Retreat of Love, Closeness, and Openness

by Happenstance

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, InLaws, Group Sex, Lactation, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: My son and his wife show me how being open about your feelings strengthens relationships.

She was wearing a white gown and reading the wedding vows with my son in front of a priest.

While he was looking handsome in a black tuxedo, my daughter-in-law was simply exquisite in that shoulderless dress.

If only his dad was alive to see him today, I thought to myself.

I was supposed to arrive early, but since the flight got delayed had to rush straight from the airport and then back again to the airport directly after the ceremony as had an important work the next day.

Although it was a brief visit, but returned with the impression that my son had found a wife who was not only beautiful, but also cheerful, got along with her family well and was easy going.

All in all, I was happy with her as my daughter-in-law.

Today, after more than nine months, I was again going to see them. She has just given birth to a boy, James, and couldn't wait to see my grandson.

I arrived at their house late in the evening and after being greeted by my son, Darren, went straight to bed as was tired after the journey.

In the morning, saw my son's father-in-law, Steven, having breakfast, so made a cup of coffee and sat down with him at the table.

He told me that Darren had left for work and Julie, my daughter-in-law, and Tim, her brother, were still sleeping.

We were discussing local politics when Tim came out wearing only shorts and kissing me on the cheek, made coffee and sat down next to me.

Although just seventeen, he was tall, had a hairy chest and broad shoulders, just like his father.

After around ten minutes, Julie came out in a black thigh-length night dress with James crying in her arms.

I got up and brought her coffee.

She told us that James's crying had kept her awake all night and now she was very tired. Her father took him from her arms and tried to calm him down, but to no avail.

I suggested that maybe he was hungry.

Julie took him from her father and without even blinking her eyes parted the top of her night dress. As soon as she opened the gown, it was apparent that she wasn't wearing a bra.

With her left breast completely out of the dress, she placed her hand underneath it and brought James's mouth to her pink nipple.

He immediately stopped crying and began enjoying the milk.

This was the first time I was seeing someone breastfeed in front of her own dad and brother, and I certainly hadn't expected my own daughter-in-law to sit there in front of us with her milk-filled tit fully exposed.

The act caught me by surprise and apart from looking at the floor had no idea what to do.

What was more surprising was that while I was trying my best not to glance at her naked boob, her own father and brother were not only very natural about it, but were even talking to her as if nothing was happening.

I sat there for five or six minutes, with my eyes looking everywhere except Julie's chest, then hurried back to the safety of my room.

After an hour or so, I came out and saw them sunbathing in the backyard.

Her brother was still in shorts, her dad in just jeans, while she was lying on her back on the grass wearing only a green bra and matching panties.

I wanted to go back, but saw James sleeping comfortably next to his semi-naked mom, so held him in my arms and sat down near them.

We stayed there for around fifteen or twenty minutes and during that time Julie tossed and turned her body, sat up and lay down again, which meant her near-naked body, especially her milk-filled breasts, was on display from all angles to us.

Finally she got up to take a shower and I thought she would come back in decent clothes, but she returned wearing white shorts, a blue cropped T-shirt and no bra, which meant the shape and size of her big tits and nipples were clearly visible.

She stayed that way the whole day, giving her dad, brother and me a good look at her breasts.

When in the evening Darren returned from the office, I asked him in a hush tone whether Julie always dressed like that.

"Yes," he replied, looking at his wife and her boobs bouncing with every step.

"Was she this casual even before marriage?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Don't you ask her to cover herself?"

"No. She's what she's and I'm fine with it."

I knew arguing with him was useless, so went and sat down in the porch.

After dinner all of us were in the living room when Julie lifted her T-shirt and again started feeding James right in front of us.

In the morning, Julie's father and brother left for their house and Darren went to work.

It was afternoon and was in my room reading a book when heard voices coming from the living room, so came out and Julie introduced me to her friend Amber.

Taking James from Julie, began talking to them.

Julie told me that Amber was her college friend, lived in other part of the town and regularly visited her. She also said that Amber had come to live with us for a week or so.

I stayed with them for about twenty minutes, then went back to my room and when I returned after couple of hours they were busy preparing dinner.

Amber had apparently just taken a shower because her black hair were still wet and were falling perfectly on her bare shoulders and the blue spaghetti top and tight black jeans were accentuating her slim, tall figure.

Julie, on the other hand, was wearing a man's shirt, with top three buttons open, no bra and a yellow skirt that barely reached her thighs.

I wanted to ask Julie whether she hated bras, but kept my mouth shut and started helping with dinner.

Little later, Darren came back from office and on seeing Amber he went up to her, gave her a tight hug and kissed her lips.

I instantly looked at Julie, thinking she obviously won't be pleased with him kissing her best friend, but she stood there with a big smile on her face, probably treating the kiss as a normal occurrence.

After we had finished dinner, Julie went to her room and bringing James with her began breastfeeding him.

"They've become massive. He must be happy," said Amber as Darren went to sleep.

"He's not the only one who's happy to see them grow bigger," added Julie watching James suckle her tits.

Her comment left me confused and the confusion increased when Amber blushed.

I sat there thinking about the whole thing, but wasn't able to comprehend either the comment or Amber's blushing, so finished my drink and went to my room.

In the morning, Darren informed me that he was going out of town and won't be back until next week and left the house after breakfast.

Since Julie and Amber were still sleeping, I took a shower and lay down on a chair in the backyard.

I was enjoying the Sun when Amber came wearing a short brown nightgown and Julie followed her in a long purple one.

They sat down next to me with their cups of coffee and as their gowns weren't properly tied, I could see that both of them weren't wearing bras.

When they had finished their coffee, they got up and casually opening their gowns lay down on the grass in just their panties.

Watching them lying there semi-naked was bit of a shock, so tried to escape but Julie requested me to bring James as he was alone in the room.

As I turned to leave after bringing James, Julie asked me to join them, but made an excuse and was walking toward my room when she got up and asked me whether the nudity was making me awkward.

I looked at her dark blue eyes, her silky long blonde hair and lied: "No, it isn't."

She took my hand in hers and walking me back said: "Only we're here. Come on, enjoy the Sun."

Then began to take off my cream T-shirt and when I protested, she simply ignored me and flicked open my wine colored bra.

Placing my hands over my bare breasts, I lay down next to them, but they still weren't satisfied, so Amber asked me to take off the long white skirt and get comfortable.

I replied that I was fine.

"Take off your skirt. We won't bite, at least not so soon," said Amber, who was lying with her legs wide apart.

When Julie heard that, she laughed and pinched Amber's bare shoulder.

Although I was hesitant, but since they were so persistent, got up and took off my skirt and lay down only in wine colored panties.

"You're beautiful. You've got a voluptuous body. I'm jealous," drooled Amber, lifting herself on her elbows and scanning me from head to toe.

"I know you're only praising me to make me feel better."

"No, you've got a lovely body. Now I understand why Darren is so much into full-figured women," added Julie.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, he's always admiring women who have big chest."

"You're big, too," I said looking at her breasts.

"Yea, that's why he was attracted to me. He said that was the first thing he had noticed."

"Don't they all notice that first?"

"True. All men notice that, but Darren is really into big ones. Julie already had big ones, but when she got pregnant he was more happy about her growing size than pregnancy. He kept talking about it," volunteered Amber.

"He kept saying I should buy more deep-neck dresses and tight tops because he wanted everyone to see my assets," confessed Julie.

"Well, you didn't disappoint him," added Amber.

"No, not only him. Even dad wasn't disappointed."

They both laughed and continued to soak in the Sun.

That last comment again set my mind racing, but was unable to decipher the cryptic meaning.

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