Fantasy #6

by God of Porn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Nineteen year old Kylie is looking for some quick fun and for a black slut like her, that means something long, hard, and white. When she hooks up with Carl, it should be perfect...But virgin white boys are always a little more complicated than they should be.

"Sup, baby?" He was black and smiling and definitely not my type, but his friend looked nice.

"Hi." I smiled. "I'm Kylie."

"You're fine too." Black guy nodded, looking me up and down and making big fat duck lips.

"Yeah, whatever." I wasn't even looking at him. "Hey. Do you want to dance with me?"

"Hi." The white guy finally realized I was talking to him. So maybe he wasn't too bright, but with a body like that he didn't have to be a rocket scientist to put me in orbit. He was tall and broad shouldered and tight all over, the kind of guy that made my mouth water.

"You wanna dance with me?" I asked him again, smiling and posing just for him, and black guy was all confused. He wasn't too bright either.

"I'll dance with you, little sistah, show you some moves." Blackie was actually reaching for my hand.

"Sorry, big bro." I gave him a little shrug. "White cock only."

"Say what?" Black guy stopped reaching, making a face like I had to be kidding.

"Come on..." I grabbed white boy by one big bicep, pulling myself close to him. " ... You have a name?"

"Yeah, uh ... Carl." He was looking down at me, smiling now. "I'm not much of a dancer though."

"Let's go fuck then." I shrugged. "You know how to do that, right?"

"Well..." He opened his mouth.

"Yeah, you do." I laughed, holding his arm tight and moving through the club, weaving between half-drunk college kids towards the doors.

"You're fuckin' with me, right?" He asked loudly as the music picked up again, the deep bass rumbling through my tummy.

"Pretty soon." I promised. "You ever had a black girl?"

"No." He shook his handsome blond head and his bright blue eyes were gorgeous. "I never..."

"You know what they say, once you go black, you'll never go back." I grinned up at him and we pushed our way outside into the chill autumn night, but I wasn't feeling it.

"I've got a girlfriend." Carl cleared his throat and maybe the fresh air was clearing his head a little too much.

"Do you have a car too?" I asked, arching my brows playfully.

"Uh, no ... I rode with some friends." He gave me an apologetic look and I shook my head.

"Then we'll use mine." I giggled, "Come on."

"I should, um ... My girlfriend is meeting me here and..." He wanted to be the good boyfriend, but being a young college guy like he was, that was asking for a miracle.

"Enough with the girlfriend." I laughed. "She'll never know."

"Yeah, but..." He was so sweet. I bet his girlfriend was sweet too, probably high school sweethearts graduated to college together. She should have known better than to let a boy this cute walk around by himself, that was just asking for trouble.

"Here we go..." I reached into my purse, pulling out my lucky rabbit's foot and thumbing the buttons so the alarm beeped softly.

"This is your car?" Carl smiled. "Nice."

"And this is your seat." I grinned, opening the passenger door of my Jag, an old XKE that my daddy had bought me for graduating high school. It was a coupe, not a convertible, which had disappointed me more than it should have, but I was seriously spoiled anyway.

"Where are we going?" Carl asked and I giggled.

"Right here..." I pushed him into the seat, reaching for the lever. " ... Please keep your legs and arms inside the vehicle at all times."

The seat back dropped away quick, falling to a nearly horizontal position and taking Carl down along with it. He looked so good laying down like that, six foot plus and solid, all white muscle underneath his t-shirt and jeans, with his Twins starter jacket unzipped and open now. He was making my nipples pop and I reached for the bulge in his pants, pressing my hands to the cool denim and feeling around, looking for that white cock I love so much.

"Kylie ... Right?" He looked up at me and I nodded, unbuttoning his Levi's and pulling that zipper down slow. "I've never ... Done this."

He swallowed hard, staring at my long brown fingers in the weird yellow glow of the streetlights around us. I was standing with my legs straight and slightly spread in the open door, bending over at the waist, with my long black hair falling around my face. Some people walked by and a car was pulling into the parking lot, but they didn't matter. I was reaching into Carl's boxers, finding his flaccid cock, warm and soft like pale putty in my hands.

"Had sex in a car?" I laughed lightly.

"Uh, had sex." He admitted and I held his cock gently, squeezing those soft four inches, coaxing him to life.

"You're a virgin?" I looked into his handsome face, strong and smooth with a square jaw and thin, sensual lips.

"Yeah." He nodded.

"Ever had a blowjob?" I asked, lowering my mouth to his hardening cock.

"N-No ohhhh shit..." He breathed, feeling my warm wet mouth surrounding his cockhead.

Carl was getting hard fast now, that beautiful white cock getting long and thick just for me. He wasn't going to be real big, just average, like most men were, but I wasn't hooked on huge anyway. I was addicted to white, that's all, and ever since getting to college I'd made it my mission to fuck as many white cocks as I could. I didn't keep track of the numbers, all I knew was I'd gone from one, to a couple, to a few, to a lot, and now I was working on a whole fucking bunch.

I reached for my hair, pulling it over my shoulder into a loose ponytail with my right hand, keeping my left on Carl's strong chest, and just bobbing my mouth up and down on the man's penis. I gave him a look and finally pulled my mouth off his cock with a wet plopping sound so that it slapped his stomach as I let it go.

"Hold my hair out of the way, its okay; I want you to see me." I told him and that was the problem with virgins, you had to teach them every little thing.

"Okay, yeah..." Carl reached for my head, a little tentatively and I seriously doubted he'd ever touched a black girl in his life.

"And talk to dirty to me, alright?" I smiled at him, bringing my free right hand down to grab his cock. "I really like that."

"What, um, what should I say?" He wondered and I could feel his cock pulsing with every beat of his heart.

"Be creative." I giggled and then wrinkled my nose at him. "Be nasty."

"Nasty, uh-huh..." He nodded and I just rolled my eyes, dropping my face back down to his lap and taking all six inches of his hot prick into my mouth.

I have a deep mouth and a guy like Carl, who was probably six inches exactly, since I'd seen enough cocks to be something of an expert, was a perfect fit. I could take all of him and the last little bit was just enough to tickle the back of my mouth, giving me that pleasant sensation of something thick and smooth and blunt almost, but not quite making me gag. Unless you've sucked a lot of cock you probably don't know what I mean, but trust me, it's a wonderfully strange and welcome feeling.

Size matters, but not like most people think.

"Suck my cock ... Lick my dick ... That feels good..." Carl was saying in between little gasps and soft moans. He probably didn't even know a dirty joke and asking him to call me his cocksucking nigger whore was probably asking too much of the boy. He wasn't going to last long anyway and while I liked his face and loved his body; I really needed someone with a little more experience to make it special.

"Okay, don't cum yet..." I warned him, smiling and licking my lips, swallowing spit and precum.

I'd only sucked him for a couple minutes, because he was gonna unload quick and I wouldn't have minded letting him finish in my mouth, that would have been pretty yummy, but he was a virgin. It's not every night a girl meets one of those, at least not in the places where I liked to hang out. I had to be his first, that was just too much of a turn on, and I wanted to send him back to his girlfriend so she could smell my little black pussy on his cock. I just knew I was going to cum when I fucked this guy. Sometimes I don't, I mean it's a mood thing more than physical for me, but having a virgin white boy under my thighs, that was going to put me in a serious mood.

I only hoped he could last long enough to bring me off.

"What's your major?" I asked him, standing up straight and stretching a little because I have some long legs and that Jaguar rides low.

"Uh ... I play lacrosse." He answered, staring at me as I reached under my short red skirt and pulled my white panties down quickly.

"That's your major?" I giggled, stepping out of my underwear.

They were just bikini panties, plain and simple nylon with a thin cotton panel. I didn't need anything fancy and a lot of guys like that look. I'm an attractive girl anyway, nineteen years old and beautiful according to most people. My body is beautiful anyway, I know that, but my face is just pretty, I think.

"Physical education." Carl said. "That's gonna be my major."

Carl could appreciate me just fine, his eyes were all over my body now, looking up my long brown legs, smooth and toned until they found my narrow, round hips. My waist is small, my tummy flat and tight and even a little hard because I do like to work that body. I'm lean and vaguely athletic, with a tight round ass that makes up in shape for what it lacks in size. I don't want a bubble butt anyway.

"Mmmm ... Going to be a gym teacher?" I giggled. "Coach girl's volleyball?"

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