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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Rape, Blackmail, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Caution, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When Josh discovers his little sister's dark secret, he decides to blackmail her into submitting to his perverse desires.



"Wendy," Josh whispered. "Hey. Wake up. I want to show you something."

"What?" I blinked at him. "Get out of my room!"


"You jerk!" I realized my blanket had been pulled down. He knew I liked to sleep naked.

"Quiet," he said, grinning down at me. "You're gonna wake up Mom and Dad."

"Good!" I yanked the blanket up to my chin. "Get out of here, you perv!"

"I want to show you something."

He held up his camera, a Sony Cybershot I'd given him for his birthday. I hadn't wanted to give him anything, but we had to pretend for our parents. I'd used Daddy's credit card anyway, so I didn't really care.

"What?" I huffed, wondering why my sick brother had to wake me up in the middle of the night. He could have just jerked off in my panties like he usually did.

"Check it out," he sighed, sounding way too happy.

I glanced at the small screen and then did a cartoon double-take, staring as Josh paged through the images one by one. I could barely breathe. I wanted to puke. I wanted to grab the camera and smash it into a million pieces, but I couldn't move.

"That's you, right?" he asked. "Oh! Look at that one, Wendy. I can't believe you'd suck off a dog. What's that stuff taste like anyway?"

He'd taken pictures of me playing with Ms. Robison's dog, a black lab named Muddy. I'd been babysitting and bored, and it hadn't been the first time. My brother must have climbed a tree or something and I couldn't believe I hadn't closed the blinds. That's the stupid thought that popped into my head. Why hadn't I closed the blinds? Because, silly ... Who the heck is gonna climb a tree?

Josh, that's who. My personal stalker and now he had me good.

"I made a movie too," he said, actually laughing. "This camera is so excellent, Wendy. No sound though, sorry about that."

A movie started playing, Muddy mounting me from behind. I arched my back, wincing as I looked over my shoulder, and then he was in. The dog was fucking me like crazy and for just a second I looked right at the window, seeing nothing but the room's reflection, and the look on my face was pure ecstasy.

"I got the end too," Josh said. "Here ... I almost missed it."

Another clip started and it wasn't any longer than the first, only about two minutes, but he'd caught Muddy pulling his cock out of me. The knot looked red and shiny, like the animal's swollen penis, and it looked painful on the camera. I remembered it though, and I'd been feeling nothing but good at the time. My pussy stretched wide and the dog's cock fell out with a wash of cum, his and mine, soaking into the comforter I'd put on the floor. I collapsed onto my tummy, smiling and gasping for air, and then the movie ended.

"The hottest girl in school fucking her math teacher's dog," Josh said. "What do you think? YouTube? Friendster? Or should I just email it to everybody you know?"

"What do you want?" I breathed.

"A lot," he told me, nodding his head and smiling. "I want everything, Wendy."

"Just delete that stuff," I said. "Please? Just erase it, okay? I'll do anything, just..."

"Right!" He grinned at me. "Like I believe that? No, I made a lot of copies, you don't have to worry about that."

"Josh!" I blinked at the wetness suddenly filling my eyes.

"You know, everybody thinks you're a dyke," he said. "But I knew better. You don't hate cock, you just don't like boys. Is that it?"

"It's not like that," I whispered, trying to keep my voice steady. I was going to lose it any second. The shock had worn off and panic was setting in.

"You'd rather fuck a dog, than a man," he told me. "Say it. Tell me the truth, Wendy. You'd rather fuck a dog, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," I sobbed. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" he wondered, taunting me as the tears rolled down my cheeks. "For being a cocktease?"


"Sorry for being a bitch all the time?"

"Please," I begged him. "Don't do this to me!"

"I haven't done anything to you yet," Josh whispered, bending close enough to touch my nose with his. "You think about it, Wendy. Think about how fucked you'll be if you don't keep me happy from now on."

"Nummph!" I gasped as he covered my mouth with his, grabbing my pussy through the blanket and squeezing me down there. His tongue filled me and I felt his fingers digging at my sex. He kissed me like that for an eternity it seemed and I didn't even try to push him away, I only choked on muffled sobs of humiliation.

"You're lucky I'm your brother," he breathed, licking his lips. "If anyone else found out about this..."

"I'm sorry," I whimpered. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

After he left, I couldn't sleep. I curled up in the dark and cried, wishing it had all been a dream. I cursed myself for having sex with a dog. I hated myself for it, and God as well, asking him why He had to make me that way. I hadn't wanted to like it, I just did. Doing things, sexual things with that animal had felt normal. I felt an attraction for Muddy that I should have felt for boys, but didn't. I prayed to God and all His angels asking them to help me. I promised I'd never do it again, if they saved me from my brother. I'd do anything God wanted if He'd just make this nightmare go away.

I woke up frightened. As if someone had thrown a bucket of cold water on me, I jerked wide awake with the expectation of seeing Josh standing at the foot of my bed. Maybe I'd been dreaming, but I couldn't remember, my only thought was that sleep was dangerous. I had an enemy now.

Usually I put on a t-shirt, a long sleepy-t that I took off every night, just to cover my body when I went to the bathroom. But this morning I dressed completely. I put on my panties and bra, pulled on a pair of jeans, tugged a sweater over my head, and tip-toed across the hallway. I locked the bathroom door and undressed, taking it all off.

My face looked swollen in the mirror, pale and sad. That bleak reflection seemed so very unlike me that I could barely stand to look at it. My puffy eyes were red, my nose as well, and my cheeks were bruised with a lack of sleep. I washed my face and brushed my teeth, feeling like I wanted to puke. A soft rapping at the door made me jump, but it was only my mother.

"Good morning, sunshine," she sang. "Don't take too long in there."

Mom loved mornings. She loved me, and the idea that Josh would show her the pictures, the movies of me with a dog, filled my mouth with bile. I dropped to my knees, retching into the toilet.

"Wendy?" She knocked again. "Are you alright?"

"Fine," I gasped, but she wasn't going to accept that.

"Open the door. What's wrong?"

I made her wait while I rinsed out my mouth and wrapped a towel around my naked body.

"You look terrible," she said, putting a hand to my forehead. "We're you sick last night? Get back into bed."

"I'm okay," I protested.

"Maybe she's pregnant," Josh said with a grin.

He stood behind our mom, looking over her shoulder, and I couldn't bear the sight of him. I looked down, hugging the towel to my breasts with crossed arms.

"That isn't funny," Mom told him. "Use the other bathroom. We're running late this morning."

She put me in bed, towel and all, wondering if she should take me to the doctor.

"I just have an upset stomach," I told her. "I'm tired."

Mom had to go to work and taking time off wouldn't be a big deal, but she didn't like to do it unless absolutely necessary. My mother had always been a practical woman, although rather high-strung and prone to making too much out of too little, I sometimes thought. Daddy had already gone to work. He left about the time the rest of us were waking up.

"Well, you don't have a fever," she said a few minutes later, reading the thermometer. "When did you have your last period?"

"What?" I blinked at her. "I'm not pregnant, Mom."

She knew when I got my period, but I suppose that looking like I did, being nauseas first thing in the morning ... I was sixteen and very pretty, very popular with the boys, as she liked to say. That made me a suspect, even though I'd never even gone out on a date. I'd never had a boyfriend, but being pragmatic, Mom probably didn't believe that. She couldn't afford to, I saw it in her eyes.

"I got my period last week, remember?" I sighed, rolling over to face the wall. "I don't even have a boyfriend."

"Wendy, you know I want to respect your privacy, but..."

"I'm still a virgin, okay?" I felt her hand on my back, glad she couldn't see my face.

I'd always been the world's worst liar, but that was only half a lie anyway. I hadn't had sex with a boy Maybe she believed me, maybe not, but at least Mom decided to drop the subject. She called the school and told them I'd be staying home. I half expected her to make an appointment for me with her gynecologist, but maybe that was coming. Like I said, Mom could find a crisis without even trying.

"See ya later, Wendy," Josh said, smiling from the doorway. He held his camera by the strap, letting it swing like a pendulum.

I'd thought about searching his room, but that's what he was telling me - Don't bother. I seriously doubted his camera was the only place he kept the evidence. If Josh was smart, as I had to assume he was, he would have uploaded the files to someplace on the internet. One of those sites offering free storage to anyone with an email address, promising that the files would be available anytime, anywhere, to anyone who knew where to find them.

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