A Resentful Mother

by chinookwind

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt, Consensual, Reluctant, Gay, Fiction, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An unwanted pregnancy forces a Mother to raise a boy she didn't want. After the husband abandons her, the Mother directs her resentment and dissappointment toward her son and his sexuality.

01.01 Jamie Introduction:

01.02 Jamie, meets Ethan:

01.03 Ethan, Jamie, Deep Throat:

01.04 Jamie, Ethan, The need to Suck:

01.05 Ethan, The Mating:

01.01 Jamie Introduction:

Jamie was an unwanted child from the moment Karen found out she was pregnant. Her husband abandoned them and she had to raise Jamie as a single parent. Karen always resented Jamie for forcing her to change her lifestyle and when Jamie turned three, the resentment turned into bitterness. She made a decision that would change Jamie's life forever, she would turn her hatred of men toward her son and raise him as a girl.

Jamie grew up wearing silky panties, dresses and skirts. His Mother taught him how to apply a subtle makeup to his face and care for his lengthening hair. As Jamie neared his fifth birthday, Karen knew she had a decision to make and found a small Home school group that was oriented toward children with gender identity issues. A parent of a boy similar to Jamie consoled Karen how to handle her son's journey through puberty. She told Karen that Jamie would wake up with erections, probably have a few wet dreams and would soon be masturbating.

When Jamie was fourteen, he woke early one morning and, as usual, his penis was hard but this time it was different, a thick dampness was on his nightie. His nervous whimpers were heard by his Mother and she walked into his bedroom. Karen smiled and assured her son that this was normal for growing boys and used a warm wash cloth to clean his softening penis and had him change into another nightie. Jamie fell back to sleep and Karen decided it was time to orient her son's sexuality toward other boys.

She became closer to the parent that had advised her earlier and found out that her son Ethan, a fifteen year old, was well into his puberty and his sexual conditioning for other boys was almost complete. Amanda gave Karen a web link to a site that would help her do the same for Jamie. Their discussion also included the eventual meeting between Jamie and Ethan.

Karen joined the web site's forum and was surprised at the amount of 'help' she received. She started by leaving pictures of naked boys, by themselves, in places that she knew Jamie were see them. When Jamie turned fifteen, the pictures were replaced with naked boys playing with each other, without physical contact. One evening, she peeked into her son's room and saw that he had an erection as he looked upon the pictures. The visual training of son now entered the final stage.

It was Friday and Karen downloaded a video from the web site and put it on the desktop of Jamie's laptop. That evening, Karen told him that she had put a video in his computer and they would talk about it after he had watched it. She suggested he shower and change into his nightie.

Jamie did as his mother suggested and in a few minutes was sitting at his computer. While he showered, Karen had opened Jamie's bedroom door just enough so she had a clear, side view of the desk and laptop. She saw her son come out of bathroom and smiled at his smooth, hairless youthful body. Jamie went to the closet and picked out a pink, sheer nightie and again his mother smiled when she saw how it accented his swaying penis and testicles.

He sat down on the chair and turned on his laptop. In a few seconds, he saw a a shortcut to a video titled 'Discovery' and quickly clicked on it.

Ethan saw two boys, his age, standing in front of each other, both were wearing sheer negligees over their nakedness. As if in slow motion they snuggled close together and wrapped their arms around each other. Their heads moved awkwardly as if trying to find out how to kiss each other and then their lips touched. Soft moans were heard as their tongues explored each other's mouths and Jamie face became flushed as he watched what was happening. He saw both of the boy's penises begin to stir and push against the silky fabric of their negligees. Jamie panted as his own penis stirred and his hands grasped the edges of the desk. The boys pushed their bodies against each other and gasped into each other's mouths as their stiff penises pressed together, the silky fabric heightened the sensations that they were feeling. Jamie was feeling the same sensations and his hips began pushing his stiffness into the caressing fabric of his nightie.

Karen watched her son's reaction to the video and smiled knowing that she had prepared him well for this moment.

One of the boys reached down and grasped the negligee of the other and pulled it up and over his head. A small moan was heard as the boy's erection jumped into the air. In a few seconds the other negligee was gone and both aroused boys faced each other. A panting Jamie quickly removed his nightie and his hardness throbbed between his thighs.

The boys hands began lifting each other's testicles with a light massaging actions and then moved upward onto each other's straining penises. Moans and gasps were heard as they pushed their erections into each other's squeezing hands. Jamie's hands were matching those of the video and his, and the boy's, moans became louder as all approached their mutual orgasms. The boy's froze and Jamie arched up from the chair as all the penises began spurting and gushing their semen.

A satisfied Karen went back to the living room and waited. A confused Jamie went to the bathroom and cleaned himself. His mind was trying to understand why he reacted then way he did to the video. He put his nightie back on and returned to his mother. She saw the look on his face as he walked into the living room and patted the cushion beside her.

Karen told Jamie that some boys feel more comfortable being with other boys and not girls. She told him that he was finding his true sexuality and shouldn't worry over the new feelings that he was experiencing toward other boys. She went on to tell him about his classmate Ethan who having the same awareness of of own body. Jamie knew Ethan and liked him. He smiled and nodded his head when his mother asked him if he would like to have Ethan come to the house.

Ethan hugged his mother and went to his bedroom. Karen called Amanda and told her about the video that she had recommended and its affect on Jamie. Both felt the time was right for the two boys meet each other within an environment that would encourage Jamie's sexual development. Since Ethan was no longer a virgin, he would be able to help and guide Jamie. Amanda would have Ethan at their house around 10:00am. Amanda told Karen that since Ethan was 'experienced' he would be the aggressive partner and Jamie be the submissive.

The following morning, as they ate breakfast, Karen told Jamie that Ethan was coming and he should dress in his sexiest negligee. But first he had to do something that she would help him with. A worried Jamie followed his mother into the bathroom and with much embarrassment, endured the enema that was pushed into his rectum. Karen smiled when she saw her son's penis become slightly hard as the liquid pressure built inside of rectal sheath. Soon it was over and Jamie put on his thong panties and sexy negligee. Both sat on the sectional waiting for Ethan arrive. Karen had prepared her bedroom for the 'event' with soft lights turned 'on' over the bed and moved a plush sofa so it faced the side of the bed.

01.02 Jamie, meets Ethan:

A knock was heard on the door and a startled Jamie jumped up. Karen told him relax and she opened the door. A smiling Amanda and her son Ethan greeted Karen who immediately asked them to come in. Ethan saw Jamie in his sexy negligee and panties with its bulging treasures. Amanda removed the coat that her son was wearing and Jamie's eyes opened wide when he saw Ethan standing front of him wearing a sheer, pink, negligee that extended down to just above his knees. Jamie's breath quickened when he saw Ethan's penis and balls through the sheer material and had to fight the stirring of his own penis.

'Oh! God! No! ... Not now here ... not in front of Ethan and his mother.'

Karen saw the worried look on her son's face and whispered in his ear,

"It's Ok Jamie...

let it happen, you are supposed to get aroused in front of your lover."

Both Amanda and Karen saw the effects that the two boys were having on each other and Karen suggested that now would be a good time them to go into the bedroom. The mothers led their led their young 'girls' into the bedroom and had them stand facing each other beside the bed. The soft overhead lights accented their youthful bodies. Amanda and Karen sat down on the sofa with their eyes focused on their young, soon to be, lovers.

Amanda spoke softly to Ethan,

"Remember what Dan did to you, what we talked about last night and on the way here."

Ethan snuggled up close to Jamie's trembling body and as they looked at each other, they embraced. Jamie closed his eyes knowing he was going to be kissed. Their lips touched and Ethan ran his tongue across Jamie's parted lips. A new feeling of excitement filtered into Jamie's mind when he felt Ethan's tongue slip into his mouth. The sensations intensified when he felt Ethan's tongue touch his tongue and deliciously play with it. A soft, muffled sigh was heard and Jamie's penis stirred. This time he let it rise to its full hardness. At the same time he felt Ethan's thickness push up between their bodies and the sigh turned into a moan as their kiss became deeper and more passionate.

Ethan broke the kiss and a dazed Jamie looked at him, his face was flushed and his breath came in quick pants. Karen leaned toward Amanda and whispered,

"Thank you."

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