A New Chambermaid in Uptown Abbey

by Dick the Prophet

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young boy has had to disguise himself as a chambermaid to get a job in Uptown Abbey. Life there is very sexually orientated. He is buggered by his Lordship, fucked by her Ladyship...

I was born in December 1940 with blond hair and blue eyes. My father was a Swedish arms sales representative for Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns.

My mother had been the chambermaid in Uptown Abbey, when he had been visiting the owner, to sell him a licence to manufacture the guns. He managed to seduce my mother one morning when he was feeling randy. He was her first lover, and I was born nine months later. My mother stayed at Uptown Abbey until 1943 when she left to become a barmaid in the local inn, as the trade had picked up with the coming into the war, of the Americans. She later married a GI and went to America at the end of the War. So I was brought up by my grandmother, who was a widow, whose husband had died in WW1.

I was a weak and a delicate child. We never had a lot of food to eat, as we were so poor. The only clothes we had, were my mother's old school girl outfits so I entered school dressed as a girl. I was not a tom-boy and played with the girls. When I was 14, boys became interested in me. One boy walked home with me and we stopped on a grassy bank. He wanted to put his hands up my skirt but I offered to play with his cock instead. So he opened up his fly buttons and pulled out his prick. I had to hold it and move his foreskin back and forth, until he shot spunk out of the end. I didn't feel excited myself though, merely interested.

Another day, I walked with a pretty girl called Lindsey into a field and she wanted to see why I was so flat-chested when she had nice tits. She opened her blouse and I saw her cone shape breasts with a big nipples sticking out. I put my hand out and rubbed it gently.

"Get off you" she said, "You're not a boy."

"Oh but I am", and I lifted my skirt up and pulled my knickers down.

"Here put your hand on this." She put her hand out and gently touched my cock. She grasped it a bit more tightly and moved the foreskin up and down.

"Is this what they call wanking? The other girls told me about it and have done it to their boyfriends."

"Yes it must be because I've never felt this good before, please don't stop."

She carried in until I cried out with pleasure and gave a small spurt of spunk into her hand. She then said that she was excited and could I please rub her between her legs, so I put my hand inside her knickers and rubbed her slit. It was already slippery, and soon she gave a little moan as she came. After that day we often walked home together and rubbed each other nicely.

I left school at 14 and a half, as my Gran had died and I could not pay the rent, so I had to leave our lovely thatched cottage. I was not strong enough to work as a farm hand, the main occupation of the village men, so I went to live and work in the big house. The cook knew who my mother was, and she felt responsible for me.

I became the Chambermaid, because my hair was down to my shoulders, and I looked like a girl. I also didn't have the build of a farm boy. There wasn't a barber in my village so I had just cut my hair with my granny's scissors. I had brought my mum's old outfit with me which was the traditional a black skirt and a white apron. Underneath, I was meant to wear long drawers but I didn't, as they felt horrible, but I had to wear a stupid white cap which hid my hair. It was big house having six bedrooms on the first floor, then more above for the servants. My duties were to get up at 6 am, clean the grates of ash and lay new fires in the winter, light the Aga stove, serve breakfast to the family, then empty the chamber pots and make the beds after the family had come downstairs.

The owner of Uptown Abbey was a Baron, and was called Lord Francis Cracknell. His wife was Lady Claudette. His grandfather had bought it and the entire village from a Marquis whose only son had died in WW1 at the Battle of Loos. They said he bought his title from Lloyd George. He had made his money in arms manufacturer business. His son taken over in 1930 and had expanded the business to make Domestic Appliances. During the Second World War the factory had reverted back to making small arms and ammunition for the war effort. His son, who had been a reservist, joined up and was appointed as a Major. He was appointed as the Liaison Officer to General de Gaulle, because he had studied Modern languages at Cambridge. He met and married the daughter of the French Liaison Officer, Claudette.

After the War, the factory restarted but grandfather sold the business to a large Appliance company, and retired but he then died in 1949. The present Lord Cracknell joined the War Office and he and his family, lived in the family's large house on Cadogan Square in London at first.

Uptown Abbey had to be modernised from its Victorian state. This took four years – the electrical wiring, the roof, the bathrooms, the curtains, central heating, everything. Only the outside remained the same. The basic staff had remained to clean up after the builders.

When it was ready for habitation Lady Cracknell became responsible for the housekeeping – the accounts, payment of staff and suppliers and under her there was a cook, an assistant cook, a housemaid and a chambermaid. Two cleaners came in five days a week. The butler, a stable boy, the chauffeur, the footmen and the ladies' maids had all gone. The cook's husband was the Head Gardner who worked the large walled kitchen garden with another man from the village. Vegetables and fruit from there supplied all the needs of the house and the rest were sold to the village shop. The parkland that had been landscaped but had been converted into farmland during WW1 and a farm with stable had been built. There was a large lawn in front of the house either side of the hundred yard long driveway.

The Cracknell family consisted of two children, a boy of 17 Jonathan, another boy aged 15 called William, and a girl called Elizabeth aged 14. All of them went to Beadles, a mixed boarding school. They came home for the summer at the beginning of July. I had been working there for two months when that happened. Usually I served his lordship and lady their breakfast and then went upstairs and emptied their chamber pots and made the beds, but after the first morning, when the two children didn't come down by nine o'clock, I was told to go up and draw their curtains to wake them up each day.

The first morning, when I went into the bedrooms at half past eight, I surprised the young girl as she pissed into the chamber pot. She looked up at me, and smiling carried on pissing. She had her nightie pulled up and I could see her white thighs in the morning sun. I smiled and stood back, respectively. I felt a 'stirring in my loins' as the bible says. She stood up and asked me to pass her the cloth from the basin stand to wipe herself with, which I did.

I went into the boy's room, and he too was filling his potty. He looked up and also smiled at me. Without being told, I crossed the room and picked up the cloth and passed it to him.

"Would you like to give it a stroke?" he asked while wiping his cock.

I don't think he realised I was a boy, so I replied "Yes"

I took hold of it and stroked the foreskin gently up and down. It became stiff in my hand. I knew what he wanted.

"Have you ever done this before?"

"No "I said shyly, pretending to be innocent.

I moved my hand up and down and bit faster; he groaned and moved his hips forward.

"Ahhhhh ... that's lovely ... don't stop ... faster ... faster ... yes ... I'm cuming!"

I pushed back on hard on his foreskin, then I let go. His cock jerked upwards and spunk shot up in the air, falling partly onto the carpet and into the potty.

"That was great. Thank you. What's your name?"

"I'm called Jewels. I'm the new chambermaid."

"That's a funny name?"

"My mother called me her little jewel, but my granny can't read and that what the teachers said my name should be."

From then onwards they always welcomed me into their rooms. When I went into Lizzy's room the next day she was again was squatting over her potty and pissing a stream into it. When she had stopped, I went to pass her the flannel, but instead of letting go, I asked her if I could rub it for her, she answered yes and stood up. I gently moved the cloth back and forward, smiling into her face as I did it. I then turned around to put it back on its hook and as I did so I sniffed at the cloth. It smelt interesting.

The next morning, when I went into Lizzy's room, she was leaning back on her bed and was rubbing her cunt.

"Would you do this for me please, Jewels? I enjoyed it when you did it to me yesterday." So I moved my hand gently in her slit and I felt it getting moist. Then I felt a little knob at the top.

"That's the place rub there".

So I did; her cunt became was wet and slippery, my finger went into her hole, first one then two, then three.

"Oh that feels so good ... my girl friends at school don't do it as well as you do."

I felt the need to do more, so I dropped to my knees and pushed my face up between her legs. I licked her slit from the bottom to the top.

"Lick my special place, at the top of my quim, OOOO that's so good..."

I carried on, Lizzy started to move her hips back and forward against my face in a fucking motion. She held me tight and gave out a cry as she grabbed my head and pulled my head into her crotch. I licked even harder and then suddenly she gave a cry and a load of fluid came out of her cunt and I just had to drink it down.

Lizzy was gasping for breath and then when she had calmed a bit, she said

"I'm sorry about that; it's the first time I have had an orgasm"

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