Quick Encounter With a Young Prostitute

by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Hey I'm Millie Ninety Pounds of Dynamite. I am going to tell you a story I heard first hand. A young girl hooker, and an older John get together. If I till you more it would spoil it. This is my first story so be nice to me okay!

This is the story of an older mans quick encounter with a young prostitute. It is just about the encounter and not much else.

The car slowed down looking at the women walking down the dark street. He had trouble finding this part of town and was still a bit nervous he didn't want to make a mistake and pick up an undercover cop. There 4 or 5 women on each block most were less than attractive. Several had bloated bellies, not pregnant just fat. Several were older ladies and looked worn. Others were somewhat attractive and their bodies were at least fit enough. They would look at him and mouthed words, some pointed for him to turn on the side streets.

He just drove on looking for something that would catch his eye enough to make him want to pick them up. There were several women he would not mind fucking but none that he saw and felt a need to fuck. Then he saw her and he wanted her but he did not know that she was a hooker, not for certain anyway. She was young, very young. She was pretty and she was dressed like a young girl dresses not a whore.

She was wearing a top that had some Disney character on it and she had on shorts that matched the top. She had on athletic shoes with knee high socks. A pack of cigarette's had been stuffed in the left sock. She had shoulder length blonde hair that was done in pig tails. She was short and almost completely flat, just bumps where tits should be. She looked younger than her fourteen years and she knew how to play even younger than she looked. Then she looked at him lifting a cigarette to her mouth. The girl took a long deep drag from the smoke. Coughing and hacking as if she had never smoked before added to her youthful game. Her eyes locked on his. The girl turned to the side street pointing. She walked down that street stopping just past the building next to street moving to the curb. Her head turned back toward the street he was driving down and he quickly turned the car down the side street.

Pulling up to the curb where the girl was standing he pushed the button and the passenger side window slid down. The girl rocked on her toes with her hands behind her back. "What you doing," The girl leaned in to the car standing on her tiptoes on the curb. Sticking her head in the car resting her arms on the window opening, "Hi ya, I'm Sandy," she said in the voice of a little girl, "What you doing tonight Mister?"

"OH just looking around Sandy. My name is Thomas do you need a ride?" He questioned her.

"No I need a date do you need a date?" She said in her little girl voice. She was chewing some gum after she asked him about the date she blew a big bubble then it popped and the gum spread over her face. She giggled as she cleaned it off her face and put all the gum back in her mouth.

"Well yes actually I was in need of a date." He said smiling at her.

"Coolioso to the maximums. See I need to make some money so I can get some new close to wear to the school dance. Do you want to help me out with that Mr. Thomas?" She asked him the little girl talk and the little girl look were combining to really get him going.

"Just Thomas Sandy there is no need for you to say Mister. I can help with that yes I think so. Can you help me with my problem?" He asked not sure exactly how to phrase it.

"Um I think I can." She said as she opened the door. She hopped in to the car and shut the door. "Pull down the street a couple of blocks and there are these two old buildings with a parking lot between them." He drove down the street till he saw the two abandoned buildings "Turn in there." She instructed him and did as she said.

"Drive down further" she said and he kept going in the parking lot. He saw a small opening in the building to the right "Pull in there it will hide the car." The waif told him and he pulled in and inched forward till the car was well in the opening. "COOL! We can be alone here!" she told him as she turned to him "put some music on." She said and then she added "Daddy." His head jerked to her. "You look like a daddy to me your about the age of my daddy and you are handsome like he is." She said as she slid over the seat toward him.

It was strange when she called him "Daddy" it had an effect to turn him on more. She did remind him of his daughter and it should have freaked him out to be called daddy by someone he was about to fuck. The effect was quite the reverse of that. She moved up next to him.

"You are so big and strong Daddy." She said as she moved her hands over his shoulders and biceps he flexed up so his muscle hardened for her. "Wow Daddy you are strong." She stroked his ego as she ran her hands around his chest unbuttoning his shirt her small hands moved on his bare skin as he cock grew stiffer in his pants.

Her small mouth moved to his ear and her tongue ran around his ear tracing it and then she darted her tongue all over his ear. Her hands moved to his face and she turned his face to her. Now most whores never, ever, kiss the john but she did. She pressed her lips to his in a sweet long and loving kiss that slowly changed to a deep passionate French kiss with their tongues moving in out of each others mouth.

When they broke from the kiss at last his breath was shorter and heavy he seemed to be sucking in the air. It was almost as if he couldn't get enough air in his lungs. His chest heaved and his excitement grew her small hand came to rest on the crotch of his pants. The touch made his cock leap up even harder.

"Daddy is so big there OH my Gosh it is so COOLIO! Wow Daddy you are big and strong!" she told him "Daddy" she said in a flirtatious manner "Can you help me out now with some money please? I mean before we go any further."

"How much do you think you need sweetie?" He asked her.

"I need $100 for the outfit I want. It is so cool and I know Daddy wants me to have the best right?" She cooed at him.

"Well $100 is a bit high. I'm not sure Daddy can afford that much." Thomas told her his eyes looking as if he had a slight pain.

"Oh phooey Daddy I guess just takes me back to the street then. I thought you were a good Daddy not a bad Daddy." She said sounding very disappointed. "I mean I don't want to do bad things with anyone but you but if you can't help me then I guess I will have to find someone else."

"NO wait I can do it I can give you the $100 Sandy. Sure I can." He said as he pulled his wallet out of his hip pocket and opened it. He pulled out a 50 and then a 10 and at last two twenties and handed it to the girl. She quickly put the money in her sock. She could see lots of other bills in his billfold.

"Daddy is so big and strong and sweet" her small hands running around his belly and down to the crotch of his pants. She unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned the pants, then she unzipped them and reached in to the boxers finding his hard cock "Wow daddy it is so big." She said in an excited voice. Her head bent down toward his crotch as she worked his small erect cock out of the boxers.

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