by T.S.Severe

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, mt/mt, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, TransGender, FemaleDom, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Trent is in love with his best friend's twin sister. When desire becomes too much for the sixteen-year-old boy to bear, he forces himself on Brandon sexually and begins a rocky, angst-filled journey of self-discovery.

"Man, I wanna fuck your sister so bad!" I said with a sigh.

"Shut-up," Brandon sighed too. "My brain hurts."

"Lightweight!" I grinned at him in the darkness of his bedroom.

"Are we spinning or is it just everything else?" he asked with a giggle. "Fuck!"

"Don't puke!"

"I'm okay," he promised, but I wasn't so sure and I eyed his indistinct form suspiciously.

We were only sixteen and Brandon was kind of a small guy compared to me, so maybe that's why he always got drunk so easy. I was buzzed too, but not like him. He'd been pretty giggly earlier and it had taken ten minutes to get him upstairs, just because he wouldn't stop talking. I'd been tempted to leave him in the living room, and I probably should have, but even though his parents wouldn't be home until Sunday night, if they came home early and caught him passed out drunk on the floor, it woulda been kinda bad. We were teenagers, you know, so we were suspects anyway.

"Jody is so hot," I whispered, mostly to myself and I was buzzed just enough that I couldn't stop thinking about her.

"She don't like you though," Brandon murmured, sitting up on the bed we were both laying on.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking off my socks," he said with a weak laugh. "I can't sleep with socks on."

"You're drunk," I rolled my eyes and then pushed him away from me as Brandon lost his balance. "Just pass out, dude."

"I can't..." he giggled, " ... reach my socks."


"Help me, Trent ... Uhmmm..." Brandon fell on me again, laughing like an idiot.

"Here ... Lie down..." I sighed, pushing him down as I sat up.

"Thanks, man!" he said as I found his left foot and yanked his sock off, trying to be rude about it. I took off the other one too, throwing them into the dark. I took off my own, as long as I was there. It did kinda suck sleeping with socks on.

"Now what are you doing?" I asked half a minute later.

"Taking off my ... uh ... pants!"

"You're such a bonehead."

"I can't sleep with pants on," he giggled, bouncing his ass off the mattress and I could hear his belt jingle.

"Sleep on the floor," I told him.

"My bed!" he said, sort of grunting. "Help me."

"Fuck you," I rolled my eyes, but Brandon had his pants like halfway down his thighs and he started kicking his feet as a lay there. Kicking me too.

"Stupid pants!"

"Ow! Fuck! Stop kicking..." I sat up again, having to get all the way up this time, and felt around for Brandon's pants.

"Yeah! Hey!" He laughed as I found his thighs first, warm and smooth. Brandon didn't have any hair at all except on his head and a thin, little patch around his dick, at least not that you'd notice.

"Hold still!" I told him, finding his jeans and yanking them off, dragging the giggling boy halfway down his bed as I ended up standing at the foot of it.

He just lay there, barely visible in the dark, on his back with his t-shirt scrunched up under his armpits. He wore a pair of white briefs and his knees were on the edge of the bed, his legs dangling off it with his feet barely reaching the floor. Brandon wasn't but five foot two or something, and skinny like his sister. Jody. Fuck!

She was hot, and they looked like what they were–twins–except not totally identical, since Brandon's a boy and everything. Almost the same height though, same slender build, same blonde hair and blue eyes. Hell, they even had the same heart-shaped face. Jody was beautiful and Brandon was cute, I guess. Kind of pretty for a boy and a lot of girls liked him. They liked me too, since I'd grown tall and strong, with kind of a rugged face. That's the word I liked, rugged, but maybe a sixteen-year-old can't really be ruggedly handsome, but when I got older? Yeah, I had those kind of good looks, the sort that don't really fit a man until he hits thirty.

But Brandon, he looked good at sixteen. Like his sister and I couldn't stop thinking about her and I wondered if her thighs were as soft and smooth as her twin brother's? I started taking off my pants as I stood there, looking down at my best friend as he lay on the bed giggling and trying to catch his breath. Getting his stupid pants off had been a serious tug-of-war for a few seconds there. In the dim light, his briefs sorta looked like panties and his t-shirt, worked up like it was over his chest, just covering his flat tits ... and his legs sorta spread and...

I was drunk. Not wasted, but buzzed. I knew what I was thinking, and part of me knew it had to be wrong, but I wanted Jody so badly and I'd been watching her all night, laughing with her friends at the little party her and Brandon had thrown downstairs. Wearing her red hipsters and a skinny halter top over her smallish tits. She looked like a boy the same way Brandon looked like a girl. She had that tomboy look, you know? Narrow hips and an awesome small ass. No tits really, but I'd caught her nipples before, fat and pink and puffy. Jody was the girl I loved, my first real crush. My only crush and looking down at Brandon ... He could be her so easily, I thought.

My cock ached! I pushed my pants down and my boner stuck out through the unbuttoned fly of my boxers. Seven inches, maybe a little more, since I hadn't measured it in a week. I really wanted a big dick! But I had seven inches and kinda thick ones too, and it bobbed up and down as I moved, getting my jeans off my feet. I had to be crazy for what I was thinking. I wasn't a fag! No way! I loved girls more than anything and one girl in particular, but Brandon looked like a girl. I swear he did! He sounded like one too, with that stupid drunken giggle and his high pitched, breathless voice. I'd never really noticed before, but I began noticing all kinds of things now.

Like how warm the boy felt, how soft his skin was. How nice he always smelled, like he'd just stepped out of a bath. I knew he took showers, but he smelled like a bath to me. One of those long, hot bubble baths that girls like. We'd been best friends since third grade, almost ten years already, and I'd always sensed something different about him, but I didn't know what. Now I did. Brandon was a fag! I wasn't, but he had to be. The way he looked, the way he acted, the way he felt and smelled. He had to be queer, that's what my buzzed brain told me and it became my excuse for what I wanted to do ... what I did do.

I pushed my boxers down as well, and climbed onto the bed slowly, carefully like I was sneaking up on him. I'd never had sex, never even made out with a girl. All I'd done was kiss my cousin the summer before during a family reunion. Lois. She'd been like a fifth cousin thrice removed and a year younger than me and kinda cute. So I'd kissed her, but just once and then it felt weird because we were somehow related. I think it freaked her out more than me and we avoided each other after that, but that's my point! I was sixteen and I'd only kissed a girl once? That didn't seem right and all I could think about was sex sometimes, like all the time, 59 minutes out of every hour, I thought about girls.

Yeah, I told myself, I'm not a homo. Definitely not, but Brandon's a fag anyway and he looks just like his sister. Kissing him wouldn't make me a fag at all. Not like if I kissed some big, hairy guy with a beard! Fuck! That would be so gross, I'd puke! I'd shoot myself before I ever did that!

But Brandon didn't have any hair at all, just that soft, golden hair on his head, just long enough to curl around his slender shoulders. Girly hair. Fag hair! That's what Brandon had and it looked so good with his bright blue eyes and small, pouting mouth. I couldn't believe I'd never noticed that before, the way his lips were full and red, even without any makeup or whatever. He had ruby lips and those sweet, soft blue eyes that always looked like they were about to cry, even when he was giggling. Like Brandon knew a secret and now I knew it too!

"Trent?" he breathed with another precious giggle. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," I whispered, moving so I could cover his small body with mine.

"Hey! Uh ... Trent!"

He squirmed beneath me as I got my knees between his spread thighs and my elbows on either side of his ribs, just under his smooth, girlish armpits. He didn't even have hair there and that had to mean he was a fag!

"Stop it! Get off! This isn't ... Ugh! Funny!"

"Shhh..." I whispered as I grabbed his shoulders with my arms underneath him, my hands turned upward. I was bigger than him and a lot stronger. I held him tightly and spread my knees, forcing his smooth, girlish thighs to open even wider, pushing them upward slightly.

"Trent! What the fuck ... mmmph!"

I kissed him. I covered his soft, pouting mouth with mine and pushed my tongue inside so quickly he didn't even try to stop me! He tasted like rum and Coke mostly, but sweeter than that, sugary and wet and warm. I found Brandon's small tongue with mine and flicked it and a heartbeat later the boy really started trying to push me off him!

He turned his head, but I followed him, kissing his pretty face when I couldn't find his lips. My swollen cock lay across his soft tummy and I had my chest pressing down on his tits, rubbing him as we struggled. His t-shirt slid between us, higher and lower, my cock moved across his satin flesh, and Brandon's impossibly smooth thighs rubbed against mine as his legs came up. I squeezed his shoulders and pinned him down, and thrust my tongue inside his mouth again. I felt his teeth, but he didn't try and bite me or anything. Maybe because he was drunk and tired, or more likely because Brandon was a total fag, but after less than a minute of fighting, he started kissing me back.

What a pussy!

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