I Am Not a Shark, but an Orca!

by Duna

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Cheating, Revenge, Lactation, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: A humorous romantic revenge story, regarding to DG Hear’s characters and Flavian’s story “Biggest and Best” (on SOL).

First of all my thanks to my editor Stout1759, who edited my difficult text. I want to thank Szilvi for her work in fixing the grammar mistakes of my raw writing. Special thank my pre-readers thinkingman1 from Canada and my helper from Australia who mended the first chapter. I am very grateful to Storiesonline to publish my stories, because I am an censored and banned Author on Literotica.

My story contains humor, ANR (Adult Nursing Relationships) and cheating wife (change) principles. The story deal with ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship) sex and the readers can get knowledge of ANR on the net: "http://www.lovelait.info/Packages.html". Some marriage counselors have discovered the ANR to save marriages, because the ANR glued the pairs in a stronger emotional connection. It is very interesting the ANR has Christian support group, which is very surprising to be held it Fetish. However it is not a funny, because the ANR assists the classic family model. Against the ANR to be a classic family model supporter. The majority of the people held disgusting practice, therefore the ANR couples hide themselves from the world. The ANR is one of the most secret sex practices in the world. That is way 99% of the ANR couples do not say anything even to their best friends about their sex practice.

So I recommend my stories to those readers, who agree to be the divorce the solution in case of cheating spouse, moreover they like a little revenge against the cheaters sometimes and the restart of the life with new spouse. I am a strong addict the cheating wife (fiancée) change to better new woman stories. The story revenge story, so I do not recommend to those readers, who do not like revenge stories.

According to the biologists Orcas are the smartest beings after the Apes and the Homo Sapiens Sapiens on our Planet. Orcas kill and eat the white Shark.

Story of Agnes and Robert

Chapter 1: How I Became a Respectable Married Woman From a Slut


There was nothing special about my parents they were ordinary every day well off middle class family typical of most average Mid West city. I was named Agnes Barton sharing the family home with an older brother and a younger sister. Attending college to study chemistry and also become a wild party girl my appearance here helped considerable. Yes, as in dreams, boys have of girls with blond hair, tall, blue-eyed woman with D cup breasts and with a round bottom were characteristics of me. Party websites had not yet evolved and at that time the video camera was a rare and expensive item so luckily there was no recording of my extra curricula activities. What can be said about all this that I was a real sex addict almost classed as nymphomaniac? My parents did not know about my wild side, but my sister and brother suspected. My sister said several times that she did not understand how I could ever be a very faithful wife later.


On completion of my college degree I moved to Los Angles to pursue employment at a pharmaceutical company. Successfully winning a graduate position and using my college ethos of hard work I achieved my goal to become a career woman. Soon promotions, including pay raises where heading my way, all within the first year. Colleagues wondered whether my appearance had anything to do with my promotion or in which boss's bed I was sleeping in but alas my brains were not blond. Strictly kept my social love life separated from work. After five pm my wild sexual life continued full steam ahead making a special point in avoiding my work colleagues as sex partners. Attending orgies was not unusual for me or who was going to be next in line of my one night stands as new sexual partner.

But soon everything came to a crashing halt. This pharmaceutical company required all employees under take obligatory and complete annual medical examination. Including tests for STD, screening for HIV, however the test results for syphilis was positive. I was informed that my position was to be terminated. Irrespective that I worked hard and did not fraternize with my colleagues but the company still invaded my private life. The HR manager was a benevolent woman who informed me I had worked well here. The reason for losing my job was because of my private life, but if I resigned my position leaving quietly she would recommend my supervisor provide good references and act as referee.

Being diagnosed with an STD hit me hard; paying for the treatment would not be a problem for I had managed to save a considerable part of my salary while employed. The treatment consisted of taking a single course of antibiotics that would hopefully fix things. Informing the doctors who were my past partners was another question in itself, they were strangers with unknown addresses. In fact I started to feel like a whore. Whores got the pox, but I was not a whore not being paid to perform tricks with johns. Everyone that had multiple partners share the same risk, STDs did not differentiate between normal "good girls" or whores of the street. I still need to be fucked, changing my lifestyle was going to be quite a challenge. Continuing on this path would ensure that I did become a lonely old whore. So how do I find a future partner, especially a husband, at present was most unlikely, however if I did manage to snare one at least I knew my way around the bed, I was hot material.

The wake up call really hit home when I was informed about Chlamydia. Yes I was diagnosed with this infection as well. This disease can cause infertility as well as other reproductive problems if left untreated. Did they catch the disease in time, six years of being a wild party girl, what a price to pay for not having regular screening test for STDs? Further test did reveal that there was scarring inside my reproductive organs and the normal pregnancy very unlikely. Yes it appeared I was infertile. I was advised not to be complacent about contraception for ectopic pregnancy was a real possibility now.

Three months had passed quickly. It was time to for my follow up test on infection to determine if the bugs had been eliminated. It had been extremely difficult time to stop sexual activity and be a responsible member of society. Here I was sitting having a cup of coffee at the mall when a family sat next to me, the two parents, a boy five years old and his sister a year younger. The children happily sat on their parent's laps while the two adults shared this treasured family time together. The less sat with her father it was apparent she was his little angel. The love radiated between each other while the happiness they shared with their children was so apparent to all around them to see. I just wondered what it would be like to have even a child of my own. Would I ever have a male acquaintance to care, love and share the happy times together like the two who I observed? On leaving the Mall depression quickly took hold it took all my inner strength to prevent from crying. That night I was an emotional wreck and I cried continually eventually falling asleep through exhaustion.

I did not cry a lot when I lived my sex addict life, so this crying was my first step to heal up from the old promiscuous sex addict life. Yes, I told you I was not an ordinary sex addict, but in a way, I was and I still am a special sexual addict. However, this special, different sexual addiction prevented me from becoming a slut again. I will explain this later.

I booked an appointment with a physician on call, for my usual medical practitioner was away on holidays. He informed me that final test results indicated that I had been cured of the infections and asked whether there anything else he could do. I started to complain about not coping with the knowledge of my infertility, never to have any children of my own. The doctor's response was that a new surgery method had been developed and that sixty percent of women who were in a similar situation were cured after the procedure. He could refer me to a specialist, but treatment was very expensive since healthcare insurance did not pay for that procedure, so I had to pay for such an operation from my own pocket. That night I could not sleep with excitement. It was really a possibility of having my own children. Next morning I knew my goals, one to have the operation, and second to find the man who would fill the other part of dream, to have a classical family. One-step at time.

Moving back to the snowy Mid West to live with my parents and at the same time explore employment prospects in the area. A vacancy for a chemist existed at company in a neighboring city. Luckily I was able to win the position, deciding to live with my parents' during the probationary period. Commuting by car turned out to be rather tiring. The solution was to move to the area and lease a condo.

I dated some guys, but I did not find the right man. I thought that these dating connections were important to me despite their unsuccessful ending, because I had to get used to the simple relationship model. I was twenty-five years old.

My neighbor, a tall, brown and blue-eyed man, extremely handsome in appearance, was the same age as me. He seemed very attractive to me, but I did not have any chance to date Ralph Ryden who was engaged to Irene. She was an attractive young lady who shared his apartment, busy planning their wedding in the near future. After the honeymoon they planned to purchase house, for Ralph had enough money for it, since he was a financial adviser.

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