sixteen and all my friends talked about sex all the time, including masturbation. One, my best friend, Jillian Reynolds, even told me that her mother had giver her a vibrator. I asked her how it was and that took about an hour and a half. Then she invited me over for an afternoon to try it out.

Oh, it was the hottest, wildest afternoon of my life.

So, I knew there was no way for me to get one of these things unless I asked my mom. And, guess what? She said she'd been thinking about getting me something to handle my 'urges' as she put it. Mom and I get along really well and can even talk about sex and stuff, so when she said that, I shot right back with "Well, I thought that's what boy's penises were for."

She laughed, knowing I was kidding her (well, some, anyway) and she said for me to leave it for her to get me something nice.


I'd actually forgotten about our conversation when my mom came upstairs one afternoon to my room and handed me a package. "Here, this is for you. Have fun."

I got it open and there were two vibrators in it. One was like I'd used at Jillian's house, shaped like a dick that vibrated when you turned it on and the other was ... well, different ... in two parts. 'Wireless remote, ' the package read. 'Wear it and enjoy or have someone else give you a buzz; great for parties, just pass the remote around to your friends. They'll become your wireless lovers.'

Wow. This thing, the egg-shaped part, went up inside, up in my pussy and the control, well, whoever held it did the controlling. So, I sat down and read the brief instructions. The thing was really pretty wild. The control was a circular disk and it had a bunch of functions, six levels of vibrations that you could run up or down or you could make it pulse and throb or set the controller disk to change the vibrating depending on how you held it or tipped it or shook it back and forth.

Oh, guess which one I tried first? There was a bottle of lube in the box as well, so I got everything set, got up and closed and locked my door, then went and got naked and up on my bed, leaning back against the headboard. I rested the egg in my stomach and turned it on.

Omigod, it began buzzing and jumping around right there. I turned it off for now I wanted it inside. I rubbed some of the lube on it, widened my legs and pushed the thing up in, feeling myself fill, then turned on the remote disk again.

As I tilted the disk back and forth, my pussy lit up like the Fourth of July as the buzzing cycled up and down. I kept moving it around as it kept changing its speed and intensity up inside me. I stretched my legs straight out and I kept moving the remote around until it felt like my whole body exploded. I was swept over with a tide of ecstasy, over and over, as the egg kept working inside. I just stretched out and let it go and go and go until I'd had three orgasms. I even fell asleep for a while, I was so wrung out.

When I woke, I was on my bed naked, on top of the covers, not the usual way I would take a nap but, then, remembered what I had been doing earlier. The egg thing was still inside me.

I got dressed and put the remote in my pocket and went downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen.

She looked over, smiling, asking me, "Well, you look happy, did I pick out a couple of good ones?"

I went over to her and gave her a tight hug telling her, "Oh, Mom, I don't know about the long one yet but the egg one is awesome. I just let it run. Three times it got me off. Wow. You're the best, Mom."

"I saw that one and thought it might be fun. Maybe I'll get one for myself," she said, smiling saucily.

"I still have it in," I said as I pulled out the remote and moved it around.

"Now, honey, you can't take this to school or out of the house and, well, you should really just use it in your room. Okay? I know it's new and it's fun but that's best."

So I went back upstairs and got myself off four more times before supper. I used the second vibrator for the last orgasm since the batteries needed recharging in the egg one.

After supper it was right back upstairs getting myself to cum over and over; I was just crazy for trying these new toys. I finally collapsed into a deep sleep and didn't wake up until almost ten the next morning.

When I went downstairs, my brother, Robert, was there just getting his cereal bowl out of the cabinet.

"Wow, little sis, you sure slept late. Big night last night?"

"Mmm, kinda," I said knowing inside that I had a hell of a night last night.

"But you were home, right?" he asked looking at me like I had come from a spaceship.

"Yeah but sometimes fun just happens, right?"

He looked funny at me and went on getting his breakfast. I went upstairs and put the recharged egg back in and got dressed and went back downstairs. As I was coming down, I turned on the egg's remote, leaving the vibration off on the remote and walked in the kitchen.

"Here, look what I got for my birthday," I said as I handed my brother the brightly-colored round disk.

He turned it over looking at the bottom, then back up, as the thing began cycling up and down vibrating softly in my pussy.

"Yeah, so? What it is?"

"See if you can figure it out?" I told him as he turned it over and back again. "Try moving it around, wave it around."

He shook it, then swung it over his head and back down.

"Mmm, do it some more, like that."

He looked really oddly at me, shrugged his shoulders, then shook it some more and waved it around.

"Ohh, mmm," I gasped, my breathing now heavier.

"Why is your face red, Nicole? Are you all right?"

"Oh, I'm wonderful, just don't stop," I asked. "Just keep it moving around."

I was standing there with this wonderful thing up inside me, vibrating up and down, from soft to more intense, then pulsing, making me feel so good while my brother had no clue.

"Why is this making you turn red?" he asked right as it tipped me over the edge and I stood there, trying to hold myself steady but shaking anyway, while I had an orgasm right in front of him.

"Oh, oh, omigod, uuh, umm, mmm," I groaned as I clenched my fists, my body jerking as I stood there. "Oh, wow," I gasped as he looked down at the remote.

"What's this thing do to you? You had a spasm or something."

I laughed, it was all I could do.

"You just made me cum, Robert, I just had an orgasm," I panted.

"You're shitting me. Is this like connected inside you somehow? No, come on. You're putting me on."

"Keep moving it around, it feels really good."

"It's like some kind of remote control vibrator or something? Like inside you right now?"

"You got it. Mom gave it to me for my birthday. And you're the first person to get me off with it. Thanks. Wanna try again, now that you know what it is?"

"You're kidding. It really is like a female sex thing that you put up inside?"

"Yeah, I'll show you later if you want," I said knowing that he'd have to see my pussy if I was really going to do that. But I was feeling so sexed-up that I really didn't care. "So, do you want to do it again?"

Now, he was grinning as he said, "Sure. Just twist and turn it, shake it around? Maybe you should sit down. Or we could go up to your room and do it on your bed."

I agreed with that and we both jogged up to my room with him giving me all kinds of wonderful feelings as we went up.

"Is it on now? Can you feel this?" he asked as he followed me.

"Oh, I can feel it all right. Yes, it's on and it's sure turning me on, too," I giggled as I went in my room and flopped down on my bed.

I had a teeshirt and bra on and shorts under with no panties; why bother I figured.

"Get me off, big brother, make me cum," I urged him in my sultriest voice as he began moving the disk up and down, turning it, making it fly through the air, even tossing it from one hand to the other.

"Can you feel it?"

"Oh, yeah, you're makin' it go crazy inside me, oh this is so good."

"What's it look like? The part that's up inside you? Like long and thin?"

"No, more like an egg. And, boy, you're sure making it feel good."

"There's only one thing I would wish for, Nicole."

That was interesting, I thought. So I asked, "What's that?"

"That I could be doing this while you were naked."

Okay, there it was. So, I said, "I will if you will," smiling up at him as he kept moving the remote around making it buzz up and down inside my pussy.

He put the remote down and began taking his clothes off so I started taking mine off as well.

I looked up right as I undid my bra in the back and his eyes were right on my chest. I slowly let it slide down my arms onto my lap as his eyes widened.

"Oh, wow, Nicole. Last time I saw you without your shirt on, they were hardly little bumps. You have beautiful boobs, really nice."

I felt my face grow warm, after all, his words were the first praise my breasts had ever received; it felt pretty nice.

Then he pulled his navy blue briefs to the floor.

My brother was seventeen, now really close to being a man and his dick, well, it sure looked like a man-sized dick to me. Not that I was any expert but it was long and thick and curved up some. I was expecting it to be straight but, after all, it was the first one I'd ever seen alive and in person. It was beautiful.

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