Time Enough

by God of Porn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When nineteen year old Kylie has one small slip, allowing a stranger to have unprotected sex with her, the black coed suffers through a long day of ups and downs before making a fateful decision.

"Mmmm..." I stretched slowly, feeling that wonderful warmth of being wrapped in sheets and more, of being held by someone.

It was morning, early morning and the windows were grey, and I opened my eyes just long enough to figure that out before closing them again. I didn't want to wake up. I didn't have a hangover, nothing like that, but it had been a long night. A busy night and I was with someone and I couldn't remember his name.

I was like that sometimes, which sounds bad, but it's true. I like boys a lot and this one, oh ... He was white, I remembered that much. A cute white boy to compliment my pretty black body. Black and white inside, that's me and I could feel him behind me, his cock hard and pressing against my ass in his sleep. I liked that feeling and he must have been having his own dreams because every now and again I could feel a little push, a little shake of his hips, and that big hard cock would press a little harder.

"Kylie..." he whispered and his left arm was over my body, his hand on my firm round breast, giving me just a pleasant squeeze, and my nipple was hard already beneath his palm.

Morning sex, I loved it, maybe even more than any other kind, I wasn't sure. I had a vague need to pee, but that could wait. I wanted some coffee and a toothbrush and a hairbrush too, but all of that could wait. His cock was thick and swollen and right there between the round globes of my ass and he was moving now, working it back and forth, playing with my nipple. And I couldn't remember his name and that could wait too.

I moved my leg, my left leg, the top one as I lay on my right side away from him, and he shifted slightly, his steely cock jutting upward and finding my sex already moist for him. Just that quick I was wet and ready, my nineteen year old body always eager it seemed. My dark labia felt thick and greasy and indistinct as that dull round cock worked over and between them, digging a furrow across my sex. He was looking for me, looking for my hole and about to find it, any second, and then he'd push his cock inside and...

"Wait..." I breathed.

"Hmmm?" He wasn't waiting and my left leg was high, bent at the knee with my left foot on my calf, giving him access.

"A condom ... We need a rubber..." I sighed as much as said, and I opened my eyes again, trying to see the nightstand next to the bed, on my side.

Didn't I have condoms there? Three of them, I remembered. I'd had three just for him and, oh, I remember, we'd used them. All of them, three times in one night? That's why I felt so good, so tired and lazy and warm all over. He'd fucked me good the first time, fucked me even better the second, and then later we'd made love. That was the word for it, slow and deliberate sex with all the kissing a girl could want. All the touching and whispers and those happy little orgasms that only come from being loved. He'd given me that and put me to sleep with a smile on my pretty face.

"Please..." He kissed my hair, long and coarse and black, African black with bedhead kinks that would take me an hour to lose.

"Ahhhmmm..." I caught my breath, holding it as I felt his cock pushing inside me, splitting the soft pink folds of my pussy and that was nice.

"Just let me ... Mmmm ... Feel you..." he breathed into my ear, " ... Inside."

"Oh yesssss..." I hissed pushing myself back rocking my hips, just a little, and feeling that big white cock sinking slowly deeper into my unprotected womb.

He'd have to pull out, I knew that I was right in the middle of my cycle, the worst time possible, and a college girl didn't need a baby. A black girl didn't need a white baby. He'd feel me, sure, and make it good for me too, but later, before anything happened, he'd have to pull out. We could do that, I thought, turning my face, morning breath or no. I needed a kiss. I needed some love. I just needed.

He was handsome in that weak light, with his tousled blonde hair and dark eyes. Were they blue? Yeah, but I couldn't tell just then. They were just dark and looking into mine and he kissed me, before washing our faces, or rinsing our mouths, and my tongue was sticky and my lips chapped, and he tasted stale. I liked it though, kissing like that. It's forbidden, you know, kissing a boy you've just met first thing in the morning. A huge turn-off and he'll never love me again, but not this time. He was kissing me back.

Fucking me too, taking me from behind with his cock inside my pussy, working it back and forth just a few inches. Short strokes, with his smooth cockhead staying deep inside me, no risk of coming out, no reason to pull back too far, this felt good enough. Too good and I was sucking his tongue, moaning into his mouth while he pinched my nipple hard, too hard for sunrise, and I gasped and groaned and arched my back against the pleasure of that little pain. I liked it and he knew me now. He knew me intimately, like in the bible he knew me, like he'd fucked me three times and now he was doing it again.

"Fuck me..." I breathed and I wanted it so bad.

"I am." He smiled and kissed me again. "I'm fucking you good now, you feel so good around my cock, Kylie."

He knew that too, how I liked to hear all those words. All the dirty ones, the bad ones, the worst ones coming from his lips. I couldn't remember his name and he knew all my secrets, making me move my small black ass in tight little circles, thrusting my pelvis back and forth, squeezing my thighs and tummy and looking for the little muscles in my cunt. I was squeezing his cock, working it with my sex like I was milking him for my breakfast.

"My pussy is hungry." I giggled, for no other reason than my orgasm was coming and it made me silly.

"I'll feed you, Kylie." He was breathing a little harder, moving smooth and working that cock back and forth in a gentle rhythm. "Give your slutty little pussy something to eat, baby."

"Yeah ... Hmmm..." I kissed him. "Feed my nigger cunt with your cock."

"My big white cock?" he teased, moving, pulling at me and sliding his other arm beneath me.

"Yeah..." I moaned, blinking hard as my sex began to tremble, the good feelings getting to be too much. "Big ... White ... Hmmm..."

He was rolling me onto him as he went on his back, pulling me so I could ride him with my back against his smooth chest, lying atop and along his white body. My legs were spread, the sheets twisted around me like a python, constricting and annoying and I might have kicked and tried to loose myself, but his fingers were on my tummy. And then his fingers were lower, finding my sex, rubbing my hard little clit and making me thrum all over. I was grinding my ass against him, riding his cock now, feeling his fingers playing across our sloppy union.

I was cumming and so wet and hot, the juices spilling out of me as I fucked that hard white cock into my body, into my womb. He was incredibly hard, the way men are in the morning and it was taking him a long time to cum and I didn't mind that at all. I was shaking all over, my body hot and damp now with sweat. I was playing with my tits, digging my fingers into my skin, pushing them together because it felt too good not to. He held me with one arm around my taut belly, the other rubbing my clit, making me cum and cum again.

We were moving again, somewhere in the middle of my orgasm, he was moving us once more and I didn't protest at all. I didn't care so long as his cock stayed inside me. It was awkward and clumsy, like sex is, and those stupid sheets wouldn't let me go and then I groaned, on my hands and knees as his cock went even deeper than before. He was kneeling behind me, holding my hips and pushing hard into my sex, finding the deepest parts of my hungry hole. I felt stretched suddenly and I pushed myself back, smelling our thick musk in the air, tasting our fuck in my open mouth as I panted for air. I was weak and dropped my head to the mattress, giggling and moaning for more. My ass held high, my pussy open and clasping around him, massaging that beautiful white cock with a will of her own.

"Jesus, Kylie! Fuck you're good ... You beautiful bitch..." His voice was everything I wanted, soft and close and dirty.

"Yes! Uh-huh ... Uh-huh ... Fuck me! Oh God..." I was cumming again and he was there suddenly, without warning and I felt it. "Wha..."

"Fuck!" He gasped, slamming his cock so hard inside me that it hurt, knocking the air out of me as he hit the bottom of my cunt.

"No ... Stop ... Fuck!" I pulled myself off, practically jumping forward, my orgasm all but forgotten as my feverish mind caught up with what I was feeling. His cock spurting inside me, all the way inside too, right there against my cervix.

"Shit ... Kylie..." He was still cumming, his cock now free of me, shooting onto my ass and thighs and the bed beneath us.

"You were supposed to pull out!" I practically yelled, turning and yanking at the sheets angrily, sitting down and spreading my legs, spreading my pussy lips with my fingers. I was hot inside, pink and red and open. Milky juices were running from me, but it was thin and I knew his real sperm was somewhere further inside me.

"Sorry. Fuck, it felt too good." He looked at me sheepishly.

"That's so uncool, fuck!" I frowned and got up, going to find the bathroom and wash him out. "I can't believe you ... Fuck! I'm not protected!"

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