Please Master- Number 1
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Rape, True Story, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Torture, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, BBW, Body Modification, Public Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - me and my Masters convos

Me: mmm hello

Master: hello there my fuck doll

Me: i was wishing you would get on lol

Master: lol ... where here i am

Me: good i have something to show you, hold on a sec babe

Master: dont you fucking leave me again

Master: last time you said hold on a sec you never came back

Master: areyou sucking on that other guys' cock again?

Me: you know me better than that babe lol

Me: my bad not that one lol ... ohhh nooo

Master: lol

Me: ohh ok there it is lol

Master: nnnnn but if it isn't my fuck pet

Master: you look so good with that collar around your neck

Me: i thought youd say that, ya its not the one i wanted but it will do for now lol

Master: good enough to make you look like an owned fuck piggy

Me: yup!!! and i thought it was about time you saw some flesh lol

Master: lol ... well thank you baby slut ... it makes me want you more

Me: want another one?

Master: ofcourse

Master: its making me hard and wanting to cum all over you baby

Me: good thats how i want you, ready to fuck my tight wet pussy

Master: fuck yess ... i want to make you feel owned baby

Me: alls you have to do is bring a leash and im there

MAster: fuck you look like you need that fuck face slapped good and hard

Me: yes master any thing you wish

Master: i want to hurty so fucking good baby

Master: i want to hear you cry for me

Master: but just so i can slap those tears right off your cum loving fuck face

Me: ohhh you make me so fucking wet, i cant stand it

Master: and you make me want to spank that wet pussy hard

Master: getting it ready for a good hard fuck

Me: yes!! i want you cock pounding into me

Master: fuck yesss ... rammming my entire cock so fucking deep inside you

Me: please, i want you so bad i dont know what to do with myself, i need you to tell me what to do ... i want you in my ass so fucking deep

MAster: bend over my dirty fuck piggy ... offer me that fat ass to tear into

Me: i dont want any lube, i want to feel you tare my ass apart, please master i want to cry and scream for you to stop ... but you wount because you know i want it so hard

Master: the more you beg me to stop the harder i will fuck you

Me: yesss, i need cock in me, in every hole i have!! fucking the life out of me

Me: you getting hard baby?

Master: fuck yesss you have a way of getting me hard as a fucking rock and putting me in such an abusive mood

Me: i wnat you to choke me out, and just fuck me up so good, i wnat to hurt in the morning ... not being able to walk! i want you to make me bleed and pant for more, to own my body

Master: fuck yesss ... i want to make you feel like your body belongs to me now

Master: for me to do with you as i fucking please

Me: everything, anything, i want more of it all let your friends fuck me till i pass out, letting me be your lil slut

Master: fuck yesss my dirty fuck bitch in heat

Me: im shaking i want cock so bad, and teeth biting every inch of my body, leaving bite marks every where!

Master: i want to bite your pussy lips and clit so fucking hard

Me: make me cum, ohh i want to be tied up, forced cock down my throught, clamps on my nipples and fake cock im my pussy and ass, just waiting for you to cum in me

Master: fuck yessss i need to make you feel at my mercy

Master: taking my hard use and fuckign abuse

Me: more master more, make me cum so hard i pass the fuck out

Master: where is that other fucker you like to chat with ... i want to share you tonight

Me: hes not on, i think hes pissed he cant have me the way tou do, he wants to own me, btu i have a very sexy, and strong, and abusive master...

Master: yessss i want to put my strong big hands around your neck and choke you while raping your mouth

Me: fucking me, makeing me gag on your big thick cock, makeing it almost to big to fit in my mouth

Master: holding tightly by that short hair and pulling on it so you can take me even deeper

Master: what's the name of that other fucker you talk to

Master: i want him to know im abusing the shit out of you

Master: the way i know you need it and fuckign crave it

Master: i feel like sharing your fucking fat ass tonight

Me: other, i wish i had some cock tonight

Master: show me a pic of your fat ass and your wet pussy baby

Me: but babe, you cant see it all in one night

Master: i wish i was there to give you my big fat abusive cock tonight

Master: i said

Master: send a pic of that ass and pussy

Master: dont fucking argue with me and do as you are fucking told bitch

Me: yes sir, im sorry master

Master: fuk i need you for real bitch

Me: is that acceptibul?

Master: mmmm yesss baby girl

Master: i wish i was ther with a whip for that cock hungry pussy

Me: pleas ecome for me, im so wet i need your cock, now!

Master: fuk i wish we were closer so i can come make you hurt the way i know you need to be hurt

Me: i do i need it so bad, please master come for me, i cant stand not being fucked by you

Master: oh fuck yessss baby i want to abuse the shit out of you

Master: tear your asshole appart

Me: yessss, god i love the way you tease me babe

Master: bend over for me and grab your fat ass and spread it wide open for me

Master: but that dirty bitch in heat that i know you can be

Me: my ass is so tight babe, i want you pushing in me

Master: fuck yesss ... no lube or nothing ... just tearing that dirty fuck hole appaert

Me: yessssss oh god im going to cum babe

Master: fuk yesss my dirty fuck piggy ... cum and cum hard

Master: make it nasty

Me: ohh i didnt know i could squirt lol

Master: lol ... you dirty dirty slut ... i fucking love that about you

Me: it was so good, too bad im not done yet lol

Master: love the horny fuck pet you are

Me: that guys on lol, im in such a good teasing mood

Master: lol

Master: you are so fucking bad i love you

Me: i love you too, my clit feels fucking amazing

Master: i need to whip that clit so fucking hard

Me: yes! i want to get it peirced, what do you think?

Master: i think thats fucking hot

Master: specially if you are thinking about master when you do it

Me: always sir, ill tell them im going to suprise my master!

Master: fuck yesss tell them your fat ass i owned by a strong and abusive master

Me: ill wear my collar, so they can see that i have a owner

Master: i just wish i was there to slap the shit out of you before you go so they can see my hand imprinted on you

Me: ohhh i wsh you were here to take me, walk me in there on a leash and tell them you want this slut to get peirced for her master

Master: i wish you were here to take you to master/slave parties

Me: you just want to show me off babe

Master: yes i love to show you off as my dirty fuck pet to others

Me: i have just the shoes for it lol, they go with my collar babe

Master: and i want you in a short slutty skirt and no panties

Me: i dont wear panties babe, ever

Master: even when you were a short skirt or dress?

Me: never, they get in the way

Master: i would want to fuck you everywhere baby slut

Me: ill just have to drop spmething so you can enter me from behind

Master: i wouldnt be able to keep from fucking you everytime you bend over

Me: then ill have to do it alot, im very clumbsey...

Master: lol

Master: my kinda cumbsey dirty slut

Me: i want people to know how hard you fuck your slut, let them watch as you enter my ass

Master: yesss i want to use you as an example of how a dirty fuck pig must be fucked

Me: pull on my leash choking me as you take me infrount of everyone

Master: yesss guiding you as that bitch in heat that you are for your master

Me: yes master, god im cumming agian

Master: mmmm yesss baby cum for master

Master: cum hard

Me: i want your cock in me while i cum, forcing your cock out to i cant squirt every where

Master: yesss you knwo i love to see my dirty slut squirting all over the place

Me: screaming while i do, wantint more, forcing your cock back in me when im done so i can do it agian

Master: i would fuck you none stop all night long

Me: that sounds so fucking nice, dont leave my pussy alone, i wnat to go to those partys, and while you talk to you friends have me behimd you fingering me

Master: yessss i want you here for my next poker party so you can take care of me and my buddies

Me: that sounds like so much fucking fun, i want to suck your cock as you win hand after hand, i wnat ot be your good luck, pussy luck

Master: will keep you under the table and sucking cock all night long

Me: then when you cum im my mouth ill move to the guy next to you making him sweat and not concentrate on the cards, making him want to fuck me

Master: yesss baby you are the best

master: i need u for real

Me: when you have your poker night, make sure you tell them about me, that your lil baby slut wants all the cock she can get, she wants to be fucked every night, and that her master knows how to treat his lil fuck slave

Master: yes baby i will fucking whore you out to them and make you bring me all the money

Me: i want a new collar, a nice thick one, to match a new pair of nipple clamps, that only you get to use, your the only one that can toutch my collar, ill bite any one who trys to walk me

Master: like a fucking bitch that know her place and who she belongs to

Me: your my one and only master, your friends will see my dedication to you in my eyes, ill act like a good girl, untill you tell me to be a fuck slut to them, amking me crawl to them, like the good fuck pet i am

Master: you are the best

Master: baby i hate to say it but i must go to bed now

Master: good to chat with my dirty fuck pig

Master: good night

Me: good night master, will you be on tomorrow?

Master: i will try

ME: i hope you are i crave you

Master has signed out.

Ok people, thats the first of many to cum ... i hope you enjoyed that as much as i did lol

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