Anna Plus Two, Plus One

by jamaica

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Group Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Leg Fetish, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Beautiful bitchy girl humiliates her frumpy friend.

She's an extremely attractive girl and I'm not the only guy in the bar checking her out, there's a few of us casting burning glances over to where she's ensconced with her somewhat frumpy looking companion. The pretty one is fully aware of what's happening (guess she's used to being ogled) and seems to be rather enjoying it. Certainly she's not discouraging the male attention: giggles, pouting, flicking of hair, shapely legs crossing and re-crossing in her tight little skirt, shoe dangling dangerously from the end of her toes, definitely playing to the gallery. She's pretending to be absorbed in conversation but every so often her gaze flits around the room to check on her admirers. Couple of times our eyes meet and she favours me with a sly smile.

I wonder.

This is meant to be a quick solo before going to Leon's place. But I can always call to cancel, can't I? Not as if I don't hang out with Leon enough. Although normally I wouldn't crash in on two females together, I have a sneaky feeling this might be fertile ground. Only one way to find out.

'Can I buy you girls a drink?'

It's the hottie I'm beaming down at. Her expression, amused and smugly pleased, tells me this might work out well. 'Sure, why not, ' she pouts. 'We're on white wine.' The frumpy friend is trying to smile too, but it doesn't quite come off. She appears a little strained and uncomfortable. 'Anna, shouldn't we getting back?'

'Oh come on, Lizzie, it's still early!'

'Er, well, okay, but... '

'Hi Anna, ' I cut in. 'Mark ... nice to meet you. So, white wine, gorgeous, right?' She giggles and nods. 'Lizzie' stares down at the table. 'And same for ... sorry, didn't get catch your friend's name?'

'It's Liz, ' smiles Anna. 'And yes, she'd love one too.' Liz's facial expression and body language rather contradict this but she's going along with things. I sense she's used to Anna calling all the shots.

I buy the drinks and join the girls at their table. Turns out they're trainees at the same legal firm, in town for a conference. They're staying overnight at the Hyatt, a large hotel that's only a short walk from the bar we're in. The glint in Anna's eye when she imparts this information is distinctly promising. I congratulate myself for biting the bullet and making the approach.

The difference in the girls' appearance is even more pronounced up close. Anna is tall with a slim and sexy figure, exceedingly pretty, a real looker, whereas Liz is anything but. She's short and plain and seriously overweight. The stark contrast in looks drives their behaviour now a man is present, Anna exuberant and flirty, Liz meek and virtually mute. Fine by me, it's the delectable Anna I'm interested in. She has a rather off-hand and patronising way of treating Liz, I notice, and I start to follow suit, being considerably less well-mannered than I usually am with someone I've only just met. With Anna, however, I'm charm personified, I chat her up like crazy, make it clear how much I fancy her, and she laps it up. Before long we're flirting outrageously, more or less ignoring Liz who sits there silently stewing.

When our drinks are finished I offer another round. 'Your turn, Lizzie, ' says Anna, the first time either of us have spoken to the poor girl for quite some time. 'Can't have the man paying for everything, can we?'

'Um, okay, ' Liz mumbles. There's something almost servile about the girl. 'Lizzie, you're a star, ' I smirk, as she rummages for her purse. She looks flustered but manages a weak smile. 'Alone at last, ' Anna grins, watching her friend waddle off in the direction of the bar. She snuggles into me and I put my arm around her. 'So, Anna, here's what I'd like to know. How come a gorgeous girl like you is out on the town with a donkey like that?'

'Mark! ... That's a very unkind thing to say about poor Liz.' Her tone is disapproving but the flicker of a smile tells a different story and spurs me on. 'Just saying it like it is, baby. Come on, I'm curious. Is it because she makes you look even more beautiful?'

'Don't be silly!' she giggles. 'We're on this conference thing, told you that already.'

'Okay. But can't we get rid of her?'

'Difficult. We're sharing a room.'

'You're joking!'

Anna rolls her eyes. 'Yeah, I know. The firm are total skinflints on expenses.'

'So, my place then. C'mon, gorgeous, one more drink then it's goodbye fatty and we get going. What do you say?'

She snickers slightly at 'fatty' and ponders my proposition. 'Suppose I could, Mark. But then again... '

'What? ... Then again what?' Anna's mischievous expression has got me slightly worried. Shit, she's not just a cock-tease, is she?

'You could come back to the hotel, couldn't you?' she says.

'Hey, there's only one girl I wanna fuck tonight, ' I protest. Anna's hand has strayed into my lap, resting lightly on the bulge. 'Wonder who you have in mind?' she giggles.

'Mmm, I wonder.' My hand is on her smooth silky thigh, caressing it.

Anna grins. 'You don't fancy Liz?'

'Er, no, baby. Can't say I do.'

'Shame, because she fancies you.'

The idea makes me chuckle. 'She does?'

'Oh definitely.'

'Baby, listen. I'd love to come back to your hotel, I really would. But there's gonna be no sympathy shag for lardy Liz, okay?'

Anna flashes an insinuating smile. 'So me and you get to have all the fun then?'

'You got it, gorgeous. And we're gonna have a great time, believe me.'

'Promises promises!' she teases, giving my cock a delicious little squeeze through my pants. I'm getting very hard down there. 'Oh yeah, Anna, ' I grunt.

'But what about Lizzie?' she wonders.

'What about her?'

'Well, like I say, we're in the same room. Not really fair on the poor thing, is it?'


'You're quite a bastard, Mark, aren't you?'

'I try my best.' It's clearly the right answer because Anna laughs and starts kissing me. I'm happy to respond. I want to do an awful lot more than just snog this horny bitch but this is fine for now. All of a sudden I remember and break off. 'Oh shit, I have to call Leon!'

Anna raises an eyebrow. 'Leon?'

'Yeah. Good friend of mine. I was meant to be going round to see him.'

'Is this Leon as dishy as you?' flirts Anna. 'Almost, ' I grin, fishing for my phone.

'So, look, why not invite him to join us?'

'What, here?'

'Yes. Let's make it a foursome.'

'But what about later?' I ask her.

Anna whispers her plan into my ear. It's awful but I can't help laughing. 'Bitch!'

'It'll be fun, though, won't it?' she giggles.

'Yeah, okay, guess it could be.'

'Go on, honey. Phone him.'

So I call Leon and fill him in. He doesn't take much persuading, especially when I describe Anna. 'All set?' she grins, when I've finished.

'Yeah, he's really up for it.' We resume snogging and we're still at it when Liz returns with the drinks.

'Lizzie! Oh god, sorry!' Anna giggles, breaking off. Liz mumbles something which I don't quite catch, appears a bit miserable as she sits herself down. 'No, honestly, Liz, really sorry.' Anna's face is deadly serious now. She removes my hand from her leg and moves a little way apart from me, so Liz feels less excluded, and the three of us have a proper chat during which Anna and I manage to keep our hands off each other. It works, Liz has cheered up no end by the time Anna excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Cue hip-waggling saunter across the room with every guy in the bar drooling, including me. 'God, she's hot, your friend, isn't she?'

Liz nods. 'Men always go nuts over Anna.'

'Bet they do. She's fucking gorgeous!' (Exactly how I'd pitched Anna to Leon, as it happens.)

Liz shrugs. Guess she'd rather talk about something else. 'Sorry, ' I smile. 'Getting carried away. Hey, thanks for the drinks by the way.'


'Shit, that's my best friend Leon!' I announce, looking over at the bar. 'Do you mind if I wave him over?'

'No, course not, ' Liz says. So I do and Leon brings his drink over and joins us. I make the introductions. 'Hey, Liz, ' he says, gazing into her eyes. He's a muscular, good looking guy, Leon is, and Liz is clearly smitten. She's blushing. Anna returns and I introduce HER to Leon. He does well. He says a polite hello, manages to keep his tongue in, and quickly returns his attention to Liz. 'So, we're double dating now?' Anna says, with a knowing grin. 'Looks that way, ' I tell her. And we are. We're double dating. We stay in the bar until late and we all have a great time. It's me and my girl; Leon and his girl. Leon's girl has the best time of all. Liz can hardly believe her luck, hunky guy chatting her up, calling her 'sweetheart', buying her drinks, flirting with her. Anna suggests we all go back to the hotel to 'continue the party' as she puts it. 'Yes, let's, ' agrees Liz, flushed and excited, looking at Leon. 'You bet!' he grins.

We leave the bar and stroll the short distance to the Hyatt. We walk as two couples, Leon and Liz going a little ahead. He has his arm around her and she's kind of pressing herself into him as they walk along. 'Look at Lizzie, ' whispers Anna. She's trying not to giggle but isn't quite succeeding. 'The poor thing's in love!'

'Certainly looks up for it, doesn't she?' I chuckle, giving Anna's peachy ass a firm squeeze. 'So Leon's definitely cool with this?' she asks.

'Yeah, he thinks it'll be a scream.'

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