Teen Teasing on Bus and Bus Shelter Sluttiness
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Heterosexual, True Story, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My fun on buses teasing older men and some fun I had in a bus shelter.

Following on from the last experience i shared, i thought i would tell more about my repeat fun on the bus trip.

I have told you all about my session with Tony, my brother and being watched by the builders. During this experience I enjoyed a bit of light flirting with a couple of old men whilst on the bus journey.

It was an experience I was to repeat again a few days later, and again subsequently on another occasion.

I had been determined to try and find the two old men who had been so complimentary about my legs and arse. I knew that a lot of old people often followed the same routine. My gran and grandad did. They always went to the same shops, largely on the same days and normally within the same times. I guess having a free bus pass that could only be used at certain times was part of the reasoning.

Well, after a couple of failed attempts to track them down, I finally succeeded. I had planned to do the same sort of thing again, some gentle teasing and flashing of leg etc. It was however to go a little further than that.

My two previous attempts to find them had failed. I had ended up sat on the top deck of a bus alone.I had felt oddly more self conscious of the way I had slutted myself up, and modified my school uniform when alone than I was when I had an audience!.

Anyway, on this occasion I got lucky again. The two old guys duly got on the bus at the same stop as before and made their way upstairs. Their eyes lit up as they saw me again, obviously remembering me form the previous encounter a short time before.

"Well hello again gorgeous", one of the old men said to me. I was later to know him as Alf.

"Hiya", I replied back, cautiously awaiting their next comments or moves.

I had again made adjustments to my appearance. Having left school straight after the bell, and lying to my mum and dad about having a school activity to go to, I had made my way to the bus stop. Once alone on the top deck, I had slipped my school knickers off and replaced them with a sexier, lacier pair I had been bought by Tony. I also rolled my socks down to ankle length, as I had seen models wearing school uniforms with this style of socks in some porno mags and videos.

I again applied extra make up, blusher, lipstick and eyeshadow, making myself a bit tarty looking. My grey school skirt was again hoisted up to very short mini skirt length and my top two buttons of my blouse undone. All in all I looked a completes slag.

The look was completed again with my pair of black stiletto high heels. I had been feeling really randy for most of the day hoping that i would again get the chance to be naughty, and I wasn't to be disappointed. My pussy was already moist and a bit creamy from the anticipation of some teasing.

"Nice to see you again sexy", the other chap said to me, ( I was later to know him as Jim).

"Nice to see you as well", I responded. "I'm glad that day of school is over what a bore", I added.

"So you don't like school eh?", Alf said to me. "We didn't like it either, but that was a very long time ago".

I laughed and as I did so I made sure my left leg found its way from the seat and slightly out into the aisle.

Fuck, I had made my skirt short!

Virtually the full length of my leg was visible from my high heeled foot to the top of my thigh.

I could see them both looking so I thought I would give them a little more of a come on.

"I bet you were both naughty buggers at school eh?", I laughingly said to them.I kept my leg out so I could be ogled more by my two lecherous old devils.

Alf's eyes were devouring my teen legs and I could see Jim was also having a good old look.

"Well we had our moments eh Alf?", he said." I bet your a a bit naughty too aren't you?" he asked me.

"Oh I can be" I teasingly smiled back at them.As i smiled i licked my lips with my tongue, tracing my red lipsticked mouth trying my best to be seductive.

With this we introduced ourselves to each other. The old guys telling me their names and me telling them mine.

I tried my best to make sure that they were getting a good eyeful of my leg and also my titties too. With my top two buttons already undone, I tried my best to get my blouse a bit tighter, accentuating my tits and giving a good shot of my cleavage. During our little chat I managed to surreptitiously undo a third button, thus exposing my young breasts even more.

As we continued this chat I decided to move closer to them. They were a couple of rows in front of me so I thought they would both get a better view of me moving closer. I told them i was struggling to hear them, stood up, and after collecting my school bag from the seat I said I was going to move a little closer.

As I walked up the bus towards them I could see them ogling my long slender legs. my skirt was way shorter than even I had intended.

Once beside them I decided to sit on the opposite side from them. I lent over to put my bag on the seat and they had a really good view up my skirt as I did so. Easily seeing my lacy panties tight against my young arse. I then sat on the seat making sure I had both legs now on view.

"You have great pair of legs Anna" Alf said to me.

"Thank very much", I replied. "You think my skirt is too short?", I asked as I motioned forward in the seat.

"Any shorter and you would get arrested!", was Jim's reply.

We all laughed and then Alf commented on my arse again.

"I love your little arse too Anna", he told me.

"Oh you naughty thing", I mockingly said to him. "Did you get a little peek when I bent over?", the question was waiting for the obvious answer. They couldn't have failed but to have seen my arse as I had bent over.

"Oh yes", they both replied together." That's the second time we've seen your knickers now, and we are getting a much better view of your knockers now too!"

"Well I hope you enjoyed the view?", I asked them slightly parting my legs a little further, and again pushing my tits out.

"Hell yes", Alf said. "We may be old but we ain't dead Anna".

I looked straight across at them and smiled. My cunt was now heavily leaking and I could feel my clit getting solid and tingling like mad.

"Good", I said. "Nothing wrong with it is there?" I asked. "Nothing wrong with you enjoying looking and me enjoying showing."

"Nothing at all" was their immediate reply.

We continued our general chit chat for the next few minutes and as we did so I continued to let my legs fall ever so slightly further apart. It transpired they both went to the same local library on a weekly basis and this is why I had seen them at the same time.

I made up some story about visiting a friend who lived at the end of the journey and about visiting my boyfriend the previous time.

They both remarked on how lucky he as was to have such a sexy girlfriend and I obviously thanked them for the complimenting.I was asked if my boyfriend new i was a little tease and intimated that i had more than one boyfriend.

"I bet you do", was Alf's lurid reply. "I bet the boys love you", he told me.

"Well some boys yes", I replied adding "some men too!".

My legs had fallen fairly wide apart and I could see Alf straining to try and get a better peek at me.

"You like my legs eh?", I decided to bluntly ask. "Wanna see a bit more" I added in my best tarty, teasing way.

"Who wouldn't?" was Alf's response.

This led me to really give them a good view of me.I shuffled back in the seat and lent against the windowed side. My school bag was pushed to the floor as I wantonly spread my legs once fully back on the seat.

"Like this view?" I asked.

"Oh yes" was the instance response.I then simply raised my left leg up and placed my high heeled foot onto the seat, letting my right leg dangle. I spread my legs a bit wider, causing my tiny skirt to ruck up even more. My lacy panties were now clearly on view.

"Lovely" was Jim's first comment.

"Fucking lovely" was Alf's.

I then wiggled a little bit more allowing my skirt to fully ride up.I hoisted it up fully so that I was fully on display for my old admirers. I was now basically letting these two old men have a view of my legs and also a clear sight of my knickers. I pulled the knicker material tighter across my pussy, all the while staring at thee two guys.

"What about now?" I asked.

I was now in a state of high sexual arousal. My young cunt juice was leaking even more heavily and a small wet spot was clearly visible on my knickers.With a couple of slight tugs on my thin lacy material, the front band of my panties began to disappear into my young, teen cunt crack.

My clit was now throbbing and hard as fuck. My panties slid effortlessly into my quim as I continued to slowly pull them into me. All the time the two old letches were watching me.

"Oh that's gorgeous", Alf told me. " I bet your a bit wet down there aren't you?" he asked me.

"Cant you tell?", I replied.

"Yes, I can see how easily your knickers have slipped up you Anna", he responded.

"I hope you like it", was my dirty response.

"Jesus, yes", Jim replied. " Its been a while since I've seen wet pussy like that" he told me.

The bus was still trundling along but unfortunately at the next stop we could hear someone making their way upstairs. I quickly readjusted myself as the young man and what we assumed was his daughter got on and made their way upstairs. They moved right to the front of the bus, and for a few stops the teasing was interrupted. Alf and Jim both moved to the seat in front of me so we could continue chatting. This offered them a much closer look at me. My skirt was still at mini length, giving my two aged lotharios a good view of my bare legs, but I had closed them slightly and made myself a little more respectful.

As we neared the end of the line for the bus, the man and his daughter got off a stop or two ahead of us. We had decided to go the whole journey and catch another bus back along the same route a little later.

Once the others had left us I resumed my teasing.

As quick as they disappeared down the steps, I quickly and wantonly spread my legs. I hoisted my skirt up fully and pulled my knickers to one side. My wet, hot young cunt was now on display.

"Fucking hell", Alf said to me.

"well I thought you might want a proper look", I said all the while pulling hard at my black lacy panties.

"Fuck Anna, do you always shave?", was Jim's question.

"Normally yes", I said "My boyfriend like it shaved, he says its better to lick and suck if my hairs are off it. What do you think?".

Alf was staring at my hot hole, as I began to rub my clitty.

"Jesus", he whispered. "That's some wet cunt".

"I was on the verge of cumming, my rock hard clit aching for the e final touches to send me over the edge.

"I'm gonna cum off ", I said to them both. "I'm gonna have to make myself cum off".

"Well do it!", was Alf's firm instructions. He lent forward and whispered to me " Go on Anna fucking lets see your cunt cumming".

It took a matter of seconds for my orgasm to start. Usually I would have been swearing and moaning like mad, but on this occasion, I bit my lip hard, causing the red lipstick I had applied to smear slightly.

My climax crashed over me. My pussy squirting its juice as I rubbed my clit hard and fast. My hand, knickers and the bus seat had begun to be coated in my spraying fanny cum.

"Fucking hell your a sexy little bitch", Jim said in hushed tones to me.

"Its cos you two randy fuckers have got me so horny" I told him. "Christ I'm cumming loads", as i looked down to see squirts of my pussy cum splashing onto the seat.

"I'm nearly fucking spunking in my pants!", Jim replied.

"mm mm I would love to see that was my response".

Once I had finished cumming off, I pulled my panties back into place, licked my hand clean, which they both seemed to like and we were almost at the end of the bus ride.

We continued chatting until we got off the bus.Talking about a variety of things both sexual and non sexual. I quickly straightened my skirt, buttoned my blouse and put my school shoes back on again.

We agreed that this would not to be the last time we could meet up for some fun, and I had a couple of very sexy times with them on the bus again, and also once in a bus shelter later at night.

The time in the bus shelter was particularly dirty with me ending up on the receiving end of a double load of spunk and them taking away a pair of my knickers, a bra and a picture of me!

My brother Tony thought it fantastic that I had gone back to tease them and we enjoyed many a good romp recalling the story to each other.

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