The Doctor and the Older Woman

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Dr John William Schaefer finally came to the end of his residency and accepted a job at the University Hospital, with a side job at Rest Haven, following his geriatric interests. Mag Gaines headed the records department at the hospital, and John William was in love with her, never thinking that she had her eye on him too.

He found himself whistling, as he made his way through the hospital. Good mood indeed! The thought coursed through his mind. Yes, good mood indeed, for John William Schaefer, that is Dr John William Schaefer was finished with his residency. It was officially done.

He certainly appreciated the way that the time spent in residency broadened his outlook and increased his skills, his 'bag of tricks', as he called it.

John William was also intensely pleased that he was staying at the hospital. During his rotations as an intern and then as a resident he'd come to appreciate the kind of medicine that he wanted to practice, and, when he was offered a job on the ER staff at the University Hospital, he'd jumped at the chance with his almost immediate 'yes'. The salary was very good and the hours were so manageable that it left him free to pursue another kind of dream. He'd also signed on as one of the staff of a nearby home, Rest View. Geriatrics was another of his quirky interests.

It did make him laugh: "Geriatrics and emergency medicine," he mused with himself, "What a crazy combination!"

But he'd put in so much time on his preparation, his journey to this point and finding out exactly what it was that he was truly interested in was a huge plus for him, during all this time of preparation.

At the age of 27, John William was finally about to move into a freer period in his life. He'd been through all the time of dedicated work and sacrifice. He'd lived through the untimely death of his parents but now it looked much brighter ahead of him and he was pleased with that.

And speaking of pleased, he was right then on his way to the hospital records department. They were having a 'drop in' Christmas/Holiday party and the word was around that all were invited to stop in for a cookie and some punch.

That was fine with him. He never had time, in his bachelor digs, to make cookies or anything like that. Plus -- and for John William Schaefer, Dr John William Schaefer, the plus was a major one -- it was in records that Martha A Gaines worked, Maggie or Mag, to special friends, among whom John William counted.

John William was slim but in very good shape. He did take advantage of the hospital gym, which was available to staff members. He stood 6' even and had a shock of sandy hair that seemed to have a life and thoughts of its own, and only periodically was in accord with John William's wishes.

And, to tell the truth, John William was in love with Mag Gaines--at least he thought that he was. He certainly knew that he was 'in lust' with her, a thought that pleased him altogether. He wasn't sure that he wanted to test that idea more deeply than that just yet. He wasn't ready for it, not yet, maybe. So, that was his life secret.

They were the best of pals, had been ever since John William came to the University Hospital and lost his way on his second day and ended up in Records, where the director, who happened to be Mag Gaines, set him straight and told him how to navigate the hospital better.

He remembered that time, that rescue, if you will, quite clearly. He'd been dazzled right from the start by Mag Gaines. He shoved aside the notion that she should be 'unapproachable' for him. At the age of 40 Maggie was as pretty as a woman could expect to be in her life time. John William saw that and appreciated it. He tried to keep his mind on the friendly things that existed between them, and not think about the way her breasts always jutted out, hidden by the conservative blouses that she wore, and the way her hips swayed, beneath her skirts. That was all part of the 'dazzle' for John William but he tried hard to fend those thoughts off and not dwell on them. He was still in his 'getting established as a doctor' mode.

"After all," the thought went, "What lovely, 40 year old woman would want to take time with him, with his age, his lack of confidence about the hospital and getting around and all -- being the new 'doctor' on the block. He was so sure that she'd seen his type a thousand times before but was pleased, as time went by, to discover that Maggie Gaines was not only genuine but down right friendly.

Pushing all of that dialogue behind him, he arrived at Records and went through the door, and was immediately greeted by many of the people who were there. Then he heard it:

"John William!" It was Mag Gaines, coming toward him, looking, as usual, wonderful in a blue A-line skirt and a frilly blouse that gave just a hint of a lacy bra beneath a slip or camisole. (He pushed those thoughts from his mind immediately!)

She came to him and pulled him into a hug.

"Oh, John William," she said, leaning back and beaming at him, "I just heard that you're going to join the staff here! What a treat for the U Hospital, and all of us.

He was grinning at her now, standing with her arms around him.

"Happy holiday, Dr John William Schaefer," she said, and pulled him farther into the hug.

"Thank you, Mag!" he said with a return grin.

"Shall we celebrate with some holiday punch and a cookie?" she asked.

"Ah, yes, cookies! They have sadly been absent from my diet these many months! The lure of them, and your beauty, have drawn me here to this bacchanal!"

She laughed a lovely laugh and said: "Hardly that!"

"That indeed!" he quipped back at her and she kissed him on the cheek. (It made him shiver inside. There were times, when he wished that she knew but he was just afraid that her knowing would be the end of this precious friendship and he wasn't ready to risk that at all!)

She took him by the hand and led him around then, introducing him and mentioning to people who might not know it yet, that Dr John William Schaefer was joining the hospital staff as an ER doctor.

He refrained from mentioning to her the other job that he'd taken for some off hours at Rest View. That had to be his secret for a bit yet. He hoped she'd be pleased with that decision too.

Mag's momma was at Rest Haven. She'd been there initially to recover from a broken hip and, according to Mag was doing only so-so. Certainly her age, 85, was against her in that struggle, as he well knew.

John William was hoping to spring that particular surprise on Mag Gaines himself, maybe even that day. He knew that Mag went to visit her momma at Rest View daily, after work. He intended to be there that day and visit them. It was his plan.

The party went on for a bit and John William was pleased to get a chance to explain to people, who were interested, his choice of an ER specialty. He did keep quiet for the time being about his other interest in geriatrics.

Before he drifted from the party, Mag went to him secretly with a bag of cookies to take with him.

"Mag," he said, kissing her cheek, "You're the best of the best!"

"Hmm," she said, "I was going to say the same about you, the big newly employed Doctor!"

He laughed and said: "Yep, time to go out and spend some of my new money, maybe move away from the stalag and get a proper place to live, and a real, live car."

"Ah," she said, with barely suppressed joy, "Plans! Dr John William has plans!"

"He does!" he answered.

Rest View And A Fortuitous Accident

It was later that night. John William had gotten himself established at Rest View and tended to the few people who needed a doctor, consulting with the nurses and staff. Then he went to visit Elizabeth Gaines.

It was already after 9 PM and he didn't expect her to be awake but was hoping that Mag would be there. He was aware of the grueling schedule that she tended to keep with her visits to her momma, especially that day with the party and all at Records at the U hospital.

He entered the room and saw right away that Elizabeth Gaines was indeed in bed and sleeping. He was afraid that he'd missed Mag but movement from the left attracted his attention.

He stood and gaped, simply gaped. There was Mag in the bathroom, just putting down a wash cloth. She was, right then, naked, and in the process of pulling up a pair of pink panties. He stood. He stared. It was as though he were hit on the head by a hammer! He didn't move but then she noticed him.

Her reaction was interesting, almost amazing. She did nothing to cover herself. She stared back at him and put her hand over her mouth in surprise.

He turned immediately toward the door, his face red from the encounter. But she recovered first: "John William!" she said softly and actually gestured for him to come into the bathroom.

"Sorry, to ... uh ... walk in on you!"

She giggled.

"What are you doing here?" Mag asked, pulling her panties into place and reaching for a bra and putting it on, giving the outward appearance of being totally cool and in control.

John William certainly was far from cool; his attention was totally captured by her and her actions.

"I work here," he said, "I have the time and I give them a part time doctor."

"Ohh!" she said. "And you've caught me!"

"I did, sorry!" he said but she put her finger over his mouth.

John William didn't know what to do but Mag did. She pulled him into a hug. He put his hands lightly on the middle of here back, savoring the feel of the naked skin there, and was well aware of the fact that his erection, which he'd gotten immediately, was poking against her.

She giggled! "I can feel that, John William! Not a doctor now! Just a man!"

He looked at her then and took in her smile, and the radiance of it.

"I give myself a quick once over," she explained, "So that I can stay with momma for a bit and not be smelly."

"Aren't smelly!" he said, "Smell wonderful!"

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