A Mid-summer Night's Yugioh

by Serena Jones

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Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Fiction. All's fair in love and war, and when a God gets bored, the course of true love is anything but smooth. Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of it's related. Nor do I own A Mid-Summer Night's Dream. I am not making nor do I seek to make any financial gain from this. I just wrote a fanfic based on the sources mentioned.

Set was bored.

He sighed deeply and watched humanity passing like so many ants on summer's day. It wasn't that he had nothing to do - there were always anthills to overturn, sending their occupants into chaotic whirls.

He missed the old days.

He missed the days when Chaos reigned and humanity feared the divine. The days when being a God meant something.

He sighed again. A millennia had passed at least since anything interesting had happened. Floods, fires, earthquakes - they all were so fleeting. Nothing brought him the same joy as having followers.

Followers were an infinite source of interest. Humans were so flawed! Give ten of them the same instruction, and they will return with fifteen different results. Give them the same instruction a second time, and they will return with new variations. It was endlessly amusing to give them puzzles and watch them spin out of control attempting to resolve them.

Set did have a few followers remaining; individuals who souls were his by right for eons or those that came to him in their current lifetimes - knowingly or unknowingly. Holy men and thieves, poets and politicians, so many souls followed the path of chaos. As many, indeed, as those who followed the path of Ra's light.

Something in Set's worldview flickered. He peered more closely, desperate for any entertainment. Most humans were beyond faceless, but a few he recognized, and any who were attractive enough - or grotesque enough - he marked. Set enjoyed playing with the marked ones when he found two or more near each other.

He had to look closely to see even marked humans. Ants, he thought again, like millions upon millions of ants.

But there it was. Or rather, 'he' was. Seto, a priest from the old days - a soul consecrated to Set so long ago even the God could not remember a time when Seto was not his to command.

Seto was again in proximity of the Nameless Pharaoh and another of Ra's pets. It was petty of Set to continue to refer to the young Pharaoh as 'Nameless' but keeping the name hidden from the boy had provided a few moments of amusement - until Ra had grown tired of the game and returned it to him.

But, during that game, Set had marked several of the human around his priest. He searched among the sand that was mankind looking for those gems. He found some - a male here, a female there, and one he'd never been entirely sure about either way. That one was his favorite. Ambiguous and Androgynous were close cousins of Chaotic. With Ra's pets, there were enough for a game of 'chase'.

Set smiled. A children's game, to be sure, but all children were agents of Chaos. They had yet to understand Order, had yet to give in to the mundane. Children's games were the most fun - simple in concept, but often devastating in effect. A game of 'tag' could lay siege to continents. A game of 'keep away' could level civilizations. A game of chase among a few unimportant humans would provide a moment of pleasure in an eternity of monotony.

Unless Ra put an end to all fun.

Set called for one of his agents. He had just the thing to start this chase.

Give the white drops to the priest, give the black drops to his light. Give the green drops to the female, give the red drops to her male. The yellow drops went to the Ra's pet; the blue drops to the pet's light.

It repeated Its instructions yet again. It had six blossom, invisible to the human eye, and simple instruction. Place a drop of the flower's pollen on the eyes of each chosen. Each would fall madly in love with the next human he - or she - saw. Most Divine Chaos was playing an old, old game. But even with old games, Most Divine Chaos added a twist; the blossoms were paired, B/d, D/s, S/m. The black, green and blue were irresistible to the white, red and yellow.

It hated the human world. Humans stank. Humans were dull and ugly. It was glad that the Most Divine Chaos had marked the humans he wanted to play with so that It did not have to actually look at the humans. It could find the marks, follow Its instructions, and leave the stinking, ugly human world.

Give the black drops to the priest, give the white drops to his dark. Give the green drops to Ra's pet, give the red drops to her male. The blue drops went to the female; the yellow drops to his light.

Kaiba looked in the mirror and adjusted the pins on his shoulder. Three household komans: the Imperial Family, House of Kaiba, and House of Jounouchi. They were the size of traditional koman, but the enameled broaches were heavy and pulled the collar of his formal kimono out of shape.

But the collar could be pinned in place. The pleasure of wearing these particular three koman could not be over-estimated. He had others - business associates used the gift as if it would sway him far too often - but these three were the only ones that would matter tonight.

A pair of strong arms slipped around his waist. "Man, moneybags, I gotta say, you look fuckin' hot."

Kaiba glanced at the clock. "And I 'gotta' say, you look under dressed. And late. Again."

"Why dress up? It's wasn't that long ago." Jou laughed. "Who has a five-year high school reunion anyway?"

"I thought you wanted to go to this foolish event." Kaiba frowned impatiently. "I rescheduled my evening for this."

"Don't get your panties all twisted." Jou kissed Kaiba's neck before the man could respond to the jib. "I totally want to go; I haven't seen most of our class since graduation." Kaiba rolled his eyes but didn't comment. "I can't believe you're actually wearing that silly thing." Jou moved his hand up to stroke the koman for House of Jounouchi. "Mom only got it as a lark. I don't even think it's real."

"It is." Kaiba replied. "I had a historian research it for her."

Jou kissed his neck again. "You're too much." He moved his hand from the koman to stroke the chest beneath it. "I do want to go, but I wouldn't mind being late."

Kaiba grabbed Jou's hand. "You have ten minutes to put on something civil. I don't care what our former classmates think; I refuse to be seen in public with an un-groomed mutt." But he kissed Jou's hand, taking any sting out of his words. "I'd rather leave early and have all night to play than rush through something now."

It was very glad that Most Divine Luck seemed to be watching over It today; It had found all of the humans in one place. Sadly, that place had hundreds of human in the way! Still, once It found the right ones, It could discharge Its office and return to the divine realm where every one was beautiful and no one stank.

It found the priest first and his light. It was dismayed, however, to realize that It could not tell the tri-colored heads apart.

But then, one of them jumped up and waved, "Jou! Over here!"

He bumped the table beside him, causing a woman to spill her drink on herself. She, in turn, took a step backward, bumping into a man, who pushed another man, who was refilling the punch bowl. Red liquid went everywhere.

Only a true priest of the Most Divine Chaos could cause so much hubris in one little touch. Therefore, the shorter tri-colored human was the priest; the taller of the two had to be his light. It moved toward them.

Before It reached them however, three more humans joined the pair.

"Yugi!" A white-haired woman exclaimed, hugging the priest. "It's so good to see you!"

Beside the woman, a black-haired man shook hands with the priest's light. "A new look for you, eh, Bakura?" The light asked him.

"Don't I get a hug too, Yugi?" a second woman asked the priest.

"Of course!" The priest laughed. "I'm so glad you could make it, Anzu! How is New York? Is Mai coming?"

Another pair joined the priest. One of them had the mark of the Gods strongly. He didn't stink as much and he wasn't completely ugly. With hair like sunlight, he could only be a pet of Ra's - meaning that the man with him must be his male - he assuredly wasn't anyone 'light'.

They were all together and accounted for. It cheered silently as It moved swiftly between them. Turning off the lights for a few seconds was hardly even a trick. In the fleeting darkness, It performed Its task.

The white drops for the white female. The black drops for the black male. The priest received the green drops. The priest's light received the red drops. The blue drops were for Ra's Pet. The yellow drops were for Ra's Pet's female.

For the remaining, unaccounted for male, It hesitated. The instructions were for six blossoms. But the human did bear Most Divine Chaos' mark and The Divine One did say to do all of the marked humans. Because all of the blossoms were fading, their pollen used, It dusted the last male's eyes with all of them.

Then, It restored the lights and left, hoping never to return to the human world again.

The lights returned and Yugi found Anzu in his arms. Anzu whom he'd grown up with. How had he never known how lovely she was? How right she felt in his arms? It was as if a veil had been lifted. "Anzu?" He said softly, looking deeply into her eyes.

"Oh, Yugi." She sighed softly. She could not help but kiss him tenderly. All the years wasted!

Beside them, Yami and Bakura saw nothing, heard nothing except perhaps each other's heartbeats.

"Elitist pig!" Bakura snarled panting. He grabbed the former Pharaoh, intent on ... something.

"Thief!" Yami spat back. "Common thief! What leave have you to touch me?" And yet Yami found the hold igniting something inside him.

"I'll touch what I desire to touch!" The one-time Robber only knew that he hated the man before him. Hated him so much, he could not let him go.

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