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Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Niece, .

Desc: Fiction Story: Oversexed man is lured into cheating with his wifes niece. The outcome of their action is surprising.

I'm a Horn Dog. I love sex and orgasms. I have ever since I first discovered it felt goooood to choke the chicken. That was about the time I turned 13 years old. After making the discovery I probably beat off every day at least once and most days twice. My bedroom had hardwood floors in it. Thank god my Mother thought I was spilling glue on them from making the little plastic models most young men build. I would lay in bed after the lights were out and beat off then just before I came I would scoot to the edge of the bed, throw the covers back, push my little cock out over the edge and let fly. Of course the cum would splatter on the floor then dry into a nice little grey puddle that stuck to the floor.

Mother thought I had spilled glue on the floor and get on her hands and knees to scrape it up. She never did realize she was scraping my solidified cum off the floor. Sometimes I would get a pair of sox from my dresser and use them as a sleeve to dump my cum in. From that I graduated to getting a plastic bag, putting a little Vaseline inside it and nestling it in my hand between two pillows to simulate a girls legs. I would thrust and thrust until I came in the bag. This eliminated the spots on the floor and Mother complimented me one day for learning how to make my models without spilling glue all over. Ha!

I got my first piece of ass when I was 15 and I never looked back. My GOD. Pussy was great! I still beat off a lot because I couldn't tap my girlfriend every day but fucking sure cut down on my other pastime. By the time I got out of high school I was a coxman deluxe. I had learned how to talk to and flirt with girls, women. I could read them and knew almost instinctively how to talk and what buttons to push to get them to spread their legs for me. I always had a steady woman by the time I got into college and usually had one or two in the wings that I was tapping occasionally. I don't know how many steady girls I lost when they found out about my extracurricular activities. I didn't really care. I had never found anyone who was special enough to me to worry if they dumped me for screwing around.

Let's face it. I loved women. I loved to flirt with them. I loved to touch them. I loved to fuck them. I just loved to be with them. Almost all my friends were female and I gloried in it. Then I met Glenna. Oh, my gosh. She was perfect. She was about 5'8" tall. She was slender with a nice small waist, beautiful flaring hips and legs and ass to die for. Her breasts were about a small C cup and she had a beautiful head of brunet hair.

I could go on forever about her wonderful sunny personality, her sense of humor and her love of life. Her parents operated a 1300 acre farm about ten miles from my parent's smaller 640 acre farm. We both had the same background and for a female she was a Horn Dog too. She wasn't slutty by any means but she sure did love sex. When I first began dating her Glenna was the one to initiate sex. How great is that? Normally if I didn't get some pussy on the second date I would never ask the girl out again. With Glenna it was our fourth date when we first had sex and she asked me for it.

By our seventh date I had dropped all my other women and concentrated on Glenna. I was in love. She was in love. We never looked back. The first six or seven years of marriage unless Glenna was on the rag I had sex every day. Many days I would nail her morning and evening, sometimes twice in the evening. I could just touch Glenna's beautiful tits and her nipples would pop out and her pussy would start draining. I could make her cum just by playing with her nipples. It was such a trip. I loved to watch her cum. It was so beautiful.

Glenna came from a large family. She had two older sisters and three brothers, two of which were older than us. Her oldest brother was fourteen years older than I was. I was four years older than Glenna. Glenna and I both worked. We also had three children over the years beginning five years after we married. Between both our careers and our jobs our sex life began to decline. I was suffering pussy withdrawal by the time I was 33. Our sex life had declined to maybe 3 or 4 days a week and usually only once a day, twice at most.

My brother in law, the husband of Glenna's next older sister and I were talking and complaining about the reduction in our sex life one day. He was almost as much of a Horn Dog as I was. We were five or six beers into a fishing trip when he looked at me and said, "You Know Jerry I'm starting to believe Patrice is getting her cock somewhere else. I'm down to getting a piece an average of twice a week and sometimes I have to almost force her to get that. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm about ready to dump her, divorce her ass and find someone who will fuck me."

His statement hit me in the gut. I had never thought of Glenna cheating as a possibility. I still operated our family farm and Glenna worked in town as a receptionist and cashier for a nationally known investment firm. We were apart from the time she left home at 650 in the morning to drive the 41 miles to work until she got back home around 6 in the evening. She did have an hour for lunch and I began to wonder if she was getting some of her cock over her lunch hour. I had never even thought about cheating on Glenna after she gave me the first piece of ass.

After I got home from that trip I looked at Glenna in a different light. I knew I was NOT happy with our sex life any longer. I still loved Glenna to death. She was still the woman I married but she was not nearly as much fun as when she was younger. We began to have arguments about the reduced sex and the way she acted when she got home.

Unless it was planting or harvesting season I had supper prepared when she got home. The children and I were hungry by 6 in the evening when she got home. If I had waited on her to make supper we would not have eaten until seven or later. After the meal Glenna would grudgingly clean up the kitchen then she would disappear into the living room and curl up with a damn romance novel. She sometimes read until eleven or eleven thirty at night before coming to bed. If I managed to stay awake that long to try for a piece of ass she would refuse me or we would argue about it and she would grudgingly give in.

The nights I got the pity sex it was never very good. Oh, sure, I got my nut and it was better than beating off. I mean, hell, sticking your cock into any pussy is better than no pussy at all but the entire pleasurable experience was lacking. Usually when she came these evenings it was one of her minor ones and sometimes only once, twice at the most. I liked to make her cum six or eight times during a sex session. I got as much pleasure out of watching her lose control and cum over and over until her muscles hurt as I did from getting my nut.

I became more and more angry as the next year went by. I found myself resenting my wonderful wife and her attitude. I began to obsess thinking about the possibility of her cheating on me. Finally one night when Glenna refused to have sex with me I lost it. I angrily stormed out of bed and dove into my bottle. I woke the next morning in my lounge chair. Glenna had already gone to work.

That morning I decided to begin checking up on Glenna to see if she was cheating. On the days when I had nothing pressing to do I followed her to work. Some days I followed her during her lunch period. Other days I watched to see what she did when she left work. I followed her and even had a couple of my friends check on her from time to time. I never found her doing anything she should not have been doing. Somehow she just had lost interest in sex.

Finally I totally lost it one evening. I told her I couldn't take her attitude any longer, that I didn't know what to do but I could not go on as we were. By this time we were down to sex once or twice a week like her sister Patrice and her husband were.

Glenna reluctantly went to her doctor and asked about her reduced sex drive. The doctor put her on Progesterone. Glenna had a partial hysterectomy about seven years before and her hormones were too low. The doctor thought that would help with her lubrication which had been lacking and also help with her sex drive. After a couple of months things improved. Glenna was now willing to have sex two or three times a week and once in a while she would initiate it! She also lubricated better although not nearly as much as she had done before her surgery. Unfortunately, I still needed more than I was getting. Fate stepped in and dealt me a winning hand. I became a cheater, the lowest of the low I might add.

Glenna's side of the family tended to enjoy sex and this, of course, tended to result in children. Almost all of her siblings had a houseful of children. Most of them only had three but two of her siblings had four children. Her oldest brother, the oldest of her siblings had four children—two boys and two girls. His oldest girl, Shirley, was born when he was 18. By the time fate dealt me the winning hand she was 33 and I was 37.

Shirley was a female version of me. From family rumor Shirley loved the boys when she was younger. Unfortunately, like many women she liked the "bad boys". She would sneak out of her bedroom window many nights to run with her boyfriends. Her family moved twice just to get her away from the crowd she was running with. I suppose it was a struggle for them to get her out of high school without getting pregnant or some disease.

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