Seducing a Co-worker -- Becky
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom and Becky have worked together for four years and Tom finally decides to take their workplace relationship to another forbidden level.

I was standing there talking to my co-worker, Becky. Actually I was admiring her B-cup breasts clearly outlined by the cups of her bra and the snug-fitting top she'd worn to work.

"Becky, what are you staring at?" I asked. I looked into her eyes and could see her gaze was fixated below my waist.

"Really, Tom?? You want to know?" she asked.

"Yeah, I noticed your eyes are not meeting mine."

"You really want me to tell you?" Becky said as she looked now into my eyes.

"Yeah, like I'm going to tell you that I've been watching your chest and I love how sexy that top you're wearing is today."

"Mmmmm, I like the sound of that. Well, since you've been honest with me, Tom, I was admiring that nice big lump of your cock inside the front of your pants," Becky replied.

[Cliff, Becky is one of my present co-workers and she's not real sexy but she's cute, she's got a nice figure, and I seriously would love for this to happen.]

"Fair enough, Becky. My cock is throbbing in my pants right now because of you, lady."

"Really?? Why?"

"Because, you're around me every day, you're very sexy, and I find myself wondering what you and David do when you go home at night. I mean, both of you are in your second marriage, and after both being single for a few years, I wonder how good you and David treat each other behind closed doors."

"Tom, you really fantasize about me and David having sex?"

"Oh, yes, Becky, I visually undress you every day -- and I wish I knew what you looked like under your clothes. I also wonder if you give David blowjobs and then fuck him every night when you get home alone."

"Yes, yes, and yes, Tom, to all your questions. Yes, I treat David really good and I love sucking his hardon and then fucking him. And having him fuck me, too.

"Wow, that made my cock throb again, Becky. Would you give me a blowjob sometime, Becky?? Seriously."

"I'm glad you asked," Becky said as she stood and closed her office door and locked it. Then, she walked over and cupped the increasingly hardening lump of my already very aroused cock in my pants.

"Tom, I've wanted to suck you and fuck you, too, for a long time."

Becky leaned over, taking the zipper of my pants in her hand and she quickly undid the front of my pants and then slid her hand inside and brought my hardon out in the open. Her tongue quickly flicked out of her lips and she licked across the hard crown of my cock, making me harder than ever and it made me moan hotly.

Then, Becky quickly started stroking my hardon and she took the head of my engorged cock in her mouth and started bobbing her wet hot mouth up and down on more and more of my cockhead and shaft. I could hardly believe this was happening. Becky began to moan sexily as she tasted the saltiness of my precum and she knew she was going to be amply rewarded in very short order. She pulled my balls out from under my cock and licked them and then returned my cockhead and shaft to her mouth as she was stroking my very horny large 7-incher. I couldn't hold back.

"Oh, you damn hot bitch, I'm going to fucking cum," and I started shooting glob after glob of thick white cum into Becky's gulping mouth. My immediate thought was that Becky had just given me head and was it possible for me to get her up on her desk, pull her pants down and slide my cock inside her hot MILF cunt and fuck her right now??

Becky swallowed every single drop of my big cumload. I hadn't had sex in several days and my balls were packed full. One less cumload in them now, but plenty to give to Becky if she'd let me.

Becky quickly finished off giving me head and then she licked the head of my cock clean. she looked up at me as though to say, "OK, Tom, now what are you going to do for me, baby?"

The door was locked -- I didn't know a thing about Becky other than that she was nicely built, she was hot, and now I knew she gave a heck of a blowjob. I reached down and pulled her up until she was standing in front of me. I leaned over, kissing her sweet lips and tasted the pungentness of my own jism on her mouth. My hands both slid up and cupped her twin B-cup breasts. The moan from deep in her throat told me that Becky was quite turned on. I reached down, pulled the bottom of her top up until it was all bunched at her neck, and then I saw the front clasp to her bra, I quickly unfastened it and locked my lips around the hard nipple of her left tit. she moaned even hotter as my tongue flicked across the hardened nub and I knew Becky was one hot fucking MILF. Her hand reached down, closing around the now hardened cock again and she leaned back, pulling her dress slacks down and off of her shapely legs. Underneath she was wearing a lacy black thong, and that came off. Becky stroked my hardon some more and then she scooted back onto the edge of her desk, spread her thighs and guided the swollen head of my erection straight into the waiting wet tight lips of her married wife's cunt. She wanted my cock and I would give it to her here and now.

I'd never have even dreamed that it would be possible for me to essentially seduce Becky right there at her work desk. Who would have ever thought it?? Who could imagine that I could be very honest and forward with this hot lusty MILF and I'd get my cock sucked and now I was going to get myself royally fucked, too.

My cockhead hit the sexy arousal-wettened lips of Becky's cunt and she spread her legs farther apart as my large hardon split her cunt and smoothly pistoned inside of her pussy. She moaned and I was afraid she was going to spoil our game if anyone was passing by the door in the hallway outside. I kept pushing inside her and looked into Becky's pretty face as she took my hard meat all the way up to my balls.

"Wow, Becky, wow, Mmmm," was all I could say. I was fucking this horny babe and she seemed to be as hot to fuck me as I was to sink my cock and my cumload inside her.

"You're so nasty, Tom, fuck me, fuck me good, baby," Becky moaned and she reached behind the tightness of my muscular ass and pulled me fully inside her pussy as I slid in and out.

I really began to thrust in and out of Becky's tight cunt. She'd had two children many years earlier but her horny married cunt was as tight as a lusty teenager's. I reached down underneath her ass, pulling her butt up off of her desk and I really began to buck my cock in and out of her pussy, making her moan and beg me to fucking "do me, Tom, do me." My first cum inside her didn't tak long and I moaned, "I'm cumming, Becky," as I stopped with my cock fully at the mouth of her womb and felt my cumload spewing into her depths.

I wasn't finished with Becky. I stayed inside of her pussy for a few moments and then I withdrew and let her lick my cock clean and then it becamse hard again. I motioned for her to turn around and let me take her doggy style. She complied willingly and when she had her fine naked ass there in front of me, I stroked my fingers up and down over her smoothly shaved cunt and then wettened the head of my erection and slid back inside her pussy again. this time the fuck was totally incredible. Becky didn't seem to be able to get enough cock to suit her. I loved it.

Becky had responded so hotly to my honest sexual approach to her and now I was on the verge of mounting and fucking her horny married MILF cunt from the rear. I loved actually seeing Becky's nice sexy tits and pretty face when she was blowing me and then scooted up on her desk and spread her legs for me. Wow, how naughty and lustily hot it was to actually fuck her. Now, she had two loads of my cum inside her -- one in her tummy and one in her cunt. She was about to get a third load "special delivery" and I might even do her up the ass. Could I get away with that here in our workplace??

I positioned my cockhead in Becky's tight cunt and thought about the fact that she was a happily married woman but apparently she wasn't opposed to getting some "strange meat" on the side, too. With my big hardon now inside Becky's horny tight pussy, I grabbed her firmly by the waist and began to smoothly piston my cock in and out of her pussy. Becky loved being taken doggy style -- I think every woman does -- there's something so wanton and so hot about being mounted like a fucking mare and getting her horny jollies from a male cock diddling her pussy while she's staying on her hands and knees and just taking the fuck.

I was actually amazed at how hotly Becky had responded to my very blatant and openly sexual comments and then my physical touch and seduction of her there in our mutual workplace. I'd spent weeks and weeks fantasizing about how hot she'd be to have sex with and here I was now, my cock balls deep inside Becky's tight married pussy. I knew Becky had a daughter in her twenties and a son a few years younger, but her pussy was as fucking tight and luscious to fuck as I could have hoped for.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, yes, Becky, take my hard cock, lady," I moaned as I gripped Becky firmly around her waist and loved the hot lusty wet cock in pussy sounds that our coupling was causing.

"You're so nasty, Tom, oh fuck me, fuck me, you bad boy," Becky moaned. I reached farther up on Becky's body, sliding my hands underneath her chest and cupped both of her petite B-cup tits. "Yeah, play with my nipples, Tom, and make me cum on your cock, baby," Becky moaned. She was lost in my taking her sexually, and I loved knowing that when this sexy female co-worker went home to her hubby that night, she was also going to take him a cream pie that was only a few hours from having been deep inside my large cum-filled balls.

"Fuck me to orgasm, Tom, mmmmmmmmmmm," Becky moaned and she was pushing her ass and cunt back and forth to bring both of us off in orgasms before we finished our illicit rutting together.

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