Man in the Box

by StangStar06

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Incest, Sister, Violent, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: He stole my wife and left me buried alive...

Hi folks. We haven't taken a trip to the dark side in a while. Those of you wh don't like violence or extreme revenge might want to pass on this one. Thanks twice as much as usual to Mikotthebaby who served as my muse on this one besides doing her usual editing magic.

Note from mikothebaby – Man in the Box by Alice in Chains is my favorite song. I urge you to go to you tube and listen to it before reading this story. I made Stang write a story about the song. I wanted a dark story so blame me and not him if you do not like this one. He indulges my ideas every once in a while. I personally love this story.

"You're going to love it here," I told my girlfriend, Heidi, as we got off of the plane and walked to the concourse. "We'll probably have to take a cab to get to the house. I emailed my parents a couple of times this week but I didn't get an answer. They might even be out of town which would give us plenty of time to..."

I never had a chance to complete my thought. A huge guy in a Sheriff's Department uniform stepped in front of me. Before he even spoke to me, he looked over his shoulder and spoke to another deputy and the guy from airport security. "This is him. Get his bags and bring them to the Station." He looked over at me and at Heidi. "What's your name Miss?" he asked, pulling his sunglasses down.

"Uhm Heidi," she said. "Heidi Temple. Are we in trouble? What did we do? Are we being arrested? It was him ... He was the one who wanted us to have sex in his parents' house. I was..."

The deputy pushed his glasses back into place and shook his head. "Rick," he said. "If you do end up married to this one ... either don't do anything illegal, or don't tell her. At the first sign of trouble, she'll bail on you and spill her guts."

He escorted the two of us outside to a waiting Sheriff's Department Jeep. We got in and waited for a few minutes as they loaded our luggage.

He spoke to another man that I recognized, who got into the driver's seat. "Hi Uncle John," I said.

"Hey Rick," he said back. He turned to face us and looked at Heidi. She paled quickly and then looked at me.

"Your Uncle is the frigging Sheriff?" she asked.

"And it's a good thing too," said Uncle John. "We found the bag of weed in your luggage, miss."

"It's not mine," she blurted out. "I was just holding it for a friend. And I kind of have a Marijuana license. You know I have a card for it ... sort of. I get these headaches when my glaucoma acts up during my period and..."

"Just shut up," he said to her. "We're not going to press charges. We're pretty relaxed about things like that around here ... At least until you start lying to us and acting like we're stupid. Next time you decide to lie to a law enforcement officer though, you should probably try to find one lie and stick to it."

He turned to me. "Rick you sure can pick 'em. She reminds me of your mother when she was young."

Heidi smiled broadly. "Thank you," she said.

"I never could stand that bitch, even when she was young. She was just too God damned sneaky. And she's nuttier than a tree full of squirrels."

"Uncle Rick," I said, changing the subject. "Where are my parents anyway, I haven't heard from them and..."

"You'll understand all of that soon," he said. "To tell you the truth, I'm just the messenger. I have no idea where your father or your mother are, but if you come into contact with them, please tell me. Officially, your mother is wanted in connection with several crimes and your father may be linked to them somehow as well."

I was shocked and Heidi just looked at me as if she, like I, was wondering exactly what the fuck we'd gotten ourselves into.

Uncle Rick drove the car for a couple of miles and then stopped in the middle of nowhere. "Get out," he said. As soon as we got out of the Jeep, he pulled our luggage out of the back of the truck and placed it on the side of the road.

"Uncle Rick, the house is nowhere near here," I said.

"Yeah, I know," he said. "See ya." He got back in his jeep and drove off. So there I was, in the middle of nowhere, standing by the side of the road with far more suitcases than I could carry. Heidi had that deer in the headlights expression on her face.

"I can't believe they took my weed," she said. "To truly appreciate a situation like this, you should really be high. This is like something out of the twilight zone. All we need now is to have a couple of guys drive up and take us prisoner. They'll probably kill me and spend the next three days butt-fucking you with a variety of farm implements."

"Heidi, wouldn't they kill me and fuck you?" I asked.

"They aren't normal dudes," she said. "That's what makes it so weird..."

Thankfully, before Heidi could complete her theory, I heard a car coming in our direction. It turned out to be a Cadillac Escalade. The driver must not have seen us because he passed by us and then slammed on the brakes and backed up until he was right in front of us. I stood up ready to fight or flee as the case dictated it. The windows of the truck were tinted so I couldn't see how many guys were inside of it. As the door opened, I started stretching my legs. I stopped and my jaw dropped open when the driver came around the side of the truck.

"You ARE Rick aren't you?" she asked. "Yep, you are. You have your father's eyes and lot of his other features too."

I was stunned. The woman asking me the question was hot. She had long inky black hair pulled up into a ponytail. She wore sunglasses that she pulled down to look at me and showed off the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. Her deep tan indicated that she was used to a climate that was far warmer than Michigan. And the way she was bundled up still even though it was spring, told me that she hadn't been away from there for very long.

She was whippet thin, but the swellings in the front of her expensive looking leather jacket told me that some of her proportions were not typical for a woman of her size. Her ass was rounded and looked big on her, although on an average sized woman it would have seemed tiny. The jeans that she wore looked as if they were painted on. She walked in ankle boots that had to have five inch heels at the very least. Without them, she'd be nowhere close to Heidi's 5'6" inch height.

She pressed a button and the back of the Escalade opened. "Who's she?" she asked pointedly.

"Who're you?" asked Heidi.

"We didn't plan on you," she said. "I'll have to make a call." The woman pulled out a phone from somewhere. Her clothes were so tight that I couldn't imagine where she'd hid it. It was an iPhone. And something about it just seemed familiar to me.

Heidi was tapping me on the shoulder as I watched the woman make her call. "Who the hell is this bimbo?" she asked. "And why the hell were you doing all of that stretching back there?"

"Heidi, I had no idea of what was going to come out of that truck," I said. "It could have been a team of drug crazed hillbillies or a team of pit bulls or a maniac with an axe."

"And you were getting ready to go all Bruce Lee on them and fight for me?" she said smiling.

"I was getting ready to run," I said.

"You're wearing cowboy boots Dufus," she said. "How were you going to outrun them in those?"

"I didn't have to outrun THEM," I said. "I just had to outrun YOU."

The look Heidi gave me told me that no matter where we ended up, I'd probably be sleeping alone.

"Give me your phones," said the woman, holding out her hands. "And anything else you have that is electronic."

I handed her my phone and smiled.

"Fuck no," said Heidi. The woman handed my phone to Heidi.

"Why are you giving me his phone?" asked Heidi.

"You're not going," said the woman. "You can give it back to him when you see him again." She turned to me.

"Rick, grab anything you'll need for the next two days and put it in the back of the truck." She watched me as I moved. "Make sure there are no electronics in any bag you bring." I moved to comply with her wishes. Something told me I should do what she said.

"What about me," whined Heidi.

"You're staying here," said the woman. Her pleasant tone indicated that she was far happier about Heidi not coming with us. "As soon as we pull off, I'll call John and someone from the Sheriff's office will come and pick you up.

"You're just going to go off with this woman?" asked Heidi. "You don't even know who she is."

I just shrugged my shoulders. "Okay fine," said Heidi. "Take the God damned phone. And you..." she said whining at me. "You're falling right into their trap. Haven't you seen this enough times in the fucking movies? Usually they take you to a place where your cell phone doesn't have any bars so you can't call for help. Then, once they get you up to some creepy assed farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, all of your friends start dying off one by one. First, it'll be the black guy, then the teenagers who get caught fucking, then the fat nerdy guy and after that the bitchy girl..."

I was embarrassed. "Heidi, we don't have a black guy with us or a fat nerdy guy..." I began.

"We know who the bitchy girl is though," the woman laughed. She pulled out a plastic bag and placed both of our phones in them and walked off beside the road. She put our phones down by a tree and walked back smiling. She pulled out her iPhone again and did something on it. Then she took a picture of the tree.

"I used my GPS app and placed a pin on this location," she said. "We'll be able to find your phones easily tomorrow. And we're not going to a creepy old farm house."

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