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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My wife and I were taking a late summer camping trip to the national forest in the Northwest and after a few days of hiking we broke it up with a night at a motel that was used mostly as a camp for summer students and joined them for their end of summer party. My wife got an education.

My wife and I were taking a late summer camping trip to the national forest in the Northwest and after a few days of hiking we broke it up with a night at a motel that was used mostly as a camp for summer students working on government contracts for fish and wildlife or forestry. We met the owners, a likeable, good looking, couple in their fifties named Jack and Colleen at check in, had a shower and a game of mattress tag before sacking out. Next morning after breakfast we headed out for a tour around the place, our room was in the front building and the back building was where the students bunked. As we walked by the back buildings patio we happened on six college kids looking unhappily at the propane system for the hot tub. When I was in university I worked for an equipment rental and took care of the propane stuff, so I went over and offered a hand. There was a big cheer when I got it fired up with the help of a couple of tools from the garden shed behind the tub and we were invited to their end of work hot tub party that night.

We showed up with a couple of bottles of wine and one look at Amy in her bikini had the guys welcoming us warmly. There were two couples and two single guys, all in their early twenties: Karen and Rick, Sarah and Stephen, Colin and Tom. We had a great time, Amy flirted with the two single guys, Colin and Tom, and was in her groove. God! she looked hot tonight. She always looks great but sometimes she steps it up a notch to smoking hot, a friend of ours says he thinks she's in heat when she's like that. He also says that he gets in heat when she's like that. And thats what I was thinking about when Tom hopped out and came back with a portable CD player and a couple of fat doobies or as my wife calls them: clit nip, because when she tokes it goes straight to her pussy. We usually save the pot for special occasions because Amy gets so horny and fucked up from it.

The tunes went on and the joint got lit, it was so cool to pass it around in a hot tub outdoors, we were all feeling good. Everyone was mellow, leaning back with my hand on Amy's thigh, the heel of my palm pressed against her pussy, giving it little circular rubs, the world was perfect. A little later Sarah told Tom to fire up another joint and Tom shrugged with a smirk. The girls started giving him the gears, even Amy was on his case, he played them until they weren't going to take no for an answer and then he asked them what they were bringing to the party? Karen replied sweetly: "Why us of course!" He did a fake yawn and patted his mouth, I was killing myself and the girls were all over him. He held his hands up in mock surrender: "OK, OK, if you want more of what I've got, I want to see more of what you've got". Now it was the guys turn, all of us started on the girls, put up or shut up! No guts no glory! Sarah was the first: she unhooked her top and threw it at Tom who caught it and kissed the tip of each cup, we roared. Karen tossed her top to him and he kissed the tip of each of her cups and then the whole tub turned to Amy. I didn't know what she would do, we had been to nude beaches before but this was more intimate and a lot more daring. She paused for effect, then, unhooked the clasp of her bikini top, both of her hands palmed the cups to her breasts and she began to rhythmically squeeze them. Everyone moaned and I mean everyone! She looked at Tom: "You can have mine but you have to kiss the inside." We all howled! The hot tub got hotter. Amy threw her top to Tom and he pressed his pursed lips to the inside of each cup never breaking eye contact with her. Smokin! Tom reached for the second doobie and fired it up to everyones pleasure. Amy scored big, taking the lead from Sarah who was the first to toss her top. While the joint was going around I checked out the breasts bobbing in the water and all of them were perfectly my taste, all B cup, Amy's classic pair with pink nipples, Sarah had beautiful pointers tipped with puffy nips, and Karen had a pair of half boulders that I would have liked to squeeze to see if they were as firm as they looked. I wondered how competitive Sarah and Karen were, I know Amy is very competitive! It wasn't a long wait.

Tom kept picking up each of his bikini top collection and kissing them and making like he was was feeling up a full cup, we laughed till it hurt. Then he started sharing them with Colin who took Karen's down to his submerged crotch and rolled his head back and groaned. I had to look away, I was laughing so hard it was starting to fuck me up. The girls were squirming and us guys were egging the boys on. Sarah reclaimed the lead. We were all focused on Tom and Colin when Sarah's bikini bottom hit Tom in the face. "Kiss the inside of these!" Ho! Ho! The game's on. Tom didn't even hesitate and pulled them right over his head with the crotch in front of his mouth and sighed, a moment later he got hit with two more bikini bottoms, we guys took off our suits and tossed them at the girls and who threw them as far away from the tub that they could. I love skinny dipping and naked women. I have a lot of voyeur in me and I get really hot watching Amy and here's my wife naked in the hot tub with six other naked and good looking people, two of whom are single guys.

Amy was sitting sideways on the hot tub seat leaning her back against my arm, facing towards Tom, teasing him for spending so much time playing with her bikini bottoms while I was looking the other way talking to Sarah. After a bit I started to notice Amy's upper back was pressing on my arm so I looked over her shoulder to see what was going on. Fuck! I felt the wind go out of me, Amy was arching her back to display her tits to Tom and he was staring right at them, she was getting hot. Sarah looked at me and asked if I was okay, then Amy heard this and turned around and asked the same question with some concern. A couple of times in the past I have had a strong reaction to pot when I'm in a hot tub and would have to crash, I guess the combination of strong weed and hot water. Not this time! I felt fine but that's not what I told Amy. I said I was a little baked and was going to crash, Amy started reaching for her bathing suit but I caught her arm and told her to stay, she argued, and I said I would feel guilty if she left too, so I'll have to stay even if I poach, she relented. The others were all encouraging Amy to stay. I looked at her and said: "You know when this happens I'll be out for the night when my head hits the pillow, "Have fun" a little peck and I was headed back to our room.

I dried off, put on a dark, high neck, pull over and a pair of dark sweat pants and headed back to the party only this time I went around the other side of the motel and came up on the hot tub from behind the garden shed, beside the shed was a work bench attached to a lattice fence with walkway lights on the opposite side facing the hot tub. I was invisible in the shadow behind the lattice fence but with the walkway lights aimed towards the hot tub I could see them all perfectly. Amy did not seem to be mourning my departure at the moment, she was sitting up on the edge of the tub half turned towards Tom and Colin and we all had a perfect view of her, trimmed short fur and fat pussy lips. I was hard as a rock. Steven got out and changed the cd to a dance mix and Sarah hopped out to join him. Amy loves to dance and when Tom grabbed her hand she didn't even hesitate. I was a little nervous with them dancing so close to me so I sat down on the grass and moved under the work bench giving me an excellent view with my eyes about crotch height. There, less than ten feet away, was my wife, naked, tits bouncing, ass gyrating, dancing with Tom. When she danced towards me I could see moisture glistening on the fur between her legs and I wondered if it was just the hot tub or is there other moisture there? I was so fucking hot I was shaking and pulling my cock out I gave it a tight gripping, real tight.

By the third song Karen and Rick were dancing as well but they were off to the side and I couldn't see them very well and Colin had cut in on Tom. That was when Tom reached behind the CD payer and pulled out another couple of joints: "I stashed these for emergencies, does this look like an emergency?" Everyone laughed and he lit it up. Amy was getting in over her head, she can't handle that much strong smoke, it goes straight between her legs. A dirty dancing song came on and Sarah started doing a tit shimmy on Stephen's chest, lots of cheering and Karen started on Rick, Colin grinned at Amy: "Slay me Amy!" Amy laughing started shaking her boobs and stiff nips all over Colin's chest with the sluttiest smile on her face. Tom wasn't going to be left out and he came up behind her and ground his half hard into the crack of her ass. They turned a bit and I could see the titty action had Colin fully hard now and Amy was dancing wild with her eyes closed. Colin's cock was the only part of him dancing now and while I watched he used his hand to push the tip of his stiff dick down and he guided it into the gap where Amy's thighs meet her crotch as his hands went to Amy's waist pulling her mound tight to his groin to slide his cock between her legs till she was straddling it. Amy went up on her tip toes and her eyes popped open when she felt his cock go between her labia and as she moved back to dance away from Colin towards Tom I caught a glimpse of her pussy lips wrapped like a bun on a hot dog around Colin's hard on. They eased off, but I didn't think they were finished with her yet, at least I hoped not and she didn't make any move to leave or voice an objection. They kept dancing and Amy was getting back into it but her pussy was different, plumper and her inner labia were starting to show.

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