The Office Party

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Wendy has a date for the big office party with the company COO, John Merton. When he comes to pick her up, at her Mom, Chris' home, he mistakes Chris for her daughter, and is bowled over by the fact that his date was not ready, and the romance begins.


The whole thing, all that followed afterwards, started with a semi-frantic phone call from Wendy.

She'd been out on her own, with her own apartment, for over a half year; she said that she really enjoyed her job and Christine Slater tried not to miss having her at home, under the same roof.

Now, however, Wendy was calling for a favor.

"Mom?" Wendy almost crowed into the phone.

"Yes, sweetheart," Chris said.

"I need a huge, huge favor!" Wendy began to explain.

Then she went on to tell Chris that there was a major office 'do' coming up and she'd been asked to attend by no less a personage than the COO himself, Jack Merton.

"How nice!" Chris said, just trying to wait and discover what the current crisis was for Wendy.

"Mom, I really don't have a dress at all, and no time to shop for one; may I please come and look your floor lengths over? Please?"

"Of course," Chris said, "Just calm down a notch."

"Oh, I know," Wendy said, "Jack is so nice; he's certainly nice to work for but I don't know that I'm really interested in him."

"Well, it seems to me," Chris replied, "That you don't actually need to be 'interested' in a man to have a good time on a date with him."

"I know that, Mom!" Wendy said, a bit exasperated.

"Come over here as soon as you can," Chris said, "And we'll search for a dress. They might be a tad big for you. I am, after all, bigger than you are." Chris giggled, when she said that.

"Yes," Wendy said, "You're me just larger than life!"

"Ha! Ha!, young lady," Chris said. "Are we angling here for no help from big, fat Mom?"

Then Wendy giggled and Chris joined her in the giggle.

"Mom, Mom," Wendy said, "We both know that you're a man stopper!"

"Yeah, right!" Chris said into the phone. "Haven't stopped too many lately, that's for sure."

She stopped herself then and said: "Okay, honey, I won't start my pity party; I know that you're looking for help and support. Why not come over here for dinner tonight? I will regale you and help you with the dress!"

"Lovely," Wendy said, "You're, as usual, a life saver!

"About six o'clock?" Chris said.

"Lovely!" Wendy said.

"We'll eat light, since you will want to make sure that you fit into one of my gigantic dresses!" They were both laughing, after that remark also.

(Chris Slater and her lovely Wendy were about as close as possible, more like sisters than Mother and Daughter. They'd been through a lot together. Wendy had been her Mom's support, when her Dad up and left with a much younger woman. And Chris had always, always been Wendy's advocate.

They looked uncannily like one another. It's just as they had said, Chris looked like a slightly large sized Wendy. They both sported the same dark, almost off redish auburn hair and were simply a picture of one another.

Wendy was 20 and just out into the work force, after junior college. She'd gotten her current job and was one of those who worked as an assistant, read 'gofer', for the big boss, the COO of the company, Jack Merton. At least that was the position at first. As time went on, it became apparent that Wendy was a valuable member of the management team in the business.

Chris was a blossoming, blooming 39 year old. Perhaps she could be viewed as a larger sized Wendy but she was, for all of that kind of comparison, simply gorgeous. She had larger curves than did Wendy, who still enjoyed the slimness of her youth. But Chris had moved into that period, that time of life, when a woman blossoms and becomes a rounded, soft and appealing beauty. Her breasts were larger than Wendy's, a fact that always made Wendy envious! Her butt was probably her best feature, even if she thought it was too big.)

Dinner was omelets and a big hit. They searched the cabinets of dresses to see if Wendy could find something. She did, in an off beige floor length, that she liked. She tried it on and it was only a little bit too big.

They sat and talked that evening, while Chris worked on the seams of the dress, to get it to fit just right. Her efforts paid off also; the dress did look just lovely on Wendy.

Wendy have her Mom a hug and said earnestly: "Oh, Mom, thank you, thank you! You're a life saver. This looks wonderful!"

"When is this magic night?" Chris asked, after the hug from Wendy.

"It's a week from Saturday," Wendy said.

"All tingly, are we?" Chris asked with a grin.

"Not entirely sure," Wendy said. "I mean he's nice, Jack, and great to work for but I'm not sure that he's exactly my type."

"I see," Chris replied, "You just be careful!"

"Yes, Mom!" Wendy said in a disparaging tone.

"Well, don't blame me for making noises like a Mom!" Chris said in return and Wendy hugged her.

"I know that, Momma," Wendy said, in the middle of the hug, "And you take such good care of me!"

"Well, sweetheart, I certainly try!" is what Chris said then.

They made arrangements for Wendy to come to Chris' house that night for her final preparations. Wendy said that she'd have Jack pick her up at her Mom's house. It was all arranged.

The time went fairly quickly for the two women, and on that particular Saturday, Wendy arrived in the afternoon. When the time for Jack to pick her up came closer, and Wendy had already bathed and had her hair done, Chris said:

"Look, honey, I'm going to give you a little time to gather yourself. I haven't had a chance today to do my running, and I think that a good mile or two might just do me good."

"I know, Momma," Wendy said, "And I love you!"

"I love you two, darlin'," Chris said and she got ready for her run.

Running in the neighborhood was one of the ways that Chris kept her weight in control. She had discovered early on, though it began for her as a reaction to Stan's desire for a younger, slimmer dolly, that she genuinely liked working out and the runs were a form of therapy for her. It presented her with a time to think and talk to herself. She looked forward to that time.

She thought that Wendy just might want a little time to herself before going out on this big date, and so she ran.

She had a tee shirt on and a pair of capri style running pants, that looked as though they were painted on her. She looked at her own image in the mirror and giggled:

"Lookin' good, girl!" she said. Then making a wry face she concluded: "Yeah, but no one's looking!"

She laughed and gave herself one last message: "Okay, go out and shake that thing anyhow."

Wendy just whistled at her Mom, when Chris appeared to tell her that she'd be back soon. She just wanted to get out and do her day's run and then she'd see about her dinner later, after Wendy and Jack had left.

She did her running, talking to herself about how pleased she was that Wendy was having the opportunities that she was having, and trying not to concentrate on herself at all.

She finished her run, as she normally did, with a sprint down the last two blocks of her 'track' and then she'd walk the last to cool down. She noticed, as she got close to the house that a strange car was parked there. She walked down the block and saw a man get out of the car. The car itself was some kind of lovely foreign kind. She noticed, as she got closer that it was a Jaguar sedan, a nice shade of bluish green.

As she got to the house itself, the man was standing in front of her house and simply staring at her. He had a look on his face as though he were totally non-plussed.

He seemed to be about Chris' age and had dark curly hair, with some gray interwoven throughout. He certainly was good looking and right then he looked like the most surprised person on earth.

As Chris got to where he was, he said, his voice showing his incredulity: "Wendy, the office party! Did you forget?"

Chris began to giggle behind her hand almost uncontrollably. But she saw how distressed the man seemed to be and said, extending her hand:

"You must be Jack Merton; I'm Chris, Wendy's Mom!"

Jack Merton was dumbfounded!

"Her Mom?" he said with the same incredulity.

She shook her head 'yes' and he looked at her again.

"Well, yes, I guess so; a little heavier, not very much! Just as pretty!" he commented.

Chris laughed and said: "You're making me feel as though I were on the auction block!"

She laughed, when she said that and he joined her in the laugh.

"Well, Mrs. Slater," he said then, but she interrupted him and said: "Chris, please!"

"Chris," he said, "Despite by total failure to recognize the difference between you and your lovely daughter, I am here to pick up Wendy for the office party."

"Yes, I know," Chris said, preceding him up the walk, "And I just came back from my run."

"So I see!" he said, smiling.

She held up a hand then and said: "No, don't look at the workout wreck!"

"Looks grand to me!" he said.

"Well," she replied, "Your manners are certainly up to snuff! But come on in and I'll get Wendy for you."

"Yes, thank you," he said, and only he realized right then that he was actually disappointed that he was there to pick up Wendy and not Chris. He pushed that kind of thinking down into the back of his mind quickly.

As she turned then to go into the house, she turned back to him and said: "No, don't you dare watch me walk into the house!"

He grinned and said: "Sorry, er, Chris, no promises here."

They went into the house and Chris called out: "Wendy, Jack is here!"

Wendy came down the steps then and said to her Mom: "You're not making a pass at my date, are you, Mom?"

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