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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An Omni-sexual guy goes from mostly gay to bi to bi plus. Just a fun story of getting together and the fun of it all. "Warning" not for homophobes.

Sitting in front of the TV watching some male to male porn displayed while I stroked my dick became a sudden awakening of introspection.

While still stroking my hard cock, I began evaluating what I liked but where my life was.

My sex life was mostly with men but in reality I was more omni-sexual than gay. I liked sex of all varieties but I enjoyed sex with men possibly just a little bit more.

I really enjoyed fucking a guy's asshole while jacking him off.

There is almost nothing better than to suck a nice dick until it shoots torrents of semen into your mouth for you to taste and swallow.

It is so good to feel a dick rub back and forth on your prostate until your own cum blasts up your body and sometimes into your mouth. I taste sooo good.

But I needed a new direction. I needed to think about my future and what I wanted for a life in my future.

While sitting on the sofa with my hard dick in my hand and an alarmingly hot video playing, my thoughts raced to the future and what I would like to experience.

I wanted to experience being a husband of a woman. (That was a weird thought from left field) I wanted to experience being a dad, perhaps being a dad multiple times.

My dick wilted as my mind raced into the future. Some of my preferences would have to change and some of my activities would have to change.

The next morning, Saturday morning, I stretched out and began running the trail I ran most every day. Who knows why but I was pushing myself a little by running faster than normal. Mostly I jogged but this morning I was running and not tiring from the exertion.

I ran past multiple people running together not paying a lot of attention to them as I sped past them but when I came to a group of runners I had to go outside the concrete sidewalk to get around them.

As I passed the last runner in the pack the runner in front of her stepped into my path and I tried to side step him but he elbowed me just enough to send me sprawling.

The group stopped to help me up and the group following them stopped as well. The following group was quick to condemn the group I was passing for obstructing and hitting me.

I was still having trouble breathing as I had taken a good tumble.

A young lady stood over me and offered me a hand to stand-up. She smiled as she asked, "Are you okay to keep running?"

After moving my arms and legs and stretching a little to see if I was okay I made a suggestion, "Go ahead and I'll just trot along to find out what I might need."

All of the morning joggers ran off but the one lady who helped me up stayed to watch me. I began jogging slowly and she followed alongside of me.

She said, "You seem to be doing okay. Are you hurting anywhere?"

As I slogged along I told her, "I think I'm fine but I'm going to head home to get a hot shower and perhaps go for some breakfast."

The girl said as she ran beside me, "I'm Marty and I'll change and be at your door so we can go to breakfast together. Is that okay?"

"How do you know where I live?"

"Easy," she said, "I've been running with you or rather following you for months. I'll be at your condo's front door. Let's eat together."

We separated at the entrance to my condo's high-rise building. I watched her run to the next tall building and turn in. It was reasonable that we had run together for months or perhaps years and never met. My shower and shave didn't take long and I was back down at the building's front door when she walked up.

I stepped out and stuck out my hand, "Hi, I'm Dean and you're?"

The lady laughed and said as she took my hand, "Marty. I think I told you but we really didn't introduce ourselves did we?"

I suggested, "How about the Village Inn a couple of blocks up. We can have breakfast there unless you have somewhere special you'd like to go."

Marty smiled and said, "Village Inn is a good choice."

We casually walked the couple of blocks to the restaurant while talking about how crowded it has been in the area lately. She told me she had often followed me while I ran as I was big enough to encourage others to move over for me. I agreed with her that of late it has been more difficult to get people to move over for runners who were faster.

While eating, we continued our get to know each other conversation. I found out she rented with a girl friend and she found out I was a new condo owner after having rented for years. She was an interior decorator architect and I was a tenant exec for a large property holder. We actually had probably crossed paths multiple times in the past but didn't realize it.

When we finished our breakfast, I asked Marty what she had on tap for today. She told me nothing, as she only needed to do some laundry but that it could wait if I had something better to do.

Now I was stymied, as I didn't have anything special to do either but whatever we did needed to be within neutral territory. "Marty, how about looking into the convention center to check out the boats there. They'll have more boats outside that are really big and are all just drooling specimens."

"I'm up for it Dean. Sounds like a great way to spend the day."

The boat show was everything we thought it would be. Inside were boats all the way up to forty feet long. We went through boat after boat and talked about what we liked and didn't like about each. When we went outside, the first boat we looked at was a sixty-five foot cruiser that wasn't all that nice. It was fancy and had some nice features but the cost of operation figures were enough to scare me away.

We looked through several boats before we came to a group of catamarans. The first couple was motor boats that were nice but you had to carry a lot of fuel to go anywhere. The cost of fuel was enough to keep you away.

The next group of catamarans was sailboats and we began with the smaller ones and went through each on the way up to a seventy-five footer. It was easy to see that we were out of our class there and went back to a forty-four footer that had a very nice layout.

I lost Marty as I talked with a seasoned salesman about learning to sail a boat such as this. The man was good as he kept showing me how easy it was to lift and lower sails and the various configurations it would take to sail the boat. The salesman offered me a way out by offering me a two day experience on a catamaran to find out if I like it or not. We set it up for the following weekend.

When Marty came up from below after looking at the staterooms, she said, "This is the way to do it. If I had a sailboat it would be like this."

I told her that I had taken up the offer of a weekend on a catamaran sailboat so I could decide if something like this would be right for me.

Marty looked at me with half closed eyes, "Take me with you Dean. I want to see if I like it on board a sailboat too. If I really like it, I'll get one of my own."

Marty and I ended up running with each other every morning starting on Sunday. After our run Sunday, Marty asked if I wanted to go to church with her. I didn't care one way or another so I agreed to meet her at her building's front door in a half-hour to go to church.

After church I suggested we take my car to a restaurant for lunch. We didn't go to a local place but drove across the bay to end up at a small place near Pass-a-grill beach that had delicious seafood. While we ate, Marty asked, "How come you didn't invite me over last night to get better acquainted?"

I was smiling as I told her, "Long ago I learned not to be too aggressive with young ladies I have just met. You are someone I'd like to know better and for a long time so I figured we needed to get to know each other one step at a time."

Marty told me, "Well, next week we are going to be out for two nights on that sail boat so we better be good friends by then."

I reassured her, "There are four staterooms on the boat so we will each have our own room. You don't have to worry about having to share a room with me."

Marty looked at me with a blushing half-closed eyes come on, "I may not want my own room Dean. We might want to share one."

Sprong. I wasn't and had not thought of us getting together but that comment brought on a major woody. My pants were stretched to the max.

Now this is funny as most all of my sexual activity for the past several years had all been male to male, pure homosexual. I was not flagrant about it but I enjoyed sucking off a load from a friend and I enjoyed being fucked until I squirted. I enjoyed fucking a partner until I filled a condom and loved to be sucked until I loosed a barrage of cum into another's mouth. I figured I was close to gay, queer, homo. Is this babe going to screw up my entire sexual mentality? Is she going to be the answer to those questions I had been asking myself?"

Friday morning as I stretched out on the walkway, Marty came up to me and stretched with me. When we were ready, we began to jog slowly preparing ourselves to run. Marty asked, "Are you excited about sailing?"

I nodded and smiled, "Actually Marty, I am. This is going to be fun as well as educational. Are you looking forward to it?"

Marty was picking up the pace but said, "You bet. I want to feel the water under me and watch the sails fill with air as we're pushed along."

As we parted that morning, Marty grabbed my arm and pulled me around. She looked me in the eye and said, "I hope we both have a good time sailing this weekend." She pulled my head to hers and kissed me. That left me with a smile as I watched her trot off to her building.

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