Maria - a True Story
Chapter 1

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True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My wife has gone overseas with my mate's girlfriend leaving us alone for three weeks. We meet a well known slapper and enjoy her company.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Gang Bang  

The following is a true story. It happened way back in 1988 so the dialogue, although not word for word, is as good as I can remember. The events I will never forget. Maria Brown (not her real name) was the town bike. Everyone got to ride her. She was 32 years old when this all happened and even after having two kids she had a red hot figure. She looked a bit like a brunette Geena Davis with a touch of Greek thrown in. Although these events happened in '88 I have chosen to write this as if it happened only recently. I simply find it easier. Remember this is a true, ridgy didge, fair dinkum story.

"Two beers thanks mate." Nothing really beats a few beers with a mate down the pub when your wife and his girlfriend have gone OS for a few weeks. We were one week into our two week bachelor stint and tonight we wanted a decent feed and a few beers. As we sat and hooked into our tucker I saw Maria, a friend of a friend, come into the pub. I'd heard about Maria being a bit of a slapper who put it about quite freely so I watched her with interest for a while and pointed her out to Goodie, my mate.

Goodie is a bit of a bad man, who one night shagged two schoolgirls who had just finished high school while his girlfriend was asleep in bed, but that's another story. Therefore I wasn't surprised that he gave her more than the once over. She was in the public bar area having a chat with a few friends and when we finished dinner we wandered over.

"Hello Maria" I said "How's things?"

Maria looked very nice tonight. She was wearing jeans and a nice black halter top that revealed her smallish tits quite nicely.

"Hello." she said. "Mark isn't it."

"Yep and this is Andy or as we know him Goodie."

"Good at everything I hope." she said flirting with him immediately.

"I specialise in a few things." He said with a wink. They were hitting it off very easily.

The night went on and we just sat and chatted and sank more piss. When Goodie went to the loo Maria asked me a simple question.

"Does Goodie have a girl?"

"Um yeah but she's in Bali with my wife."

"So you're both off the hook tonight then?"

"Um well yes we are."

"So tell me Mark what is your biggest fantasy?" I know I was pissed and heard what I heard but I just had to hear it again. "Pardon?"

She laughed and whispered. "Your biggest sexual fantasy. What is it."

In this delay I had the time to think."To be met by a woman who is wearing nothing more than a long black coat, fishnets and suspenders. And she is gagging for it."

"Wow!" she said "I have all those things at home."

"Yeah bullshit" I said truly believing she was full of shit. "And what's yours?"

"Oh I have too many to tell you about here." At this stage Goodie was back with more beers and some Tequila.

"Tell us what?" he said hearing the last part of the conversation.

"Maria wants to know our fantasies."

"I have too many." she said again.

"I want to do it with two Japanese schoolgirls." he said laughing.

"Well a threesome is only one of mine." Maria said and as she did so she pushed her legs apart and rubbed her knees up against ours. I still didn't think that this was anything greater than some harmless flirting. Goodie however caught onto what was happening. I was a bit slow in this area. Maria downed her Tequila and excused herself for a walk to the powder room.

"Well what do you reckon?" Goodie said.

"What do I reckon about what?" I said.

"Should we take her back to my place?"

"I'm not touching her mate." I said "The missus would kill me if she found out."

"She won't find out."

"She probably has some horrible diseases."

"I've got boxes of frangers at my place."

"Fucking hell Goodie." I said. "You are an evil bastard. OK we'll see what happens but she's all yours."

Maria came back with freshly applied lipstick and a flushed appearance.

"Would you like to come back to my place for a bit of a smoke?" Goodie asked. "I haven't had any weed for months." Maria said.

"I have some nice gear at home." he said.

"It's a good thing the kids are being looked after by their dads." she said. "Let's go then."

It was nearly closing time anyway so we downed our drinks and as pissed as newts we hopped into Goodies old Falcon ute and took the backroad to his house. Goodie lived in a huge 4 bedroom home that was completely empty except for a crappy lounge, his stereo, a TV, his and his girls bed and a foam mattress in one of the bedrooms for the occasional drunken guest. We marched in and I grabbed a few more drinks from the fridge while Goodie got his bong out and packed a few cones. Maria had put on some music and was doing a slow dance in the lounge when I came in with the drinks.

"Here's to life" she said as he sucked down a full cone in one pull.

"Fuck." I said watching her down the smoking pile of weed.

Goodie was up for the challenge and he tried unsuccessfully to down it in one go. I took my time with mine because I was fairly pissed already. By the time I had finished mine Maria was looking fairly wasted and she stood up to dance some more.

"I have to keep moving." she said. She started doing some sexy dancing and rubbing herself all over as she did. Goodie and I just sat on the lounge watching our private show.

"Give us a striptease." Goodie said.

"Only if it will be worth my while at the end." she said.

I knew what she meant. I may be slow but I'm not that slow. Besides I had a stiffy already and looking over at Goodie so did he. All concerns about infidelity had been washed away by the booze and smoke. I was still worried about catching something nasty so I went into Goodies room and grabbed the box of frangers from next to his bed.

"Two secs." I said as I went into his room.

AIDS was at this time the big news in STD's and I was worried that someone like Maria was a potential threat. Maria was still dancing when I came out and when I walked past she moved over to me and started doing some dirty dancing. She squatted down in front of me and at one stage rubbed my cock through my jeans. I started dancing with her and when I threw the box of condoms on the lounge she almost melted with excitement. Goodie stood up as well and came over to us and grabbed her by the hips and rubbed his crotch up against her arse. She reached over to me and I moved over and began rubbing my cock against her groin. Her nipples were huge so I rubbed my hands up her side and grabbed a handful of her 36C boobs. She began grabbing at my zip and slipped her tongue into my mouth while she fumbled at my jeans.

Goodie grabbed her halter top and slipped it over her head and her great tits fell out. Goodie grabbed them from behind and Maria used both hands to open my jeans and when she reached inside my underpants and pulled my cock out I nearly exploded. I had never been with a woman as horny as Maria was. She bent over from the waist and slipped my rock hard cock into her mouth Goodie saw this and immediately dropped his daks and began pulling on his cock. He moved around next to me and shoved his cock into her face. Maria dropped to her knees and with the glazed look of a stoned slut she muttered. " Two cocks, I've always wanted two cocks."

She swapped from mine to Goodies cock for what seemed like an age and all the time she still had her jeans on.

"Lets fuck her." Goodie said breaking the stoned silence. Maria stood up and undid her jeans and I could see the patch of moisture on her panties when she threw them on the floor. She rubbed her pussy and walked over to the lounge and sat down and spread her legs wide showing us her puffed labia and juicy pussy.

"Lick my cunt." she said to Goodie. "Let's see how good you are."

I took the rest of my gear off and stood on the lounge and fed her my cock. She sucked it down like the true sex maniac she was. I could feel my orgasm coming and as she tugged on my cock Goodie began licking at her clit and she came like a demon. Her language was truly offensive.

"Yeah lick my cunt, you fuck, fuck it with your big cock, you dirty cunt."

When she looked up at me and said "You can fuck my arse you cunting fucker." I lost it. I was ready just to blow all over her face but she kept me in her mouth and I unloaded the biggest load I'd ever had. There was so much she nearly gagged and had to let some run out of her mouth. She did scoop it back into her mouth though. Goodie reached over and grabbed a condom and slipped it over his cock. He pushed her knees back near her ears and plunged his cock into her pussy. She nearly fainted and her eyes rolled back into her head. The slopping sound from her pussy was unbelievable. She reached over to my cock after she came out of her second orgasm and it was all ready to go again. She pushed Goodie away and stood up and threw me a condom.

"Put that on." She said.

As I put it on she grabbed Goodies cock. and said. "You are going to fuck my arse you fucking cunt." With that she moved over to me and grabbing my cock she knelt on the lounge and slipped my cock into her pussy. I grabbed her delicious tits and then felt Goodie move into position. Maria tensed up as Goodie slid into her arse. She rested her head on my shoulder as she came again and I could feel Goodies cock pumping away through the thin membrane between both holes. I could tell by Goodies movements that he was about to come and sure enough he slapped her on the arse and filled his condom full of cum. Maria was still in a trance like state and when Goodie pulled out she just kept humping my cock. Goodie fell back onto the lounge and pulled the condom off. Maria saw this and swung around taking his cock into her mouth. She worked her magic on him and once again he was hard and ready to go. "Time for some more pussy." He said. Maria slipped off my cock and got down on all fours on the floor presenting us with her gaping pussy and just fucked arse. Goodie knelt behind her and pulled a condom on and slipped into her pussy. I just sat back pulling my cock as he went to work on her. After a while he flipped her over and began the missionary position. She was still in a trance and I got down and leaning over her rubbed my cock over her mouth. She sparked up and began sucking me down her throat and began rubbing my balls. It didn't take long and I came again. This time I was in control and I aimed it all over her face spraying her with my jizz. Soon after Goodie came as well and this time he pulled his condom off and shot his load all over her belly. After this we were pretty much rooted and I wanted to sleep so badly. I went and had a piss and went back into the lounge room but they had crashed out on the lounge so I went into the spare room and fell in an exhausted stoned heap on the mattress.

The next morning I awoke with a blinding headache and the sight of Maria at the end of the mattress kicking my feet.

"Wake up." she said. "I need to get home."

"OK." I said reliving the previous night in my head.

I grabbed my clobber and got dressed and saw that Goodie was still asleep in his own bed. I took his keys and drove his ute to Maria's house. It was only 7.30am and I was fucked. Maria thanked me for the night and gave me a big tongue kiss and a grab on the crotch before she went inside. Half way to her gate she turned around and came back to the car.

"You live in that old house near the tennis courts don't you?"

"Um yes." I said.

"When is your wife back?"

"Next weekend."

She smiled and with a wink said "Good, very good."

If you want to hear about what happens on the next night I would appreciate some written responses to this story. The next night was even more erotic and downright pornographic than this night and it is all true. The big surprise is what became of Maria in the years to come.

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