Bridget Grows Up

by peterbeater

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Spanking, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Older woman finds young love

Bridget stood there, looking down at the engine. She had to laugh, {well it's still there ... that's what I know about cars!... } She had been on the way home and her car just stopped. She was reaching for her cell phone when a car pulled up. "Hi, thought I recognized you. Troubles?" She vaguely recognized the young man, he had helped her with her groceries one day. He joined her and they both stared at the engine, the boy wiggled some wires and tried to restart it, no luck. "Well that's the extent of my mechanical skills. Look it's getting late, I have a friend who has a shop nearby, let me call him." She listened as the situation was explained. When he hung up he told her his friend would tow her car to the shop and they could wait at his house since they were near each other. On the ride to his house He introduced himself. When they were done she knew he was 22 and named Paul, he knew she was a recent widow and was called Bridget.

When they pulled into the driveway Bridget asked if he lived with his parents. "No", he laughed, I came into some money and I bought the kind of house I always dreamed of." From the outside it was big and from the inside even bigger. "Oh yeah, four bedrooms five baths, indoor swimming pool, sauna, the works! Let me get you a drink while we wait, then I'll give you the 25 cent tour."

Carrying her glass she was impressed, it was a big pool, an office, a rec room bar complex, a kitchen many restaurants would envy, but the big one was the master bedroom the surprise, not only the biggest bed she had ever seen but one wall and the ceiling were mirrored. She felt herself start to blush as she looked at the ceiling. Paul caught her confusion, "Yeah, it takes a little getting used to!"

They were on their second drink when his phone rang, several, un-huhs, and a couple of, I sees, later, he explained that she had just lost a belt and her battery had gone dead. It was too late to get a new belt tonight, but his friend would get the battery charged and a new belt first thing in the morning.

Morning, she woke to the morning, even before she realized she was not in her own bed she discovered she was naked. { ... what ... I never sleep ... on ... no... } As it started to come back to her. She had had sex last night, first time since her husband died, { ... plus how much longer before that?... } She opened her eyes to look at her reflection staring down at her. That was more shocking than not having any clothes on. In the bathroom she tried to piece the night together. Well, I wasn't raped, I don't know everything that happened but I'm pretty sure I was a willing partner. There was a spare toothbrush and comb laid out for ... her, must be her. It was a huge walk in shower and she wallowed in it trying to flush away last night. With a soapy hand inside of her vulva, { ... not pregnant ... that's over at least... } Getting dressed involved finding her clothes. Pants and underpants but the others, her thoughts were stopped when { ... Paul, his name's Paul... } came in with the balance of her clothing. A hand automatically came up to cover herself.

"Relax Bridg, we both saw and touched all we got, last night, besides you're pretty to look at!

Bridget sat on the bed just trying to absorb what was going on. { ... Brig ... no body calls me Bridg ... last night ... the two ... how old... 22... 22 he said... } Unbidden. Paul sat next to her and put an arm around her shoulder, poor Bridget was still trying to accept that she had had sex with some one who could actually be her son. { ... don't say it ... old enough to be your ... no! Don't say... } "Hey sweetheart, it's OK we had a good time last night. Hey smile, don't tell me you don't remember! You were the one that asked for thirds!"

As she sat there enough memories of last night came back to make her believe what he said was true. "Look Paul? It is Paul right? I don't do this sort of thing. I don't know all that happened last night but those drinks got to me. I'm sorry this can never happen again. Will you let me get dressed?"

It took a moment, but Paul realized she wanted him to leave the room.

"I'll be downstairs, coffee's made." As he was going down the stairs he could only think, { ... first time ... first time somebody asked me to get out while they got dressed ... Old broads ... but ... didn't fuck like an old broad ... some of the best fucking ... lousy head though ... too bad ... I was sorta looking forward to fucking her again... } He was sitting there smearing a bagel when she came down.

She stood in the doorway and said, "Well goodbye, sorry if I gave you the wrong idea last night." She turned to go

"Hey Bridg, any idea of where you're going? Like to know where your car is? Have a cup of coffee and a bagel and I'll drive you to your car." The look of discomfort was all over her face. "Hey, stop with the looks! You and I had a good time last night, and don't bullshit me, you weren't that drunk the first time we kissed. You didn't get raped last night, and you're not getting rapped this morning. Sit down, have a bagel and some coffee, then we'll go get your car."

Even though Bridg was a tea drinker she could taste that this was super coffee. The same thing with the bagel. It was a real one, not out of a frozen food case.

She sat there and felt she had to speak. "Look, I don't know what you think, but I don't do that sort of thing, I don't sleep around"

"Well Bridg, I do, I try to sleep with everyone I like, and I got to tell you, I like you a lot, and in addition, for someone who says they don't fool around, you're pretty damn good at it"

She almost threw her cup at him {smart ass kid ... laughing at her ... got me ... drunk ... well ... not that... } listen you, I've been a widow for two years and you're the fi..." She couldn't finish, she started crying. "First, first since my..."

"OK. OK here," he handed her a box of Kleenex, "just let me finish my coffee and we'll get your car.!" It wasn't hard for her to realize she had irritated the boy.

On the way to the shop she tried to apologize. "Hey stop, no apologies needed, we got laid, I enjoyed the hell out of it and would like to do it again. You're acting like I copped your cherry. That's no fun for either of us. So it's over and here's the shop."

When she tried to pay the mechanic, he told her that Paul was a friend of his, and it's on the house.

Once home, she took another shower and put her clothes in the washer. Sitting there, nursing her cheap tea, she thought about last night. Now that she was home and the panic was over details started coming back. { ... big ... seemed like he had a big ... how would I know ... been so long ... two ... no three times ... not since honeymoon ... shit ... I sucked ... went down ... on him ... never did that! Once twice ... maybe... } As she went to put the clothes in the dryer she felt it. {wet ... I'm wet ... not last nite ... I'm horny ... him? ... blow job? } She wanted to go to sleep, to not think about it, but she was afraid to lay down for fear she'd jill off. { ... don't want to start that again, 3 times a day ... crazy... }

A week later she kept thinking about the young boy who helped her. { ... I was mean ... owe an apology ... do something... } At 5 PM on a Saturday she was knocking on his door with a fresh from the oven apple pie. There were several cars in his driveway and she thought that was good there would be people so she could leave without a fuss.

When the door opened, Bridget was shocked to see a girl topless, as she was trying to figure out what to say the girl, enjoying her embarrassment, yelled over her shoulder, "Paul your grandma is here with your birthday cake. Now to her shock was added shame. { ... not that old... } She shoved the pie at the girl and almost ran back to her car. Behind her she barely heard Paul yelling at the girl. She held it together all the way to her driveway. Once inside the garage she sat in her car and cried, cried harder than she had since her husband died. Getting into the house she went to the bathroom to put a washcloth on her eyes. Looking in the mirror she suddenly pulled off her clothes. Looking in the mirror she turned from side to side and tried to look at her ass in the reflection. Damn, I'm not that bad, I look good, no right for her to call me a grandma. She had just stepped out of the shower when her doorbell rang. Oh shit, it was him! Well it's a fluffy bathrobe and with a big towel around her hair she felt she could safely open the door. "Yes"

"I came over to apologize for that fucking bimbo, what she said was stupid. I can tell you that you will never see her at my house again." As she stood there he continued, "Can I come in, I mean you're going to catch cold here in the doorway."

"Oh, yes, come on in, you can't stay I'm just getting ready..."

He interrupted, "Looks like you're getting ready for bed or a nap, he suddenly pulled her close, and sniffed her, Boy, you sure smell nice!", he kissed her neck. She stood, unmoving for a moment and then her arms were up and around his neck as she kissed him full bore on the lips.

An hour later, laying side by side she said, "I want you to know, I don't normally do this. Before you it's been almost two years."

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