A New Awakening

by QM

Copyright© 2013 by QM

Pedo Sex Story: A man discovers that 'like mother, like daughter' is more than just a saying.

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Pedophilia   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   Uncle   Niece   First   Anal Sex   .

Call me Dave, most people do, well those being polite anyway. Five or so months ago I was just an ordinary guy, albeit one with a good job that allowed me to travel the UK installing various load-handling equipment in warehouses and other places of work.

Then I got a phone call from my sister Paula and everything changed. That story is related elsewhere but what it boiled down to was that from managing to bed the odd lady on an irregular basis I was getting more sex than any man could decently expect from several ladies including my own sister! It of course wasn't quite as simple as that, though I was still getting good sex from a few friends, but ran into a slight problem when Paula's daughter Kerry had decided that I was just the man to educate her in the amorous arts. The how, why and where part had not really occurred to her, she'd decided what she wanted and that I was the one to provide it, though admittedly she didn't want her Mum hurt. Fortunately I mostly worked away during the week, unfortunately that was only delaying Kerry's determination to 'have me' one way or another.

About the only good thing about this was, that for all Kerry knew what her Mum and I were up to, she didn't mind at all. Having a happy Mum meant a lot to her considering her Dad's death through septicaemia earlier in the year. The other good thing was that Kerry and indeed Paula didn't know who else I was 'up' to either, though in Paula's case she knows I'm not a saint and doesn't mind me enjoying myself when not with her, just so long as I don't bring any problems back with me. That's mostly why when having fun away from home I choose to enjoy married women. 1) The risk is slightly less (in my view) as they have as much to lose as I do. 2) They tend to know what they like and how to get there. 3) They aren't afraid to experiment and often are willing to try stuff they simply wouldn't ask from their hubbies in case they are thought to be perverts.

There are other reasons of course, boredom being one, but whatever it is, it works for me and I often haunt internet chatrooms and the like on my laptop just in case anyone's interested.

Still, I was careful, Paula may not have minded (She sees it as technically she's not supposed to be in the running for me) but the amount of other ladies might just shock her, it certainly shocks me at times. I did have a couple of regulars though, Maggs, Paula's ex Mother in Law and an Indian lady called Kay who lives in London. I was still in regular contact with Jan in Harrogate and Mary and Yvonne in Edinburgh, though with them, I was only on a 'promise' as and when I was in their areas. As for Maggs and Kay, they lived much closer to home as it were and often enjoyed a Friday afternoon delight session with me in a fairly anonymous cheap hotel near the Dartford Crossing. There were a few others from our holiday in France that I was in irregular contact with, but so far other than still expressing an interest to visit the county of Kent, there had, as with Jan, Mary and Yvonne, been no contact of the physical sort as yet.

I had just returned 'home' to Paula's converted oast house on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells in the county of Kent in England having managed to scratch Maggs' itch for a week or so and was unloading my 4 x 4 when I was mobbed by Kerry and Martin, Paula's children, who were as ever delighted to see me. Grabbing my bags and chattering away nineteen to the dozen on their week's activities and in Kerry's case copping a feel of me when Martin wasn't looking.

"Careful!" I murmured.

Kerry just smiled and gave me a cheeky wink.

Inside I gave Paula a brotherly hug (Bloody appearance sake dammit) when all I wanted to do was drag her off to bed and make mad passionate love to her.

"Good week?" Paula asked with a smile that as ever melted my heart.

"Oh yes, job's done. Will have new work waiting for me when I drop into the office at Buxton on Monday," I replied.

"I have a favour to ask," Paula said brightly, which triggered all sorts of alarm bells in me as she never asks for favours except when she's pretty sure I wasn't going to like it.

"Yes?" I replied tentatively.

"Well, it isn't for me actually, it's for Kerry," Paula said.

Uh oh, I thought.

"She has tickets to see One Direction at the O2 Arena near Greenwich and I was hoping you could take her rather than make me drive out there tonight." Paula almost begged.

For all Paula can drive, she doesn't like going any distance from home and was clearly dreading the traffic at Greenwich owing to the congestion at the Blackwall Tunnel.

"Do this for me and there will be treats later," she whispered.

Treats for me meant that Paula fancied anal sex, something we only did occasionally as Paula found it too overwhelming in the way of pleasure.

"Consider it done," I said with a smile. "What time does it start and is Kerry the only one going?"

"Megan's coming too," Kerry said practically bouncing with excitement. "It starts at eight and finishes around midnight we think."

Relieved that I wouldn't be alone with Kerry for something like six hours I checked my watch, plenty of time for dinner along with a hot shower.

"Ok, we'll set off about six thirty," I said. "Now I need to get changed."

Once in my room I locked the door, privacy in a house where kids bursting into a room to find me naked or worse in flagrante delicto with their Mum was not to be considered a minor matter. Undressing I ran the shower to as hot as I could stand and stepped in to relax away the few driving tensions I had, which admittedly weren't many as Maggs had taken care of most of them earlier that afternoon. I heard someone enter the en suite bathroom from Paula's room (We share an en suite bathroom between our two rooms though my room was only for appearance sake as I mostly slept in Paula's bed.) The door to the shower opened and a naked Paula stepped inside to join me.

"Oh, I so missed you!" she exclaimed after giving me a passionate kiss and reached down to fondle my manhood.

"I missed you too my lovely Lady," I replied as I felt myself rising to the occasion despite only having finished with Maggs just over an hour ago, but Paula simply has that effect on me.

"Ooh nice!" said Paula. "Is that for me?"

"Oh yes, for as long as you want it," I replied as we kissed and I ran my soapy hands down her gorgeous body, cupping her pert breasts and slipping my fingers onto her shaven pussy.

"Oh!" she gasped as a wave of pleasure rolled over her from the gentle probing of my fingers on her clitoris.

Grabbing a small bottle of baby oil we kept on a shelf for these occasions Paula coated my cock with it then turned to face the wall, the hot water streaming down her body, and guided my cock between her bottom cheeks to her back passage as I moved up behind her. Grasping her hips I gently pushed my cock forward feeling her tremble slightly as I slowly slipped into her.

"Mmmmm," she moaned softly. "Such a treat!"

I began with gentle thrusts as I also reached down to finger Paula's clit, making her tremble all the more as I used my other hand to softly cup her breast and tweak her nipple. The result was as ever as if I'd touched a live wire to Paula's body as she jerked and spasmed into a massive orgasm, fortunately thick walls and running water kept her screams from being heard in the next county over. Again and again her body was almost overwhelmed by the passion and delight of my penetration as I ended up having to hold her upright as she almost collapsed under me several times. Finally, though, I could hold myself back no more, despite my earlier actions, and I loosed a torrent of sperm into her forbidden depths, making her almost sob with delight and joy.

"God! I love it when you do me like that," Paula gasped. "But it's just too nice at times if you know what I mean."

"I get the feeling of that yes," I said with a gentle smile as we hugged and held each other.

"Best get dressed and have dinner; you have an errand to run," Paula said with a giggle when she saw my face. "It won't be too bad, they have a waiting area, just take your kindle with you, or your laptop."

Dinner was superb as ever, Somerset Chicken with baked potatoes, vegetables and sour cream for the potatoes too. How Paula and Kerry keep their weight down is a bit of a mystery to me, guess they are lucky, but if I had to eat there every day I know I'd balloon out.

Finally though Kerry and I set out with Paula and Martin waving us off.

"Where does Megan live?" I asked.

Kerry was silent and was also blushing furiously.

"Uncle Dave... ," she began. "I told Mum a bit of a lie."

Oh hell, I thought.

"Megan and some of my friends are going, but I wanted to spend some time with you," she finished.

"I'm taking you home now," I said.

"Please, please don't. You would embarrass me totally in front of Mum and I just want some time with you," she begged.

"I know what you want," I said. "But I told you, it would break your Mum's heart."

"Only if she finds out," Kerry said. "I won't tell and what she doesn't know won't hurt her."

"Kerry! You're only fourteen for God's sake!" I exclaimed. "I could end up in prison."

"I know, but I so want you Dave, please," she almost sobbed.

I hesitated and that sadly was my undoing as Kerry just snuggled into me and placed a small hand on my cock which treacherously had as ever risen to the occasion.

"See, you want me too," she murmured.

"I have got to be mad." I muttered. "Anyway it's not like I can take you to a hotel, we might be seen and trust me you hardly look over sixteen," I said, sixteen being the legal age of consent in the UK.

"I was thinking we could go to your flat in Chatham," Kerry said.

I still had my old flat and paid the council tax for it as I'd paid off the mortgage a few years ago. I had plans to rent it out, but was thinking more of using it for liaisons of a sexual nature with a few friends who were able to travel in from further afield and needed somewhere cheap (free) to stay for more than a few days.

"OK," I sighed. "But we can't do this on a regular basis."

"I know," Kerry said with a giggle. "But I will be wanting more, I'm sure."

"You have no idea what you're getting into," I said.

"Yes, but it must be good, otherwise people wouldn't do it," she answered back.

I had no reply to that. Kerry just tempted me so much since she first broached the subject. All I could do was to keep her from distracting me with her wandering hands as I drove.

The drive to Chatham took about an hour due to some heavy traffic. I parked up after calling in at a local shop to get some coffee, milk and a few pastry delicacies. We arrived in semi-darkness and went up to the flat and I let us in. I turned up the heating slightly and opened a few small windows to let the place air as Kerry popped the kettle on and prepared a couple of mugs of coffee. Once made, I sat beside her on the sofa and took her hand.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied. "I don't want to be the last virgin in my class."

"That hardly strikes me as being a good reason," I said with a smile.

"It isn't, is it?" she replied with a giggle. "But I decided I wanted you to be my first when we were on holiday in France. I'd planned to try and persuade you when or if Martin and Mum went off together. As it is; they never did because of Krisztina."

"I'm honoured, but would have been as shocked then as I was when you first mentioned it," I replied.

"Why?" she asked genuinely mystified.

"Your Mum and I had started making love then," I replied and watched her lips form a silent O in realisation.

"Well, at least I got to grab your man bits in the pool," she giggled.

"You, your Mum and Krisztina," I said with a grin to her shock.

"Krisztina too?" Kerry asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Wow! I never dreamed she was so ... so friendly," Kerry said with a wry smile.

"Surprised me too," I replied, keeping a more or less straight face. "But at the time I wasn't sure so didn't say anything."

"Couldn't prove it I guess?" she asked.

"Yep," I replied.

Kerry leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips.

"I want you so much, Dave," she whispered.

"I want you too," I replied and slid my tongue between her parted lips and drew my delightful and beautiful fourteen-year-old niece closer to me.

I drew back slightly and began pattering small kisses all over her face, neck and shoulders, making her squirm slightly as small shivers seemed to run up and down her body. Kerry, as if uncertain how to act, simply held me and let me start her journey into womanhood, save only for the odd deep sigh of contentment. I slipped my warm hands under her jumper and T-shirt to caress her warm skin, making her jump slightly, particularly when I ran my fingertips up and down her lower back.

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