Reluctant Seduction

by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: She finally gives into his demands.

Pushing damp strands of chocolate coloured hair from her forehead, Melodie fought against the humidity which was also making her clothes stick to her body uncomfortably. She couldn't believe how hot it was and though she wore a thin cotton shirt and three-quarter jeans, it might as well have been a thick blanket. Yet she was determined to have a good time as the fair was an annual event and this was her second time in ten years.

"Melodie? We're going to sit under that big shade over there" her friend shouted. As she looked up, there were people already gathering and placing blankets on the grass and spreading the picnic food for all to share. She had brought a variety of fruits and her friend had been brought many bottles of water and ice-packs at her request.

As she approached her group of friends, she noticed a pair of eyes looking at her. He was very handsome, which dark hair and deep brown eyes. He smiled warmly at her, causing her a slight shiver even in the heat. Unknown to her, she had already been checked out by him and he had liked what he'd seen.

"You remember Eric? The guy sitting opposite us and couldn't take his eyes off of you" Roberta teased. They had been friends forever and their bond was unbreakable.

"Yes" Melodie replied slowly. How could she not forget? Masculinity oozed from him and had penetrated deep within her.

"Well he wants to get to know you-so I took the liberty to give him your number" she half giggled half shrieked as a cushion came hurdling towards her.

What a great cottage, Melodie thought as she began unpacking her suitcases. She had longed for a break and here she was in the middle of nature. She knew she'd need more supplies and to clean up the place as it hadn't had an occupant for just over a month. Well no time like the present she thought and immediately began with the bathroom and then moving onto the other three rooms.

By the time she had finished the light dusting, she had also familiarised herself with the place. Though it was cosy, it did have a phone and a television along with a DVD player. Melodie had brought a few books, but she thought a variety of entertainment was better.

Feeling all the dust had settled on her, she decided that a shower was a perfect option, then go out to do some shopping before night fall. Peeling off her clothes, she hopped into the shower and welcomed the warm water that cascaded all over her and relaxed her muscles. She reached for soap followed by her shampoo and lost herself to the sound of the water.

Wrapping a towel around her body then her head, she moisturised her face thoroughly before going into the bedroom. She began to shiver from the shower and began to rub herself dry. As soon as she had worn a matching set of pants and a bra, she proceeded to moisturise her legs and arms, but abruptly stopped; it almost felt like she was being watched. Shaking the silly notion from her mind even though her door was slightly ajar, she threw on a cotton dress and collected her damp towels to take them outside to dry under the sun.

Walking back inside, she grabbed her bag and took the bike she'd also brought and cycled down to the local shops to place an order for food and drinks to be delivered. Melodie knew she wouldn't have any visitors so she didn't want to order too much. Absent-mindedly she walked through the store to see what she needed, when she heard a voice she recognised well.

What are you doing here? She asked herself nervously when she saw man that haunted her dreams at night. She didn't realise that her body had begun to tremble with a mixture of desire and fright. She tried avoiding to be seen, but luck was not on her side. When she looked again, she sighed out her relief for it looked like he had left. Maybe there was a God after all.

"You look so tempting little girl, you'll have all the men getting the wrong impression" he flatly stated. He felt like fucking her hard and he was sure most the guys upon seeing her would feel the same too. He reached for her. God he could strangle her.

She spun around so fast that she smashed in a solid chest. Stepping back she slowly looked up with a look of horror and excitement all mixed in one. "Eric?" she whispered, barely making her voice audible.

"Well, at least this simplifies things between us," he spoke for the first time, breaking the unbearable silence.

She felt him move, but refused to look at his direction. She could sense his closeness, but it was only when his fingers traced the delicate curve of her neck, sending shivers down her spine that she flinched away from him. He grabbed her tightly and drew her in to him.

"You're hurting me. LET ME GO!" she struggled, but the grip around her waist was painful and unyielding. Realising that the grip on her wouldn't loosen any time soon, she ceased to struggle hoping to prevent from being squeezed more than she already was.

Releasing her just as quickly, Melodie stood defiantly clad in a dress that clung to her like second skin and panted wildly. Her breasts rose and fell evenly; the cold air made her nipples stand out like hard little pebbles. Her wild and panicked facial expression made her look like a temptress and his eyes never lingered from her breasts.

She could feel his eyes slowly undressing her and the thought was making her hot. What was the matter with her? Suddenly he was next to her and nuzzling her neck and leaving wet kisses below her ear and around her throat.

"At least this time you can't escape from me. You left in such a hurry that I never got to finish what I started" he murmured against her ear whilst his fingers itched to explore her every curve.

"You conceited, arrogant bastard" she backed away.

"Oh, come on, you don't mean that," he teased.

"I fucking do!" she whispered heatedly.

Eric's brown eyes narrowed dangerously, but before she could react, he caught her by her upper arm, dragging her to the front door and opening it then roughly pushing her inside. He shut the door behind her and slammed her up against it. With one swift movement he caught both of her wrists with one hand and pinned them above her head.

"What did you say?" he demanded roughly against her lips. His other hand delved between their bodies to force her legs apart with brutal strength. She struggled against him but it was useless as he wedged himself between her thighs, making it impossible to shut them.

A low growl escaped her as she realized how vulnerable she was. Her body arching against him and a strange fire unfurled low in her belly as moisture gathered between her thighs which didn't help when she felt him hard and demanding, pressed intimately against her.

He captured her mouth in a punishing, brutal kiss that left her breathless. She moaned in protest against his hot mouth only to let his tongue taste the depths of her mouth.

"Don't," she tore her mouth away from his, breathing uneven and trembling beneath his touch.

She didn't struggle or fight back; too dazed by his lazy exploration to comprehend the feelings he stirred within her. She accepted the slow, seductive kiss he forced upon her. Her arms hesitantly crept up his chest, around his neck to draw him closer to her.

His hands slid over her hips, down her thighs, dragging the hem of her dress dangerously high. He clenched his fingers into the soft flesh of her buttocks, bringing her hard up against him, the thick bulge straining across his pants making her devastatingly aware of his intentions. She moaned against his mouth but didn't notice the way he guided her backwards, until she felt the edge of her bed.

"Please," she whispered when he finally released her mouth and gently lay her down as she was lifted onto its surface. Effortlessly he pushed up her dress then weaved his fingers into her hair. Eric couldn't understand what was happening to him. Making slow, sensuous love to that girl was the only thing he had on his mind and yet he wanted to fuck her hard, treating her like the whore she was.

He was lost into her soft, wet mouth that seemed to be crushed under the force of his demanding kisses. He felt her shudder under his touch making his lose his mind. She seemed so innocent in her pleadings, so inexperienced yet her body was responsive. The little bitch!

"Ah!" she whimpered against his mouth as his fingers tugged brutally her hair, the breath shuddering from her lungs. She gasped as she felt his fingers push into her once again.

"So responsive," he chuckled wickedly, as he touched the core of her moisture. "Just like I knew you'd be," he murmured huskily into her mouth. She hated him for what he was doing to her, even as her untutored body went up in flames. She threw her head back when his fingers began to flick across her clit, and closed her eyes to prevent him seeing the desire he had awakened inside of her.

"Oh no," he forced her mouth open with rough fingers. "I want to hear you scream, little bitch," he said through clenched jaws, and she obliged as she felt two fingers seeking entrance to her pussy.

"Don't," she cried but he muffled her protests with his mouth. She thumped him on his broad chest with her fists, her back arching, trying to dislodge the invading digit.

He was inside only up to the first knuckle, and she was impossibly tight, her snug walls clutching his finger, clamping down on it.

"You're so tight," he whispered into her parted lips, containing a groan as he imagined his thick shaft swallowed by her tight pussy. She gasped as he continued to work his fingers up inside her. "Have you been saving yourself?" he murmured, mocking her, smiling wickedly.

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